Hey I'm back. So it's basically gonna start a lot like the Believe Expo started out, but it's gonna get interrupted. By Kevin and world finally gets the see a real one of the Boys gets burned. Also I just realized I put Flight 57 even though it was flight 37 for the plane crash. So I'll use the correct one now. Idk why Flight 57 was in my head.

P.S Shoutout to my Cowriter Star Saber21 who has been helping me with the story, dialogue and specific scenes. As well as just spitballing idea's back and forth.


Hideout with Frenchie, Female and Elena.

"Le poulet. Massage the bird with olive oil, then a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then I bake." Frenchie explains as he cooks. "Basting every 20 minutes to keep it from drying out is very important. Till it's crisp, but not too crunchy. And voilà." He finished as he brings it over the Female.

She and Elena were sitting cris cross, with Elena painting the girls nails bright blue. The past few days Elena seems to have been bonding with the female. Frenchie tries and now she doesn't try to attack him every five seconds. Making him comfortable enough to cross the line and place the food. Though she still is in restraints.

"Smells delicious." Elena say's, taking a whiff as she pauses. "What do you think?" She ask's the Female, who sniffs it and nods.

"I knew you understand me." Frenchie say's as he sits down behind the line. "It's in your eyes." Over the past few days they try to find out more about her, but her inability or refusal to speak makes it difficult.

They were slowly earning her trust as she only went from attacking any of the other boys to just glaring at them. With the exception of Ben. Elena and Frenchie even made her 'cell' more comfortable by adding pillows and blankets.

"Tell me what you know, mon coeur. So we can find these fuckers who did this to you, so I can get you back home." Frenchie tries to convince.

The female just retracts her hands and looks away to the wall. Ignoring the food.

Elena then scoots next to her and say's. "We wanna help. But we won't force you. Right Chip?" The flying Chip tilts down then up in a nod. "Let's watch more Naruto, Neji is fighting that Spider ninja dude." Takes out her phone and resumes their Netflix binge.

Believe Expo

As Hughie was on his second date and Butcher and Mother's Milk were listening in, Ben was doing his own exploring. As he was far back in the crowd where an angel Supe was singing. Eventually it stopped.

"Thank god." Ben said gratefully. "That was terrible." He said out loud, unaware of how loud.

"What!?" A guy with long hair, wearing nothing but jeans and a giant cross painted on his skin asks. "That was beautiful."

"Her voice yes." Ben replies. "Song terrible. She should try something else, she's wasting her talent." He adds then walks away. He then eyes all the tacky merchandise designed for cheap and sold for a five hundred percent profit.

Seeing a sign about how only a woman and a man should marry, followed by a "Fly Straight" sign he asks. "What does gay mean?" To a pastor and gets random propaganda blubber in response.

He does this a few more times until he joins the rest of the Boys at Ezekiel's speech. "So, Jesus... Jesus said, "Hey, bro. Hey, bro, bring it in. You shouldn't need proof. You should just believe because I say so, because you have faith." Crowd goes wild. "People who have faith, those are my peeps, y'all." That's what Jesus said. But I am gonna ask you one question..."

"They really talked like that?" Ben questions, eating some of the over priced popcorn. "Also how does he know, was he there?"

"It's just for show." Butcher tells him as Ezekiel continues.

"So what exactly are Gay people?" Ben asks for the tenth time. All day he's been getting gasps and looks of horror.

"Well it's like this ya see." Butcher begins.

"Maybe I should take the lead for this." Hughie interrupts.

"Alright then, have a go then mate." Butcher replies with amusement.

Hughie stood before Ben and took a breath. "Okay Uh. So… the birds and the bees. Bees like other bees." He pauses. "Wait. So theres different kinds of bees. Ah so a bee might like a honey bee or a bumble bee. And that's okay. People can be a different kind of bee and date the same kind of bee with that's how they feel. Or even date alll other bees." He then remembers. "Oh and birds two. No problem with birds." He took a breath. "Understand?"

Ben looked at Hughie with an expression of complete confusion. He was so lost he couldnt even respond.

"Bravo Hughie." Butcher said. "Its like Mr Rogers had a fucking stroke."

"Hey it wasn't that bad." Hughie defended.

"I got lost after different kinds of bees." Mother's Milk tells him.

"Allow me." Butcher stepped forward but was stopped by MM.

"Whoa, whoa Butcher." He said. "Butcher, this kid can fight off the Seven on his own. But a talk from you might tramatize him."

"MM, I'm hurt." Butcher said. "Tell you what, I'll keep it squeaky clean and not even swear."

He walked over to Ben and holds out his hands. "Right, bangers and mash." Ben raised an eyebrow. "Its sausages and mashed potatoes." He clarified. "So usually blokes love stuffing their bangers into some juicy mash. But sometimes girls like shoving their faces into some mash. And some lads love nothing more than gobbling down a big old banger."

Now Hughie and Ben both stare at Butcher. The latter in confusion and the other wondering how he thought that was appropriate.

"Enough!" MM says. "All of ya'll just listen!" He tells them. "I'll explain it." He sighs and looks at him. "Okay Ben. I need you to forget everything you just heard. For all our sakes. Please." He requests.

Ben blinked. "I was to confused to take any of that in."

"Good." MM said relieved before sitting down and explaining the matter similar to how he would explain it to his own kid.


Maeve was staring out into nothing. Seeing the faces of all those people. Remembering the wounded Veterans events she's been too she wonders if this is what PTSD is like. A feeling of regret just eating at you. And Homelander's speech made her feel worse. She needed a drink. She wanted a lot of drinks.


He was in Popclaw's apartment, likely for the last time. After finding out she told some guys about the V he had to kill her in Havana. Now he was watching one of her movies with a smile. He wish he had more to go on to find the guys she talked about. All he got was a "Big Black guy with a goatee and a skinny white kid." Apparently they offered to make their relationship public if she helped them.

A little later he was watching one of the sex tapes he recorded, via a nanny cam. It was set up in the living room since he forgot to move it after they had that freaky night of theirs. Eventually though the picture changes.

He can hear voices, and a guy complimenting her about her movie. Unfortunately the camera was at an angle so he could only see the legs and torso's. Eventually though he caught a glimpse of a man matching the description, big black guy with a goatee. Well partially anyway, from a mirror and it was blurry, but it was something.

Believe Expo

"So you get it now?" M.M asked as he finished explaining.

"I do." Ben replies with a smile. "Or I think I'm starting to at least."

"That was great, spot on." Hughie compliments.

"Good now can we get back to part where we get what we need from the stretchy cunt." Butcher tells them. "Cause we got two twats at every entrance, armed to holy hell. In church. That's America for you, isn't it?"

"Plus God's watching from up above." Mother's Milk adds. "Right there and over there." Subtly gesturing to the cameras pointed all around.

"Yeah. Security's tighter than a choir boy's asshole." Butcher comments.

"What does that mean?" Ben asks, but it's drowned out by Ezekiel's spiel on why the supes got their powers. "Normally that's cool, but he makes it look gross." He comments as Ezekiel stretched his arms.

"15,000 for an exclusive VIP experience with Ezekiel. Seriously?" Hughie comments as Butcher hands him the Diamond club pass pamphlet. "There's not an easier, cheaper way for us to get to him?" He asks.

"We ain't getting to Ezekiel. You are." Butcher informs him.

"I am?" Hughie questions.

"Whoa, whoa, wait. What?" MM adds.

"Well you still have the 40,000 you got from Vought. Just make a withdrawal and boom, you get to the cunt no sweat no problem and you do it with Vought's own money." Butcher explains, then looks at Ben. "Good call on him cashing that, now we don't gotta ask Starlight."

"Yeah that'd be a weird question." Ben replies. "Hey we've barely been on 2 dates but can you get me an exclusive VIP backstage pass." He imagines.

"Okay, then what?" Hughie asks. "I just go up to Ezekiel, and say "Hey, man. What's up with you smuggling blue dope into Chinatown basements?" Is that it?" He tells him.

"Yeah, pretty much. Once you show him this." Butcher answers then holds out a phone showing Ezekiel kissing two men.

"He's a hypocrite." Ben simply says.

"Jesus!" Hughie quietly exclaims as he hides the phone from any wandering eyes. "This is from that club you took me to?" He says, remembering the first night he met Butcher.

"You remembered our first night together. I'm touched." The Brit replies, with a smug look.

"That's why you didn't want me to follow you?" Ben asks, remembering how he was sent home after.

"Okay, why is this the first time I'm hearing about this plan?" Mother's Milk asks, then adds. "This kid needs to be trained up, Butcher."

"Yeah. Yeah, what he said." Hughie agrees.

"With how you got Popclaw and Translucent to talk it should be a easy peasy." Ben tries to encourage, unintentionally reminding him of the murder he committed. Always keep your hands clean.

"Exactly. Comparatively speaking, this will be a piece of cake." Butcher adds with a smile. Before he's followed by Mother's Milk though Ben went and did his own thing.

Milk Household

Janine was asleep on her bed with homework strewn about unfinished. After learning that Shifter was somehow related to Wraith's origins she and him spent all night researching him. Unfortunately that meant she was up for most of the night and it finally caught up with her.

Unfortunately she had a ton of homework, apparently after finishing her project with exceptional speed and detail the teachers wanted to test if she could enter the advanced classes. Naturally this made her parents proud so she said yes, but that meant more homework. Thankfully Wraith was there to help her out.

Which he was doing now, her homework was nearly done when he heard someone walking. Thinking fast he went to his designated spot, under the bed.

"Hey baby." Monique greeted her daughter with a smile. Then saw the blinds were shot and went to open them. When she did she unintentionally woke up Janine.

"Sorry baby, but you shouldn't stay up late." Monique tells her daughter, having caught her the night before on her tablet. She then notices the math homework was almost done. Which should not be since it was 2 grades up and math was a subject she struggled with. "You're almost done already?"

"Uh yeah." Janine answers.

"Baby you always hated math." Monique reminds her daughter. Remembering how she struggled with division for over an hour on just a single problem.

"Maybe I just got good." Janine tries to reason.

"Then tell me how you got these." The mother asks, her women's intuition telling her that Janine was hiding something.

Wraith's eye widened. How could he forget? All those sitcoms he watched while hovering behind Monique taught him mother's always know when something is wrong. And that humans could solve all kinds of problems in 22 minutes, maybe 44 occasionally.

