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Chapter 4 - Discoveries

Mekkan, Magius, Citrine City Capital, Y475

In a long corridor, on one of the floors of the palace, three individuals are walking in unison through the numerous busy councilmen tending to their daily jobs.

While on their way to Trigno's office, he himself had been talking with various councilmen. Some were inquiring about minor tasks to him, and others were relaying news about new developments regarding steam technology being implemented on their ships, and are currently testing its capability on an iron hulled prototype.

Darius, meanwhile, had stopped for a moment to flirt with some councilwoman, before catching up with them.

Demetrius, throughout the walk, had ignored everyone. Only seemed to focus on getting to his superior's office.

Once they had arrived, and closed the door on their way in, Darius sighed.

"What a hectic day, huh?"

"Hm, it seems that our meeting with that woman has caused panic throughout the Council," Demetrius remarked.

Panic was a bit of an understatement. It was obvious to the Council that the first ever native of this world that had visited Magius—unannounced especially—was not an ordinary one.

Not only did the silver haired woman appear out of nowhere, she intentionally went to where their leader had been, and casually approached him, as if she knew how powerful he was. This was the conclusion the Council had reached, according to witnesses prior and during that incident.

Darius nodded. "I can guess why. I mean, she didn't even flinch when we jumped her."

Trigno didn't say anything, only reading what seems to be a report about the recent establishing of relations with one of the many tribes of the Tiger Territory.

Darius glanced at his brother, winking at him, as if planning on doing something, which received a usual response from him.

Demetrius rolled his eyes at Darius, as he reached out for something on his side. Meanwhile, Darius smirked, as he assumed a leaping stance.

In the blink of an eye, the twins suddenly dashed towards Trigno, conjuring their preferred weapons at a surprisingly fast rate.

Darius generated what it seems to be hard light material on his feet, molding into the shape of what looks like armored boots, generally used for kicking, as he raised his right one to strike.

Demetrius meanwhile, generated a black, smoking material from his hand, gripping it as it instantly formed into a short sword made out of darkness.

Unlike their earlier weapons, these were made only to compensate for the small room they are in.

Both went to their opposite sides. Darius went to the right, and Demetrius, to the left.

Both weapons were raised with the intent to kill their superior.

Darius struck first. His right foot swung towards Trigno's head to decapitate, or at best, to disorient him.

In a split second, it seemed that his leg was about to connect to his target's head, but it suddenly dipped down. Trigno had already known, as he raised his left foot in a kicking motion backwards.

"!" Someone grunted, and it wasn't Darius.

He glanced at his brother. That kick wasn't for him, it was for his brother, who was about to follow up on his attack, but was then interrupted by Trigno's kick, which he blocked with his weapon.

As Darius remarked about it, he hadn't noticed in time that Trigno grabbed ahold of his already flying right leg. Darius immediately dropped down to the floor, with his hand put down on the floor, as he lifted his left leg to kick at Trigno's hand.

Immediately, Demetrius had already recovered from the surprise kick, he then continued with his slashing strike, but it was nearly avoided by his intended target, as he rolled forwards, using the force of Darius's kick to his hand earlier.

Now standing up, Darius ran towards Trigno as he finished rolling, and raised his left foot, then swung down as fast as he could towards Trigno, who was still on the floor.

Trigno caught it with both hands, then suddenly rolled sideways to his left, pulling down Darius's leg as he countered with his right leg upwards towards Darius's face.

Darius went down to the floor before Trigno's foot connected to his face, and rolled along with Trigno, who still held his leg.

While this was happening, Demetrius sprinted towards Trigno, with his short sword poised to stab down at Trigno.

Trigno saw, and soon stopped his roll. Then, his right foot connected to Darius's currently held left leg. With enough force from both his hands, and his leg, he pushed it out of the way as it made Darius spin for a short while on the floor.

"Wha-!?" Darius grunted as he didn't expect of being spun on the floor like a bottle.

"Ow!" He felt someone kick him at the back of his head. It was his brother, who had sprinted towards them.

"Ogh!" Demetrius grunted, as he tripped on the spinning twin brother, falling down head first.

