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Chapter 3

Mekkan, Magius, Capital City Citrine, Y482

It was almost nighttime, as Trigno could tell from the hues where the sun shone in the darkened sky. Trigno had just confirmed that they are in a new world as his eyes shined with magic to detect that the constellations in the sky are now different from what he remembered.

That wasn't the only thing he noticed that was different. The ground. Magical energy is emitting out of it.

Not just the ground but also the flora around them as he later checked outside.

He had already informed the Wizards about his brief findings to confirm their suspicions about the successful transference, added with the Skyleans'—with their home being a cluster of floating islands above the storm's level—report about nearby land masses which weren't supposed to be there, further convincing them.

He had also informed them about his test of finding out if the magical dirt can harm him, which it didn't.

He had to request a human villager to throw dirt at him.

Calling the process annoying was an understatement of the century. The villager kept refusing because he didn't want to disrespect their leader, until he eventually gave in to a bribe of one hundred thousand crowns.

Annoyances aside, it was a necessary test. It was his top priority to know if curse users can now die from certain natural events like an earthquake or a cave-in.

He didn't want to have an embarrassing death after centuries of living by getting crushed from a bunch of rocks.

Now he was curious. Why give the ground magic if not to inconvenience curse users? What is its purpose?

Maybe the natives of this world can tell him if he gets the chance of asking them after this storm around Magius lifts.

'Whenever that will happen…'

Now that he has informed the Seven Star Wizards and some officials of the highest position, he is going to prepare a speech regarding their current situation and an explanation on how they are in the new world for tomorrow.

Now that's one off of his bucket list to deal with. Many more to go.

Magius, New Mt. Olympus

In the now bustling town of New Mt. Olympus. People celebrated their blessed survival from the crisis despite the council telling them not to, as it would impede their cleaning process by creating an even bigger mess throughout the city.

"I keep telling you, Chief Sven! Partying around with all this littering and throwing scraps unnecessarily on the streets will not help the cleanup to be finished at all!" Lieutenant Marquis, the navy blue-haired man, who is wearing a white quilted jacket bearing the symbol of the Magic Council on its back, with black snow pants and boots, exclaimed.

"And I keep telling you, lieutenant! I can no longer order them not to! Besides, I didn't even want to do it!"

The burly man known as Chief Sven snapped back at the officer. Calming down, he finished.

"Just let them be, let them have their fun. We survived a crisis for the old gods' sake!"

Before the officer could retort, a hand landed on his shoulder, interrupting him.

"Perhaps, we could delay the cleanup procedure for now? In return, I will help," a feminine voice incited from behind, bringing the officer to turn to the newcomer- newcomers actually.

"Lady Fae! Major Aurem!"

The lieutenant exclaimed in shock before hastily saluting at the two individuals in front of him.

Later, he recovered and then responded. "I can't do that my lady. I wouldn't let a fair maiden like you clean our scraps! Especially someone in the position of Minister!"

The blonde-haired minister shook her head,

"It's fine lieutenant, mister. It would be shameful for me to not help the ones who look over the people. Anyway…"

She turned to look at the redheaded officer next to her,

"Shall we get going? We're almost there at the tavern!" She pointed in the direction front of her to the tavern a short distance away from the group.

"Major…" The blue-haired officer stared at his superior, not sure what to do.

The long red-haired officer, Major Aurem shrugged at him before following his superior to the tavern.

"Just let it go, Marky." He heard another feminine, but curt voice from behind, briefly startling him as he turned toward it.

"Huh-?! Oh."

It was his peer, Lieutenant Amethyst, who is strangely pouting.

"It's Marquis. Anyway, when did you get here?" He corrected her before asking the question.

The cyan-haired lieutenant made an unladylike grunting noise of frustration, likely from being ignored by everyone ever since that Wizard lady joined the conversation with her superior and took his attention away from her. Adding to that, she made an offer to drink with him which sounded a lot like she was asking him out only made her more frustrated.

It's not like she was jealous. Definitely not.

"Out of my way!" She shoved his friend aside as she stomped towards the tavern.

'Sorry about that Mark, but I have to make sure our idiot leader doesn't make a big mistake,' and with that thought, she left him alone on the snowy road.

Marquis was extremely confused by the exchange, and the rude shoving bothered him a little, but then paid it no mind as he went to find his subordinates to chat with them. There was nothing for him to do for now.

