AN: Jasper/Bella pairing. This fic is gonna be non-stop sexual themes so if it's not your bag, don't read it. There will be some mild plot, but mild is really generous.

I feel like I shouldn't have to say I'm not Stephanie Meyer and I don't own her shit... but alas it's true. I'll only say it the once though. Don't need to keep killing my own dreams.


This is the most recent time I've found myself gripping the life out of my chair in the corner of my study. Edward has rudely invited his little appetizer over for some light petting. Just enough to work both of those virgins up into a frenzy before throwing a bucket of ice cold water over their passion. Edward, if you don't fuck that human soon, I'm gonna fuckin' explode!

Edward growled at me from the other room. His emotions were just as frustrated as the girl, I'll never understand his compulsive need to deny himself of his desires.

I could hear the slow shuffle of feet towards the front door as Edward announced that he was taking Bella home. You can't avoid this, Edward. We need to talk when you get home.

Edwards answering grumble let me know he heard me. The further they got away from the house the easier it was on me. Unfortunately with this kind of emotional cocktail, it needs to be released somehow. I made a decision in my head to ask Alice for sex.

As soon as Alice sees my decision I feel her emotions switch to lust as she darts up to our room, shutting the door quietly behind her. This is a game we play that she gets unreasonably excited over. I don't lift my head from the book in my hand. Alice is vibrating with anticipation and lust.

I can smell her arousal as she tries very hard to let me make the first move, but I haven't decided when that will be. This is the deal we made. She knows I like to hunt. Offering herself to me used to be sexy as hell, but allowing me to pursue her gets the results she likes best. So she waits. My face remains impassive as she struggles to appear calm. She's not.

The second I feel her attention drift away from sex and passion to fashion I set my book down. She's distracted and trying to reorganize the closet. I pounce tearing the fabric from her hands and pressing into her against the back wall of our walk-in. "You are an impatient little monster, aren't you?" I slip my hands under her ass and lift her center to meet my twitching denim covered shaft.

Alice shudders and I can feel her glee that our game is finally starting, "Oh Jazzy, how could I not be?" I hate that nickname. She tries so hard to be confident and assured that she knew this would happen and was just waiting, but I waited long enough that doubt began to creep into her before I made my move. There's relief in her voice because I've been uninterested in sex with her for the last decade, and Edward's human has unintentionally reignited our long dead bedroom.

"My little sprite, your emotions betray you." I whisper against her ear as I grind against her, hearing the creaking of the wall against the pressure. "I know how desperately you want me to fuck you. I know how excited you are right now at the mere possibility that I will fuck you until you explode all over my cock."

Alice let's out a strangled moan and grips my shoulders hard.

"Little sprite, will you beg for it? Will you beg for me to fuck your brains out? Will you beg for my cock to split you apart from the inside and paint it with my cum?"

"Oh fuck, Jazzy.." I really fucking hate that nickname. She gasps as her hands fly up into my hair, ineffectively trying to pull my head down for a kiss.

"Well? Beg for it, sprite. I want to hear you ask for it." I growled as I slipped my fingers into her dripping center under her frilly little skirt. "No panties, Alice? You naughty girl."

"Jasper, fuck me. Make me cum all over your cock. I need it." She whimpers, her lips brushing against my neck.

I made quick work of my zipper and pulled myself free, placing my head at her entrance, "I love it when your sloppy little pussy is dripping for me." I'm not thinking about her pussy. I run the tip against her folds, gathering the wetness , making her groan as she struggles with my teasing.

I slide in and set a quick pace. I need to get this out of my system. It's not fair to her that it's not her face I picture. It's not fair to her that it's not her pussy I want. It's not fair to her to use her for release when I can't take it anymore. I just don't feel it the way I used to. It's not her fault. She still hopes though.

"Yes… Jazzy… so good!" She knows I hate that nickname! She cries out gripping her tiny stone fingers in my hair. I growl because damn, it's not like this shit grows back quickly. Ease up. Whatever. I'll get her off. I'm still a gentleman, even if the term is now a much looser definition.

I reach my hand between us and punish her swollen clit. I'm just trying to cross that finish line. There's nothing else for my hands to do. There's no luscious hair to wrap around my fist as I tug her head back exposing her creamy throat to me. There's no flush to spread from her cheeks to the middle of her belly, no sweat dripping down her skin as she pants and writhes on my cock.

Oh fuck, what I wouldn't give to look into a different eye color. It's all the same sickly pure perfection. Hard flawless skin. Perfect angled features. Where's the gross? Where's the weird? Where's the erratic heartbeat? I want to taste drool, not venom when my lips press against hers. I want to see scars and imperfections. I want to feel her shudder at the cold and hiss at the warmth. But she doesn't. And it's not her fault.

