An idea I had after watching Season 3 of the Boys while also stumbling across some old Ben 10 clips. I rewatched the end of Season 2 when Ben unlocked the ability to stay hero for as long as he wanted and had to fight Kevin and Vilgax. What if when all three went through the portal to the Null Void something happened, sending them to another dimension.

Niagara Falls

Max Tennyson fired the Null Void projector opening a hole to the dimensional prison, sucking both Kevin and Vilgax. "No!" Vilgax cried in anger. "I will not be denied my victory." He spoke as both held their ground, with Kevin digging both his feet and all his arms.

"Grandpa they're not going in." Gwen said in alarm as Vilgax. "Can't you give this thing more power?" She asked.

"I'm trying." The elder Tennyson replied, while tinkering with device to do just that.

"I got this Grandpa." Diamondhead spoke, running past the two to charge at his two rivals. Neither caring about the danger or aware of it.

"Ben no! It's to dangerous!" Grandpa Max cried out in worry.

"So is letting them stay here." Ben replied, before jumping up and thrusting his fist on the ground. This action caused a wave of crystal to rise from the ground towards the two.

"No!" Kevin roared before shooting a fire ball and multiple crystal shards at the Omnitrix wielder. Ben rose his left arm and used it to block the fire with minimal difficulty. The shards he avoided, but several of them hit the projector, causing some sort of electric shock that extended to the portal.

Meanwhile the crystal wave knocked both assailants off the ground and into the portal. Which thanks to Kevin expanded and began to change. The suction was now powerful that it was pulling Ben, despite being far enough away.

"Ben the portals unstable, it's only a matter of time before it collapses!" The retired plumber explained.

"Move doofus!" Gwen called out.

"" The crystal like alien gritted as he tried to back away. But the portal suction became even more powerful and now he was lifted off the ground. He was just a short distance away before he grabbed one of the pillars from his earlier attack to stop himself from being sucked in.

"Ben!" The other two Tennyson's cried out in alarm.

As Diamondhead began trying pull himself further away from the portal his leg was grabbed. He looked and saw Vilgax who was part way out of the portal. "We're not done." Vilgax told him as he used Diamondhead as his personal rope and began pulling himself out.

Ben looked at the Alien, then at his family with worry, he tried to transform but for some reason he didn't have that control anymore. The shock must've messed that up, just his luck. He couldn't let Vilgax stay, who knows what he would do. So there was just one option he could think of.

"Congratulations dweeb." Ben started to speak. "You're getting my bunk." He continued before loosening his grip.

"Grandpa what's he talking about?" Gwen asked in worry.

Max's eyes widen. "Ben! No! Don't do it!" He cried out.

"Let's finish this Vilgax." Diamondhead said, and just as he let go added. "Together." They were then sucked in to what they thought would be the Null Void. Little did they know that was not the case.

Once they crossed the portal closed. Both the remaining Tennyson's stood with their mouths agape. Ben was gone. With the Null Void projector broken it would take days, maybe even weeks to fix. If Ben went to the Null void.

In another Dimension, Upstate New York

It was just another ordinary day as a man was driving towards the city in his Chevy Cruze. The road was clear, as it was a lesser used one, both sides had trees. Occasionally a White Tailed Deer would appear before scurrying back into the safety of the woods.

Until some distance away a yellow hole in the sky opened up. The man didn't notice at first but when he did he stopped and took out his phone to take a video, in order to get proof that he wasn't just imagining it. Soon enough a figure fell out and loud crash was heard as it made impact with the ground. Soon after the opening closed.

"Holy fuck." The man uttered, before getting in his car again and driving as far away and as fast as possible. Soon enough he was dialing 9-1-1 and said. "Something-some fucking shit crashed."

"I'm sorry sir who was in a crash?" The operator asked, as she had difficulty hearing him with his panicked breathing.

"In sky! Someone or something just crashed from the sky, made a big explosion and I don't know what the fuck happened!" He elaborated, without sounding too crazy.