The tavern was even busier than usual because of the current celebration for their survival. Most of its patrons danced around, but some were chatting and even a few individuals fell asleep from being too drunk.

It was reasonable that people should be happy that everyone survived. However, that was not the case for a certain blonde man.

Edwin Kingsley stared at his drink while sitting alone at a table for four. He swirled the content of his cup around, closely examining the substance known as beer. Were he in his old self, he

wouldn't even touch this beverage and would think only commoners would drink this, but he wasn't the arrogant rich asshole everyone called him behind his back anymore. His close friend helped him change his perspective of everyone and changed his personality for the better. He would have expressed his gratitude to that friend again for everything.

But that friend wasn't there anymore.

He sighed, taking his first sip, only to gag on its awful taste.

'Seriously, who even drinks this stuff?' he thought while staring at the cup of nastiness he is currently holding in his right hand.

He would've thought about discarding this but he didn't. He wanted to learn how to live like a commoner, and this was how they mourn. Right?

"Blech!" He gagged after he forced himself to sip the beer again, unaware that it captured the attention of a pair of orange eyes of someone that just recently arrived in the tavern.


He heard his name called out as he turned his head to his caller. Seeing a familiar hair color of cyan, he recognized immediately who it was.

"Henry? What are you doing here?" He asked in a baffled tone.

Henry C. Clay is also a close friend of his that he made back at the academy.

Being a magi like him, people would think they would've had something in common, but Henry was a Vistarian. Their culture being one of the friendliest and nicest in Magius, so they're automatically frowned upon by Skyleans which—including him—despises humans and human-sympathizing magi. But he was no longer the typical Skylean anymore and made friends with him.

He later found out that Cole and Henry are both students of the Exiled. A famous human warrior responsible for the mass extermination of dark magi and bandits in their area at the time, which made them student siblings, so it was a plus.

Henry took a seat opposite him at the table.

"Director Trigno sent us to clean up, but apparently, it was delayed,"

He looked around before finishing.

"For now."

Edwin hummed before muttering, "What a coincidence…"

"Yeah," Henry smiled before asking his own question. "But what are you doing here?"


He sighed right after, remembering that incident.

"Henry… Do you remember when Cole said he was going out to sea?"

Henry nodded, encouraging him to continue.

"Well… I came here to say my farewell to him before he departed, knowing I might never see him again…" as he said this, he clenched his left fist as tears threatened to leak out of the corner of his eyes again.

'Dammit, I thought I was already done crying…' He wiped his eyes with his left hand while his right was holding the cup. "I didn't know this was how it would be the last time we will see him…"

He took a shaky breath to calm himself down.

"So, I'm here right now, thinking…

"What if I could see the future and save him before he… before the crisis took him away?"

He looked away to the side.

"Maybe we could've celebrated here along with them," He nodded towards the dancing, cheerful crowd before he tilted his head back on Henry. "and with you."

Henry was silent, probably waiting for him to continue. So he did.

"But I couldn't. There is no such thing," he said bitterly.

"So here I am, mourning for my- no, our loss… *sniff*" He swallowed a lump in his throat. He then recollected something important.

"But… I wouldn't give up on improving myself now. I promised him. Even if he is gone, I will still honor it, as I am doing so right now." He gestured at the cup of beer in his right hand, causing Henry to grimace- Strange, was he doing something wrong right now?

'Nevermind,' he thought and looked back at his cup. Mentally preparing himself, he trepidly brought the cup to his mouth to drink all of it in one sip-

"Yeah. Ok nope! That is not how you improve yourself." -before it was whisked away by Henry.

He looked at him with an inquisitive look as he started explaining.

"*Ahem* What you're doing right now isn't ok, you're actually wasting yourself in… a commoner way."

He put away the cup—he internally thanked Henry for that, because the stuff was disgusting!—to the side as he continued to explain further.

"You see, mourning is fine, but doing that with alcohol would make you create many mistakes, and problems, many problems…

"There is no easy way to say this, but the correct way to handle this… is to move on." He emphasized on those words before continuing.

"Stop beating yourself over it for too long, it wouldn't make the one you lost come back.

"It would only make you lose more of what you have."

"So, instead: Let go, and focus on what and who you have right now. Improve yourself so that you wouldn't make them worry and hurt them as it would hurt you, and promise that you won't harm yourself, but to live. Live on for them," Henry concluded his explanation as Edwin thought about his message.

