Rated M: This chapter contains strong language, violence and so many LEMONS. It also contains SLASH so if you aren't into that... idk what to tell you. Read the last bit because I was gratuitous with the citrus.

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"Wakey-wakey! Big Peter's got a big Peter that needs seeing to, skank." No way am I letting that guy anywhere near my fuck meat.

The little bitch stammers, "Where am I? Who are you?"

"I'm Peter, I'll be your lovely executioner today. Any questions before we begin?" I smirk at his stricken expression.

"You don't have to kill me. Please, I have money. I can get it to you easy…" like I need cash or some shit. The tool continues to beg, "…So fast. I have drugs. Do you want drugs? Money… fuck. Please?"

I stifle a laugh and sigh, "Sorry, dick, that won't work. You are about to be dinner so if that's all…"

"NO! Please don't kill me. Please?! I didn't even hurt that girl. I swear. Cmon she's just some bitch, some nobody, I could find you a hundred hotter chicks with the push of a button. No way that obnoxious cunt is worth all this trouble." Pfff… I like Cookie. She's fun as hell. This little shit tried to ruin her night.

I pretend to ponder on his proposal. I can't keep myself from smiling a little too widely. Gotta flash the man my chompers for full effect. My grip tightens a bit on the man as I hiss into his ear, "I thought about it, and I'm gonna go with… nah. Cookie's the boss and she wants you dead. I want you dead and I'll be a hell of a lot nicer about it than this guy right here…" I point to a glaring Jasper, "He won't even eat you. He'd just break every bone in your body and laugh and we'll be laughing and you'll be crying and-… holy shit hombre, did you just piss yourself?"

He did. Well, you know what they say… once they start pissing, bite them. You've never heard that phrase before? How about this one: piss takes the virtue out of patience. It doesn't get better the more you wait.

I run my tongue and teeth along the man's neck, savoring the aroma. Blood is blood, baby. And after hanging with cookie all day and smelling her delectable scent all night I'm about ready to burst. I feel my cock harden in my pants as my teeth sink through the delicate human flesh of the shit stain I'm holding on to.

I have one hand clasped over his mouth and another gripping his chest as I pull the blood from that artery into my body. Draining is only half the fun. I pause for a moment, let out a feral growl and stare deep into his eyes and watch as the life siphons out of them, giving him one more glance at my blood-stained pearly-whites and chug down the rest of my juice-box. Fuck that feels incredible. I feel warm. I feel fucking satiated. I feel like fucking something!

I drop the drained corpse of what's-his-name and listen to his pathetic frame fold in on itself. 'Make it look like a bear attack' Major said. Ugh, fine. I normally only enjoy playing with my food while it's still kickin' but, I said I would, so... I kick his body a few times into the corner between a tree and a boulder, spread my grip as wide as it'll go, and claw his lifeless body a few times for good measure. Fuck. Look at this fine mess I've just created. And it's all over my clothes, too? Fuck, I just stole these. I'm sure I look pretty badass right now, though. What a great day not to be that guy. I can't stop a mild chuckle as I appreciate my work. I smirk and look around me locking eyes with the pretty boy I've been toying with at the request of others. I'm about to give him a fucking freebie 'cause that rumpled khaki look is doing things to my just-fed brain.

"Peter?" He warily steps forward.

"Edward…" I offer him a mischievous smile, a low growl building within. 'One more step and I'm gonna make you spend all night screaming out my name. I'm gonna be the first vampire to fuck another vampire so hard he'll be sore. I'm gonna make you cum so hard, you'll forget how to breathe.'

Edward freezes momentarily at my aggressive lust filled thoughts before a hungry look overtakes his features.

One more push and he's yours- a thought pops into my head.

"Want a taste, pretty boy?" I let the blood lingering in my mouth drip down my chin and neck as I strip my shirt.

Edward's eyes shift to black instantly and I know I fucking have him. 'Come on and taste me? How about I fuck that pretty mouth of yours after I coat my cock in my leftovers?'