While this happened, Trigno quickly got up from the floor, and backed away from the twins, who are currently clutching their heads in slight pain.

Once he was at a safe enough distance, Trigno relaxed, before crossing his arms. Frown still on his mouth, his eyes looked at the two in disappointment.

"Really?" Was his first word during the whole thing.

"Haha…" Darius got up as he massaged his forehead, his brother soon followed, as they let their elemental weapons dissipate into the air.

Trigno only raised one eyebrow, demanding an explanation.

Darius raised his hands in surrender and reassurance, a carefree smile back on his face.

"Chill, boss. We only did it to check if you got rusty. Nice moves, by the way," he remarked.

Trigno sighed, then went to pick up the report documents that were dropped on the floor.

"This is not the time to be joking around, Minister of Light." Darius winced at that. "And you, Minister of Shadow, should've stopped him."

"Much as I hate to participate in one of my foolish brother's antics, I wanted to know how far the gap between us have been closing, and it seems that it is still too great of a difference," Demetrius excused.

Darius whistled.

"You got it all that from our little brawl back there?" Darius said in surprise.

They hadn't really given their all, so he was surprised his brother could gauge an enemy's strength even from a half-assed fight. It really shows how far he has come with his Star Wizard training.

Then again, he shouldn't be, as he knew his brother well enough that he's a genius at this sort of thing.

"Unlike a certain reckless brother of mine, I intend to know my enemy really well, instead of going all out," Demetrius responded derisively at his brother.

"Sheesh... Still salty from losing that duel, huh?" Darius countered, prompting his brother to glare daggers at him.

"Why you-"

"Darius, Demetrius. That is enough."

Trigno immediately stopped the twins before things could get even more messy in his office, or the entire building.

The Silver brothers were an odd bunch for Trigno. He knew these two are twins, but they act the complete opposite of each other. They also seemed to have a rivalry going on, as they dueled a lot.

Since Demetrius lost to Darius the last time they dueled, he had been itching for a rematch.

Yet they couldn't, as their previous duel destroyed the last arena, and its surroundings.

Nobody seemed to have the Motivation anymore to rebuild them, Demetrius claimed, much to his irritation.

The public then dubbed the event, "The Fall of Tournaments" as the twins have destroyed the last of the numerous arenas on the entire continent.

Ever since that incident, they were immediately—and strictly—told by Trigno that they are not allowed to duel anywhere else, outside of going away from Magius, and find an uninhabited island, where they couldn't hurt anyone.

Demetrius grumbled. Trigno ignored him, and told both of them to settle down on the chairs.

Trigno then sat on his chair behind the desk, then waited for the two to take their own seats.

As the twins made themselves comfortable, Trigno spoke. "Now, let's reevaluate the recent events that have occured here."


Open Sea, Northwest of Magius

On Magius' supposed territorial waters, which was established before its transference, sat 4 ships of the Magius navy. This small flotilla of ships was currently carrying out its mission: patrol duty.

The flotilla consisted of two different classes of ships. The first two were the Defender-class ships[1, and the other class of ships that flanked them were the smaller, but faster Interceptor-class[2].

It has been three weeks ever since the mysterious individual, "Nora" made an appearance in their capital.

It had given the government of Magius quite the scare. So much so, that the higher ups had issued orders to increase the volume of their patrols, and for their mages to periodically use their sensing ability to check for any signs of a powerful presence.

Along these orders, the navy had also extended the range of their naval patrols to the outer rim of Magius' maritime borders, especially towards the large continent Northwest of them.

For anyone who isn't concerned in political affairs, or is not a mage, this move seemed excessive at best, and an overreaction at worst. However, to the people who had suffered trauma from assassinations, and mages - who are well aware of the implications of yet another powerful being that dwarfed even the strongest Star Wizard by thirtyfold—other than Director Trigno, that is—just existing, this sudden fear and cautious stance on this world is well justified.

Aboard the Defender-class, MNS Blue Knight, its lookout had spotted something far from the distance. He then used his spyglass to take a closer look at it.

It was another flotilla of ships. They wore a different flag, and were heading towards the direction of their homeland.

