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Chapter 1 - Of early Mournings, and an informal First Contact

Mekkan, Magius, Capital City Citrine, Y475

As the light around Trigno faded, so did the magical radiation. It wasn't harmful to him. It only seems to itch him but he wouldn't conclude it with that. There might be a side effect he didn't know, but for now, he must inform everyone that it's safe to resurface.

He went outside. The first thing he saw was just mist. It was too thick to see, but he noticed that it was slowly dissipating.

As he was currently heading to the nearest bunker, the mist was still everywhere, but soon, he saw that everything looked so desolate, and the streets were littered.

Evidence of the panic everyone had during that crisis was everywhere. He would need to ask everyone to clean up soon.

He walked up to the big vault door and opened it. Inside he was greeted by a senior officer whose name he couldn't remember.

"Sir," the man saluted, showing discipline.

Trigno nodded.

"Tell everyone that it's safe to resurface, pass the word to all the vault keepers," he ordered, receiving affirmation as the officer left.

He turned his back to face outside as he observed the sky. It was still mostly blocked by the mist, but he could see some openings.

Finding relief again, the sky was no longer red, meaning Henry's plan worked.

A pit suddenly formed in his stomach. Henry's passing…

Putting his grief aside, he then turned his attention to his people that were now slowly coming outside of the bunker.

However, when one of them stepped away from it, he recoiled, and yelled.

"AGH! Too hot!" Then the man went back to the bunker.

"Oh, yeah. Inform every mage that has the element of Wind to use their power to provide cool air to replace the hot," Trigno ordered.

He forgot that the mist provided too much humidity in the air, and that he was too used to the hot temperature, he hadn't noticed it during his stroll.

With the order now given, mages, both councilmen and civilians, started producing air to the entirety of the city, and soon enough, other cities had the hot humidity being blown away.

With the temperature back to its normal state, Trigno then issued a national-scale cleanup.

Once a semblance of cleanliness was established in the city, Trigno requested everyone to gather at the city square, which is right in front of the palace, to make a special announcement.

In another request from Trigno, journalists were now at the forefront of the audience to record Trigno's announcement.

Trigno was now standing at the podium, with two of the Seven Star Wizards flanking at his sides.

"Citizens of Magius." Trigno began, his voice enhanced by the new invention called a "microphone."

"I am here to address the apocalyptic event that had suddenly brought destruction to the world, and why we aren't decimated by it.

"As of now, neither me, nor the Council does not know what was the cause of this event we will now dub as the "Great Calamity." However, we will never be concerned again. As you may see, once the mist clears, the sky has reverted back to its original color.

""Why is that?" You may ask? It is because we are no longer in our world."

That got the journalists' attention, as they stopped writing on their notebooks and looked at Trigno oddly.

He ignored it, and continued. "Yes, this world we have found ourselves in, is not ours. Therefore, the Great Calamity did not happen here.

"This world will be very different from ours. There may be more nations out there, meaning there may be multiple ideologies, and each may be contradictory to ours.

"We will either be friends with them in the future, or become enemies by difference of ideology. Meaning war will be a possibility."

That got the general audience worried. Being a country that was formed on the continent that was raised from the ocean, after a great war ended in their world by the Peacekeeper, they had a strict policy of peace before everything, so it is worrying that a war similar to that may occur.

Trigno then further continued. "That is why we must continue to be vigilant. We may be a proud nation that wants peace for all, but it is not peace, if our liberty is forcefully taken away by a foreign power."

If you want peace, then you must prepare for war.

"But, before that, I should also address a more important concern… The loved ones we lost during the Great Calamity."

Trigno announced, with a face devoid of emotion.

"While it is a miracle that we survived, our loved ones from overseas were not. So, I will give you all a week to mourn for your losses. That is all."

And with that, Trigno stepped off of the podium, and returned back inside the palace.


The atmosphere was heavy in Trigno's office, as he continued to mourn for the loss of his close friend.

It was then that a knock from his door that he was brought out of it.

"Come in."

At his permission, the door was opened by another officer whose name he cannot recognize. Likely a messenger, he presumed.