Thinking fast he became intangible and phased through the floor right at the front door. Thankfully the sunlight was angled so he could knock on it without having to burn his hand. Which he did, hard.

Once he heard she was coming down he went back up and poked his head from side of the bed to avoid the light on the other side. "Do you trust me?" He asks, Janine having a plan.

"Will it save me from mom?" The girl asks.

"Hopefully." Wraith tells her, not sure himself.

Hearing her mother close the door Janine made her choice. "Yes."

"Don't resist." Wraith tells her and then proceeds to possess her body. At first it's a struggle, but eventually Janine willingly accepts it. "Woah this feels weird." Wraith says looking over the body. Then when Monique gets back 'Janine' explains how to solve the problem.


"Almost there." Kevin said, as he put the pedal to the metal.

Believe Expo

Starlight just finished the teen panel and felt conflicted. The expo wasn't like how she remembered, neither were the people. Did it change, did she change?

"You're Starlight." A voice said and she turned to see a kid, about ten years old, with brown hair, green eyes wearing an Adidas hoodie with his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah do you wanna picture or an autograph?" Starlight replies, putting on her old pageant smile.

Instead the boy turns tilts his head and replies. "You okay? You look tired."

"I'm fine." Annie lies.

"So you're not doing good." He said, seeing through her facade. "How come?" He asks.

"Thanks, but I'm ok." Starlight still tries to assure.

"Whatever." The kid shrugs then walks away. As he did something metal peaked out of his sleeve. Annie saw this but before she could focus too much on what it was she saw Hughie coming.

"Hey." He simply greets with a smile. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah um, can we uh talk actually?" Annie requests, from the one person that makes her feel normal.

"Right now?" Hughie replies. "I can't uh I was gonna go see Ezekiel." He adds.

"Ezekiel?" Starlight questions. "Did you rob a bank?" She asks, knowing it was at least 15,000 to get a meet and greet from him."

"No I uh, sort of been saving up." Hughie answers. "I was kinda hoping to see him. Can we talk later."

Starlight nodded. "Yea sure." She agreed. "If you'd ask I would've gotten them for you." She informs him.

"Nah that wouldn't have been cool." Hughie tells her. "I don't want you to think I'm just using you." He adds, before the two agree to meet up later.


Knocking the door to Rachel's home Billy came to face with his sister in law for the first time in a long time. "Hey Billy." She greets without any enthusiasm.

"Rachel." Butcher returns then walks inside, briefly glancing at a photo of his wife with Rachel in it. "Just took a lovely little stroll around St. John's. And you'll never guess what I happened across."

"Who told you?" Rachel asks, groaning at the conversation she didn't want to have.

"Well, I'll tell you who didn't fucking tell me. Me own fucking sister-in-law." Butcher retorts.

"Would you like some tea? I got the English stuff." Rachel offers.

"When'd you do it?" He asks.

"Last Sunday. We used your last name. We said "beloved wife." She tells him, vainly hoping it will appease him enough.

Instead he looks insulted. "You buried an empty fucking coffin?" He asks.

"We didn't bury anything." Rachel replies, getting the tea. "Just a uh headstone." She adds, instantly regretting it.

"Well, that's a sick fucking joke then, isn't it?" Butcher tells her.

"And you're wondering why we didn't tell you. Look... my mom's getting old. She just wants a place to talk to her daughter." Rachel tries to reason.

"Yeah, well, she's talking to dirt, isn't she?" Butcher informs.

"It's something." Was the reply.

"No. It's fucking nothing. It's nothing, because there's nothing fucking down there. And for all you know, Rebecca's still out there somewhere, and you put up a fucking headstone." Butcher tells her, not giving up hope.

"Stop! You need to stop." Rachel reminds him. "It has been eight years since she's been missing. The cops never found anything. You never found anything. She's not alive. She got killed or she killed herself." She tells him.

"You watch your fucking mouth." Butcher warns.

"You're not the only one whose life was ruined. She is my sister, and I love her. But she's gone. We need this to be over." Rachel begs.

"Well it ain't." Butcher replies. "Cause until I find Becca or I get the cunts that got her I ain't giving up." Pauses. "Even if you fucking have." Starts to walk away.

"Move on." Rachel says. "Please." She begs, tears coming down. "What makes you think you'll find something now?" She asks.

Butcher turns back and replies. "I got something Vought doesn't have." This confuses her. "I real fucking wonder bread hero." He informs, then slams the door on her way out.

Rachel sniffs then turns to the picture of her and Rebecca smiling. "You really know how to pick 'em." Sobs a bit. "Please just let this be over." She begs to anyone who will hear.

New Jersey

"Just one more." Kevin says with glee and a smile.

Frenchie Hideout

As Elena fell asleep on the Female's shoulder, the female kept watching the anime. Naruto and Sasuke were fighting in the Valley of the End with flashbacks of the Uchiha's childhood. Her bright blue nails visible.

Frenchie meanwhile was keeping an eye on her from the couch. He then decided to try again. Going to the line he sat down and said. "You seem a bit happier, no?"

No response.

"Please tell me something mon coeur." He requests.

No response. She continues to watch the show.

Scooting closer he goes just within her reach. This she takes notice of but doesn't do anything. Frenchie keeps scooting forward until he is just out of her arms length. "You can trust me." He tries to assure.

Continues to watch Netflix.

Believe Expo

Mother's Milk and Ben continue walking around the Expo as Hughie gets the informs and Butcher went who knows where. "So how's the wife and kids?" Ben asks, causing MM to give him a funny look. "Well what do you wanna talk about?"

"They're good." MM replies. "Just wish I didn't have to lie about this." He admits.

"Well maybe you should tell them." Ben suggests. "Being a hero in my dimension wasn't easy, but I knew it would be harder if my grandpa and cousin didn't know."

"What about your parents?" Mother's Milk asks.

"Oh well uh." Ben drifts off. "Never really got a chance to tell them. It happened during summer vacation with my Grandpa Max and my cousin Gwen."

"Hold up." Mother's Milk says. "You're name is Ben, your cousin Gwen. Do you gotta Jen, Ken, Ren, Glen?" He asks with amusement. Then his phone rings and he answers it. Once he realizes it's Hughie he picks it up, who relay's the information he got from Ezekiel.

"Good job Hughie, I'll let Butcher know and we'll meet up." MM tells him then hangs up.

With Hughie

After drying off from his Baptism he went to go find Annie. And he did and she seemed to be arguing with her mother.

"I just don't wanna lie to people." Starlight tells her mother.

"Millions of kids are looking up to you now. You're a shining light to them." Her mother tells her supe child.

"How am I supposed to live up to that." Annie asks, finding the task impossible all of the sudden.

"Because that's the way God made you." The mother tries to assure her. "You're a miracle. You're my miracle." She adds then walks away.

Hughie then decides to make himself known. "Hey everything ok?" He asks, again.

"It's fine." Starlight tells him with a bit of venom. "How was your quality time with Ezekiel?" She questions. "Did you get a selfie, or a goodie bag?" She says, taking her frustration out on him.

"Look I'm sorry, you needed me, but I had to-." Hughie replies, struggling to find the words.

"Had to what, meet your hero, cause I can get you another meet and greet, or a cup or figurine." Starlight lists off.

"My girlfriend died." Hughie blatantly tells her.

Annie's eyes widen. "What?" She asks, feeling horrible now.

"Happened not too long ago, and one of the reasons I came is because I'm looking for a way to get out of the shit that I'm in right now. And that wasn't fair to you, and I'm sorry." Hughie tells her, being honest, even if not fully.

"I really don't think there's anything that can help it anymore... or fix it... or make it better. And everything I heard here? Well, that's helping a total of jack shit." He explains.

"Everyday I see her." He continues. "And I thought maybe by talking to Ezekiel might help at least, but now I feel even fucking worse."

Starlight stay's silent.

"And honestly the only thing that has really helped me with this is you." Hughie admits. "And that... is the God's honest truth."

Despite being around a bunch of people, who likely weren't really paying attention Annie let some tears out. "I'm sorry." She say's, feeling horrible about not taking his feelings into consideration.

"No no no." Hughie says, stepping forward. "I'm definitely the one who should be fucking sorry." He tells her surely. But this gets him a hug, which he reciprocates.

Believe Expo

A bit before Homelander was set to take stage something happened. Everyone on their phones, tablets and any other device were receiving a news link. Clicking it they soon began watching a very unique sight. In the city Vought was doing a panel for superhero's but it was ambushed by someone.

Not another Hero, a first for Vought actually, a villain.

"Your here to save them?" A voice booms over the stage. "Well then, let see if you can save them." A chimera looking being smashes through the stage knocking down a confused Tek Knight. "FROM ME!"

"Kevin!" Ben gasps, luckily only MM heard him. The ten year old was in shock, eyes widened. Kevin was back! Again!

"Come and get me Tennyson!" Kevin says, before the Camera cuts.

"You know this dude Ben?" Mother's Milk calmly asks. But get's no verbal response. Instead he had to grab Ben's hand to prevent him from dialing up an alien.

"Let me go." Ben requests, trying to pull away.

"If you go hero now you'll expose yourself." Mother's Milk reminds the kid. "Get out of sight first."

Ben took a breath realizing he was right. "I'll stop Kevin, you guys figure out a way to keep him down."

"First off how do you know this guy?" Mother's Milk asks.

"Long story, we don't have time for that." Ben tells him, but gets stopped when he tries to get away.

"Second how do we take him down?" Mother's Milk asks.

"I'm just the muscle, you guys are the brains." Ben simply answers before running off. Mother's Milk then begins contacting the boys.

Starlight and Hughie

"Please tell me this was planned." Starlight tells Ashley, who just shakes her head with a look of horror. Ashley then gets a texts and turns to Seven's newest member.

"You're going in." Ashley tells her.

"Really?" Annie replies, not knowing if she should be scared or happy.

"Yup the whole Seven is gonna be there." Ashley tells her, texting Stillwell.

"All of them?" Hughie asks.

"Yes." Ashley answers, not caring Hughie wasn't supposed to know. "That fucker already took down Tek Knight, Maverix, Livewire, Moonshadow along with S.W.A.T in like five fucking seconds."

"This just came out." Starlight points out.

