The awakening of END left more of an impact on Natsu than Lucy had ever expected. When the book was rewritten she thought the demon was eradicated, instead it seemed to have fused with Natsu in a way it hadn't before, leaving her happy go lucky friend a little darker and a little more feral.

The changes weren't glaringly obvious, not like a complete personality change, but more like an enhancement on his already instinct based behavior. She noticed it more during fights; how Natsu seemed to hold back just a little to prolong the action, playing with his opponent like he would prey before eventually getting bored and defeating them. It had worried the blonde at first before noticing that he never actually lost control or did serious damage to his enemies unless they had targeted Lucy herself. Then the feral part of him would take over and a darkness would enter his eyes that both terrified and excited her at the same time. The fact that she seemed to be the only one who could calm him when in that state stroked her ego more than she was willing to admit. He'd grip her hips in his large hands and bury his face in her neck while she soothed the animal inside until the green of his irises came back and he'd shoot her one of those devastating crooked smiles of his like nothing had happened. Shooting her an enthusiastic, "thanks Lucy!" that sent her heart pounding and face flushing before releasing her. She'd have the bruises of his fingertips on her waist for days following, yet she could never bring herself to care.

The fact that he'd marked her skin left her tingly every time she looked at the purple imprints, and she'd sometimes catch a glimpse of dark satisfaction in Natsu's eyes before he'd shake it off and look away. She would usually let it slide - even though she'd be more than willing to explore those feelings with this man; she felt that she needed to wait for him to come to her. They'd been on the precipice of something more for a while now, gravitating around each other without consciously deciding to do so.

The straw that broke the camel's back happened on a day at the beach, when Lucy - forgetting about the finger prints on her hips - stripped down to her swimsuit.

"Oh my God, Lucy! What happened to you?" Mira's frantic cry brought Lucy out of her musings about her fire breathing best friend and the newly acquired sexual tension he aroused in her. Looking down, startled at the outburst, Lucy remembered the purple indentations from Natsu hands. Holding back a dreamy sigh, she merely looked up at her startled group of girlfriends before giving them a dazzling smile.

"Oh! It's nothing, Natsu just got a little carried away last time he grabbed me." Had she not been so drunk she might have noticed how that phrase sounded, yet in her mind swimming in booze and sexual fantasy she didn't quite catch it.

Mira's eyes lost a little of her worry and morphed into uncontained glee. "Is that so? He seems to be losing control a lot around you lately." She hummed.

Lucy's face flushed as she smiled just a little, "not as much as I want him to though." She whispered, not realizing that a certain dragon slayer fighting in the ocean with Gray was listening in. Or that his normal emerald eyes flashed black before bleeding back to normal.

Cana, always the shit stirrer, slung an arm around the blonde's shoulders. "What was that little miss Lucy? Is the princess of prude and waiting until marriage sad that she isn't getting laid?" Drunken chuckles followed her question before she continued, "I suppose even nuns would forget their vows to find out if he's as wild in the sack as he is in public."

If possible, Lucy's face warmed even more trying not to let out just how often she'd thought of Natsu in bed...or the kitchen...or the shower...or any other place they could desecrate together. God she really needed to stop drinking.

"I'm going to plead the fifth on this one," she mumbled. Dropping out from underneath Cana's arm she went back to laying her towel out underneath the giant beach umbrella next to Levy and Erza. Said redhead looked like she was torn between finishing her book and defending Lucy's honor. Thankfully she chose the former, leaving it alone with a promise to inform her if Natsu becomes too forward for Lucy's liking. She highly doubted it would come to that; if anything Erza may need to come to Natsu's defense.

God, she was turning into a sexual deviant! Maybe she should see a priest, or maybe Natsu would take the role for her, she was sure he'd have lots of things for her to do on her knees to atone for her wayward thoughts. Eyes widening as the thought crossed her mind she shook her head as a blush stole across her cheeks before abruptly suggesting a volleyball game between the girls to take her mind off her dragon.

The game was intense - as all things with Erza are - and things were going swimmingly until Lucy lost her balance after hitting the ball back over the net and fell out of bounds and straight into the arms of some muscle bound jackass who looked more like a boulder with a head than he did a man. Lucy tried not to cringe at the leer he gave her, and attempted to extract herself from his embrace- tactfully because she was raised a lady and she'd be a lady until the goddamn end - Only for Rocky McDouche nuts to hold her tighter against his chest. She never understood why guys thought being this big was attractive, it seemed impractical to not have a neck; no, she preferred broad shoulders and corded muscles, and strong hands with calluses that lit her on fire just by touching her skin. This overgrown pebble didn't hold a candle to Natsu. Damn man may invade her thoughts at inopportune times but at least he was good to look at.

Ignoring Mt. Hikobe's younger brother and his creepy offer of " being as rough as she wanted." Lucy redoubled her efforts to escape, waving off Erza and the other's when they started forward to intervene - she was a Fairy Tail mage, damnit; she could handle this jagoff. Yet before she could throw steroid boy to the ground a feral snarl wrent the air, causing the hair on the back of Lucy's neck to stand on end and her womb to clench painfully. Thankfully the prince of pricks let her go, shoving her painfully away from him as he tried not to cower in the face of the smaller man's wrath.