Alarmed, the lookout shouted, and pointed at the fleet.


The crew had stopped their tasks for a moment before looking up, alarmed. They then faced towards where the lookout pointed.

Suddenly, someone barked orders to hasten their current tasks, and tend to their own posts. It was the ship's commanding officer, Captain Andrews Graves.

He immediately ordered the radio telegraph operator to notify the other ships of their fleet, and to another near their location, in case the unknown fleet had hostile intentions.

While the operator sent coded messages to their sister ship, and the other two smaller ships, Andrews then added that they are to intercept the fleet, and demand its intentions.

A few minutes after the transmission was sent, they received a response from the other ships.

"Sir! The fleet is now ready to commence the intercept at your word," the radio telegraph operator relayed.

"Alright," Andrews said, before turning towards the helmsman. "Corporal, turn us to port."

"Aye aye, captain," Corporal Laughlin affirmed before turning the wheel of the ship to the left.

As the lead ship turned to port, the rest of the fleet followed suit.

As they were now sailing towards the unknown fleet, they could now barely see the silhouettes of its ships. The captain then used his own spyglass to see more clearly, and identify what kind of ships they were.

Upon taking a look at some of the larger ships, he grunted, bemused at what he's seeing.

His Vice-Captain, Edward Salore, who had been standing beside him, asked. "What do you see, sir?"

"From what I'm looking at, it could be some sort of merchant vessel…" Andrews then swerved his spyglass slightly to the other ships. "...but most of them looked the same, and not a single one looked like they had cannons."

As he observed, he could see that they indeed have some sort of armament. Albeit primitive, but still an armament. They were in the form of ballistae, mounted on top of those castle-like platforms, along with a large ram.[3]

He could also see their flag, and yet another one in some of their ships. A combined fleet, perhaps?

The flag that most of the ships were flying had the head of a drakon[4]—or similar to one—as its symbol. Could this be the Human Empire?

The other flag that was flown by a lesser number of ships of the fleet had a completely different design. It was a light blue circle, with three bars positioned into a cross, and with a white background, making it difficult to see.

Andrew could not distinguish that particular one. He may have to ask for more information on headquarters, as his fleet slowly approaches the unknown counterpart.

He lent his spyglass to his vice-captain, as he ordered the telegraph operator to inform the navy headquarters about the unknown element among the presumed imperial fleet.

As the operator began sending a coded message to headquarters, the vice-captain, who is currently using his captain's spyglass, spoke. "Something just occurred to me, Captain."

"Hm?" Andrews inquired, looking at his vice-captain inquisitively.

"Remember that pirate ship the Guardian intercepted weeks ago?" Edward spoke.

"Yeah, I do." Andrews had heard about it from when he was on break.

The tale about how one of their Deterrence-class[5] vessels made a pirate ship of this world immediately give up its course after firing a warning shot at it. It baffled their superiors back then just how bold the pirates were, for sailing towards Magius—likely wanting to raid while they mourned—without having a single cannon mounted on their ship, and how they had no form of firearms on them.

That said, he spoke up. "What about it?"

"You know how those pirates never had cannons mounted on their ship, and that they didn't have even a single firearm on them?" Edward elaborated.

"Yeah…?" Andrews looked at him in interest, slowly getting what he's saying.

Edward lowered the spyglass, before speaking to him slowly.

"What if… the reason they never had firearms was because they never had invented them, sir?"

Andrews didn't speak for a while, only processing his vice-captain's words. He then connected the dots as he spoke.

"Huh…" It made sense.

Obviously, they weren't here for diplomacy, likely as an expedition force, as they had indeed mysteriously appeared from just Southeast of them, where it was only a vast expanse of ocean.

Magius would've done the same, if an unknown island suddenly appeared—at least not by the work of the Peacekeeper that is—near them, and would want to find the reason why it happened.

And, even if they were here for diplomacy, they wouldn't have sailed here without a capable escort, atleast, capable enough in their eyes.

With that conclusion, he turned toward the operator, and ordered. "Relay HQ of this information. This may prove useful to our future dealings with this Empire."

And also calm the minds of everyone back home.