"When this Chimera shit first appeared." Ashley tells her. "That was like ten minutes ago, the only one not down is that new guy Webweaver."

"How am I gonna get there in time?" Starlight asks.

"With me." Homelander says, making his presence known. He was about to talk to Madelyn about his talk points when he heard the news. "Can't afford to waste time. The city needs us."

Starlight nods and before she has a chance to say goodbye Homelander wraps an arm around her and he flies off. Hughie uses this opportunity to go find the boys.


Webweaver was swinging around and dodging firing blasts and diamond shards. "Has anyone told you that you have anger management issues." He says, landing on the side of a building.

"Rah." Chimera grunts lifting up a car up to throw it. After blasting that stage some losers attacked him. Not just the police, those lame Vought Hero's he learned about. The one's so far were handled easily, but this Web Head was proving to be at least more competent and way more annoying than those other dweebs.

Webweaver fires a web at his face, just as Chimera throws a Prius. As Kevin tries to clean his face, Weaver jumps over the car behind Chimera and fires to web lines at the car. Then pulling real hard he says. "Hey buddy your Uber is here!" Just as the car hits him.

In response to this Kevin uses his speed to charge at Webweaver, who jumps high into the air, but Kevin fires his Stinkfly goo from his mouth. This lands on the side building Weaver was going to land on. "Oh shit." The newbie says, as he tries to pull.

"Eat this." Chimera says, firing a fire ball.

Weaver tried to get out the way, but even reposition his body the fire will still hit him. Not only did her burn, the goo was highly volatile so his body was blown to the ground. Naturally his suit was fine as he requested it be fire proof, but the force of the explosion and the impact on the ground rendered him unconscious.

"This is what you call heroes? I call this a bad joke." Chimera says out loud as people film and livestream him on social media. "I know your watching this Tennyson!" He shouts in anger. "You better get here before I get bored smacking around these losers and get started on the crowd."

That last one got people scared. But who was this "Tennyson" he kept asking for?

"Why don't you try taking us on?" A new voice boomed, and people cheered.

Looking up Kevin saw Homelander, with his arm around Starlight's waist floating down. A moment later Queen Maeve jumps from behind the crowd, runs on the side of a building for a few seconds and touches down on Homelander's other side. Black Noir using a grappling hook comes out of nowhere and stands next to Starlight. Finally A-Train zooms in next to Maeve.

(A/N so the position order is like this:

Black Noir, Starlight, Homelander, Queen Maeve, A-Train

Got it?)

"Aren't you a little old to play dress up?" Kevin taunts. "And aren't there supposed to be 7 of you, or did you change your name to the Five now?" He asks, noticing that Deep and Translucent aren't around.

"They're on there own missions." Homelander tells him. In reality Translucent was dead and Deep was useless on land, so he was ordered underwater just in case he could help. Though it was more to keep him out of sight. "Cause we're the Seven, Earth's Greatest-"

Homelander gets cut up when Kevin uses his XLR8 speed to charge at him. This surprised the supes, most of whom thought this was some stunt of some kind. Allowing the inter-dimensional villain to pounce and was now delivering a series of punches to Homelander.

The patriotic supe eventually was able to grab the Heatblast and Diamondhead fists. But the smaller Wildmutt arms on the lower torso still kept at, though with less strength.

Maeve tried to jump on Kevin's back, but Homelander fired his heat vision at the villain's chest. While this did have the desired effect of blasting Kevin off of him, it also knocked him into Maeve's mid air path. Knocking her her down and Kevin then used Stinkfly wings and Ghostfreak power to fly. He then fired Diamondhead shards and fire at Homelander who merely moved out of the way and used his heat vision.

Meanwhile Starlight had an idea. "Maneuver 7." She told to Noir.

"What's that?" A-Train asked, not knowing. Noir just nodded, knowing it was a move from one of is films.

After backing up some distance Noir ran as fast as he and Starlight cupped her hands and lowered them. When Noir placed his foot on her hands she used all her strength to toss him high into the air. The dark hero soon was even higher than Chimera, who was blocking Homelander's heat visions.

Noir adjusted himself so he landed in Kevin's back and when he did he placed several small, but powerful bombs on his back. Quickly jumping off he set them off before Kevin could get rid of them, resulting in several explosions that made the Chimera fall to the ground. And when he did he was blasted by Starlight and while it stung it didn't seem to do much.

Kevin growled as he got back up, but soon found himself tackled by Homelander. The Seven leader shoved him to the side of a building, cracking the walls. He then delivered two punches before Kevin fired his Stinkfly goo at his face. This stunned him enough so Kevin had an opportunity to shoot a Heatblast fire ball.

But Maeve came at him from the side, so the fireball missed and scorched part of the side of a building instead. This was rendered moot as Homelander tried to use his heat vision to get the gunk off. Only for it to literally blow up in his face.

Chimera, still mad, swung his arm towards Maeve who ducked. Only a little sluggishly. Kevin was then hit by knives, courtesy of Black Noir, which did nothing except make mutated child shoot fire at him. But this was a distraction as A-Train finally took action and charged. Only Kevin saw this coming and just barely dodged the attack, and grabbed A-Train's head. He then threw the supe at Starlight who at the same time fired her light blasts. So A-Train got blasted into a wall.

Starlight didn't have time to dwell on this as she had to jump out of the way of more shards. Noir then threw a smoke bomb down and as Kevin fired more flames and shards at him.

Kevin didn't have time to look for him as he had to use his XLR8 speed to dodge Homelander's next attack. Maeve then jumped on his back and tried to choke him. Chimera responded by XLR8ing in reverse until he hit a wall. Making her let go. As she was slumping down Kevin grabbed her arms and used Wildmutt senses to and caught an oder. "You smell like rotten fruit." He comments and notices her pupils are a bit dilated.

He's forced to let go of her as Starlight accurately fires her light beams at the side of his face. This stuns him for a second that allows Homelander to grab his tail and throw him down the street. The Seven leader then flies at Kevin with the internation to fly a hole straight through his opponent.

But his opponent was not done yet.

Using his Wildmutt senses, and XLR8 speed Kevin was not only able to move out of the way, but was able to grab his cape. Then after being pulled a few feet Kevin used all his strength in a manner to when Fourarms first fought Homelander. By repeatedly slamming him into the ground in multiple directions.

Then after a few times of doing this he throws him into the ground and punches him repeatedly. Homelander tries to fire his heat vision except he had to stop when Kevin shoots more Stinkfly goop at his face. Only for Kevin to grab him with his Diamondhead arm, throw him into the air and shoot fire with his Heatblast, making him explode again.

"Pretty fireworks." Kevin says amused.

A-Train then comes in and repeats what XLR8 did to him and Shock Wave. Running at his maximum speed he runs by Chimera in multiple directions hitting him each time. This throws Kevin off for a bit until he gets down into a crouched position. As A-Train continues his attacks Kevin uses his Grey Matter smarts to study the patterns A-Train was running. With limited avenues of approach it was easier then an open field.

Once he got the rhythm down he swung his Diamondhead arm towards the right and clotheslines A-Train, who runs at it at Mach 1. As A-Train hits the ground Kevin quickly grabs one of his legs and throws him at the wall.

Starlight fires a light beam at him, getting his attention, but as she is about fire again Maeve gets in the way. Queen Maeve charges at Chimera to try and deliver a few hits.

The Amazon like warrior punches his stomach, ducks a left hook from the Heatblast arm, only to be hit by the Wildmutt arm. Chimera then grabs her by the hair and tosses her to the side. Which is enough to knock Maeve out of the fight as she slumps down and doesn't get back up.

Kevin stared down Starlight and starts to walk towards her slowly. Meanwhile the light Hero is gathering the light around her to charge up her powers. That's when Noir jumps on him, doing a handstand on his shoulders, with his masked face pouting towards Starlight. Then before Kevin could grab him Noir flips in front of Kevin, double kicking his face in the process.

When Black Noir lands he throws more knives at his face. Which Chimera easily blocks, but this distracts him from noticing Starlight running at full speed. Noir crouches down and Annie uses his back to jump up. Not as high as he did before, but when Kevin uncovers his face she fires her most powerful blast at near point blank range.

It seems like it's about to work, except he backs up with XLR8 speed so he doesn't get the full force. It still hits him and hurts, but now he's more mad than before. Growling he uses his XLR8 speed, Wildmutt savagery and all his strength to tackle Starlight into Noir.

Getting tired of this Kevin shouts. "WHERE ARE YOU TENNYSON!" In anger.

"Right Here Kevin." Kevin hears, and turns to Diamondhead walking towards him some distance away. Smiling Chimera slowly makes his way towards his arch nemesis.

When they're close enough Kevin asks. "What took you so long? Was beginning to think you chickened out."

"Got caught in traffic." Ben answered, gesturing over his shoulder. After getting away from Mother's Milk he found it difficult to find a place to transform. So many people were around that it took him ten minutes at least to find a decent place to turn into XLR8. Then when he was close enough to Kevin he had to go human, wait a little bit, then change into Diamondhead.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Diamondhead said. "Hope those dweebs gave you a good warm up at least." He adds.

"They were alright." Kevin told him. "But you're the one I really wanted to see."

People who were still around kept filming and live-streaming this for all to see.

"Still playing the hero I see." Kevin says as they start to circle each other.

"Well you're still playing the villain who blames everybody else for the problems you cause." Diamondhead shoots back.

"Not everyone, just you." Kevin clarifies. "Cause you did this to me, turned me into a freak." He adds with venom.

"It was you who decided to try and take the watches power." Diamondhead reminds him. "I tried to help you and you attacked me."

"We were supposed to be partners." Kevin tells him. "We shook on it."

"You just wanted power and didn't care who you hurt." Ben reminded. "The people on that subway, those little trolls under the 39th street bridge. One was for money the other for revenge." He adds.

"They deserved it." Kevin argues.

"It's all about revenge for you." Diamondhead spits. "News flash, it's not gonna make you feel better."

"I don't know." Kevin disagrees with a smile as he stops. "It seems worth a shot."

Diamondhead stops as well. "You couldn't beat me with Vilgax helping you, what makes you think you can now?" Clenches his arms into fists.

"You're little watch lost it's upgrade." He answers correctly. Had Ben had the master control he would've changed into different alien whenever he wanted. "So it's gonna have to time out eventually." Kevin says. "And when it does you're easy pickings."