I watch the poor boy shudder in pleasure. A groan slips out as he closes the distance between us and crushes his lips to mine. The repressed vampire in my arms grips at my shoulders in a desperate and needy kiss. His tongue is lapping at the blood in my mouth as he greedily consumes it. His long fingers trail up my neck and into my hair, gripping it at its base.

Mmm. There's something damn good about being someone's sexual awakening. This desperate urge to try everything. Their body and mind in that singular focus. Unfamiliar urges driving them to satisfy their carnal desires pushing them into the safety of your arms.

'Goddamn do I love a slut being needy for me. Are you gonna be my little slut today, Edward? Are you gonna let me fuck that tight little hole I only toyed with earlier?'

He whimpers and grinds himself against me searching for satisfaction and friction in his urgency. Fuck, that's hot.

Let it never be said that I'm not a generous lover. I want to watch him fall apart at my hands. I want to feel him unravel on my cock. I want to taste him on me as I drive him into oblivion.

Edward is clinging to me for dear life as he tears his shirt off. His tongue traces the leftover blood on my chin before he snakes it along my jawline and nibbles lightly on my earlobe. His voice is low and needy, "Peter… please…"

I can't stop the growl that escapes as I tug his waistband down and grip his hard shaft. God, this boy leaks like a rundown faucet. "Pretty boy, get my cock wet before I slide it into you."

My hands slip between his cheeks and toy with his entrance for emphasis.

He moans and drops to his knees. Goddamn he's pretty. His drooling tongue sneaks out and he runs it along the length of me, the tip of it slithers into the slit when he reaches my head. He swirls his tongue around me staring at me from under his lashes. Fuck, I've never seen a slut so inexperienced so eager to please me like that before.

I slip my fingers into his bronze mop of silky hair and urge him forward. My hand cradles the back of his head as he wraps his moist lips around me and I plunge all the way down his throat and hold him there. So fucking good. His throat tightens around my tip, almost as if he's trying to milk me. It's wild. This is something I could never do with a live one. Hold 'em there for this long. Fuck.

He starts to add suction and I nearly lose focus as he swallows around my cock. 'Do that again.' I urge him.

He moans around my cock and swallows again. The vibrations ripple through my body in pure pleasure and for a second I truly wish he could gag on me. It feels fucking amazing. But not good enough. I peel his head back about halfway, watching those cheeks of his dent inwards and can't help but give one a little smack. When I rest my large palm onto the side of his head, I give my little fucktoy a soft pet, for a little, you know, 'reassurance' before surprising him with a firm grip of his hair, pulling his brow up so he'd have to look at me while I fuck that pretty little face of his. 'Do you like worshipping this cock, pretty boy? Do you like having me fuck your face like a good little slut?'

Something about me calling him dirty words is making him fucking feral. I unsheathe my cock from his throat and rest it over his pretty face, smearing the juices all over. He's grinding his teeth together and whimpering. Mouth occasionally opening as my cock falls against his lips. I'm not gonna waste blowing my first load down his throat if I can help it so I pull him off of me. His feet are digging into the ground as I roughly relieve him of his stupid sexy preppy pants, ripping them to shreds in my haste. Belt and all. His alabaster legs are far too clean for my liking, so I rub a little leftover blood off my chest and smear a handprint down one of those lean thighs. There. That's better. I like em to look as dirty as they feel. Probably spent too much time with J, thinking about their feelings and all, but fuck. Sometimes it just makes it better. Edward, for instance, cringes and recoils a little every time I dirty him up. Makes for amazing suction. Uungh, fuck. I need to be inside him now.

I poise my cock at his entrance and cock an eyebrow at him, 'You want this cock inside your ass? Were my fingers not enough for you earlier, slut?'