As soon as their own version of the map of Mekkan was finished, it brought fear onto the entire continent of Magius, as they saw the gargantuan territory the Human Empire possessed. Production of military equipment rose rapidly, commissions of more ships were issued, and plans of recruiting more people into service were passed, in preparation for a possible invasion from this world's superpower.

But with this newfound information about the level of technology of this world, it will quell that fear, despite it being temporary.

Oh, it wouldn't mean that, just because they are technologically superior to this world's superpower, they would start slacking off. No, it would only revert production back to normal levels.

While this was happening, Edward had already gone back to looking at the distant fleet, when he noticed something.

"Sir, it seems that they finally noticed us."

The captain then reacquired his spyglass from his vice-captain, then used it for himself. Indeed, the imperial fleet had finally taken notice of them, given their more hectic movements suggesting they were initiating their own battle stations.


Same place, Imperial expedition fleet

"ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!" The captain of the lead ship, Karl Krunch, of the expedition fleet bellowed out.

"Captain, what is the meaning of this!?" Mary Silverlock demanded, bewildered by the sudden activity.

The Imperial fleet that was sent to investigate the newly emerged land had been on smooth sailing ever since they left Derelict Port. For weeks, they hadn't encountered any pirates on their way.

Not even that notorious pirate gang that eluded the Imperial navy of this part of the Grand Sea.

Now, however, as they are still too far away judging from the small silhouette of a tall mountain in the horizon, Mary noticed the sudden activity on the fleet, so it's reasonable she inquired why, after almost half a month of uneventful sailing. She had suspected that there may be pirates that finally had taken their sights on them, but she needed that doubt to be confirmed.

The captain turned to her and greeted. "Ma'am. Our lookout spotted ships just on our Larboard side. They may be a pirate fleet trying to drive us back from that new land."

Mary looked to the left of the ship, facing towards the slowly growing silhouettes of ships.

As she stared, the captain continued, with confidence in his tone. "This is nothing to worry about, ma'am. There may be four of them, but there are nine of us here, and with proper tactics and your Order's assistance, we can drive them back with minimal losses."

Mary didn't react, only staring at the distant flotilla. Eventually, she reached out her hand toward it as her hand, along with her eyes glowed in light blue color.

She then motioned her hand in a wide circular motion, as the air slowly distorted. While she did this, she muttered out. "Magnifiéns."

Suddenly, at her word, the circle shaped distortion flashed brightly, before it turned into an image. The captain's eyes bulged out, as he figured out what the image is slowly warping into.

It was the presumed pirate fleet. When it was only but silhouettes, Mary's magic magnified the space that's facing it, allowing all to see a close up detail of the flotilla that is fast approaching towards them.

The first two ships rivaled the size of theirs, but were longer, and had more sails. The last two that flanked their sides were a bit smaller, and thinner, but they could see that they were faster than the bigger ones, judging from how they slightly moved in a zig-zag pattern.

It baffled them. They all looked very different from Mekkan's standard types of ships. Further baffling them are the flags that they have been flying.

It was obvious that they are no pirate fleet. Given that the usual pirate flag wore the color black, or red with skull and bones. Theirs were multiple shades of green, along with a distinctive anchor symbol on its background. Likely to signify that they are a naval force of a sovereign nation.

Its design was… otherworldly. It was unlike anything they've seen before throughout Mekkan's history.

A new developing nation? Mary wondered.

Could they be from the newly emerged land? It's very likely possible. You don't see islands appearing everyday, so it's up for confirmation if they indeed are from the new land.

With that, she turned towards the captain. "Captain, tell the fleet to stand down."

"Pardon, ma'am?"

"I said stand down. That's an order, captain," Mary demanded.

"Y-yes, ma'am." The captain then faced towards his first mate. "Tell the fleet to stand down, immediately."

The first mate nodded, before bellowing out an order to stand down, which briefly surprised the crew, before ordering other ships to stand down, as they folded their sails, but still manned the ballistae, in case the approaching fleet tried to attack.

As the fleet folded their sails, the ships slowed to a halt, only the current made them move, but only slightly.