"Can you tell us where sir?" The woman requested, believing something serious was afoot. She quickly took down the information, such as location and the man's name. Unfortunately because of the distance authorities would take a little while to arrive.

At the crash site

The form of Diamondhead was in the middle of a crater groaning when the Omnitrix timed out and in a flash of red became Ben. "That smarts." The 10 year old groaned, while rubbing his head. He wasn't in too much pain, but his body was aching from fighting Vilgax and Kevin.

Ben then looked at the watch and saw it was red, indicating it needed to recharge. "Well looks like I'm back to the basics." He complained, apparently the recently unlocked master control was either temporary or traveling through the portal somehow messed it up.

Seeing as how he wasn't in the Null Void Ben assumed he could call Grandpa or Gwen. So taking out Gwen's emergency phone that he borrowed to play a game and forgot to put back he dialed Grandpa Max's number. However for some reason that number was not in service. Weird.

Next he tried his home number, but got a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles instead. He tried his parents personal phone numbers but got the customer service line for something called 'Instagram' and a 'Samaritan's Embrace' receptionist. This was getting weirder. He finally dialed aunt Vira from the desert retirement home in a last ditch effort.

"Aunt Vira?" He asked when the line was picked up. "Jeff what? That sounds made up." He told to the person he called. "Later Jeff Bozo." Hangs up.

As Ben was about to leave the crater and go figure out where he was he heard the sound of whooshing twice. Looking around he saw nobody but then he heard. "For fucks sakes you know I hate that." From an angry woman.

It was coming from outside the crater. Without knowing if they were friend or foe he crept carefully up the crater.

"Look let's just get this shit over with. I gotta do a shoot for my new A-Trainers in like an hour. And I'm doing it with fine girl and she got a great ass." A man commented.

Thanks to the crater and ruble Ben was able to see they were. One was a dark skin man wearing a white and blue uniform with goggles. Another was a woman dressed like some Amazonian warrior/gladiator. The last was a person completely decked out in black from head to toe with kevlar and knives.

"Let me guess." The woman continued. "You wanna spend all of two seconds fucking. You can spare five minutes."

"With these hands." The Man says, holding up a few fingers. "A few seconds is all I need." He stated with complete confidence that it borders arrogance.

"Who are these guys?" Ben muttered to himself, but that was a mistake. Just as quickly as he uttered those words in a hushed whisper the man in black glanced towards his direction. The young hero ducked down and just in time as a knife was thrown at the rubble he was using for cover.

Back with the individuals the two speaking stared at the knife thrower with confused expressions. "What up Noir, ya see something?" The goggle wearing man asked, receiving a slow single nod in return.

"What is it?" The woman asked, glaring at the crater only to receive a shrug in response. "Train check it out." She ordered, gesturing to the crater with her head.

"Pffft." The man now identified as Train scoffed. "It's probably like some dead bird or whatever. Let's call it a satellite and get this shit done." He added, with full confidence and slight annoyance.

A sound of paper was then heard and the two turned back to Noir and read what the paper said. "Black Noir, Queen Maeve and A-Train investigate crash site and report." It read.

Back with Ben

The young hero was fiddling with the watch trying to get any useful alien. So far it was still recharging, only reason he wasn't found was because the people out there were lazy. Apparently a green crystal alien falling from the sky didn't warrant urgency.

"Come on." Ben begged and his prayer was answered as the Omnitrix lit up and the dial rose. "Better XLR8 out of here." He spoke as he selected the alien he wanted and slammed down the dial.

The green flash caught the attention of the individuals outside the crater. They walked closer to it with cautious steps not knowing what to expect. The last thing they expected to pop out was a giant orange dog creature. When it roared they all took a step back in surprise.

"The fuck is that?" A-Train asked, in total disbelief.

"Can that shit even see?" Maeve questioned, seeing as it had no eyes, ears or even a nose.

Noir merely just pulled out one of his knives discreetly, ready to use it on a moments notice.

The huge mutt let out another large roar, his mouth wide open showing his purple tongue while shooting some saliva. Some of it hit Maeve who wiped it off in disgust. "Gross." She commented.