He's ready. Good. I reach down and yank him off his knees. Sluts love it when I make them feel small. I shove him towards a nearby tree and position myself behind him. He moans out as I manhandle him. His back is arched. I see the divots of his slender back muscles and I fucking lose it. With a growl, I wrench his arm behind his back, arching it further and hold him there, his cheek pressed against the bark of the tree. I see a tinge of red in his eyes from the drops of blood he's consumed off my body. He looks back at me out of the corner of his eyes as I grind my cock between his cheeks. I hear a mewl of impatience as he challenges me by squirming his ass against my meat.

I spear my way into his backside as he stays pinned there fucking spread for me. His eyes roll back into his head and his cock leaps as I begin to thrust. 'You look so fucking sexy wrapped around my cock, Edward. I want to hear you scream my name, baby. I want to watch you fucking shatter like good little slut.'

I watch him writhing in pleasure in front of me as I pump a few long, slow thrusts into his tight hole. His exquisitely lean body twists and tenses in my arms. My hands explore the ridges and planes of his torso, counting his ribs as I make my way up to his nipples.

He cries out a guttural moan as torture him with this slow pace I decided on. I hook my fingers into the side of his mouth as I release his arm from behind him and grab his leg by his smooth inner thigh, putting his whole frontside on display for a moment as I thrust a few more times deep inside him, using his leg as leverage. I keep him precariously held like this and he closes his eyes, clutching his nails into the bark of the tree to help keep him up. I want him to lose focus.

"Focus on the pleasure, pretty boy. …There. That's it. …Good boy." I tell him out loud. I don't want him to worry about keeping quiet. Fuck that. Lose to me. Right now… You're mine, Edward.

I notice his leg shaking, the only one he's left standing on, so I swing his leg over my head, onto my shoulder and sweep the other one, hooking behind his knee so I can toss his ankle onto my other shoulder, flip his little body over so I can face him while I drill into him. I grip his head on either side with both of my hands and stare deeply into him, grunting and growling as I fuck him, hard, holding him off the ground and up against this tree we've practically destroyed by now. He's making such a delicious mess of himself. There's drool and splinters of bark and dirt all over his torso.

I sneak a hand on his lower back and lift his hips higher to get a better angle on him. His back arches as his head rolls back and connects with the tree behind him, more chunks of bark get chipped off and tangle themselves in his hair. The pines beneath my feet crunch as I slam harder into him.

The sounds he's making are driving me to a feverish, inhuman pace. I feel him pulse on my shaft as I continue to plow forward, actively chasing my own release. This isn't just about him. It never was. But God, he's so fucking tight. I'm about to burst.

"Fuck, pretty boy, you're fucking… magnificent like this. It's a fucking- sin -that you'd gone …so… long… without giving this – up- to anyone." I groan dipping my head down to lick and suck on his nipples.

"Mmngh… Peter, keep… going." He pants fisting the hair on the back of my head as I keep my tongue working over his nipples. So fucking sweet. This boy tastes like fuckin' candy.

"I wouldn't dream of stopping…" I can't fucking think straight this feels so good. So tight.

He groans out loudly, "fuck… yes… don't stop." I can feel his cock bouncing against my abs as he starts to lose his mind, "don't you dare… fucking stop."

"Are you gonna cum for me, pretty boy?" I can't help the cocky smile that covers my face. Of course, he's gonna cum for me. I just want to hear him say it. But he doesn't. Instead, he reaches for his own cock as his face pinches with pleasure and focus. Maybe I'll try thoughts. 'Bad little slut. C'mon now, say it.. We're far past the point of being shy, pretty boy. Say it. Say you're gonna cum for me.' I stop his hands from gripping himself by pinning them above his head and growl, "Ah-ah-ah… good boys don't touch."

He cries out and I watch him rock his hips against mine, using the tree for leverage, so that the tip of his cock rubs against my abs as I fuck him. I smirk and nibble on his neck a little, "Cmon, pretty boy, aren't you gonna show me how much you love being impaled on my cock? I told you I wanted to see you shatter, Edward…"

Saying his name into his ear seems to have done him in as I suddenly feel my cock being strangled in his ass. He's cumming. I feel his fists tighten as I grip his wrists hard, keeping him pinned there against the tree. I feel his muscles tighten up as his legs grip the sides of my head, to brace himself for the best orgasm of his fucking life. Fuck!… my chest is splattered with rope after rope of his release.