After some time, the unknown flotilla of four ships arrived. They turned to their starboard sides as they reached a certain distance, before slowly folding their sails. The Imperial fleet's top officials noticed however, the distance the unknown fleet put themselves between them. They were beyond their ballistae's effective range, which is reasonable.

It was a tense few minutes of quiet on both sides, observing each other's ships, and its crew.

It didn't seem like they have their own ranged weaponry, as observed by some of the keen-eyed Imperial officers.

So they're clearly disadvantaged, both in weapons, and also outnumbered.

Naturally, if a naval battle broke out, then obviously the proud Imperial fleet would win. This thought was then shared by the Imperial officers, as confidence soon grew within them.

Until suddenly, a loud voice interrupted the Imperials' thoughts, and the quiet.

"This is the MNS Blue Knight! You are trespassing in Magius waters! I demand that you state your business! Comply, or we shall act accordingly towards invaders!"

That claim baffled the entire Imperial fleet. Magius? They have never heard of it before.

A moment later, some of the newbie Imperials laughed at them in mockery. Others glared in subtle anger at their seemingly arrogant demand.

Are they serious with that claim? They don't seem to have the weapons to threaten them. And even if they did, they are still outnumbered.

How dare they make a bold claim, when they're outnumbered, and unarmed? Sure, they can ram them with their own rams, but it would still change nothing in a naval battle between them.

With that shared thought, most of the Imperials are now eager in showing these barbarians the might of the Imperial navy. Unfortunately, they had to wait for the leader of their fleet to give the word of attack.

However, said leader is currently in conversation with the Grand Templar, who, had a different opinion on these people that hailed from this "Magius" nation.

"Hold for a moment, Ma'am. Do you suppose that we should believe what they're saying?" The captain asked.

"I know it's hard to believe, Captain, but what they're claiming to be might be true," Mary answered.

"What if they're only a new nation made up by pirates that came to that land before us?"

"We won't know, until we try talking to them, and I doubt they are. They would never be that formal."

"... You're speaking as if you have experience meeting them before." The captain raised his eyebrow at her.

"Who do you think I am, Captain?" The Grand Templar asked coldly.

"I didn't mean it like that, Ma'am." The captain backed away from her.

"Hmph." Mary dropped the topic, before speaking again. "Now then, is it wise to keep them waiting, Captain?"

The captain of the Imperial fleet let out a long, tired sigh. He was not paid enough to do this.


Magius, Citrine City Capital, At the same time

Trigno was currently at his office.

Unlike his usual routine, he was currently standing in the middle of the room, seemingly in thought.

During the last three weeks since Nora came to Magius, he still remembered the way she used her magic. How her eyes glowed as mana emerged from, and around her. Most importantly, the spell she used.

In most of his existence of being a pirate that had sailed and explored everything the Seven Seas, and even the War Seas could offer, it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

He had also felt the magic she used. It didn't have an elemental source, as if it was one of those rare Sea Curses with abilities that weren't elemental in nature, like the Absorption Curse, which had the ability to steal any magic and curse.

But it didn't feel like a Sea Curse would.

It's as if it's this world's common form of magic. He had sensed the same form of magic everywhere from the larger continent Northwest of them.

Different world, different magic, he would've surmised, but his recent visit to New Mount Olympus told him otherwise.

Since the end of the Cursebeard War, and the Great Migration to Magius soon followed, there had been a newly emerged group of people that had called themselves the descendants of the Old Gods.

Everyone had been skeptical of them, until they proved themselves by using a unique form of magic that is unlike the common Elemental Magic[6].

They were able to levitate things off the ground, and were able to perform other feats, such as create Charms, spells made to ward off unwary wrongdoers, which had been very helpful in cracking down crime. Even now, their "Mystic Arts" still helped to this day.

Yesterday, Trigno visited New Mount Olympus, in order to find answers to the mysterious magic that Nora had used. If there is anyone that has more knowledge on the magical realm than even the Government of Magius (which superseded the Magic Council[7, thus had less limitations in gaining said knowledge than its old self,) it has to be them.

"Ah… so it seems that they have attained an advanced form of the Magic of The Gods…" muttered the leader of the New Olympians, who is also the eldest of them all, Thessalos Demeter.