No one dared to move as they watched Natsu stalk out of the water before stopping a few feet in front of the offending man. Lucy had enough time to marvel at the impressive figure he cut before noticing the temperature rising and the black marks starting to crawl across his skin. Eyes black as pitch glowed with hell fire as the sand beneath Natsu's feet started turning to glass.

People watched in panic as the little blonde woman threw herself into the arms of the enraged man, seemingly uncaring about the immense power coming off the mage as he let loose the ropes of his control. People held their breath as Natsu's arms came around her form, fingertips lining up perfectly with the bruises on her hips. She was whispering something in his ear but he couldn't quite make it out as he watched those around them cower, a dark part of him revelling in the fear he could feel all around. That is until sharp little teeth bit into his shoulder hard enough to almost draw blood, his dark train of thought halting as he looked down into the chocolate eyes of the woman on his arms. She was currently glaring at him and he couldn't help the smirk that slid across his face at her petulant look.

"You need to calm down," she whispered. Lightly kissing the spot she'd bitten in apology. "You're scaring everyone, and I'm ok. No need to lose control."

"I want him dead." Natsu's growl mixed with his still black eyes sent a wave of something deliciously perverse down her spine and she had to try very hard not to let her blush give her away. He studied her intently, inhaling the scent coming off her before a positively filthy smile stole across his face, "but I want you more."

He watched the effect his words had on her, letting his enjoyment of her reactions wash away the anger he felt. He noticed from the corner of his eye how Laxus slowly extracted the fucker who had grabbed Lucy from Natsu's sight. He relished in their fear, but he also felt a certain amount of relief that this side of him didn't seem to scare Lucy. On the contrary, it seemed to arouse her; something he was sure to exploit later.

Breathing her scent in deeply and letting it ground him, Natsu's eyes faded from the intense black to the brilliant green she loved so much. The black marks on his arms and chest faded and the heat he'd been letting off lessened as he reigned in his magic once more.

Lucy smiled at him as he came back to himself, that darkness still there but more subdued as he tangled a hand in her hair. His fist wrapping around the base of her skull as he leaned his forehead against hers, a huskiness to his deep voice she'd never heard before as he whispered for her alone. "I'm going to leave and go cool off, but when I get to your apartment tonight you are mine for the taking and I won't be letting you out of bed until I've fucked you every way a man can. If that's not what you want then you'd better stay with one of the girls tonight, because if I catch you I'm not letting go."

Lucy couldn't stop the soft moan that escaped as the man before her nipped at the side of her neck before releasing her and disappearing before she'd realized what had happened. Turning to face the audience they'd amassed, she blushed at their scrutiny before making her way over to her towel quickly packing her things before bidding her family goodbye.

The walk home went by in a blur and before she knew it she was unlocking her front door and stepping into the cool air, letting it rush over her feverish skin. She didn't know how long Natsu was going to be so she went about her usual evening routine, making food for herself and Natsu before soaking in the tub for a while. Deciding what she was going to wear was harder than she would have thought, lingerie somehow seemed too much, and her normal pajamas seemed too little. Eventually she settled one wearing one of Natsu's many t-shirts he'd left at her place and a pair of panties that were sexy but not overly so. They'd been dancing around the sexual tension for a long time, and she was definitely ready for all of that build up to detonate, but she didn't want to give him too much of an ego boost.

Deciding to play some music as she waited, Lucy went to finish the food, singing along softly as she danced around the kitchen letting the soft acoustic sooth her nerves. Nerves that were instantly lit of fire as she walked back into her bedroom for her book only to find Natsu shrouded in shadow lounging in one of her overstuffed recliners. Still clad in his swim trunks that hung so deliciously low on his hips, she took in the picture of this gorgeous man looking at her through heavy lidded eyes like a king on a throne, and she wanted to worship at his feet. Feeling that same heat pool in her lower stomach as she was surrounded by his scent, the static in the room reaching a crescendo as his rose to his feet and she jumped into his arms.

Lips touching and body lighting up like kindling, Lucy could feel that feral part of Natsu start to come forward as his fingers burned a path down her thighs. Lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist, tension mounting as he laid her on the bed, his body following her down with more grace and control than should be legal. Senses exploding as he ripped her shirt off and skin touched skin, she could feel him hot and hard between her legs threatening to burn her up with him as his mouth descended on her skin. That darkness in his eyes igniting her nerves as he whispered filthy things in her ear, their bodies joining in a dance as old as time, the pleasure tearing her apart and putting her back together as Natsu left bruises and bite marks on every piece of skin he could reach. She'd never felt so loved or so defiled, feeling him so deep inside her that she feared she'd never be able to get him out. Stealing her voice and her sanity all in one fell swoop as he pushed her over that edge one final time before following after her with a deep growl.

The rest of the night followed similarly, in the kitchen, the shower, on the floor and the couch. Against a mirror, up against a wall and bent over every flat surface available while he whispered those filthy words and praises in her ear. Skin tingling and legs shaking she finally collapsed across the dragon slayers chest in exhaustion as the sun started rise the following morning. Sated and sore beyond belief the blonde snuggled into Natsu's chest and deep rumbling purrs lulled her to sleep.