I don't last much longer as his tight hole wrings me out. I'm only able to hold out for three final bucks of my hips, impaling his slender frame as deep as I can go and empty a huge load all over his insides, filling him up to the brim. I release my grip on his wrists and grab onto his ass, pulling his hips back and forth a couple more times as I drain the last drops of my cum inside him. My breathing is ragged as I continue to dig and rut into him while my cock finally begins to gradually soften.

I give him a sloppy kiss behind his ear and whisper, "Fuck, pretty boy, I'm gonna make you into my personal plaything. That ass of yours is just fucking perfect if I do say so myself…"

I hear Charlotte approach and I make no move to release my hold on him. I notice Edward tense around me as she gets closer. He tries to wriggle away in a panic while I chuckle into his neck, "Calm down, pretty boy. You're gonna be okay."

The blissed-out look on his face twists into tension as he meets my eyes, begging for me to spare him the embarrassment of being seen in such a compromising position. "…but Peter-…" he whispers nervously.

'You're ok Edward. Besides, Charlotte thinks you're cute. She'd be so upset if I let you get dressed before she got a peek.'

"Peter…" Charlotte smirks, stepping into our eye-line, "Oooh, is that Edward? You were quite loud for a minute there, sweet cheeks."

I chuckle as I watch him cringe, still wrapped around me and pinned to the tree. He futilely shifts himself to hide his face in my chest. My cock reawakens twitching at his wriggling. I grin as his face turns to shock when he starts to feel me re-stiffen and fill him up again. I smirk, "Give us another hour or so, babe."

She grins as she saunters around us to take in the visual before darting off.

I yell after her, "Hey, would you mind disposing of my dinner while I go another round with my dessert on your way out?"

She rolls her eyes and lets out a loud laugh before grabbing the corpse of Daterape McFucknut, "Sure thing, baby. See you in a bit. Have fun you two."

Edward groans pitifully as I roll my hips against him waggling my eyebrows to let him know it's high time for round two.

Somehow we manage to get all the way to Forks without Edward tearing Emmett's arm off in a fit of rage. I'm not sure why he's so pissed. Emmett's fucking hilarious.

"Say, Peter, have you ever… you know… done the nasty with Jasper?"

"Have I ever fucked J?" I snort amused at the usually crass Emmett's phrasing.

"Yeah, I mean, I know you fool around with Eddie, but I was curious.. I mean Jasper's never said… he just doesn't seem.." Emmett is stammering while Edward groans at his own name-drop.

Buck up, Edward. Is it really so terrible for people to know you've had me in your pants? Cmon… I happen to know I come highly recommended.

"We were raised in the south Emmet. It's literally infamous for brother fucking." I wink at him as he looks appropriately embarrassed at me before I continue, "Char's fucked him too. Jasper and I fucked humans and vampires together, shared boys, girls, and each other many times. It wasn't all blood and violence. We were the epitome of heathens down south. Nothing was off limits."

Edward shivers, whether it's in pleasure or fear I'm not sure. I do know he's just gotten a litany of recall memories from mine and Jasper's hay day with Maria both before and after Char.

Char titters in the driver's seat as she pulls into the Cullen driveway, "Looks like we're here, boys."

Emmett bolts to Rosalie who's smirking on the porch as she takes in Edward's disheveled appearance in my clothes.

Edward cringes at whatever thought is making Rosalie's grin reach across her entire face. She appears to be very smug about that reaction.

I whip out my phone and excuse myself from the group to make my call.

"How's the southern war veterans outreach program going? You know, the one you and Bella have started?" I hear Rosalie smugly ask as I make my way away from prying ears. Hot and funny… if only I could get Emmett to owe me a favor. Maybe a bet would work. I'm definitely not gonna get it going through her, but he seems impulsive enough to overlook the price.