He has long, gray and white hair, along with a matching long beard. He wore a garb similar to the ones from the Old Civilization wore, but had some modern clothing worn underneath the archaic style of clothing.[8]

""Magic of the Gods"?" Trigno repeated.

"Hmm, you may not have known of it in that term, but it was more commonly known as Primal Magic," the elderly elaborated.

He then chuckled. "Ah, how we humans like to keep things simple. The only reason why it was called as such was because it was the first magic, before the rise of our own magic, Augmented Magic."

"But we, as the direct descendants of its creators, called it as Magic of The Gods in worship, and in respecting them for bestowing us this great gift."

"So, why has it been replaced by Augmented Magic?" Trigno asked.

The elder's face turned melancholic. "Alas, as much as it has been a generous gift from the gods of old, it was also our poison, so to speak."

"It seemed that we were not meant to wield it. As its practitioners grew in power, it has also costed their lifespans," the elder then elaborated. "You see, the reason why Augmented Magic was favored more than Primal Magic, was because it increased one's lifespan as they grew in power, rather than sapping it away from them."

"The drawback of the magic wielded by the gods was that it essentially boosted every aspect of our being, at the cost of our soul. The gods did not suffer from this, as they possess a more superior, and seemingly unlimited soul energy," the elder informed.

"The only drawback of Augmented Magic was the limit of learning only one element, and to unlock another, we must unlock another portion of our mind, which is an arduous task to just learn another element, that could also take a life if one's mind is not strong enough." The elder shook his head. "But alas, we humans did not have a care for that, as we waged wars for resources and land, rather than being united, and develop more for a solution in both forms of magic."

"But, it seems that in this world, they have achieved something that could fix the drawbacks of Primal Magic, as you and I have sensed it in them." The elder turned towards the direction of the larger continent, as did Trigno.

For a moment, Trigno thought of something about what the elder said, before turning toward him, and asked. "Is it possible to learn this power?"

The elder smirked at him. "You tell me."

Trigno only raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to elaborate.

"How were we even able to develop our own magic, then, Leader?" The elder asked.

Trigno could not answer.

"It is because of the Magic of The Gods. As we humans were trying to create a solution to the lifespan problem, somewhere down the line, we focused on the mind." The elder pointed at Trigno's forehead.

"By reaching into the depths of our mind with Primal Magic, our consciousness opened something within part of the mind that represents who we are as an individual being. In short, our personality, which is tied to the elements that represent it.

"A person that is quick to anger may have the element of Fire, as it is wild, and volatile, as that person. A person that is calm may have the element of either Water, or Wind, depending on the complexity of such a personality.

"As we grow, our personality shifts over time, thus we gain a different element as we unlock a portion of our mind," the elder finished.

"I know most of this." Trigno said. Before even the Magic Council was founded, he had already witnessed many counts of this in the past hundreds of years. "But how does that help in learning their power?"

"It is simple, but complicated at the same time," the elder responded. "It is hard to believe, but Primal Magic is still within us. It is like an old, neglected tool that has embedded itself on us, one we cannot discard."

"To wield it, you must have access to it using your mind. Imagine it as that same, rusted tool. Reacquire it, but do not sharpen it, or remove the rust, as I have witnessed that it does cancel the ability to never age." The elder warned.

"Wait. Hold on. You mean to tell me… that at some point, I could've lived, and passed away as a normal human being, along with my friends this whole time?" Trigno was shocked.

Before he could say further, the elder explained. "Yes, but it is not that simple, young one. Any curse user who has exceeded the lifespan of a human, will, in an instant, be reduced to ashes, as the age of everything they had will undergo the process of returning to the earth, as the curse's ability is overwritten by its Creator's magic."

"In short. Yes, you may die, but it will be an instance for you, if you continue on sharpening that tool."

Thessalos paused for a moment, before asking.

"But you don't want that, do you?"

"..." Trigno didn't say anything for a while.

"No… atleast, not for now."

Trigno, for all his wants of ending his life and being with his friends in the afterlife, still needed to lead Magius, and to provide safety for his people in this new, and unknown world they find themselves in.