"I guess I'll just take care of this bitch no sweat." A-Train told them, stretching his arms like one would for a workout.

"You sure it'll be that easy?" Maeve asked, drawing her attention towards an already distracted A-Train. Making Noir the only one who was taking this mission seriously.

"Bitch please-." A-Train was about to respond, but at that moment Noir threw his knife. A split second after that the Wildmutt jumped at A-Train with both rolling forward, though eventually the alien landed in an upright position. But the supe's abdomen was in between the beast's teeth and was being swung around like a chew toy.

"Let me the fuck go!" A-Train cried out. Even though he had strength his position left him being able to do little but wait.

Maeve attempted to aid her teammate, but said teammate was flung at her when was close. Both fell to the ground with an 'umph' before the beast started running away. Noir then chased him down and threw more knives. And even though the dog thing lacked sight it appeared to have eyes in the back of his head as he dodged each and everyone of the blades before disappearing into the forest.

"This bitch is going down." A-Train grunted in frustration before zooming after the mutt. He expected to find the large orange quadruped easily, but to his dismay no sign of him.

A-Train immediately then began searching the whole forest in a grid like manner. But after searching multiple times within moments, still no sign. So he kept looking, in the same pattern while stopping once in a while to see if he missed something.

This meant that Wildmutt could predict where he was gonna be. So when A-Train stopped to look for the alien canine he heard a rustle not to far away. "Got you now." He said, as he ran right towards the sound only to be met with a small open area.

He looked around in confusion because he was confident something was here. However he failed to look up until it was too late. By then Wildmutt jumped out of the tree line and pinned A-Train face down. Just as the beast was roaring Maeve shoulder tackled it away launching some distance.

Instead of checking on the Mutt to see if it was down, she looked at the fallen A-Train and said. "Is that is what you call handling this shit?" She asked with a smirk, taking satisfaction in his failure.

"That piece of shit is smart." A-Train answered as Queen Maeve helped him up. "Now what?" He asked.

"Well we call Vought, get some pics, our numbers are probably gonna-" Maeve was cut off as a large log hit them. The wood shattered upon impact and did minimal damage but distracted them from the large body of orange fur that tackled them.

The two supes were then forced to the ground as Wildmutt pushed his paws down on their chests. But despite their position both were able to slowly push the alien off of them. Nearby Black Noir was silently running towards the beast from behind getting ready to literally stab him in the back.

Wildmutt was able to see this thanks to his radar/sonar like senses. So just as Noir jumped at him he front flipped forward while still holding onto the two supes. He quickly threw Maeve at Noir then began running into the woods. But not before adjusting his grip so he had a hold of A-Train's leg and was dragging him, resulting in the speedster hitting multiple tree's, bushes, rocks, branches and the earth.

Eventually though he could sense the other two catching up. "Let (hit) me (hit) the (hit) fuck (hit) go!" A-Train managed to shout, only pausing when his face hit some force of nature. But Wildmutt did just that and let hit him go, after tossing him to the side and jumping into the tree's again.

It seems that neither Maeve or Noir really cared for him otherwise they would've went to check on him. But they just kept on chasing the alien.

Wildmutt knew he only had a limited amount of time before they caught up with him. If he fought he'd likely lose since it was three against one. If he kept running the Omnitrix will eventually time out, or he'll be caught. He needed to lose them and fast!

Luckily he had a chance, he was able to sense in the distance a rock formation. Smiling Wildmutt double timed it and just as Maeve and Noir were within sight he jumped off it. And when the two Vought employees got there they saw nothing.

"The fuck." Maeve said in both confusion and frustration. "Where did that orange shit go?" She asked, Noir who was busy scanning for tracks.

Before it was easy to track, do to the beast's size and weight it left impressions on the earth. When it swung on the tree's leaves fell, branches were bent and the trunks would have some type of claw mark. Now nothing. There were some small caves like entrances, but those we only big enough for small children and even smaller animals. No way a large orange dog thing would fit there, plus there were no signs it dug underground.