While I'm busy making plans for my next conquest I remember why I came out here to begin with. I dial the number and after four rings the phone picks up, "Hello?"

I smile when I hear the nerves in her voice, "Hey cookie, whatcha up to?"

"I'm… with Jasper." She sounds so nervous. She obviously knows why I'm calling. Don't make promises you can't keep, cookie.

"You're with J? Lemme talk to him cookie." I chuckle.

A very enthusiastic Jasper comes through the speaker, "Peter!"

"Hey J, I got some unfinished business with cookie I need to see to. Mind if I swing by?"

"Sure thing, Pete. Just knock when you get here." Jasper rattles off an address and ends the call. I feel a smirk overtake my features as I bound back toward the Cullen abode.

Edward greets me as I break through the tree line and onto the drive, "You can't be serious, Peter. She's human, you'll kill her."

'Guess I'm not hiding my thoughts as well as I… thought.'

His face twists in irritation, "No, Peter, you're not hiding your thoughts. I can hear them quite clearly. I can't believe this. Is sex the only thing you think about?"

I can't help the laugh that bursts free, "What else should I think about? I'm fed. I don't work. I can't drink. I've played with you plenty and it's been a while since I've bed a human. Aside from all that… a deal is a deal and cookie owes me. I'm very excited to cash in. Especially since I doubt J is gonna let her run around human for much longer." Do you wanna come with, pretty boy? You played with her for a year. You proposed to her. You're telling me you've never dreamed of sliding inside that hot little body of hers. Wet and tight and made for cock. Are you telling me you don't want to wrap that luscious brown hair around your fist as you watch your own cock disappear inside her? Is that what you're telling me? Tell me you're not hard right now just thinking about it?

A quick glance down confirms my suspicion. Edward needs to explore his own cock. I'll never understand how he went one hundred years with no sex. I chuckle, "You're so easy, pretty boy. One hundred years of oppression has you bursting at the seams. If I had known how much fun you were gonna be I would have toyed with you much earlier."

Edward grumbles so lowly I almost miss it, "I swear you're turning me into some kind of deviant."

I wink, "I aim to please, baby."

Charlotte struts out the front door and sighs, "Peter, quit teasing the boy and come say goodbye to me before I go."

"You're leaving?" Way to not sound needy.

"Yeah, I'm gonna hit Olympia to hunt before I meet up with Troy in California."

"Really, Troy? He's so scrawny. How small did he have to be before the change to look like that after?"

"Yes, baby Troy. He calls me mommy and spends days licking me all over. I don't give a shit about his size. The size of his tongue is good enough for me." She grins mischievously.

"Yeah yeah. I'll catch ya later. I love you." I kiss her cheek and pepper kisses all the way to her beautiful mouth, "I'll miss you, baby."

"Aw Peter, you're such a softy."

"Shut your fucking mouth. How dare you?!" I jest and hold her close. "Don't you know it's a husbands job to be sweet to his wife?"

"You're the best. See you after vacation, sugar." She smiles and kisses me one more time before fluttering away.

I release a breath as I watch her go and wrap my arm around Edward, "Guess it's just you and me. Now, what am I gonna do with you?"

Edward rolls his eyes and gives me a halfhearted glare, "Peter, I'm not gonna be a stand-in for your wife. I'm a man."

'Are you telling me you don't want me to make sweet, sweet love to you? You don't like it when I tell you how pretty you are? I'll treat you right, pretty boy and you can have as much of my cock as you want.'

He groans as I picture his face last night with my cock buried deep in his ass just as he fell over the edge and blasted our torsos with his cum.

"…fuck." I hear him let out in a whimper as my memory of him replays in his head.

"I'm here to live up to my namesake… tonight I plan to pick a peck of pickled peppers."

"What the fuck are you on about?" Jasper's eyebrows pinch together as he looks at me.

"Cause she's a spicy Bell-a pepper." Shut your fucking mouth, J, I'm hilarious.