I feel her inner walls clamp down on me and it's enough to push me over. I don't cum hard. I just cum, and it's over. I needed that release. "I knew I could count on you, sprite. You always know how to get me there." I'm not gonna be rude. She's still in love with me. She thinks we're going through a sexual renaissance of sorts. We're not.

I'm being bombarded with sexual frustrations as Edward toys with his delicious fucking human. I need an outlet. These virgins are killing me.

When Edward returns I'm sitting in the living room, finally re-centered. I approach him, "You have to put both of yourselves out of my misery. Fuck the girl, make love to her, fucking finger her. Just start handing out orgasms until I don't want to fuck the drywall anymore. I'm serious Edward. You don't want to see me worse than this."

"It's too dangerous. I could kill her. She's a virgin Jasper. The blood… I almost wish..." He stops himself. Now I'm curious. His emotions read shame. What doesn't he want to say?

"What, Edward? There's something you're ashamed of. I'm not judging. Anything to end this. Let me help you." Im pleading with him. I have to stop the sex between Alice and I. Im not in love with her anymore. It's not fair to her. I can't keep fucking her out of convenience.

Edward nods, resigned, "I wish she had slept with Jacob when we had been split up. Obviously I don't want that now, but if it wasn't her virginity I might be more amenable to her desires. I just can't bring myself to risk her. Not even with my hands. My nails are so sharp and she's so soft and fragile."

"Lots of vampires fuck humans, Edward."

"Do they fuck their singers Jasper?!" He hissed obviously annoyed with this line of questions.

"What are you trying to say? You won't fuck her until she's a vampire, but you don't want her to be a vampire. She'll resent you forever if you waste her youth on this. Find a way, Edward. She's at the end of her rope. So are you. And because of you assholes, so am I! Now I'm going to come up with a plan to desensitize myself to your human so I can help you. At least if y'all are insisting on driving my ass crazy, I may as well not be blood crazy on top of it. I get real bitey when I'm sexually frustrated."

"Jasper you already tried to take a bite out of her." Edward warns, "it's not a good idea."

"Firstly, that was not one hundred percent on me, dick. And also, are you planning to fuck her today? Or anytime in the foreseeable future?"

"No." He sighs.

"Than it's safer that I do this." I groan, "I don't wanna eat your snack pack, but I will if I confuse all the fucking lust y'all are putting out for another instinct. With her being in a haze from your light petting sessions, she's bound to walk off the stairs and split her head open from not paying attention, so this is doubly necessary."

Edward growls lowly but his emotions seem to show resignation. I think directly to him, 'this is hard on Alice, too. I don't want to hurt her, but this will if it continues. I'm not trying to give her false hope.'

Edward nods and dashes off to his room. I hear his speakers turn on and loud music filters throughout the house. I know what he's about to do. If he were human, his right arm would be buff as hell. I have to go before it happens again.

My body pushes itself to the great outdoors out of the range of my gift. I found after the birthday incident that taking a moment to separate myself from everyone else's emotions makes my bloodlust easier to manage. So I sit in my tree, one knee pulled to my chest as the other dangles off the side of the branch. When did I become so dissatisfied with my life? Why isn't Alice enough anymore? Why can't I stop thinking about that blood bag my brother's in love with writhing in pleasure? Why can't I get the image of her naked and tangled up in her shower curtain out of my mind?

When we returned from Phoenix, Bella couldn't walk. This required Alice and I to spend a significant amount of time over at Chief Swans house. I never told anyone, but I had assumed Alice saw. Bella slipped in the shower.

I rushed up the stairs without thinking and opened the door when I heard her hit the floor. There she was. Naked. Vulnerable. Fucking pink from her face to her belly button. I could see her bare sex all wet from the shower. She was so unbelievably mouthwatering I almost popped right through my jeans.

As usual the girl stammered and sputtered some embarrassed nonsense as I righted her and handed her a robe. I tried to just keep things neutral and detached, but she gripped my arm so tightly I could see the whites of her knuckles.

I had never been this close to her before. I could hear the thumping of her heart. I could taste her scent on my tongue. My eyes scanned the girls alabaster skin and saw freckles and scars and it was soft and warm. It was smooth and perfect. It was real and raw and fucking beautiful and I had never felt such a thing before. I felt like every touch of hers set me on fire.

I couldn't stop myself from making excuses to touch her again. I yearned for that sudden rush of heat. I ached for that ripple of electric current buzzing inside me at her gaze. I'm obsessed with the idea of fucking Bella Swan. I need to feel her wrapped around me. I need to feel her fall apart on my cock. I need to hear her moan and whimper. I need to taste her as her juices run down my chin. I want to catalogue every scar on her skin and lick and touch them as I bend her into various positions and have her screaming MY name. I will fucking have her. She will be mine. I don't care if I have to set the fucking world on fire to get her. I will.