Deciding it was better to not tell Kevin he was only half right, Ben instead said. "Let's to end this."

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Chimera agree's.

What follows is a country western like stare down. Kevin narrows his three eyes at Diamondhead. Diamondhead narrows his two at Kevin, only his glow yellow.

They suddenly start to run at each other. As they got closer both of them reeled back their right fists. Then when they finally got close enough their punches collided, creating a shockwave.

Diamondhead then tried to use his other arm for a punch, only for Kevin to jump back. The mutant then fired his diamond shards Ben, only for the shapeshifter to fire his own. Ben's easily over powered Kevin's, who had to raise his arms to block the attack. Diamondhead jumped and slamming two fists to the ground. This action made a green crystal pillar shoot up diagonally right in front of Kevin, hitting him.

As Chimera was recoiling from the latest hit, Diamondhead formed his right arm into a blade and charged. Running to the pillar he used it to launch himself higher into the air. He then planned to stab Kevin from above, who used his XLR8 speed to move slightly to his left (Ben's right). So Diamondhead hit nothing but asphalt, and a second layer Kevin delivered a double left punch to the Petrosapien, sending him to the side of a building.

Diamondhead did not have much time to recover as he had to catch another of Kevin's punches. Then when they failed, Kevin tried to punch with his other, only for that to be caught. But before Chimera could use his two extra's Ben head-butted him. And as Kevin recoiled Ben used both his arms to fire shards at him.

The mutated child had to back up from this and eventually take flight. He followed this up by launching Stinkfly goop and then firing a Heatblast fire ball.

Knowing what he was about to do, Ben rolled forward as the goop and fire combo exploded behind him. Crossing his arms he spread them quickly firing more shards at Chimera, who dodged and fired his own shards.

As this was going on Homelander and the rest of the Seven watched. It seemed like the fight was even, but what to do now?

"Should we help him?" Starlight asks, with concern.

"I say we take 'em both." A-Train suggests, forgetting how they couldn't beat either individually.

"We wait." Homelander orders. "Eventually we'll get a winner and we'll take them down." He suggests.

"Really we're gonna wait for them to tire each other out?" Maeve asks, not believing it.

"Maybe if some of us were focused on them instead of hitting the sauce we'd have a better chance." Homelander tells her, smelling the alcohol. "Not to mention we're down two and this fucker is completely new."

Noir then takes out a notepad and writes something down. "They know each other." It simply says. He then flips to another page. "Capture New Guy."

"Noir's right." Homelander says. "If they know each other then we can get some new info on Shifter." Pauses and looks around. "In the meantime keep the civilians safe, we can't have any casualties." He adds, and the team splits off. Though despite saying he wants no casualties, Homelander means the opposite.

The Boys

"Holy Jesus fuck." Hughie gasps in the passenger seat of the car MM was driving. "He just took down the Seven." He comments, watching videos of the fight on his phone

"The kid?" Mother's Milk asks, curious as to why Ben would fight them now.

"No." Hughie clarifies. "This Chimera dude. He didn't even break a fucking sweat. Holy shit."

"Is the kid there yet?" Mother's Milk asks, keeping his eyes on the road. Despite the Chimera attack, traffic was moving at a decent pace. Surprisingly.

"He just got there." Hughie answers. "Where's Butcher?"

"Gonna meet us at Frenchie's lab." Mother's Milk answers. "Said he needed to pick something up."

"What?" Questions Hughie.

"A six pack of fuck off." Mother's Milk answers. In reality he didn't know where Butcher went either. But he wasn't gonna let Hughie know that. "Do they have something?"

"Let me check." Hughie says, then something else pops up on his phone. "Oh Ben is Diamondhead and they're doing that tacky thing where they circle around each other." He adds, confused.

"Like back stories and stuff?" MM questions in disbelief.

"I guess." Hughie says, then see's the fighting. "Oh they're fighting now."

"Frenchie!" Mother's Milk exclaims, reminding him of his first task.

"Oh right!" The newbie says, texting the Frenchman.

Frenchie's Lab

Moi j'suis posé dans ma ruche et ça bouge pas

Banquisé, alcoolisé, au milieu de nul part Normal, normal, j'dors pas et puis c'est tout

Moi j'suis posé dans ma ruche et ça bouge pas

Banquisé, alcoolisé, au milieu de nul part Normal, normal, j'dors pas et puis c'est tout

Comme d'hab...

The Lyrics to Guizmo's song 'Dans ma ruche' were playing loudly as Frenchie worked on a gas bomb. Similar to what what they used on the Female. As he was mixing the chemical components the music cut of. "What was that?" Frenchie asked, he was in the zone.

"I can't hear Chip." Elena explains. Her eyes then briefly glow as Chip repeats what he was telling her earlier. "He says you need to make that stronger." She tells him.

"This can knockout a supe." Frenchie points out.

"Yeah, but we're trying to knockout a freaky dude with the power of Ben's aliens all rolled up into one." Elena reminds him. "You also need to make it more like a grenade, so it blows up on him on impact." Her eyes briefly glow blue again. "And you need a lot so we can keep him down."

After seeing Chimera attack the Vought panel they instantly got a text from Mother's Milk. This relayed Ben's plan, or lack of one. Ben was gonna fight 'Kevin' while they figured out a way to knock him him out after he's done knocking him down. So naturally Frenchie set about making a powerful knockout gas.

"Well do you care to help me with the handling of chemicals that can go boom at any moment?" Frenchie asks. "Cause I need at least another pair of hands and we need to go to my other place."

"I'm ten." She reminds him. "Pretty sure I shouldn't be handling dangerous chemicals."

Ignoring the fact she was one of their tech experts and her abilities involving Chip, Frenchie asks. "Well who else is here to help us?"

Elena just replies by turning her head towards the only other person. The Female. Who was watching the end of Naruto's fight with Sasuke at the Valley of the End.

Scene cut

Mother's Milk and Hughie pulled up to the other hideout, just as Butcher did. Frenchie apparently had more materials here than he did at where they were keeping the Female. Each of them were carrying supplies necessary for later.

"Hey where'd you run off to?" Hughie asks, hoping to get a clear answer.

"Oh I just had to pop down to the shop." The brit begins to answer. "I was running a bit low on mind your own fucking business." He snaps, as he grabs a duffle.

The three then walk inside. "So do you guys think Frenchie can do this?" Hughie asks. "I mean we're talking about a dude who just took on the Seven."

"Benji took on the Seven and he's still kicking." Butcher reminds him.

"I'm with the kid on this one." Mother's Milk says, as they walk deeper inside. "I mean how in- The Fuck Frenchie!" Mother's Milk exclaims as they all see a shocking sight.

It was the Female, walking around. Unchained. With bottles of chemicals in her hand. She see's them and stops, then resumes bringing them to the counter in the 'kitchen'. She then begins to open one and is about to pour it haphazardly.

"No no no no Mon Coeur." Frenchie says, running in and stopping her. To their surprise she lets him take the bottle. "We need to measure it first, otherwise it will blow up in your face. Literally. Boom." He explains, emphasizing his point by mimicking an explosion in his face.

"Hi guys." Elena greets cheerfully, her head popping up from the couch.

"Why ain't she on a leash?" Butcher asks.

"I needed an assistant Huh." Frenchie lamely tells them. Only to receive a slight shove from the Female. "Ok ok partner." He clarifies and she nods, then gets a measuring cup and holds it up. "Yes that will work." She places it down and begins pouring the volatile substance into it, stopping when Frenchie tells her.

"Now careful when you pour it." Frenchie tries to warn, but the Female just dumps it in causing some drops to fall on her wrist. A sizzling sound is heard and she merely licks the drops off as if it were marinara sauce. Eventually the huge pot of liquid evaporates and all that's left is some small powder.

"Did it work?" Elena asks, keeping her distance.

After freeing the Female, Elena relayed Chips suggestions for a formula to make a knockout gas. The process which involved a bunch of chemicals and minerals that could explode and only make a small amount of it each time. The powder, when ignited like a smoke grenade, produces a smoke that can knock a grown man into a coma.

"One down." Frenchie comments.

"Out of two, three?" Hughie questions, hopeful that will be enough.

"Ah no." Frenchie confirms. "It will take 10 of these for a single grenade and that is not enough to take down petit Benny's friend."

"Then you better make more." Butcher tells him.

With Ben

Diamondhead grunted as he crossed his arms to block a punch from Kevin, that sent him back 10 feet while still standing. "Is that all you got?" Ben asked, uncrossing his arms. Kevin ran at him and tried to deliver a right punch only for Ben to duck and and throw a shoe shine combination. Diamondhead then delivered a right uppercut which Kevin reeled back from.

The Omnitrix weirder then tried to follow that up, but Kevin was not gonna allow it. Crouching down a bit and using his XLR8 speed he tackled the Petrosapien. Grabbing his torso Chimera rolled forward once before throwing his nemesis further down.

After hitting the ground a few times Diamondhead eventually got back to his feet and fired his shards. Kevin merely flew upwards to avoid them and fired several of his own. But Ben merely stood there as the shards shattered upon impact. "You never learn do you." Ben comments.

"Oh I've learned plenty." Kevin replies. "From you." As he said that he fired his Stinkfly goo and Heatblast fire back to back.

Knowing what was to come Diamondhead immediately lifted his hands to bring up a crystal pillar to block it. The explosion broke the pillar and created a cloud of smoke. Not being able to see Ben kept a sharp eye out. Only to blindsided from the left by Chimera who used the attack and resulting explosion as a distraction.

Diamondhead hit the side of building and as he was pushing himself off of it Kevin pushed him back into it. Not letting up Kevin grabbed the back of his opponent's head with his Diamondhead arm and repeatedly slammed it. "Is that all you got Tennyson?" Kevin asked with a smile thinking he had this won.

Ben's replies were muffled. "Hey Tennyson what time is it?" Kevin asked, getting ready to use Shifter's popular catchphrase against him.

"Hammer Time!" A new, older and more rugged voice called out.

"Huh?" Kevin responded with confusion, not expecting someone else to reply. Looking to his right he saw Ground Hawk just as he was about to deliver a hammered punch to his face. Forcing Kevin off Ben.