It just vanished.

As Maeve and Noir were contemplating their next move A-Train zoomed next to them. "I'm back and pissed off. Where's that son of a bitch!?" He spoke.

"Wait here. Maybe he'll wanna use you again as a chew toy." Maeve responded, earning a small, almost inaudible, snort of amusement from the Kevlar supe.

"You lost it!"

"We didn't lose shit!" Maeve shot back. "It was here, then it was gone." She explained.

"So you lost it." A-Train replied, thinking it was the same thing.

"Maybe we wouldn't have lost it if you fucking knew what you were doing." Maeve suggested, reminding him of his less than stellar performance in the fight.

As the two were getting In each other's face, Noir stepped in. He put himself between the two and wordlessly conveyed that this wasn't the time nor place. They then decided to go back to Vought and report.

About 10 minutes after the left a figure emerged from the small rock caves. After noticing the small caves, Ben changed to his human form and dove in. Positioning himself so that anyone on top wouldn't notice him unless they stepped down. The 10 year old was just fortunate they were looking for something much larger than him and that they didn't think to just jump down.

"Who were those guys?" Ben spoke for the first time since his transformation. However he didn't dwell on that for long as he started refocusing his efforts on finding his family.

Luckily the Omnitrix was charged up and he was aiming for XLR8 again. "Maybe I'll try something else, maybe then I'll get what I want." Ben thought aloud, he then slammed the dial on a different alien.

"Well at least it's not Ripjaws." Stinkfly commented before flapping his wings. "And I'm airborne." He added, allowing himself to focus on the positives of his mistransformation for once. The bug like alien then took off in the hopeful direction of civilization.

Vought Tower

"So that's what happened?" Homelander asked, for final confirmation.

"Yes." Maeve answered, with no emotion.

"You were sent to investigate some satellite crash, but then a big orange dog thing, with no eyes, ears or nose popped out." The caped hero spoke as he began recapping the events. "And was able to beat all three of you. Then just disappeared without a trace." He finished.

Homelander waited for a response but only received silence. The blonde supe then chuckled in amusement, much to everyone's confusion. "Gentlemen...and lady, we've just been given an opportunity." He says.

"What's our biggest threat?" Homelander asks. "I mean physical threat, what kind of people do we fight off that can actually hurt us?"

The other five members looked at each other not knowing what to answer. "Robbers." Homelander began to list off. "Purse snatchers and whatever fucking pile of shit they assign us." He adds with annoyance as he looks out the window and out to the city.

"I mean sure that's well and good." He continues with a slight change in attitude. "But we need need bigger challenges, we need a villain. Because the only thing better than a hero, is a hero beating a villain." He tells them.

"Like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader." The Deep says, contributing for the first time.

"Exactly like that." Homelander agree's while pointing to the aquatic supe. Earning a proud smile from Deep. "And this could be it, or at least more so than usual."

"What are you saying?" Maeve asked.

"I'm saying we restage the whole thing." Homelander clarifies. "Instead of you looking like fools, you look like victims."

"You wanna show the fucking world that we can be hurt?" Maeve asked.

"Not just hurt." Homelander responded. "But killed even."

"Why the fuck would we do that?" Translucent voiced. Despite being invisible that fact didn't apply to his outfit. "Wouldn't it make us look weak?"

"It makes us look vulnerable." Maeve reasoned.

"And like pussy's." A-Train added.

Homelander gritted his teeth momentarily, but smiled. "Look one way or another this is gonna get out. Something crashed that wasn't a satellite, a drone or whatever fucking shit they like to make up." He spoke as he walked around the conference room. "No sort of debris of any kind, a 911 call and cops were on the scene before our guys. Not to mention a fucking call was made from there, to Jeff Fucking Bezos."

That last part rose a few eyebrows. "You didn't know." Homelander observed, genuinely surprised as well. "Well crime analytics informed me that a man called about a crash, but only mentioned a hole in the sky and a green thing shooting out of it. Then apparently said crash site someone called Jeff Bezos personal phone number."