He saluted, before speaking. "Sir, the navy has questions concerning the week-long mourning."

"Go on." Trigno nodded.

"They are questioning whether they should also partake in this, or continue the coastal patrols, and if they do, then what would happen if an outside element takes advantage of this, and attacks on our beaches, or the ports." The messenger relayed.

"Hmm…" Trigno pondered, before giving his order. "Tell them they should continue the patrols. While they do deserve their time to mourn with others, it is much preferable if the people mourn in peace, rather than facing a surprise invasion."

"Yes sir." The messenger saluted Trigno again, before leaving the office, closing the door.

Trigno only sat at his desk, using the time he had given to all, but the navy, to mourn for his own loss.


Open sea, Northwest of Magius

As this was happening, a lone ship sailed towards the wall of mist. It looked like a normal merchant vessel at first, but it carried a bigger than normal rammer, and flew a flag of what it looked to be a Jolly Roger.

As the mist slowly dissipated, a lookout of the ship peers his eyes at the patch of land that wasn't supposed to be there.

"LAND HO!" Yelled the lookout from the crow's nest of the ship to inform his crew.

"There's land!?" Yelled one of the crewmen.

The crew was baffled beyond belief. What seemed to be an unnatural occurrence in the form of a wall of mist, had actually been covering land.

They were originally meant to sail to the Tiger Territory's coast, so that they could capture some of the rarer species of Tiger keidran from the minor feline clans, to sell them as slaves, but when the wall of mist appeared, the captain of the ship began to be curious, so he ordered the ship to head towards it, in order to take a closer look.

Tales began to circulate around the crew, as to wonder what it could be.

What caused this mist to appear in the first place? What sort of riches is it hiding? Are ghosts responsible for this occurrence? Are they from the dead keidran slaves that had perished during the journey back to the Empire, and are here to seek vengeance upon them? That last one was certainly ridiculous, but they couldn't help but raise their hairs at that.

"Cap'n, wha' do ye reckon we could find in that land?" The captain's first mate spoke.

"Hmm. I reckon thar could be an abundance o' treasure in that land. Atleast, that's wha' I believe in why it suddenly appeared. Or maybe this land be a blessin' o' the Masks that housed a new race, fer us t' make a booty out o' sellin' 'em fer slavery." The captain's eyes gleamed in greed. Indeed, if it is a brand new race, who knows how much would they be paid when they become the first to sell the new, and exotic race of Mekkan.

"Aye, that be so cap'n. Howe'er, I do hope that the ghost tale our crew 'ave been spoutin' about ain't true. The last thing I wants be t' perish in an island o' ghosts…" the mate muttered as he shuddered.

As the crew continued to share stories, the lookout suddenly yelled again. "SHIPS! APPROACHIN' FAST!"

That got them to raise their eyebrows in alert, as most of them quickly went to the front and, as the lookout had informed them, there were three ships fast approaching.

"Wha' the-!? Someone already beat us t' it!? BATTLE STATIONS YE SCALLYWAGS!" The captain ordered, as his men went to their positions to prepare for boarding.

While it may seem foolish to fight more than two ships to anyone who is well knowledgeable of naval combat tactics, this pirate crew prides itself in beating the odds numerous times, as they had done so since its formation.

Right now, however, this will not be one of those times.

As the two factions get nearer, the crew sees that the ship in the middle is a lot bigger, and taller than its other two counterparts, which had split off on both sides.

To flank and block their escape, they surmised, as they witnessed the two smaller, but faster ships slowly encircling them.

The captain ordered the helmsman to aim towards the largest ship, which had stopped, and shown its starboard side, for some reason.

What luck! These rookies are either trying t' contain us, or they be complete fools. The captain rejoiced.

Before he could order the helmsman to go full ramming speed, he heard a booming voice coming from the ship in front of them.

"This is the MNS[1] Guardian! You are trespassing in Magius waters! I demand that you state your business! Either you comply, or we shall use force!"

The announcement further baffled the pirate crew. That land already has its own nation, let alone a navy!?

With that, the captain had changed his mind, and decided on what he should do next: run.

