Almaster2021: Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything on here. Well I'm back and I have a new story. I have been getting into Vampire mythology for a while and wanted to do a story of Yusei as a vampire. However, this isn't going to be like Twilight since I hate Twilight actually. Instead it's going to be based on Devil's Line an anime about a human/devil who falls in love with a human girl. Also I have reread one of my favorite fanfics which is called Blood Love 2: Satellite Hybrid by Boogermeister, since that story helped me inspire me to write this story. I recommend reading that story since it's really good. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story!

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A Vampire's Blood Rose

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Savior

It was a bright sunny day in Neo Domino City, people were enjoying themselves and walking in the streets. Everyone was busy with work and such while others like children were at school while at recess. In a small church inside the cathedral was a beautiful young woman who appeared to be in her late teens. She had short burgundy hair, she was wearing her nun uniform since she works as a nun during church hours.

The girl was in a praying position as she had her hands together while her eyes were closed. It appeared she was in deep thought as she continued to pray to the statue of Jesus in front of her. She heard the doors behind her open and stopped her praying. She turned around to see two small pre-teens in the doorway, a boy and a girl.

"Big Sister, Aki!" They greeted me.

The girl named Aki smiled as she got up from her praying position and stood up. Her Nun uniform had a short skirt that only reached her knees and she was wearing black pantyhose with black flats. The two young siblings ran towards Aki and gave her a hug. Aki returned the hug back to them.

"Hello Rua…Ruka, it's good to see you two again." Aki said, sweetly to the two.

Rua and Ruka broke their hug on Aki.

"How have you two been?" Aki asked the twins.

"Oh we've been good, just been busy with classes and whatnot." Rua replied.

"Yeah…Rua got a D in English today." Ruka teased. Rua glared daggers at his twin sister for what she said.

"Hey! That test was hard!" Rua exclaimed. Aki couldn't help but giggle at the young boy's outburst. She patted the boy on the head in a comforting manner.

"Study hard next time, Rua." Aki said.

"Yeah…Yeah." Rua replied back, annoyed.

Just then another nun stepped out of the hallway. She was much older than Aki, her skin was dark and she had black hair that resembled dreadlocks. The three notice her walking towards them.

"Good Afternoon, Sister Aki." The older Nun greeted kindly.

"Good Afternoon, Sister Martha." Aki greeted back.

The Older nun smiled at Aki then turned her attention to the two young twins.

"Why hello you two. I haven't seen you both in quite a while." Martha said.

"Good Afternoon, Sister Martha." Ruka greeted back. "How have you been?"

"Oh, I've been doing well, child." Martha replied. "Running this church is not easy, you know."

"That's why you have Sister Aki here to help you." Rua informed. "She's the best."

Aki couldn't help but smile at the young boy's comment. She always considered the young boy to be like a little brother of sorts, same with Ruka as her little sister. Martha also smiled at the young boy's enthusiasm.

"Yes, she sure is." Martha agreed. "Anyways, I'm heading off for the day. Aki, is it alright if you close for tonight?"

Aki nodded her head yes. "I will, don't worry."

"Wonderful. Well I'll see you tomorrow then." Martha said. "Have a nice day you three."

"You too, Sister Martha." Aki replied.

Martha exited through the church's doors. Now it was only Aki and the twins left in the building. The twins turned to Aki.

"So…Aki-Chan, have you been praying all day, today?" Rua asked.

"Yes, I have." She responded.

"Did you pray to the lord that you would see your mysterious friend again?" Ruka asked.

Aki pauses herself to answer the young girl's question. In fact when Aki was a young girl after her real parents abandoned her. She had a friend who was always looking out for her. He was the one who helped Aki find a new home with Sister Martha. However Aki forgot what her friend looked like since he disappeared 8 years ago. She always hoped that she would see him again.

"You might say that." Aki replied with a hint of sadness.

Ruka looked at her big sister with sadness and regret. She gave Aki a big hug to try and comfort her.

"I'm sorry, Aki-chan." Ruka said.

Aki gave the young girl a reassuring smile and returned the hug.

"It's okay, Ruka." She said.

Unbeknown to the three, someone was looking through the window outside the church. He had his eyes on Aki as he couldn't help but smile at her.

"You've surely grown to be beautiful, Aki." Said the mysterious young man.

Aki couldn't help but notice she was being watched. She turned to her right and saw a person standing by the window. Aki gasped in shock. The mysterious person noticed this and quickly vanished in thin air. Rua and Ruka noticed the look on Aki's face.

"Aki-Chan, what's wrong?" Rua asked in worry.

"I could have sworn I saw…" She paused.

The twins looked to where she was looking at. However they saw no one there.

"You saw what?" Ruka questioned.

Aki remained paused for a while as she continued looking to where she saw the mysterious figure by the window. However she decided to shrug it off. She turned her attention to the two young twins.

"It's…It's nothing." She said, assuringly.

"Are you sure? You looked like you'd seen a ghost." Rua responded.

"It's alright." Aki replied. "Besides, I need to finish up on things."

"Okay, I guess we'll see you tomorrow then." Ruka spoke. "Come on, Rua."

"Sure, bye Aki-Chan" Rua said.

Aki waved goodbye to the two twins as they headed out the door. After they left, Aki finished her duties for today. It was getting dark, Aki finished the last remaining chore and finished cleaning up before grabbing her hand bag. She exited through the door and locked it. After that she put the key in her pocket and walked down the small stairs.