"That's bullshit." A-Train says with a laugh.

Homelander then looks at the speedster with disdain. "So is a giant fucking orange chihuahua kicking all three of your asses and just disappearing like smoke." He replied, prompting A-Train to shut up.

"There's also evidence you were all at the scene along with some orange hair that is unidentifiable with anything on earth." Homelander continued. "Something's gonna get out, so we two options."

"Option number 1: Bury our heads and let some wild story shoot out that we'll need to spin." The caped hero begins to list, then pauses to let them soak in the information.

Noir then holds up two fingers to indicate what the second option was. "So glad you asked Noir. Option number 2: What I recommend, is that we control the narrative now, before any major story comes out. Do a press conference, say the basics now and then-"

"Lay on a pile of alien invasion crap that raises our points and gives the writers a new movie idea." Maeve finished.

Homelander looks unoffended and smiles. "Didn't actually think of that last part." Walks back to his seat. "Now what do you guys say?"

With Ben

He was walking the streets of New York City looking for a pay phone, but there weren't any around. Also people had weird new phones called Androids and IPhones. There was also something called Uber in addition to Taxi's. The president also changed to some dude that looked like a dude wearing a Cheeto costume with a powdered wig on.

On top of all that there's a ridiculous amount of merchandise from some company called Vought. TV, Video Games, toys, clothes, costumes and even people. He bumped into some idiots named Ice Prince and Ice Princess, wearing stupid bright blue costumes by a mall near Times Square. And the girl was wearing so much ice like makeup she looked like a Killer Frost knockoff. For some reason they gave him an autograph which was tossed aside less than two seconds after. He did follow in though to see what these guys were, since this Vought company was a big deal.

A few minutes later, at the overcrowded center of the mall, they started doing weird ice power tricks. This got the 10 year old's attention. Nobody just has ice powers, they don't look like aliens, definitely not robots so what's going on They did a few tricks like make snow flakes come down and create snow cones for kids. But then started answering questions like a celebrity couple.

After a few minutes Ben scoffed. "Sell outs." He thought out loud.

"What'd you say?" A middle aged dude, with a huskier build and an Ice Princess shirt asked. "That they're sell outs." He added with anger.

Ben then walked away, not wanting to get into a fight. All the while the man kept talking about how great they were. The rest of the mall was pretty barren, save for a few shoppers. As Ben was passing by an electronic store called Best Buy he saw some guys with guns robbing the place.

"Looks like these guys are gonna be handful." He spoke before going somewhere to get out sight and dial an alien. "Four handfuls to be precise." He added before selecting Fourarms however he instead got.

"Heatblast?" Looks himself over. "I shouldn't be surprised at this point."

Goes into the store and calls out. "Freeze dirtbags!" All eyes turn on him and subsequently all the guns. Before they can be fired Heatblast fired small streams of fire to heat the guns just enough to drop them. "Careful those seem hot." He quipped.

"Now against the wall!" The fire alien ordered the criminals to do and they complied. "That was easy." Ben smiled then frowned. "Too easy." Goes to the discarded rifles and picks one up, he then takes out the clip and see's it was empty. Same goes for another two and the last one was full of rubber bullets and only half full.

"Turn around!" Heatblast orders and they again comply. "What's going on? I know this isn't a real robbery, believe me I've seen plenty."

No response.

"Ok then." Heatblast says, then goes to a nervous looking robber at the end. "You better start talking or else."

"Or else what?" He replied, maintaining a tough facade.

Ben holds up his palm and creates a ball of fire. "Or else I'll start deciding if I want you medium or well done." He threatens, making the man gulp.

"Here's what I think." Heatblast starts. "I think you guys were paid to rob this place too make some other guys look good. My guess it's the frosty's doing there little Q , unless you guys are that stupid to rob a store when guys like that are in walking distance." He finished.

The man blinks and is visibly sweating, but not just because of the heat. "I'm getting warm aren't I." He quipped, knowing he was right.