At this point I've finally taken in the state of my surroundings. Bella, delicious Bella, is perched on Jasper's lap. He's fucking buried inside her and she's napping on his chest like a fucking baby. A slutty baby. Stop thinking about babies it's killing my boner.

Jasper's grin widens as my emotions probably give away that I've only just now realized their position. He smirks, "Well, Pete, I'm not sure what kind of deal you made with my girl here, but as you can see she's a little busy."

That arrogant smug smile is still plastered on his face as I respond, "Oh, Cookie promised me an evening in her splash zone if I fucked Edward or blew him or whatever. She was really fed up with his proselytizin' over every single thing she wanted to do. A blowie and a little finger action shut that shit down though. Now cookie owes me some face-time… face-sitting-time."

"Ahh fond memories." Jasper sighs and shakes her slightly to wake her up.

"Pretty Bella…" he coos, "Wake up precious girl. You have company."

Her eyelashes flutter as she groggily scans the room. Her eyes land on me and her face flushes red and I watch that blush travel down her chest to the middle of her stomach. She buries her face in the crook of Jasper's neck and I can hear her muffled voice, "Hi, Peter. Nice seeing you again. Please make yourself comfortable."

I burst out laughing with Jasper. I can't help what comes out of my mouth next, "So polite and formal in that position. Have you forgotten about our deal already, cookie?"

She groans, the color in her face deepening, "No… I'm just not sure how…"

I grin and wiggle my eyebrows at her, "Oh, cookie, let us worry about how.. I just need the green light to go."

"At least someone understands the concept of the green light." She amusedly grumbles tossing a playful glare at Jasper.

"I had to take into account our surroundings, sweet pea." He jerks his hips up and pulls her hips to grind into his thrust. Her doe eyes widen in shock as he whispers, "I know how to strategically plan when and where to maximize our experience. Tell me, pretty Bella, are you enjoying the experience?"

As he says this he holds her hips slightly above his and pumps into her several times at an almost inhuman speed, careful not to damage the fragile human girl's delicate pelvic bone.

I cock my head to the side and smirk at Bella's gaping mouth, "Enjoying vampire stamina, cookie?"

A strangled moan escapes her throat as she nods. I can see her juices dripping down Jasper's thick shaft. Dear god, that's enticing. Her cute little ass jiggling with the sharp movements. I struggle to resist the temptation to bite it in appreciation.

"So Pete, how do you want to do this?" Jasper snuggles her against him as her pussy swallows his length again as she settles back into his lap, her mouth hanging open and drool trailing down her chin.

"As much as I'm enjoying the rear view here, if you just flip her around I can toy with her and you don't even have to move." I offer. It's not gonna end there, but I get the feeling cookie is gonna need a warm up before the big show.

"Are there any more favors she owes you after this?"

"Nada." I grin radiating to him my excitement and anticipation.

"Great!" He smiles and turns her so her back is against his chest, hooking his arms under her knees and spreading her wide for me. Good man!

"Fuuuck… Cookie. You have such a beautiful pussy." I huskily whisper as my eyes take in the perfection of her. She's so fucking wet. That blush against her pale skin has her pink in all my favorite places.

Bella bites her lip as I inch my way closer to her. She's obviously embarrassed and wants to look away but I hold my eyes locked to hers. I whisper, "You ready, cookie?"

She nods and I can see her clench around Jasper's cock. Goddamn her scent is fucking incredible. I don't know how I could resist the snack if I wasn't full o' human.

I lean forward with my eyes still on hers as my mouth wraps around her little nub in a wet kiss. I don't stop the groan from spilling out of my throat as her flavor hits my tongue. So fucking sweet. It's been too long since I've done this. Human girls taste fucking divine.

"Just wait for the big 'O', Pete, she's fucking exquisite." Jasper grunts as I dive back in between her folds. Now this is the fucking life. I squirm my way out of my pants and wrap my hand around myself as I lap at her flushed pink petals. Her moaning only spurs me on when I nip and suck on that deliciously swollen clit.