He was about to make a mistake again. He was supposed to improve, not to degrade himself lower than what was a decent personality.

"Still, you shouldn't really be sad right now. I'm pretty sure he's still alive." That weirdly dismissive statement from Henry brought Edwin out of his internal self-berating. What did he mean by that?

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I am confident that Cole is alive."

Henry answered boldly, and, if that wasn't enough, he elaborated.

"I just… have a feeling about it. Ever since I first fought him, I just knew he was going to pull through almost anything, including what happened to him recently."

It's like… like being connected to him in some way." He shrugged before concluding.

"I am not sure if it's some sort of magic or not."

"Although if it is magic, then obviously I am not the expert on that." He chuckled.

"Huh…" Edwin was immensely confused. Yet he couldn't help but put his faith in his words.

He desperately hoped it wasn't misplaced, however.

Henry relaxed in his seat, knowing Edwin isn't going to make the biggest mistake in his life. When that was done with, he can no longer suppress the urge to make his eyes scan around the tavern.

It was a weird feeling, but that same feeling stopped his earlier panic as the weird connection with Cole it established him with made him calm, as it told Henry that he is still alive, even after he saw his ship flung away from Magius.

Yes, he lied to Edwin about not being there when that happened, but he didn't know why his "gut feeling" (he dubbed) told him to lie. It just made him feel like lying was the best choice.

As he continued looking around the tavern, he questioned why his "gut" told him to look everywhere, until he stopped feeling it when his eyes landed on a person's hair. It has the same color as his.

"Hey, Amy!" Henry shouted and waved at his half-sister who is currently pouting- weird, she was always cheery, especially when she's with their leader or when she knows he's nearby for some reason.

His gut feeling reminded him again not to worry about that, so he didn't.

"Huh? Oh, hey Henry!" She responded, then went to their table, and was about to talk with his half-brother before her purple eyes landed on the blonde-haired Skylean.

"Oh, hi Edwin!"

"Hello, Ms. Amethyst."

"Please, I'm not at work yet, just call me Amy, we've known each other for a year."

"Oh, ok… Amy."

Satisfied, she took a seat next to her half-brother before looking at the side in the direction of where her stupid leader and that Wizard lady were conversing.

Henry stared at the back of her head, wondering if she would start talking to them or not, while Edwin stared at a painting on the wall next to him with idle thoughts in his head.

Eventually—the gut feeling told Henry that she got tired of burning someone in the back of their head with her eyes—she turned toward them and asked a question as if to pass the time. "So… what were you guys talking about?"

"About Cole." Henry spoke first, eliciting Amy to hum.

"Hmm, what about him? Did something happen to him?" She asked while looking at the two in concern.

Henry answered dismissively.

"Well, yes, but I'm sure he's fine." With that, she turned to Edwin to hear his answer.

"... Yes. His ship flew away from Magius… But, he's probably okay..?" he glanced at Henry while answering with an unsure tone. It's hard to believe Henry's words even if he has seen how Cole disappeared.

"Hmm… Well, knowing him, he's probably super confused about where he is right now." As Amy read the mood of their table, she cracked up a joke, inducing Henry to chortle, fully aware of what that joke meant. Surprisingly Edwin too, but it was only more like a snort than a chuckle, but he knew what it meant as well.

The benefits of being a magi obviously, are to know and remember the constellations in the night sky with their magic eyesight. Knowing that the constellations are now entirely different, and the ground emitting magic energy out of it, it wouldn't take the smartest Skylean to know they're now in a new world.

Cole is in the area of the new world, and he is going to be incredibly lost.

Tiger Territory, Near the human border

"So you ARE from another world!" Tim exclaimed in shock, prompting a shrug from Cole while his hands were currently occupied by carrying the sleepy keidran who they now know her name is Audrey, on his back.

Tim would have not believed that if it weren't for Cole's ship that crashed next to them.

A ship doesn't just fall out of the sky, especially when there aren't any nearby large bodies of water in their current location, and the strange potion he used to heal Audrey's eyes…

No potion on Mekkan could do that as far as Tim knew.

Lastly, the otherworlder, Cole. Being unfamiliar to where he is or not knowing about the whole continent, and not knowing about the races that lived here also cemented that as part of the proof that his story is real.

"Yeah. I mean, I've never heard of a keidran and a basitin before. Let alone a war with one of them since ours ended a thousand years ago. Not even…" Cole's eyebrows furrowed.