Plus, he also has his Sea Curse to deal with, which he doesn't know how, and wouldn't let anyone, other than his deceased friend, Henry, obtain this power.

"Now, with that tangent solved. How about we return back to our main topic?" The elder interrupted his thoughts, bringing him back.

"Alright." Trigno nodded.

"Good. Now, as I have said, you must reacquire that tool. Familiarize yourself with it, as our ancestors have used it," the elder instructed.

Trigno closed his eyes. He felt something, deep within the recesses of himself.

It was not like the more familiar feeling of his curse, nor his elemental magics. Rather, it felt unfamiliar, but familiar at the same time.

Like it was his first tool used for farming in his early days, if he were a farmer.

He grasped for it. It felt really old, and unused for a long time.

He resisted the urge to "sharpen" it, as he opened his eyes and looked at the elder. "What now?"

Like a proud teacher smiling at his student, he instructed again. "Now, I want you to redirect that energy inside your mind. Disconnect it from that portion where it supports the personality and elemental aspect of magic."

"As my people have used this technique to unlock the Mystic Arts via reaching into our hearts, specifically, our desires, you have to point yours to the mind, specifically where it creates imagination.

"The imagination is the concept wherein we perceive something that defies reality, and its laws. Unlock that portion, then you may have the answer you seek in obtaining that form of magic."

Trigno closed his eyes again, as he reached within the corners of a dark room he imagined himself to be, holding a glowing string of energy.

He then imagined imagination itself in a solid form.

Then, it appeared. In the form of a glass sphere, its size was that of his palm.

Then, he heard the voice of the elder.

"Types of magic may take the form of different shapes. Much like a Sea Curse, Augmented Magic takes the form of a cube, which represents its limit to learning only one magic. A sphere however, has no sides, which may be interpreted as Universal."

As the elder said this, Trigno then slowly approached the floating sphere.

"Unlocking it, will give you the ability to wield any form of element, or non-elemental spells, such as that "Nora" individual."

He then connected the string to the sphere, which caused it to glow brightly.

Trigno opened his eyes, just as the elder finished talking.

"This new form of magic, we will now dub…"

Trigno felt the new power, as he tapped into it. His vision then turned slightly blue, and in an outsider's perspective, they could see that his eyes were currently glowing brightly in blue.

The blue color was meant to signify it as mana in its purest form, Trigno figured, as he observed his hands that had also glowed brightly in blue.

"Universal Magic."

Ever since that visit, Trigno had been experimenting with this new "Universal Magic."

He could lift things off the air now, but that wasn't any different from Mystic Arts, so he tried to use his imagination.

He tried to imagine a cup of water within his hand. It didn't work, which rather confused him.

If not for conjuring up things, then what does imagination have to do with this form of magic?

He eventually summed it up as that the ability to create anything was limited only to divine beings, such as their magic. Primal Magic.

Later, he still hoped he could create a cup of water, as he reached for the cup of coffee on his desk.

But as he touched it, it immediately changed into that of a cup of water. What.

Later, he drank it. It did taste like water. This was confusing.

He also had noticed that the mana from around him had paled slightly in color.

It seems that this form of magic doesn't use mana from inside him at all, or that he's not using it properly.

He released that magic from his inner hold that particular day, as he unknowingly kept turning cups of other drinks into water, which also stopped him from draining all the mana from around him.

Now, he thought about what that spell Nora used to instantly move herself to another location far from here. Not only was it an oddity, but he could also see the usefulness of that spell.

The only problem was that he didn't know how to replicate it.

He initially imagined himself to be moved a mile from his current location, which didn't work, as he's still in his office.

There must be some sort of procedure in this, he thought.

He then imagined himself to be at Wray Fort, and he felt a tug.

"!" He grunted in surprise. What was that?

Could it be…? The reason why he couldn't do it initially was because he imagined himself being moved into a location, rather than on a location?

He then closed his eyes, picturing himself to be on one of the balcony floors of the fortress. As he did, he felt the tug grow stronger.

He then focused on it. As he did, he now felt the mana from everywhere flowing towards him.

From an outsider's perspective, the space around Trigno could be seen flickering whilst glowing in blue.