With a plan in mind, he ordered his helmsman to go full ramming speed. His plan is to ram the ship in front to stun them, enough so that they could break through the slowly closing blockade they trapped themselves into.

As his ship started to gain speed, the captain of the big ship started yelling out warnings, but he ignored them.

He smirked. He quietly gives his thanks to the captain for giving them an opportunity to ram their side, which can be punched through, to severely damage them.

It was still a distance away, but as they decreased the gap, the captain and his crew suddenly heard a crackle of lightning.


Before the captain could find the source of the sound, a huge splash erupted just a few feet from his ship's starboard side.

While the captain was distracted by the splash that erupted near them, his first mate's eyes bulged as he spotted smoke coming from one of those strange large metal tubes that were mounted on the deck of the enemy ship. He had been keeping a keen eye on the ship ever since it turned to its starboard side.

He had wondered why, until it happened. At first, a large, metal ball came out of the tube, followed by a short burst of flame, then smoke. An explosion, he summed. He then quickly focused on the ball that had seemed to be propelled by the explosion of the tube, and had gone down near their ship's starboard side in a manner of a second.

Soon, the rest of the crew caught on, as the ship issued another warning.


The crew then glanced at the captain worriedly.

The captain ignored their looks, and ordered the helmsman to not stop.

"But cap'n! Ye jus' saw wha' they did!" The first mate yelled.

"Aye, I know that! But they only 'ave 15 o' those in one side! Our ship's smaller than it can cover, so we can take only half o' that!" The captain, emboldened by the size difference, and the maneuverability of theis ship, decided to press on the attack.

The first mate was, at first, shocked in disbelief at their captain, but then remembered all the perilous ordeals they had gone through, and this one was no different. Although their enemy has the capability to inflict damage to them at a long range, the captain had a point. Their ship was a lot smaller, while the enemy ship was too tall. So, at a close enough distance, they could quickly go below their weapons' maximum depression, and be practically invulnerable there.

So, trusting the captain's intuition, he never questioned him again, and ordered the men with clear confidence to brace for impact.

As the gap between the two ships began closing further, the first mate noticed that the enemy hadn't issued any more warnings.

Then, what seemed to be trapdoors used for observation by its crew, suddenly opened in unison, and revealed… even more of those tubes.

"Cap'n…" the first mate's voice became shaky as he slowly lost his confidence.

"Aye… I know…" the captain muttered, depressed. He then ordered his crew. "Drop the anchor…"

As the order was given, the ship's anchor was dropped, and everyone braced for impact. Minutes later, the ship suddenly jerked very harshly, as the anchor caught something beneath the water. Some of the crews were tossed over as they didn't expect the jerk to be that hard. They were then rescued shortly.

A defeated mood loomed over the atmosphere of the once proud pirate crew. With a heavy heart, they slowly folded their sails, and raised a white flag, signifying their surrender.

As the behemoth of a ship slowly closed in on theirs, the captain could see that the crew of the ship were also human. Besides that, he could see the flag of the nation they hailed from.

He could not, in his whole life of piracy, recognize the flag, but he assumed that the flag's design was to only be used for their nation's navy, as it had an outline of an anchor in the middle.[2]

Other than that, he could see that they are indeed well organized and disciplined like a developed navy, as they were then shackled, and secured his ship.

He closed his eyes, as if a nightmare could end right now, and could be woken up by his first mate in his quarters.

But, as he opened his eyes, he didn't see himself being in his own quarters, only that his ship is now taken possession by this mysterious navy, and his crew are in shackles.

Thus, his pirating days are now finally over, but it didn't end with him finally being caught by the Imperial navy, nor by the even more powerful Basitin navy, no, he surrendered to the navy of this mysterious nation, Magius.

For Magius, this was not the first contact they were expecting with the natives of this world. What they expected of their own envoy to establish contact with a nation of this world, was instead a first contact with its pirates.

To be continued.

Author's note: I have nothing more to say in this note, but welcome to the first chapter of this remake! Until next time!


1: MNS = Magius Naval Ship

2: Magius Naval Branch Flag - vinteb/art/Magius-Naval-Branch-972848700