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Author's note (OLD): Hello everyone! And welcome to my fanfic! This is my first fanfic I've ever written and it's a crossover of Two Kinds, I haven't really been up to date with the original yet so pardon me if I mess up with the timeline and separate from the canon story and lore, I will still read TK so that I could still make it as lore-accurate as possible.

About the crossover: Yeeeah... It started off as just an idea, making a crossover of Two Kinds with a dead Roblox game seems like a bad idea, but the lore of the game Vetex made was just very interesting! You should check it out by searching "Arcane Adventures lore" if you're interested, though in this fanfic it has some OCs, and deviations from canon lore so you'll be noticing some things that aren't according to his lore if you're well familiar with it. So the making of this fanfic went with this: I started thinking about it and I said to myself "Why not?" and then started to write it! Chapters may be short but I can make it longer if I can, anyways, that's it folks! Enjoy reading! I will welcome reviews or any questions!


Gaia, Magius, Citrine City Capital, Y2,986

Red—Red was all Trigno could see in the sky as he stared at it. Orders were issued already to his councilmen to prepare for a continental-wide evacuation to the tunnels, but he couldn't dispel panic that was reigning all over the continent. No one knew what was happening, not even himself, who had explored almost all of the world's mysteries relating to magic—if magic was even the source of this current predicament.

This disaster was eerily similar to the Magical Extinction event that ravaged the world years ago. Chunks of ocean blown to the red skies caused by volcanic eruptions, it's as if the world had decided to unleash all its piling magma, like a global-spanning eruption.

It all seemed like it was really the end of the world this time. No human settlements can survive this unlike the last one, and all of humanity would have no hope of surviving to this day.

But Trigno had hope, hope that all of Magius would survive, and trust, trust in the Peacekeeper, his best friend, one of his long-time companions in his final days of being a pirate. Henry had somehow predicted this event to occur about a year ago and had told it to him and the Seven Star Wizards in secret. Many doubts were placed upon him by the wizards but Trigno believed him and soon began preparing.

Henry had a plan, which required everyone to build a continental-wide tunnel system so that they wouldn't be exposed to the magical radiation. The plan was a dangerous one which he might get everyone killed, but he trusted him and placed his hopes that his plan would work. The one thing that Trigno didn't put his hopes on would be that Henry would ever survive this. It was obvious, the procedure required him to be outside of the zone.

Trigno, at first, wanted to find another way. The last thing he wanted was a dear friend like him to leave this world like their other companion Angel Creed, and his former crew mates—his brothers-in-arms—but alas, it seemed destiny had chosen Henry to be the sacrificial lamb this time. There was no denial, no anger, no bargaining, only mostly acceptance, and maybe a bit of depression, but he was done grieving. He had learned the hard way that grieving would only worsen things.

He had already said his goodbyes to him, and internally promised that he would move forward and be the leader the people of Magius needed.

And as he was reminiscing back when he was a pirate, back when he, Henry, and Angel travelled together before her unfortunate death, and when he trained Henry to become who he is today and will still be: The Peacekeeper, a resounding boom was felt all over the continent. When he opened his eyes after a tear left his eye, a new color replaced the red skies.

He saw white.