Ground Hawk kept up the pressure with multiple punches causing Kevin to step back at each hit. "Is that all ya got ya pussy? Is that the best you can do?" He taunts until Kevin grabs his hammered fists with a look of anger and annoyance. "Crap." The former G-Men leader said, just before he was thrown to the side of the building.

As Kevin was about to light him him on fire he had to block the Diamondhead shards being fired from a recovered Ben. This gave enough time for Ground Hawk to get back up and charge. Ground Hawk was able to deliver a right cross before his attempt at a left was caught.

Ben, having stopped his firing, tried to come to the rescue. Forming his right arm into a blade he swung it, only for that to be caught. The supe and hero then decided to use their free hands for uppercuts. But those were grabbed by Kevin's spare hands. The villain then flew up, still holding onto their limbs and once he was high enough spun around and threw them back down.

"That fucking hurt." Ground Hawk groans, morphing his hammer back into a hand to rub his head. He then turns to Ben and asks. "I'm guessing you have a plan."

"About 12 percent of it." Diamondhead admits, as he gets up.

"More than I do." Ground Hawk shrugs as he gets back up. Kevin then flies down at them but they jump out of the way just in time. As he flies back up Ben rips off a car door and throws it at the wings. This causes Chimera to land on his face.

"Let's get that little shit!" Ground Hawk shouts and is about to run over to attack, only for Ben to pull him back.

"We're not gonna get anywhere with a slugfest." Diamondhead tells him. "We gotta keep him off balance first."

"How do we do that?" The semi retired supe asked. "Give him some Meth or something?"

"Remember you're second movie." Diamondhead begins, as Kevin starts to get back up. "The Nubians beat you in the robbery in the beginning."

"That fuckin' hopscotch shit?" Ground Hawk asked. "You think that'll work?"

Rather than answer Ben just orders. "I'll take point." Then starts to run at Kevin with Ground Hawk following behind. He quickly fired several shards at Kevin, who whacked them down with ease and fired his own.

Ben rolled forward to dodge, as did Ground Hawk. Diamondhead then stopped in a knelt down position and fired a barrage of shards at his opponent. Chimera crossed his arms to block this, which was what Ben wanted. So when Ground Hawk finally caught up he jumped on then off of his ally's back towards Kevin. When the shards stopped coming Kevin uncrossed his arms just in time to the hammer handed supe coming at him.

Ground Hawk then used his left hammer to whack one of Kevin's arms before his right one connected with Kevin's face. This sent Kevin into a bit of a daze as he recoiled from the hit. When Ground Hawk knelt down he felt Diamondhead jump off his back and delivered his own punch.

Ground Hawk and Diamondhead then repeated this several more times with success. Until Kevin finally had enough and used his XLR8 speed to slide to the right. Then not only did Diamondhead make contact with just air, Chimera threw double left to his side. This sent the Petrosapien into the side of a building once again.

Ground Hawk then let out a war cry as he ran at Kevin. Jumping up he tried to smash his face with his hammer hands, but those were easily caught. Ground Hawk didn't let that stop him and he quickly head butted Kevin. Once he was let go Ground Hawk ducked his head down and tackled his enemy's torso and pushed him into a wall.

"Rah!" Kevin shouted he rolled them over Ground Hawk was against the wall. The former G-Men member tried to throw a punch, but the first was caught by Kevin's Hestblast hand, the other with the Wildmutt hands. "Bye bye birdie." Kevin says in a low tone as he makes a blade with his Diamondhead arm.

As he's about to stab him, a tow truck hits him, knocking him off of Ground Hawk. Kevin tosses the vehicle aside and looks to see who did that. He see's a woman wearing a mostly silver outfit, but what was most noticeable was the Hijab she had on. This was Silver Kindcaid, Supe, Muslim and UNICEF Ambassador. "This a boys only party or can I join to?" She asks, walking into the battle.

"Nah." Ben told her, having recovered from the earlier hit. "The more the merrier." He tells her.

"No problem." Kevin agreed. "More losers for me to knock down." He adds with a smile, while punching his fists into his palms. He then flew up high into the air and simultaneously shot his Stinkfly goo and Heatblast fire.

Diamondhead then placed his hands on the ground to raise another pillar to block it. But Kincaid took it a step further and used her telekinesis to lift it off the ground and flung it at Kevin. The result was an explosion in between.

"We need to get in close." Ben says then looks at both Silver Kincaid and Groundhawk. "How much do you lift?" He asks the Hijab wearing supe.

Kincaid just smiles and looks to Groundhawk who looks at the two of them. "What are you thinking?" He asks.

"You're up big guy." Kincaid simply tells him, before using her telekinesis to lift the older supe.

"Wha-What the fuck?" Groundhawk says as he starts floating.

"Up you go." Silver Kincaid says, then uses all her might to throw the G-Men member at Chimera.

"Woah!" Groundhawk says, limbs flinging about as he's tossed at Kevin.

Kevin chuckles as he just moved out of the way and watched as Groundhawk heads towards the ground. "That was you plan?" Chimera asks with a laugh and turns to face Ben, just in time to see Diamondhead shooting up at him like a bullet. A struggle in mid air ensued when the Petrosapien made contact, with the shapeshifter holding onto Kevin as he flew wild to try and knock of Ben.

However they neglected one thing. Who was gonna catch Groundhawk.

"Oh shit!" Groundhawk exclaimed as he neared the ground. Only to feel something hit his back and stop him just a few feet above.

"I got ya big guy." A new voice said with a bit of struggle.

Groundhawk turned his head to look above and saw a recovered Webweaver. "Sup." He greets.

Just then Silver Kincaid, who planned to catch Groundhawk, came in. "I would've caught him." She tells Webweaver.

"Oh sorry... I just thought you uh might need some help." He explains.

"Can you put me down now?" Groundhawk requests.

"Oh right sorry." Webweaver said, before gently lowering the former G-Men member, then jumping off the wall he was on.

As this went on Kevin finally managed to grab Ben and throwing him down at his undeclared teammates. "Behind you!" Webweaver exclaims, while point above to see Ben falling like a meteor.

Silver Kincaid tried to use her telekinesis to catch him, but with the speed and force used to throw him she only succeeded in slowing him down. Seeing as how she was about to get hit, Webweaver fired a web line at her back and pulled her just in time. Diamondhead fell just where she was and the result was a shockwave that sent the other three back a bit.

Groundhawk crossed his hammer arms and was able to stay standing. Webweaver and Silver Kincaid rolled to the ground until they eventually stopped. "They said girls were gonna fall over me, but not on me." Weaver comments as Kincaid pushed off him and stood back up.

As Diamondhead was getting back Kevin smiled and flew down. Only as he flew an ice blast hit his back, freezing one of his wings. This not only offset his flight pattern, but forced him to crash down.

It was Ice Princess, dressed in a less provocative version of her outfit with less makeup. Using her powers she created a board of ice with one hand and used her other to shoot frigid her propelling her forward. Eventually she stopped close to the other mishmash of heroes. "Hey." She simply greets.

"Are we forming a superhero team?" Webweaver asks with excitement. "Cause that would be awesome!" He exclaims.

"Look uh." Diamondhead begins, but forgets the kids name.

"Webweaver." The spider like supe tells him. "Nice to meet you. Big fan, you're awesome."

"Look we don't need to start a conversation right now." Diamondhead tells him. Then points to Webweaver and Groundhawk before adding. "You two distract Kevin, while I let them in on the plan." He directs.

"His name is Kevin?" Groundhawk questions with a chuckle.

"You got Shifter sir." Weaver obeys with a salute.

"Wait a second." The older Vought supe tells the newbie. "I thought you only had twelve percent of the plan?"

"It's forty-two now." Diamondhead answers.

"Hurry and figure out the other fifty-eight then." Groundhawk tells him, before he and Webweaver charge at Chimera. Kevin in turn ran at them, though without his XLR8 speed.

"Catapult me." Webweaver tells Groundhawk as he bends his fingers to fire several clumps of the web fluid his body makes. Kevin holds up his left Heatblast arm to block, and subsequently burn, the web.

The move blocked Kevin's vision long enough so he didn't see Webweaver jump on one of Groundhawks hammer and then be thrown over. While he was flying over his head Webweaver fired two web lines at his head and pulls. Annoyed by this Kevin rips the webbing off, only to then receive a hammered punch to the face.

Chimera stumbled as he back up and spun to see that behind him Webweaver land and do a double front kick on. This cycled continued for several moments, with the two supes essentially taking turns hitting Kevin.

"Web attack." Webweaver called out when it was his turn. "More web attacks." Again. "Web attack with a kick." Again. "Web-" He was cut off when Kevin was able to grab his torso and thrown him at Groundhawk, causing them both to fall to the ground. "Pain." Webweaver wheezed out. "Web attack with pain."

Groundhawk quickly gets back up and charges at Kevin again. Chimera them grabs both his hammer arms, lifts him up, punches his torso with his Wildmutt limbs, then does a 180 degree turn before tossing him down. Kevin then shoots fire and shards at Webweaver who bounces around to dodge it.

Chimera then noticed Ben, Ice Princess and Silver Kincaid have not attacked for some time. Diverting his attention he extended his main arms and fired his shards and fire blast before spewing skinkfly goo at them.

"Do it now!" Diamond simply tells the two female supes, before flinging his arms to fire his own shards to counter Kevin's. Ice Princess then fired an ice blast that causes the fire blast to turn into steam and the goo to become a giant icicle. Silver Kincaid then catches the frozen goop with her telekinesis.

Kincaid then begins spinning the frozen goo and shoots it back at Kevin. But not before Ice Princess aims low and keeps a steady stream to keep his lower arms frozen in place.

Kevin tries to grab the projectile with his Diamondhead arm, but Webweaver, remembering what happened to him earlier, shoot webs on that arm. He then attaches the other end to Groundhawks hammers. With all their might theyl yank, throwing kevin off balance and on instinct he grabs the frozen goo icicle with his remaining arm.

Kevin catches it. "HA! Nice try losers!" He sees it melting and remembers what happens when you mix skinkfly goo with heatblast fire. "Oh cru-"


The Boys Hideout

After some work Frenchie and the Female managed to make enough ammunition to fill dozens of grenades. Butcher, Mother's Milk and Hughie then filled the grenades with it, mostly the former two. Elena meanwhile got their masks ready.