"Slavery," he said with pure vitriol in his tone.

Now trying to recollect his thoughts, it still all felt so surreal to him…

Firstly, he and his ship were flung. Likely caused by that certain event he now dubbed "The Crisis."

Secondly, he landed on an unfamiliar land which Tim called "The Mainland."

Not to be confused with Mainland, a continent he learned in a book that was possibly larger than Magius at the time before it was destroyed in the Fourth Sea.

Then third, he learned about not one- but two more main races living in this land!

And a very recent war with a specific subrace of keidran called Wolf, which he recognized as an extinct animal that used to exist in his world before the Magical Extinction event happened.

And then, lastly… Slavery.

A practice he didn't recognize from his world, but immediately detested after Tarchy—Audrey's former captor—had given him a demonstration in the most disturbing way, and then fully explained by Tim of how it worked.

It was like kidnapping but it took a few steps further, and worst of all, it is deemed legal in their society!

Now that he knows he's in another world, he doesn't know what to do.

Well, obviously he's going to help Audrey get her eyesight fixed, then return her back to her home, and after that, after that…

Cole frowned a little as he pondered about his long-term situation.

What would he do after he's finished helping Audrey? Maybe find a way to return home?

If there was even a home back there anymore…

He immediately shoved the thought about his friends dying back into the depths of his mind.

'No time to be mourning. She needs my help first.' with that self-reminder, he walked forward in stride.

Now, back to his original thought...

If there is no way to go home or risk going there and no home to be found, should he stay? This world's cultures are going to clash with his though it has worked out fine for him back at Magius. What about his morals? Would he sacrifice them to adapt to this new world's society?


He refused to change his values for this world.

'If the people here think they can make me change how I view slavery, or anything related to it, then they're dead wrong.'

Sure, he's going to adapt. A strict lesson his mentor taught him to survive, but his morals and—more importantly, his values—will stay the same.


Before Cole could formulate his plan in staying here, Audrey's soft voice brought him out of his musing.

"Hmm? What is it?" Cole glanced behind his shoulder in order to stare at the slightly blind girl, who is currently staring down at his back.

"... What is… your world like..?" Audrey shyly asked, bringing Cole to hum in reflection with a smile.

"It is quite peaceful there. You will like it. They accept any type of culture. Apart from the harmful ones I mean." He answered before remembering what had happened to his home, switching his smile to a frown.

"Well, at least you would like it there, but…" he shook his head before he could say any further.

Audrey stayed silent. Taking his shift in tone as an indication that something terrible happened to his home.

Tim, who she noticed was next to them, instead spoke in a sympathetic tone. "I'm sorry for your loss… It sounded like a really nice place there…"

"But maybe… maybe you could make a new home here. You could live in Edinmere. It's a nice town," he suggested.

"Thanks. I'll… I'll think about it," Cole replied. Turning his head to the slowly darkening sky- has it been that long already?

He felt like the day ended quicker than it was supposed to… though it may have been the fact that the day was just very eventful, he dismissed.

"Maybe let's set up camp here. It's getting dark, and we don't have torches. We're very close to the border so it's safe," Tim suggested, before he strayed away from the path and went to the forest.

"But, just in case we might run into a hunter group, we should set camp deep into the forest where they can barely see us."

"All right, lead the way, Tim." Cole accepted as he followed Tim deeper into the forest while carefully avoiding any branches that may hit Audrey and him.

Setting up camp in a small clearing surrounded by trees was—thankfully—uneventful. Three tents were built, and a small campfire was lit up. Cole had asked earlier why Tim would make a campfire near the human tunnel, because it would obviously let the hunters know that they are hiding here.

"Hunters would camp near the tunnel when it's night time. Either because tigers can see in the dark and we humans don't, or because they want to start at day time. Don't worry, we've been strictly told not to interact with other hunter groups after coming out of the tunnel, because sometimes others would fight for what- ah, I mean, who, they caught. Anyone who would violate those rules would be reported to the local slave guild and will be punished accordingly, they said."

Strangely satisfied with that answer, he then offered Tim that he would take watch first—the poor guy looked very exhausted. All that violence and death must've drained him. Especially when he trekked all the way here with a sight that clearly distressed him—so that he could finally get some rest. He gratefully accepted before he and Audrey—who also went through the same situation albeit much worse—went to their respective tents.

He stoked the fire after recalling Tim's answer, as well as the mentioning of a slave guild.