Aki walked to her right as she hummed a song. As she was walking, Unbeknownst to her, someone was following her from the rooftops. Aki continued to walk while humming, she didn't notice two hooligans that were eyeing her with malicious intent. They walked behind Aki as they were following her.

"Where are you going, Sister?" One of the hooligans asked.

This caused Aki to gasp as she stopped where she was. She turned around to see the two hooligans that were right behind her. They were wearing leather Jackets, blue jeans, black riding boots and had dirty looks on their faces. One had a scar on his right eye while the other had sunglasses. Aki took a step back as she was frightened by their appearance.

"What do you want?" Aki asked timidly. "If it's money I don't have any left with me."

The two goons chuckled at her comment.

"Oh, we don't want your money." Goon #1 said. "We just want to have a little fun. Besides, we've never had a nun before."

The two goons took out their pocket knives. Aki began to get more worried as she saw the sharp objects in their hands. The two goons slowly started to walk towards her as Aki took a few steps back.

"Please…I'm just trying to get home." Aki pleaded.

"Oh don't worry, Honey. We can escort you to your house." Goon #2 said sickly. "After we have our fun with you."

Suddenly, Goon #2 started to charge at Aki. Without hesitation Aki pulled out her pepper spray out of her bag and sprayed it on the man. The man covered his face with his hands after he got sprayed in the eyes and screamed in pain. Later Aki kneed him in the groan as the man doubled in pain. Aki quickly ran as fast as she could to get away from the two men.

"That…That bitch!" Goon #2 yelled in pain. "Get her!"

"Right." Goon #1 responded as he took off after the nun.

Aki continued to run hoping to get to her house. However she noticed from behind that the other man was chasing after her. Aki continued to fasten her pace but she was grabbed forcefully at her right arm. She turned to see the man had grabbed her.

Aki was about to scream but the man covered her mouth before she could utter a word. The Man dragged Aki to an alleyway nearby as Aki struggled to release herself from the man's grip but proved useless. The Man held Aki long enough as he released his grip on her and pushed her to the dead end. Aki staggered and lost her balance as she stripped and knocked over some trash cans. Aki laid flat on face-down for a couple of seconds as she turned to see the man grinning like a mad dog at her as he had his knife in hand. She backed away slowly however she was caught in a dead end. With no way, Aki remained where she was terrified as the man slowly walked towards her holding his knife.

"Please…don't hurt me." Aki pleaded. "Just let me go."

"Oh don't worry, Babe. I'm just going to do my way with you." The man chuckled evilly.

Aki shut her eyes as tears streamed out of her eyes. All she could do was pray that someone would come and save her. "Someone…Please help me!"

As she was feeling hopeless and waited for the worst to come. All of a sudden she heard the man scream. She opened her and to her shock she saw someone holding the man by his neck. It was another man who appeared to be the same age as her. He had black spikey hair with golden streaks, he was wearing a white motorcycle jacket, black shirt underneath, black gloves, black pants and black combat boots. Aki gasped at the sight as she stood up upon seeing the scene unfold. She stood horrified as the other man bit down on his neck and began sucking him dry. The goon screamed in pain as he felt his lifeforce slipping away. After he was drained of his life, the man tossed the lifeless body as if it were trash. Aki's eyes widened in horror at what he had done.

After that occurred the man who saved her turned to her and looked at her with his one piercing red eye glowing blood red. His other eye was covered by his bangs. Aki clasped her hands together however she didn't look scared, instead had a look of fascination. The two meet eye contact for what appeared to be a while.

"Who…Who are you?" Aki asked, breaking the silence.

"Are…Are you alright?" The mysterious man asked. "Are you hurt?"

"I…I…" Aki staggered.

She wanted to say something but she started to feel woozy from all that running. Aki almost fainted to the ground but was caught by the stranger. She groaned as she opened her eyes yet her vision remained blurry. She could see the stranger looking down at her with a worried look. Aki's vision began to blur as she closed her eyes and fainted.

The stranger saw Aki sleeping in his arms and was mesmerized by her beauty. He thought she looked beautiful while she slept. He stroked her face along with her hair, Aki groaned again as she felt the man's touch while she rested. The stranger picked her up bridal style and jumped out of the alleyway at superhuman speed as he leaped from building to building. However, someone standing on top of one of the building rooftops saw the whole thing happened. She was looking through her binoculars as she spotted the man carrying the woman in his arms. She lowered her binoculars to reveal her emerald eyes giving off a menacing glare.

"I've finally found you, demon." She said as she looked at the full moon.

Later, the stranger made it to Aki's apartment. He opened the window as he still carried the unconscious nun in his arms. He carefully stepped inside and closed the window with his free hand. The stranger entered Aki's bedroom and laid her down on her bed. He took off her headdress and looked at her sleeping form. He couldn't stop staring at her beautiful unmoving body, her burgundy short hair as well as her two long bangs from each side forming her heart shaped face with her closed cat-like eyes. Everything about her was beautiful as he thought she was a goddess.

The man stared for a while before heading out. He made his way through the window and opened it. He was about to exit when he turned to look at the sleeping nun one more time and then he vanished into the night.

Almaster2021: Well that's the end of this chapter. Now I always wondered what Aki looked like as a nun and I saw an amazing artwork from an artist (forgot his name) do a drawing of Yusei as a vampire and Aki as a nun. And I wanted that to be the basis for my story since Aki works in a church as a nun in my story. I'm going to be focusing on this story for now since I'm having writer's block with my other story but don't worry I plan to finish it eventually. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and please let me know what you all think?

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