Soon all the boys were decked out in black with Milkor MGL grenade launchers, each loaded with the modified grenades. "So uh how do I use this?" Hughie asks, examining the military grade weapon he's only ever used on GTA.

"Relax mate." Butcher tells him, while placing a few extra hand grenades in the pouches of his gear. "When we get close we'll set it up and all you have to do is pull the trigger." He reassured him.

"Just don't set one of these off, who knows what it'll do." Mother's Milk requests. After all if it might take dozens of these to just knock out Chimera, who knows what a single will do to a single person.

As Frenchie finished getting ready he noticed something missing. "The masks. Where are they?" He questions with a slight panic. They were not only crucial to keeping their faces hidden from camera, but they had zinc sewn into the microfibers. This kept people with X-Ray vision such as Homelander from seeing through.

"Here." Elena said cheerfully, holding up two ski mask that only exposed the eyes with her hands while the Female held the other two. Each mask also now had Ben's Omnitrix insignia on the forehead. "This way Ben knows you guys without exposing you."

"Good job." Butcher compliments. "But next time you wanna do art and crafts be sure to let us know. Otherwise you might piss us off." Catches the masks when they're thrown.

"Showtime boys." Butcher says with a smile as they begin leaving.

"Holy fuck we're really doing this." Hughie says as he follows Butcher.

Frenchie walks beside the former electronic store worker and pats him on the shoulder. "Just relax Petit Hughie, breath in, then breath out." He instructs, and does so himself.

As Mother's Milk follows them he pulls out a box of purell wet wipes and throws them. The female catches this and looks at it funny. "Clean this place up." He instructs, pointing the mess of food and chemicals in the kitchen. Then walks up while triple checking his gear.

As Elena and the Female look at the mess they were told to clean up. "Cleaning montage?" Elena suggests, getting a raised eyebrow in return.

With Ben

Despite all the opponents and all the hits he's taken Kevin was still in the fight. And with no major injuries sustained, at least none that were visible to the naked eye. Same though was true for Ben, but not his teammates.

As Diamondhead blocked a stream of flames and shards he asked. "Everyone good?" And the replies he got were various acknowledgments of yes. Though he could tell they were reaching their limit, and who could blame them? Ben was used to fighting stronger opponents both in hero and civilian form. Not to mention Diamondhead was one of his most durable forms.

However during the fighting Ben came up with a plan that would hopefully win it for them and told each person of their role when he could. "Now" He calls out signaling to start.

Diamondhead begins by firing a barrage of shards at Kevin, forcing him on the defensive. Meanwhile Ice Princess gets behind Kevin and blasts his feet freezing them to the ground. She then keeps up the frost so it goes higher to immobilize his lower half as much as possible for as long as possible.

Chimera then tries to use his left Heatblast arm to melt the ice, but Silver Kincaid uses her telekinesis to grab his arm and points it upwards. She holds it with all her might, but it requires all her concentration to keep just that limb in place.

Growling Kevin tries to use his Diamondhead arm to fire shards at her. But Webweaver swings by and shoots multiple webs at the arm and pulls. So while he fired he only hit some glass windows. "There I go again, just shattering expectations." Webweaver quips, then fired more webs to the sides of buildings before connecting them with the ones attached to Kevin's arm. He then pulls to keep Chimera from using that arm.

Diamondhead and Groundhawk run at Kevin and simultaneously to deliver a hammer and diamond uppercut. Knocking him off the ground, his feet break free of the ice as his body goes back several meters and flips over.

"Take that mother fucker!" Groundhawk exclaims with a smile, then starts breathing heavily. "Man I'm out of shape."

"Is it over?" Ice Princess asks, as she Kincaid and Webweaver walk over. Like Groundhawk they were breathing pretty heavy and for good reason. This was the first ever super villain this world has faced, no Vought supe has ever had to fight one.

Diamondhead narrows his eyes as he see's Kevin start to get back up, albeit slowly. "Not yet." He tells them.

"Come on." Webweaver whines. "I mean is he on something? He just fought the entire panel, most of the Seven and us, how is he not dead?" He asks.

"What's the matter bug, getting tired?" Silver Kincaid asks with a smirk.

"What no, actually I'm getting my second wind." Webweaver denies. "Also arachnid by the way." Corrects her.

Just then a van pulls up and skirts to a sudden stop. "Who's that?" Kincaid asks. Just as four individuals come out of it, carrying grenade launchers and wearing masks with the Omnitrix insignia on their forehead.

"I think they're here to help." Diamondhead tells them, thinking it's Butcher and the other Boys.

One fires a grenade right at Kevin, exploding a red smoke at his face. Kevin inhales it and starts to get dizzy. Soon the others start to fire with everything they have, until they were out. Each hit seemingly zapped Kevin's strength and Chimera's movements became sluggish. After running out of ammunition in their launchers they then tossed a few smoke grenades of the substance. Eventually the groaning Kevin fell over for the final time, his vision slowly fading into black.

"Now it's over." Ben tells them to their relief. Then he feels a presence behind him. "Spoke to soon." Turns around and comes face to face with Homelander and the rest of the Seven. "Can I help you?"

"Nice job." He say's flashing his signature smile. "We'll handle from here."

"Yeah no." Diamondhead says taking a step forward. "He just kicked your butts. No way you can hold him?"

"He just got a lucky shot." Homelander counters, cape moving a little in the wind.

"So him blowing your face twice was a lucky shot?" Silver Kincaid spoke up, having watched the earlier engagement. She wanted to join earlier but was ordered not to because 'The Seven are on it.'

Homelander gives her a dirty look, but then stares back at Shifter. "Look you did good, but he's our prisoner." Homelander tells him with certainty.

"Actually no." Webweaver pipes in. "Vought policy and contracts specifically state that when criminals are apprehended they are to be handed over to the authorities." He tells them.

"Well who are the proper authorities then?" Homelander asks, then gestures to the general area. "Cause everyone beside Shifter is Vought and Vought is the only place where this guy (points to Kevin) can be held."

"Homelander." Maeve voices in then gestures to a bunch of black cars and a large truck. All unmarked and stop right behind the Seven.

"Who the fuck are these guys?" A-Train asks Black Noir who just shrugs.

Stepping out is Susan Raynor, who was called by Butcher. Walking up to the Seven, Shifter and the other supes she flashed her badge. "CIA we'll take it from here, our guys are equipped to hold Chimera until further notice." She simply says.

"All yours ma'am." Diamondhead say's stepping out of the way. "Need some help getting him in."

"Please." Raynor say's before walking to the other CIA soldiers/agents.

"Now hold on-" Homelander begins to object.

"Either get on board." Diamondhead cuts him off, then forms an arm blade. "Or get ready for round three you dweeb." He threatens.

With a small growl Homelander shoots a threatening look, his eyes glowing red. Diamondhead's yellow eyes then shine brighter as the two stare each other down. A-Train looks ready to and Silver Kincaid is ready to stop him. Groundhawk forms his hammers into hands, while Maeve gets into a fight stance. Ice Princess gets ready to attack Starlight who is to shocked to react properly to prepare for a fight. Black Noir gets ready to fling his knives and in response Webweaver gets ready to shoot his webs

The air is tense, just a breath away until all hell breaks loose.

Homelander would gladly fight him right here and now, but Edgar was explicitly clear about it. And even he could see why it was a bad idea to fight right now. It would be a scandal for Vought and they'd definitely lose points. So Homelander calms down and says. "Fine." Then backs off and the rest of the Seven members follow.

Soon enough Chimera is loaded in truck that just barely fits him, the mask wears then toss some more grenades inside before retiring to their vehicle. But not before one stares incredibly hard at Homelander as he walks away. But because if the zinc sewed fabric Homelander can only watch as Mr Mystery walks with his crew.

He contemplated following them, but didn't think they were worth it. Plus he and the rest of the Seven had to report back to Stillwell. Which they did once the CIA left with Chimera.

Which left Ben and his ragtag group of supes, which he needed to address. "Thanks for your help, but why did you help me?" He asks.

"I owed you one." Groundhawk simply tells him, referring to how he got Maya out her situation. Then gave him a lawyer to make him her legal guardian.

Ice Princess shyly rubbed her left arm. "This seemed like a good start being real and not a scam." She admitted. "Or a dweeb."

"I wanted to help." Silver Kincaid admitted honestly.

"I was already here so." Webweaver simply stated.

"Well you did good work." Diamondhead told them. "Maybe not all of you Vought guys are lame." Starts to walk away.

"So do we like exchange numbers now or?" Webweaver asks, then see's everyone walking away. "Oh we're just leaving, that's uh that's cool." Shoots a web line and swings elsewhere.


The Seven, sans Translucent, were seated as Ashley told them the news.

"Good news, with the exception of Deep, all of your points went up." Ashley tells them with a smile. "Especially Starlight and Black Noir." Gestures to the two in question. "You just had that perfect teamwork going, did you plan that?"

"Oh know." Starlight tells her as Noir shakes his head. "It it was just some of the moves Noir used in his movie 'Dark Justice' I'd thought it could work here."

"Now let's move onto-" Ashley was about to continue when Annie interrupted her.

"I'm sorry." The newbie said. "But shouldn't we talk about what that was. I mean does anyone know who he was, why he was here?"

"Crime analytics are on it." Ashley said with a polite smile.

"Then can we talk to them?" Starlight asks and before Ashley could say no the door open. Revealing Stan Edgar once more.

"That'll be all Ashley, I'll take it from here." Edgar tells her.

"But Miss Stillwell-" Ashley tries to refuse.

"Miss Stillwell works for me, therefore so do you and as your boss I am telling you." Pauses for a moment that scares Ashley slightly. "Take the rest of the day off." He tells her and she leaves.

When she does tension fills the room so thick one would need an axe to have a chance at cutting. "I am not happy."

"There's a shock." Homelander mutters.

"Someone ask me why." The CEO requests.

They all look to each other until Deep finally says. "Why?"

"So glad you asked." Edgar replies with a smile. "Because while you kept casualties to only a few broken limbs, that will all heal, and damages will not have to be paid, at least not solely, by Vought you nearly ruined your own brand." He begins.

After a short pause that allows Edgar to put Chimera's image on screen. "Because a single individual not only took you on, he completely embarrassed you."

"But what about those other guys?" Maeve questions without a care. "They didn't do fuck." She reminds him.