'Of course there would be one...'

Another element of this world he couldn't understand. How could such an evil practice be allowed to exist? Just because of the hatred between humans and keidran?

Sure there was discrimination back in his homeworld but it wasn't this bad for them. He could recall on why there was only minimal discrimination between magi and humans back in his world…

The magi, who disliked humans because they couldn't use magic (he was also a victim of that by a certain Skylean) and humans disliked magi mainly because they were jealous of their ability to use and extend their lifespan using magic, some fearing them because magic was mainly the cause of the Magical Extinction event.

Though this racism was bound to occur between the two, it was only a rarity in Magius—excluding Skyleans, of course—because they could see similarities between them.

Adding to the fact that sometimes humans could be strong enough to be on par with a powerful wizard. A fact that helped magi admire and respect their strength and determination.

For humans, most of the magi helped them for years before the Age of Peace began, and even after it started, they still helped make life for humans easier by accepting their quests, Magic Council support and protection, having certain resources become unlimited due to magic, and lastly, the fact that the Peacekeeper used to be human before he became a magi also helped alleviate the tension between the two races.

In short, the two races prospered together, because they focused more on the physical and mental similarities, and the facts rather than their differences.

So why couldn't they do the same?

Can't they see that keidran are also intelligent like humans? Or is it because they look like animals? If it is the latter, then he can attest that they can walk on two legs and also talk, but if it's the former, then either it is just ignorance or outright denial.

'Pretty immature for us humans here.' Cole clicked his tongue in disappointment before he heard the sound of shuffling coming from Audrey's tent, revealing her walking out of it slowly. Due to her limited eyesight, she waved her hands around.

Cole immediately got up, went to Audrey and guided her to the campfire to set her down next to him.

"Thank you…" she muttered as she made herself comfortable near the campfire. Its heat contributing with her fur to keep her warm from the cold night. Being near the mountains also did not help as it made the temperature worse.

"You're welcome. Can't sleep?" Cole got a nod as an answer. Aware about what she had suffered through, she must've had nightmares in her sleep.

"Do… you want to talk about it?" he carefully asked.

Audrey flinched and shook her head.

"Okay…" he gave in for the sake of not making her more uncomfortable.

The awkward silence now took over barring the crackling of the campfire. Both stared at it, but before the silence became permanent, Audrey spoke.


Audrey saw Cole's blurry head turn to her in attention.

"... Thank you… for- umm, for saving me…" she muttered while tilting her head down and away from him as she felt her face heating up, embarrassed about how she gave her thanks.

Cole smiled at how shy she looked, yet she was confident enough to say her gratitude to him.

It's endearing. Though he wished she could have more confidence later then.

"It's no problem. I just only did the right thing."

To him, perhaps. He wasn't sure which was right or wrong in this world.

"I see a person who needs help, I give it to them. Besides, you shouldn't thank me yet. We still need to get your eyesight back to full health, and get you home."

He felt regret start to churn in his stomach as he turned away from her.

Maybe he should've returned her to her home first? There's a high chance that someone could heal her there.

The idea was tempting back then, but the nagging feeling of caution stopped him again.

Guessing by what Audrey is dressed in, she came from a tribe.

He could recall what most tribes do from a history book about cultures pre-extinction, and since that tribe consists of keidran who might hate humans, that meant diplomacy may not be favorable for them. Even worse, they might get mistaken as a hunter group... And when they see the state Audrey is in? Parley be damned. Although if that happens, well…

He loathed the idea of killing more people today, especially when it's Audrey's.

'So that's a no-go there,' Cole reminded himself but his guilt hasn't diminished yet.

He's taking her away from her home. To a human town which he wasn't sure what the level of tolerance they have towards keidran.

'But, at least once everything is done, she can finally go home.' After having that resolve, he glanced at Audrey, who looked anxious before speaking.

"So- umm… since… since you are from another world, and do not know about the races that lived here…

"What did you think when you first saw me..?" she asked as she cast her eyes down, eyes apprehensive.

Cole had to stop himself from asking her what she meant. He just realized the question she asked wasn't just a very simple question, he then realized what he had been looking at until now.

He no longer saw just a slightly blind, wounded girl. Now a striped orange and white furred woman, with a tail wrapped around her waist, pale purple slitted eyes on her animalistic, but slightly human looking face, and dark purple hair with a pair of animal ears poking out on the top of her head took her place.

