He was a coward.

For the fifth time in as many minutes, Kamiya Kaito checked the time on his watch – 11:30pm – and finally decided it was time. He pulled himself out of bed, used some pillows to make it look like he was sleeping, and climbed out of his bedroom window, dropping to the ground in a crouch from the second floor. He snuck through the back garden of his house to the gate – regularly oiled silent by him for this specific purpose – which led to the front of the house and city beyond.

A coward and a hypocrite.

Cloaked in the darkness with his black joggers and hoodie, most people wouldn't notice him as he made his way to the shadier parts of town. His footsteps were silent and swift, yet his seemingly casual posture and gait made it so that if someone did see him, they wouldn't think him too suspicious – perhaps he was just getting a midnight snack from a nearby combini. He had done this many times before.

Filth like him deserved to be locked up.

He reached as far out as he could using his quirk to sense the minds of any nearby people. There were many in his range – now he just had to find out who was resting in their house and who was wandering the streets like he was. In the time it would take to blink, Kaito had entered and left the minds of dozens of people, taking with him only a small fraction of their emotions. Most had the tell-tale signs of sleep. A couple were particularly lustful. One was bored, making his way home from the combini. There was no-one being cautious or observant – no nearby heroes. He smiled beneath his medical mask.

He knows this, believes this too.

A man walked down an alleyway, the plastic bag by his side making rustling sounds with every step he took. He didn't notice when a boy clad in black walked up behind him. He didn't notice as the boy raised his hand to the back of his neck. As the hand made contact, he slumped to the ground. He never noticed anything again.

He should stop doing this.

Kaito was in a world of euphoria. Every single thought, feeling, and memory the man – Harada Kano – had ever experienced from his birth till recent death flowed through his mind all at once. All of his pleasure, all of his misery. All of his laughter, all of his tears. It was all Kaito's now. A lifetime's worth of experiences all at once.

But he just can't help himself.

Slumping slightly from the exertion of his actions, Kaito pulled out a wipe and cleaned the back of the man's neck before turning around and making his way home.