"They aren't the Seven." Edgar explains simply. "You're supposed to be Earth's Most Mighty, it's one thing for you to again lose to Shifter alone." Pulls up images of Webweaver, Groundhawk, Silver Kincaid and Ice Princess. "But no, with Shifter's guidance he, Silver Kincaid, a retired has been, an immature newbie and a B-lister we're able to stop Chimera."

"There points all went up, with some requesting they be part of the Seven." Edgar continues.

"Fucking bullshit." Homelander simply says with annoyance.

"ESCUSE ME!" Starlight interrupts with irritation, lights flickering. "But can we talk about Chimera, not about points or marketing or that fucking shit!" She again requests.

Instead of getting mad Edgar smiles. "My next point." He says. "It's clearly obvious he knows Shifter, personally because they called each other by their names." Plays the recording of them just before they started fighting. Names like Kevin and Tennyson popped up.

"Unfortunately our own policies require that we leave Chimera with the custody of the CIA." Edgar admits to them. "But they will allow us to visit him provided we are supervised. Once his proper cell is ready. Plus since this is the first ever super villain there's going to be a lot of debate."

"What do you mean when his cell is ready?" A-Train asks.

"Well there's a way to knock him out, but unfortunately it will take a little time for them to outfit a proper cell to hold him while he's conscious." Edgar explains. "We do however definitely know the names of them." He adds.

"Yeah but there's like a fuck load of Kevin's in the city alone." Maeve points out.

"Yes, but how many Tennyson's are there?" The CEO asked. "And seeing as how Chimera started making appearances in South America a little while after Shifter so it's safe to say they're connected."

"Yes but how?" Starlight asks. "It seemed like they us to be friends or partners, but why are they fighting?"

Stan then replays another part of their interaction. "It was you who decided to try and take the watches power. I tried to help you and you attacked me."

"A watch? What the fuck does a watch have to do with any of this?" Maeve asks in disbelief.

"Clearly it's a source of power, likely for Shifter." Edgar theorizes. "This reveals his power comes from a device rather than yours."

"Cause we're born with it." Starlight points out, but gets no reply from Edgar.

"Now just a few minor changes." Edgar tells them before he pulls out his phone and makes a call on speaker. "Anika this is Mister Edgar."

"Oh Mister Edgar how can I help you?"

"Until further notice all crime itineraries for the Seven are to be cancel and yes I am serious." Hangs up and puts his phone away. "As of right now you are to solve crimes on your own."

Maeve: "The fuck."

A-Train: "What?"

Deep: "You can't be serious."

Black Noir: Eyes raised behind a mask.

Starlight: No response.

Homelander: Eyes narrowed, fist clenching.

"If you can prove you are capable of doing what the public thinks you can then you shall be given back the resources at crime analytics." He explains to them, then looks at Starlight. "Should you want them."

"Finally with how well the four of members of Vought performed during Chimera's attack one of them shall be joining the Seven to replace the deceased Translucent." Edgar tells them.

"Deceased!" Starlight repeats, standing up.

"Joining the Seven?" Homelander asks in confusion.

"When did he die?" Starlight asks. "Was it on his mission?"

"He was never on a mission." Edgar tells the ignorant girl. "He died weeks ago, why, how and where is unclear, all we got back was a box of what was left of him." He informs. "A few days from now we'll announce it, mourn his loss then replace him with any of the four mentioned." He tells them.

"Um I decide who can join the Seven." Homelander reminds Edgar. "I mean those guys are good, but the Seven is the strongest Superhero team, shouldn't we have the strongest Superheroes." He adds, completely ignoring Stan Edgar's reminder of the fight that humiliated the Seven not even a couple of hours ago.

Rather than repeat himself Edgar decided to take a different approach. "Wrench." He simply says.

"Who?" Homelander questions, since he along with others recognize that meaning.

"Didn't he and Soldier Boy fight in World War II." Starlight said, her memory a little foggy about when and where she learned that.

"So he was a hero." Homelander say's.

"He was the greatest hero." Edgar say's, as he puts an old photo of Wrench and Soldier Boy, on the screen. Soldier Boy was smiling, Wrench, who wore a mechanic's uniform, was not, in fact he looked annoyed.

"His father was a Veteran on World War One, fought in Bellau Wood and in the Meuse–Argonne offensive. Injured and decorated he met his future wife a nurse and they married in 1919, 1920 they gave birth to Henry Williams." Edgar starts. "Growing up Henry was always around tools and at a young age helped his father fix and repair cars, plumbing, tables and the works."

"Is there a point to this story?" A-Train asked, getting bored.

"Pay attention and you'll see." Edgar tells him.

The CEO then continues. "When the Great Depression hit Henry's family struggled. In 1931 Henry's father jumped off a bridge so his family could get the insurance money, his wife, shortly after hearing the news, died of a broken heart."

A moment of silence.

"Henry didn't have time to mourn." Edgar continued. "Instead he used the money to rent a room in queens, small, but the family was nice. He then earned money by being a repairman, or repair boy in this case. Not only did he do a good job for cheap he also only worked for people that really needed the help. Refusing to be taken in a rich family after he helped restart their car on the side of the road."


"When he was 16 he found a job at a garage, which was black owned and employed mainly people of color. There he fixed cars, motorcycles while still helping those that needed home repairs, only he did the latter for even less or free." Chuckles. "Sometimes he snuck back the money they paid him because they needed it more."


"World War II comes around Roosevelt wants to call up soldiers just in case. At age 20 in joins and with his background he comes a mechanic." Edgar resumes. "However in 1942 he gets into a fist fight with a couple of police officers and the army puts him in a combat unit as punishment. They then discover his extraordinary abilities."

Dramatic Pause.

Edgar then puts footage from 1943, during the Battle of Kasserine Pass. It's from a distance, but it's clear a man with a large wrench taking out German soldiers of the Afrika Korp left and right. With great skill he dodges bullets and never stays still. He then takes several German stick grenades and shoved them inside the tank. Footage cuts off there.

"From Operation Torch they find out what a natural born fighter he is." Edgar continues. "Single handedly taking out German and Italian soldiers by the dozen in the Tunisian Campaign. Soon his childhood nickname spread like wildfire across the country."

"Wrench." Starlight said.

"He then fought in Sicily, Italy, Normandy and Southern France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany-" Edgar listed off, only to be cut off when.

"What about Soldier Boy?" The Deep asked. "Wasn't he on Normandy?"

"Yes." Edgar says. "Two weeks after D-Day. You see Wrench hated Soldier Boy, but the brass hated Wrench, so they gave Soldier Boy at least half the credit for fighting the battles Wrench was in." He explains.

"But Wrench didn't care." Stan goes on. "He kept fighting until the end of the war, often up close and personal and upheld every sense of honor, even when his enemy didn't deserve it."


"After the war he participated in the Berlin Airlift, fixing planes and training those to fix them. Then in Korea, after which he met his future Wife. Was hero to those here in New York until he, and Soldier Boy, were sent off to Vietnam." Edgar continues, but pauses for effect. "Where he spent as much time fighting Americans as he did the Vietnamese, until finally during the closing hours of the war he attacked an American Airbase."

This earned some reactions.

"Now our own media team will tell you he became a communist and Soldier Boy killed him." Edgar continued. "But the reality is he teamed up with both Vietnamese soldiers on both sides to attack that base which was about to bomb a heavily civilian populated area." He clarified. "All Americans, except Soldier Boy, died, it's unknown how many Vietnamese dead there were."

"What does this have to do with us?" Homelander asked, not seeing the point of this story.

"The point is that unlike you Wrench was actually hero, who saved lives, did it successfully, did it without any want for money or glory and did it without a fraction of the resources you have." Stan pointed out. "So now his best, is gonna be the bare minimum requirement for all of you until Shifter is neutralized. Fail to meet that requirement you can look for employment elsewhere."

Homelander chuckles at his. "You can't just fire us." He says, with both amusement and confidence.

"I can actually." Edgar told him. "Comes with the job. And if you believe for one second that you're not replaceable then look at Payback." He adds.

"That's all for now." Edgar concludes then walks away, leaving a stunned Seven behind.

Ben and the Boys

Ben was now in a van with the rest of the Boys. After exiting the fighting it took Ben some time to find a safe place to transform. Then he had to wait for Butcher and the rest to ditch the van they had and get a new one. As they drove back to the hideout Ben explained who Kevin was and why he was upset with him.

"So you're telling us that roid raging freak cunt has had it in for you since New York in your universe for about a month." Butcher says, while driving.

"Because he blames you for turning him into that." Frenchie adds

"Even though that kid did it to himself?" Mother's Milk finishes.

"Ok... that makes sense actually." Hughie stated, as if it's a normal thing, which comparatively speaking likely is.

Mother's Milk looks at Hughie with a raised eyebrow. "How does that make sense?" He asks.

"I mean.. like it comic book stuff, superheroes have villains that have the same powers but are like their opposite." Hughie reasons.

"The kid is right." Butcher agrees. "Vought's supe cunts may be fake as fuck, but since Benji is actually a real life version of the pile of shite they tell people it's simple that he has his own supe cunt that can actually take him down." He explains.

"Yeah, but Kevin isn't like my toughest bad guy, that's Vilgax." Ben mentions, then has a look of worry.

"What's wrong?" MM asks, knowing the look Ben is giving.

"If Kevin is here then Vilgax is too." Ben say's with realization.

"Who is this Vilgax?" Frenchie wonders, and Ben begins a brief overview

Scene Cut

Deep in ocean a large mass sits in the ocean floor. Suddenly two pairs of red eyes slowly begin to open, only to close again.

Scene Cut

Ben and The Boys pulled outside the building they were using for their hideout. "So you have a giant calamari after you too and he could be anywhere on earth."

"Probably." Ben shrugs.

"What other messed up shit did you get into?" Butcher asks, with amusement as they take the equipment they used out of the van.

"Well..." Ben shrugs grabbing one of launchers, which was empty of grenades. "I did have to stop some sentient Mushrooms from taking over world, plus there was that Krakken, and a guy who can control bugs." Shivers. "That was not fun." Walks inside, as Butcher chuckles in amusement.

"This is very strange." Frenchie whispers to Hughie.

"What is?" Hughie asks, as they take off some of their gear. "That is stranger than what we do."

"Seeing Butcher this..." Frenchie trails off not finding the right word.