The hunched over figure that is Audrey looked surprisingly human, barring a few features that made her a keidran.

'So that's what a tiger looks like… well, in keidran terms.' after that thought, he realized he was just staring at her.

Clearing his throat before she could think of him as being creepy, he asked. "Can I admit something about all this?"

Seeing as Audrey nodded, he rubbed the back of his neck while smiling sheepishly. "Well… to be honest, I had only focused on your injuries. I hadn't really seen what you looked until you pointed it out to me…"

"Oh?" Audrey looked at him inquisitively.

"Well, it would be rude of me to see and wonder what you looked like first before paying attention to your injuries." He shrugged while elaborating.

"Hmm." She hummed in wonder.

From what she heard from lucky escaped slaves, humans only looked at them for what they are at first, before asking about their injuries.

No human would really care about their well being. Only wanting to know if they're healthy enough to serve them.

But Cole was an exception to them. He saw her injuries first, and with concern as well.

As if she too was a human, or more like an equal, she realized!

"Now, back to your question…" Cole smiled warmly, though he knew she couldn't really see that.

"I don't care what you are. You are my friend first and foremost, Audrey."

He took a deep breath.

"Being in a different race doesn't really affect that, but if you want to know what I think about keidran in general, I think they're cool."

He then faced himself towards her.

"I think you're cool."

He then turned back to the campfire, and eventually casted his eyes on her to see how she reacted.

She looked… relieved, with a bright smile on her face.

That… was probably the first time in a long time for her to smile again, as if there were no more worries. He smiled warmly for her.

He liked that his friend had finally found solace after what she had experienced.

"Satisfied with that answer?" He asked in a teasing tone. The intended worked on her as she sat further straight, her face glowing red in embarrassment, but she still nodded, albeit fervently, causing him to chuckle in amusement.

While some time had passed, the two were idly talking about non-important things, until Cole felt that his shift had ended.

"Hmm… it's probably time for me to get some sleep. You should sleep too as well Audrey," Cole said as he glanced at Audrey, who looked uncomfortable. He could understand why.

"Hey… I know you don't want to sleep, but you have to. You need to sleep more than us after what you've been through…" he begged her.

After almost a minute of silence, but before he asked again, she nodded, though she still looked uncomfortable.

After waking up Tim as it was now his turn for the shift, he guided Audrey to her tent and guided her to the bedroll that used to be for one of Tim's former party members.

Before he could leave, he felt a light tug on his sleeve.

He looked at Audrey who was currently holding his sleeve, looking down on the ground as she took a shaky breath.

"Please… stay…" Her voice was barely a whisper when she begged, but Cole heard her.

He hesitated at first, but then he looked at Audrey. The look on her face made him relent. "Alright."

If she needs him to sleep with her to make her feel a bit better when sleeping, then he will accept. Anything for a friend in need.

Audrey moved to her own spot on the bedroll to give space for him before lying down and looked at him anxiously, fearing that Cole would leave her all alone in her tent.

Those fears were soon dissipated as she saw the blurry figure of Cole removing what she could make out as vambraces, and then the sword belt that he had moved it over his waist to not get in the way of carrying her on his back earlier, then crawled his way next to her before laying down.

Cole would've thought otherwise about this current situation, but he didn't think much of it as just helping a friend.

Getting all flustered because of something as insignificant as gender was pretty immature, especially when his friend needed him the most to give her comfort from the nightmares only she can experience.

He then felt Audrey's body—and fur brushing against him. It was a weird sensation, but a welcome one—shifting to a comfortable position by facing herself to him. Sleepy pale purple eyes now staring at him, as if to make sure he never left her side.

As he stared back at the purple orbs, he felt melancholy take place on his chest.

'Her eyes would've looked pretty if I had another one of those potions to heal them…' he sorrowed in his thought.

"Goodnight, Audrey." He whispered to her.


A yawn interrupted her.

"-night… Cole…"

She drowsily smiled before her eyes finally closed as she fell asleep.

Cole slowly looked around to check their surroundings before letting out his own yawn.

Everything seems safe right now. He's a very light sleeper, so he would wake up at the slightest bit of sound from beyond their proximity. Another result of his mentor's training.

He felt his eyelids grow heavier before letting them shut, and at that, he allowed the dreamworld to take him somewhere deep in his mind.

And thus his first day in a new world comes to a close.

To be continued.