"O-oh fuck-... Peter..mnh." Her eyebrows are pulled together while her mouth hangs open as she watches me devour her cute little pussy.

"She likes a little biting.." Jasper clarifies as he nibbles on her neck whispering shit I'm not paying attention to into her ear.

I'm close to coming and I've only really just started but her legs are shaking, and her pussy is quivering, and I want to push her over the edge. She's rocking against my tongue and on Jasper's cock. We haven't been in this position for over seventy years, but I guess old habits die hard as he growls and grunts stirring up her insides while I toy with her outsides.

My cock is painfully hard when I hear her voice come crashing out in a frantic plea for god and Jesus and cursing the heavens with senseless pleas. A sudden gush of delicious wetness coats my face as Jasper lifts her off his cock and onto my tongue. Holy shit. She squirts. Oh fuck, this is heaven.

With that climax out of the way, Jasper positions his cock at her other hole and slowly, gently eases her onto him.

Bella whimpers in protest as his she sinks onto his cock.

Jasper coos, "Shhh… pretty girl I'm gonna make you feel so fucking good. You want to feel good don't you?"

A shuddering breath leaves her as she nods apprehensively.

He trails his tongue along the column of her throat and smiles into her flushed skin, "Don't you want to make me happy baby girl? My cock is so fucking happy right now. Peter and I are gonna take care of you. Would you like that?"

Im not sure what kind of nonverbal signal she's sent out to Jasper because he groans into her ear as her blissful head rests against his shoulder, "Mmmm… you're my messy little angel, aren't you?"

She giggles and then whimpers, "I'm empty again though."

"Not for long, precious girl." He grins at me. My cock is ready for round two and sliding against her opening. Her face turns to me, and she tugs my shirt over my head, tossing it to the floor. I lift an eyebrow at her, "Better?"

She nods and relaxes against Jasper as I push into her. Holy fuck she's warm. So fucking warm.

Jasper waggles his eyebrows at me and chuckles, "I think we'd better stand up for this next part."

Smoothly, without slipping out of her tight heat we maneuver ourselves into a standing position with Bella gasping and whimpering between us. I smile and wink at him, "Time to touch strawberries, J?" Fuck you, that's funny.

He holds her steady as we establish an alternating rhythm for our thrusts to warm her up to it. Her moans are starting to sound throaty and animalistic as our thrusts begin to sink up. We're taking this slow even by human standards and I'm sure the drag she's feeling inside is what's making her sound like that.

"So. …fucking. …full." She grunts as drool leaks from the sides of her mouth. Jasper is fucking grinning ear to ear as he starts sharing her emotions. Oh fuck I missed this.

"Fuck, J, we just started."

"Can't help it." He smirks, "my girl feels fucking phenomenal!"

He placed his lips at her ear and whispers, "you look so fucking sexy like this, pretty girl. Do you like how Peter's cock feels in your pussy, baby girl?"

A loud moan reverberates around the room as she shouts, "Oh god yes!"

I smirk at her and tip my nonexistent hat, "Why, thank ya ma'am. Glad to be of service."

A shudder runs through her at the sound of my southern accent, and I send Jasper a flash of alert so he pays attention again. I lean forward and in my thickest accent I say, "Cmon, little darlin', ride us."

Jasper's eyes practically glaze over when her lust hits him. A devious smile tugs at his lips as he whispers, in his own accent, "Aw, sugar, do ya like that? Do ya like havin' a couple o' southern boys workin' ya over like this? Driving' inta ya hard like-..." he pauses, before slamming back into her. "…this?"

"Oh fuck.. oh Fuck… OH FUCK!" She's chanting loudly as we start to pick up the pace, keeping our strokes long and deep.

"C'mon darlin', tell us what ya want. Tell us what ya like." I push her.

"Don't stop."

Jasper teases her, "don't stop what?"

"Don't you dare stop fucking me… keep… fuck… talking! Oh my god. Right... There."