"Hands up fucker!" A new male voice shouted. Heatblast turned and saw Ice Prince and Princess with some camera crew behind them. "Before we put you on ice." He adds with frost coming out of his hands.

"Not bad." Heatblast smirks. "Though I would've said 'Freeze hot head' first because well you know." He adds in amusement. The two 'Heroes' looked at him funny, clearly not expecting that kind of response.

"Anyway I gotta go so can we just skip to the part where I kick your butts and leave." He told them.

"Do you know who we are?" The man asked.

"We're Ice Prince and Princess and we're here to delivery Justice." The woman continued.

"And like you lame t-shirts say you're gonna delivery me to Justice cause it's best served cold." Heatblast states, remembering that's what the shirt said. "Instead of being lame dweebs come put your money where your mouth is and fight." He finished creating fireballs and allowing the 'robbers' to get out of danger.

The two ice hero's then send blasts of ice intending to freeze the pyronite. But Heatblast two separate blasts of fire, immediately overpowering their attack and striking them. This not only sent them flying to the store across but also knocked them out.

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Heatblast. "Wow." He says. "I'm either that strong or you guys are just that pathetic." Even he couldn't believe he overpowered them so easily.

This only lasted a moment because Prince managed to recover enough to fire another ice blast. Normally this would've encased a person in a block of ice, but for Ben it merely put out his flames. Princess then ran up to the Alien and began punching with large fists made from ice. Each hit broke on impact, but she merely created more.

Eventually Ben recovered and grabbed an ice clad fist and squeezed. The ice glove melted as well as the gloves she was wearing and her skin started to burn. Ben was then blasted by Prince again only once he let go Princess joined in. Soon enough the flames were gone and Heatblast was encased in a huge block of ice.

"That's how we do it!" Prince cheered as Princess used her powers to try and cool the burns she was feeling. Suddenly the ice started to melt and the two fired ice again to try and stop. But the heat was to intense and the pyronite was able to break himself free. The blast sent the two ice powered heroes to the ground.

"Now I'm mad." Heatblast said while lighting up his flames. He was about to attack but then saw the people crowding around the store, if he attacked there was a chance they get caught in the crossfire. So with that thought he and he laid down his arms.

"You're not heroes." He spoke to his downed opponents. "You're just a scam." He finished before walking away.

Prince growled and when Ben's back was turned, he shot an ice blast. But the real hero saw this coming and countered with his own blast of fire. The ice was immediately overpowered and Prince was hit momentarily. Thanks to immunity and healing he only suffered minor burns and the top half of his costume was was destroyed.

Ice Princess then looked at Heatblast, slightly scared and he stared back. "I don't know who you are, but I know you're disappointing someone in your life you care about." Then walks to the back exit.

Scene Cut

Once outside Ben looks around and see's he's in an alley, then began flying up. Once he was on top of a roof he looked down at the Omnitrix on his chest. "Why am I still in Hero mode?" He wondered, normally he would've timed out by now. He gave the insignia an experimental slap and it started beeping.

In a flash of red Ben became human. However when he tried to go hero again he couldn't. It seemed like while he could stay in alien form longer the watch still needed to recharge after a while.

"What's going on?" Ben asked, while looking out to the familiar but totally new city.

Scene cut

In an apartment in the city a man was watching CCTV footage of a woman sitting on a park bench. He was eating a hot pocket when received a news alert on his cell phone. 'Fire Versus Ice. Alien Beats Vought Heroes.'

At this the man pauses the video and picks up the phone. He begins reading and watching some of the footage from cameras and videos recording on cell phones. His stern expression slowly spreads into a smile as he says. "Fuck me."

He then turns to the tv and his joyful expression is immediately gone and is replaced with one of anger masking sorrow. "Don't worry. The cunt will get what's coming to him." He says to the women, who was in a standing position now, before resuming the video and watching her walk away.

So what do you think? I'm sure people have thought of a crossover with these two stories, but not when Ben is still a kid. Now he's gonna be the best weapon to take down Vought. But what's gonna happen when our favorite young hero has to face some dark choices? Let's find out together.