First Naruto fic I've ever done, and I'm watching as I write on my phone.

Updates are unlikely, hopes should be put to rest.

I'll write as I like, but if something isn't canon or works differently than how I've written it, let me know.

This doesn't mean I want your head-canons, it means I want to know how it was explained or done in the anime.

With that done, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Futures Cut Short, Futures Remade

It was cold.

A new toy. Not ours, their own

Not the cold you feel when there's snow, or the sort of cold you feel in the morning, when the dew is still fresh in the grass.

This cold was distinctly a lack of warmth.

Far from home, not longing for it

Even dipping your hand into snow doesn't rid you of that heat you feel in your core, that lets you know you're alive.

I believe that's why I didn't panic when I couldn't feel it, because if you don't have that warmth, there's no way to bring you back into the world of the living.

A curiousity, a rarity, precious and sweet

I knew this instinctively.

No hope of getting back, and no reason to fight for your life.

Not because your life wasn't worth it, but because you didn't get the chance.

They come to play, oh so distant from we

I couldn't even remember what my life was like, no faces or names, no recognition or feeling.

Just images.

It scared me awake, I suppose; to not feel.

Made me struggle, as much as I could in this void.

But one and the same, their heart beats

I'd always been odd, mentally stunted in such a way that I saw things as they were, devoid of complicated morals or feelings.

Oh, I could feel, even in this nothingness, where I knew nothing, I knew I wasn't so twisted in my past life, but it was distant, another variable in the mess that was my brain.

Star of their stage, the audience begs

Another thing to consider before making a decision, before interacting with the world outside my head.

I recall trying to explain it to mother once, whoever she was. I saw things as you would a video game; invested, interested, but detached, as if it wouldn't affect me.

To see your struggle, again and again

It made me blunt, but trustworthy.

I don't think anyone expects to live again, not really, anyway.

I had no reason to lie, steal, or cheat. I liked being a good person, as long as it was convenient or easy.

An encore, you'll deliver, no debt accrued

If only I knew how hard it would make my life, in the world after.

Payment, pleasure of life, so sayeth you

I fell asleep, struggling.

I shuddered at the warm, wet feeling all around me, the tightness was contradictory in its comfort and unease inducing movement.

As strange as I was, let it never be said that I was stupid.

I realised shortly after that I was in a womb.

My next thought was along the lines of 'How am I conscious?'

I didn't figure it out until after I was born, of course, as I had no way of knowing about my physiology.

So I drifted back to unconsciousness, without knowing the answer.

The next time I woke up, I really wish I hadn't as my head was being squeezed and it hurt I don't like this please stopletmeoutletmeoutletme-

The pressure and pain had stopped, I was dizzy, I felt sick, and I just wanted to sleep again.

Something slapped my infantile ass and I gasped.

Then I remembered that children usually cry after they've just been born, in order to get them breathing.

So, I tried to breathe, deep, long breathes.

I hacked more fluid than I expected, but I was breathing fine enough.

I had an odd thought then, remembering how self inserts in fan fiction usually see blurry shapes before realising that they're people.

Let me tell you this; they are full of shit.

I couldn't see a damn thing, so either I'm blind, or I don't have vision yet.

I was fairly surprised at how quickly I was in a towel, and wow that's really soft.

I have a new favourite towel, and I haven't even been in this world for more than 5-10 minutes.

I think I'll enjoy this life.