For a few moments he couldn't feel anything different.

He was about to call it quits, as he thought he's not getting anywhere with this, but before he did, a loud boom just erupted from around him.

He immediately opened his eyes, and was greeted with the view of a balcony, and overlooking it, was the port of Wray Fort.


He did it.

Suddenly, a loud clanging sound of an alarm erupted from within the walls of the fortress.

"There's an intruder!"


"What do you mean!? I haven't seen anything from here!"

… Ah.

The sound of the explosion must've set off the alarms.

Eventually, he heard the sound of rushing footsteps coming towards him.

He turned, but felt a hard tug from his feet.

He raised an eyebrow, and looked down. His feet were embedded on the stone floor.

… It seems that the spell he used was far from perfect.

"The sound came from here!"

Trigno immediately melted the floor around his feet with his curse, then turned around to face the door.

The door then suddenly bursted open, with a crowd of councilmen rushing out, raising their rifles at Trigno.

"Stop right there-!" One of the councilmen cut himself off as he soon looked at who they're apprehending.

Soon, all of them looked at their leader in shock and confusion.


Trigno crossed his arms. "Gentlemen."

In unison, they immediately laid down their rifles, but still looked at Trigno strangely.

One of them asked. "S-sir… how…?"

"What? Didn't I say that I would visit?" Trigno lied.

"No… um… nobody notified us, sir."

"Hmm, I see," Trigno said, before walking towards the hall inside the compound.

As he walked, the crowd parted and made a path for him. Some of them noticed the holes of molten magma on the floor, but never paid it mind. They would have to fix that later.

While walking, a councilman walked beside Trigno. "Sir, I've got word coming from one of the outer recon fleet that they have intercepted a fleet of the Human Empire inbound for our mainland."

"Go on."

"The captain that was in charge of our fleet was able to communicate with that fleet, and determined that they were sent by their king as an expedition," the councilman further continued.

"Hmm. Took them long enough," Trigno remarked.

With their unnatural arrival of this world, he knew that they would eventually meet this world's superpower, as much as he'd hoped for it to not be the case.

From what he heard about the rumors of this empire, he didn't want to establish contact with them for now, atleast, until he had gained enough allies here.

But that hope was dashed, as Nora's words were proven correct here.

"They are now requesting passage to establish diplomatic ties with us."

"Let them through," Trigno answered.

"Yes sir. Furthermore, we have found out about this world's technological level."

"I already knew."

"Sir?" The councilman asked in surprise.

"I had read the report about the pirate incident," Trigno elaborated. He knew something was off when he noted from the report that the pirates had no firearms on them, or that their ship had no cannons, only, it had a larger than normal ram.

"Now then, is that all?"

"Yes, sir."


Trigno then turned to the path to the left, and opened a door to the Admiral of the Fleet's office.

At the sight of his superior coming into his office, the admiral immediately stood, and saluted.

"Then let us prepare for their arrival."

To be continued.

Author's note: The long awaited Chapter 4 is finally heeeeereeeeeee! Atleast, it is really being waited on, and I'm not deluding myself here. This chapter was longer than I thought, because I had to slowly put partial contexts here and there on almost every paragraph. With that said, I hope you enjoy reading it, cuz I'll be taking another break for an indefinite time. However, whenever I do make another chapter, I'll be notifying you guys. See ya later!


1: Ever since Magius's founding, the navy had redesignated most classes of ships that were used for war, as they are a Peace-loving State. The Defender-class is Magius's own designation for the Frigate class of ships.

2: Interceptor-class is Magius's designation for the Sloop-of-War class of ships.

3: Modified Carrack ship armed for naval warfare.

4: Greek word for "Dragon."

5: Deterrence-class is Magius's own designation for the Ship-of-the-Line class of ships.

6: Elemental Magic: Modern term for Augmented Magic.

7: The Magic Council was a continental-wide peacekeeping organization that established order and fought against crime in the Magius continent, until they reformed into the Government of Magius. Essentially, they were Magius's equivalent to the Templar Order of old, before Trace Legacy came to power.

8: Ancient Greek garbs.