Jasper and I lock eyes and I feel his gift flooding the room this with pleasure and lust as the cries keep bouncing around the cabin.

"Cum for us, doll." Jasper murmurs into her ear as his hands snake down her torso and onto her clit.

"I wanna feel ya soak my cock, shug'. C'mon baby bird cum all over us." I grunt as I start to feel her walls flutter around me. A sudden gush of wetness coats us both as Jasper shares her euphoria between us.

"Oh holy fuck!" I shout as I'm suddenly seized and unloading myself into Bella's hot little body along side Jasper whose face is twisted in what can only be described as ecstasy.

Poor Bella is unconscious when we finally come down from our high. I laugh and remove myself from her, "Well, now I see why you were so dead set on claiming and keeping this one."

Jasper rolls his eyes and carries her back over to the couch settling back in their previous position, "That's not the only reason I want to keep her."

I relax into the seat, "Care to enlighten ole' Petey?"

A soft look crosses his face as he strokes her hair and holds her close, "She's perfect. She's honest and kind and stubborn and she tries really hard at everything she does. She tries to be good and she works at it and those are things I admire about her. She's fierce in her love. She's fucking… I love her. It may have started as this obsession with her pussy and let's face it… what a pussy to be obsessed with. But it's become more than that. Through my scheming I've come to know her better and honestly she's perfect. She's messy and perfect and I've no doubt that she will be just as perfect as a vampire as she is right this second."

"Aw, damn J, that was sweet as hell. Can vampires get cavities?"

"Shut the fuck up." He snaps at me, but I know he's not actually mad. He laughs, "What about you and Edward?"

"Oh, I'm keeping him around for a bit." I grin, "He's good fun. I almost got him to join me here today, but I don't think he's ready for it. Knowing about her being with you and seeing it are two different things. He still loves her, you know?"

"I know, but although she's attracted to him, she really only sees him as a friend now. Her feelings for him were falling apart when we got involved and our bond is a lot more solid than the tenuous insecure one she had with him."

"You're better for her." I say seriously, "He needs to grow the fuck up. He's been repressed for a goddamn century, so he needs to grow the fuck up. She doesn't have the time to wait for that. I also don't think she wanted to."

Jasper sighs, "I can't help but feel like I got really fucking lucky that he wasn't a good fit for her. I don't know how I could have spent an eternity with Alice on the sidelines. I would have watched this perfect girl waste away in self-conscious insecurity with him. She thought he was too good for her. She couldn't have been more wrong."

I smile at him and redress, "well J, debts paid. I'm gonna head back to the big house and fuck around with the bear biter for a bit. Let me know when you're ready to get her whole thing started."

Jasper nods at me as I take off toward the Cullen house at a comfortable pace.

Edward is there to greet me when I arrive but his face looks grave, "have you seen Bella?"

"Just saw her with J, why?"

"Charlie's missing. The wolves reported that Charlie and Billy went fishing and only their boat has been found. They said there was a vampire scent there but it was too feint and diluted- washed away to pinpoint who it was."

"Ah fuck. Can we wait to let her know? She's about to go through the change. She'll be mourning for eternity if she finds out now. Trust me. Whenever we changed the last of a family or group like that in the wars. Their grief was the only thing they could think about. Now is not the fucking time."

"Come in. We're gonna discuss it with the family before we decide what to do." Edward tips his head toward the front door.

I can feel my body tense as I move toward the house. A tingling sensation is creeping up my spine and I know I'm about to get an information dump real soon.

She will never recover if she finds out. Eternal bereavement is what she'll have. Jasper will not be able to handle it. It will drive him insane. A series of images flash in my brain of Jasper gripping his head in pain, of Bella sobbing and clawing at her own heart, of Jasper pleading with her to try to see the positive side of anything. Her survivor's guilt will eat her alive. Their happy ending will be stripped away from them before they even get started.

Edward's eyes widen as he stares at me. He grips the door handle pulling it open for us to enter and I can see the determination flash in his eyes when he declares, "I'll never let that happen to her."