When they go inside though they see the kitchen area was an even bigger mess than when they left. With Elena and the Female with food and ingredient stained clothes. When they noticed the boys they stood like statues.

"What... The hell... happened?" Mother's Milk asked, looking around the mess.

"We were trying to make spaghetti." Elena said with a sheepish smile.

"How the hell did you get sauce on the ceiling?" Butcher asked.

"It blew up." Elena answers.

"How do you blow up pasta?" Ben asks.

MM then grabs several rags, Clorox spray and purrel wet wipes. "We are going to clean this place spotless." He orders them, and they soon start cleaning.

An hour later

MM has left and gone home, while the rest stayed at the hideout. With Butcher and Frenchie heading to hospital to get the V and Hughie on babysitting duty, which was fine with Hughie. Meanwhile Ben, Elena and the Female were watching Transformers Prime on Netflix.

"Whoever does their voices are awesome." Ben comments.

"I know plus lines just fit so well." Elena adds, as they watch Optimus Prime and Megatron fight on the Space Bridge.

"Definitely gonna use them." Ben tells her.

"One shall stand, one shall fall." Elena mimics, deepening her voice to sound like Optimus.

"I might derail it's objective, by removing it's head." Ben replies.

"Autobots rollout!" Hughie joins, feeling left out slightly.

"Lame." Ben and Elena said simultaneously, while the Female nodded in agreement.

Just then Butcher and Frenchie entered. With Butcher having a huge smile on his face.

"Um is that a 'we should celebrate' smile?" Ben asks, with unsureness.

"Or a 'we should be scared' smile?" Elena adds, getting the same vibes as Hughie.

Gulping Hughie said. "Can it be the first one."

Grinning like the grinch Butcher replies. "Let's party."

Frenchie then holds up a vial of blue liquid. "We got the V!" He say's with a smile. After cleaning up Butcher wanted to get to the hospital Ezekiel told Hughie about. Originally he was gonna go with Mother's Milk, but the father needed to get home to his family. So he took Frenchie, luckily the hospital was basically deserted at this hour. They were in an out without setting off any alarms, plus they got some valuable intel.

Milk Household

MM entered his family's home and was welcomed with the smell of food. His wife was making lamb chops. Yum. He then saw his daughter on the couch on her tablet and the dining room table was set up. "Hey baby, what you watching?" He asked his daughter.

"Hi daddy, I was watching Shifter's fight." She replies, showing a YouTube video created by someone called "Hero Times" an account created by Ben and Elena. Apparently after finding out a person can make money by making original videos Ben asked for Elena's help on his Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. The video was of Diamondhead and the other Supes fighting Chimera from different angles, taken from news footage or other social media. It already had over 100,000 views in just a short time. "Isn't it cool?"

Smiling MM replied. "The coolest." Then kissed her head before going to the kitchen.

"Hey sweetie." MM greeted his wife with a kiss to her cheek. "Something smells good."

"I made lamb chops." Monique tells him with a smile. "Plus mashed potatoes, and this Italian side called Caprese."

MM chuckles internally, knowing the last part his a subtle hint about her wanting to go to Italy. He then noticed she was dressed warmly, even though the heat was on and the weather wasn't that cold. "You cold baby?" He asked, concerned.

"I'm fine." Monique answers. "I've just been cold lately, at least in the house. There's gotta be a draft or something." She admits.

"That's weird, but I'll check it out." The husband tells her.

"I'm fine." She tries to reassure him. "Least I'm not sick." She then pokes her head to the living room. "Janine sweetie can you please set the table up." She calls. Their daughter then grabs the plates and silverware and after Monique starts to set the table up.

As Monique gets the drink and MM gets cleaned up, Janine goes to her IPad to turn it off. That's when she hears vroom followed by a. "Hey want an autograph?" By A-Train who was seated on the couch.

Janine then let out a loud scream, dropping her IPad. In response both parents rushed out, MM taking his gun out, only for them to freeze seeing A-Train. They then hear sounds in the dining room and turn to see Black Noir cutting up and eating part of their dinner. "Fuck." MM whispers, still pointing his gun.

A-Train then gets up and says. "You have a lovely home Mrs. Milk." Looks around. "I mean wow this is the kind of house my mom would've wanted." Picks up an old school vinyl record. "Vintage nice, music just sounds better on this shit."

"Baby get behind me." MM tells his daughter, who immediately follows.

Noir notices Monique looking at her so he points to the food and makes the 'ok' sign, signaling the food is excellent. Then gets up and walks towards them.

"What are you doing in my house?" MM wants to know, though he had a very good idea.

"Well you checked out my girls home, only fair I check out yours." A-Train informs, then looks at Janine with a smile. "Hi cutie."

"Marvin what's he talking about?" Monique asks, doing her best to conceal how terrified she was. With only partial success.

"So you don't tell your wife what you do since you basically quit your job at the prison." A-Train says, with faux disappointment, the pulls out two pictures. "This is you right?" The first image is only half of his face from a mirror, the other is of Popclaw's apartment.

MM realizes what's gonna happen so he sets his gun down and holds his gun up. "Look just leave my family out of this. They know nothing about nothing." He tells them.

"Wraith." Janine calls towards the stairs, though only Noir pays attention to her.

"Should've thought about that." A-Train says glaring at him. "Who are you working for? Tell me and you might live." He adds, though he has no intention of letting him live, especially after making him have to kill Popclaw.

"I'll tell you." MM says slowly, trying to keep the situation cool. "Just take me and let them go first." He says again.

"Wraith!" Janine calls louder more worried, getting the mother's attention as well.

"Bitch shut up!" A-Train say's having lost all patience. Only to be hit in the face by an invisible punch. "The fuck!" He exclaims as he recovers and feels his lips to see if there's blood.

"You... shouldn't have... come... here..." A ghostly voice dragged out from nowhere as everyone, but Janine, looked around.

"How are you doing this?" A-Train asks, thinking it was the family.

"They... didn't..." The voice said to A-Train's side, making him turn. "I... did." Turns again and see's nothing

"Come out you fucking shit." A-Train demands. "I ain't afraid of no ghost." He say's looking around.

As everyone, but Janine who stands there with a smile, looks around for the source of the mysterious voice a grey figure appears out of nowhere behind A-Train. "You should be." Wraith say's with a narrowed eye.

A-Train quickly turns around, only for the ghost to grab and throw into the wall behind him. Noir throws several knives at his new opponent, only for him to go intangible. The ghost then flew forward and inside the body of Black Noir.

"Where is he?" A-Train asks, as he recovers, but is surprised when the possessed Black Noir throws a knife at him. With his speed he catches the knife. "What the hell man?" Before there's even a chance to get a reply the knife released an electrical charge shocking him. Due to the low voltage and his own durability it surprised him more than hurt him. But it distract him momentarily.

Enough for Possessed Noir to grab him and repeatedly bash his face into the wall. "Run!" Noir's distorted voice called out, before A-Train got the upper hand and the fighting moved to the kitchen.

"Let's go." MM called, grabbing his daughter and wife while they headed to their car. Getting into their grey 2017 Subaru Outback and hit the gas.

Seconds after they pulled out Monique started asking questions. "The fuck was that Marvin!? You said you were out." Remembering his vendetta with the deceased Soldier Boy and his Butcher days as she called it.

"It's complicated." The husband admitted.

"He came back didn't he?" Monique correctly guessed.

"We have to go back for Wraith." Janine speaks up with urgency.

"Who?" Both parents ask, but as MM makes a sharp turn the door opens and closes briefly.

"Had me for a minute." A-Train say's breathing a little hard as he rests in the back seat with Janine in a chokehold. "Keep driving unless you want me to snap her neck." He threatens.

Before anything else can happen, unknowingly to most, Wraith possesses Janine. Then with the enhanced strength they're (I think that'sright) able to push his arm off and elbow him. As the wind his knocked out of him, with a scream Wraith/Janine stomps her left foot on his leg, aiming for the tibia especially. As A-Train cries out in pain, Wraith leaves Janine's body to open the door by A-Train and toss him out. All as the parents watch in shock and horror.

With A-Train

"Fuck!" He cries out. He then tries to get up and run after them only to fall back down. "Shit!" He grunts, his lower leg may not be broken, but's definitely severely fractured. It'll take at least a few minutes before he can walk, let alone run, again.

Back in the Subaru

"I think we're good." Wraith say's looking behind them. With Noir at the house still, A-Train not running after them and no cars chasing them he looked forward. "Sorry Mr and Mrs Milk, this is not how I wanted to officially meet." He says then adds. "I'm Wraith, an extra terrestrial Ghost like being who your daughter has been so kind in helping."

MM just stares at the road and says. "Baby... I swear I knew nothin about this-"

"JUST" Monique cuts him off. "Drive."

Wraith leans back into the seat and turns to Janine while asking. "Do you think i made a good first impression?"

The young smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Then puts on his seatbelt. "Safety first" She tells him and he nods.

As they settle into silence the parents repeat in their head, in various ways. "Our daughter is friends with a ghost in the back seat that just possessed her, Black Noir and took down A-Train."

"Oh can we get a Halal?" Wraith asks, as they pass a Halal truck. "I hear the meat is cleaner so it's better for you." He tells them."l

"Maybe." Janine says. "Usually this is the part of the movie where we need to hide." She points out.

"Fair point." Wraith relents.

"Should've listened to my sister about that divorce." Monique says.

"Well she never really had the best of judgment." Wraith responds. "Weren't you the one telling her not to sleep with her married boss to use as blackmail for her promotion." Pause. "Then telling her not to keep it a secret and just tell Travis instead secretly apologizing to her boyfriend by giving him a three way with her and I quote "no standard whore Tamika." FYI she and Tamika are going steady now and they seem quite happy." He adds.

"Have you been listening on my calls?" Monique asks, realizing how much she could've done or said in their, former, haunted house.

"Yes." Wraith admits. "But that's only because you're incredibly loud when you think nobody is home." He tells her. "Sometimes during intercourse to."

"What's that?" Janine asks.

"The more common term is sex." Wraith answers.

"And what's that?" Janine repeats.

"Well-." Wraith is about to answer.

"Say another word and I'll kill you again." MM threatens.

"Ohhhhh." Wraith drags on. "You'll learn about that when you're thirteen and in schoool." He realizes, slapping his head slightly. "My bad. Forgot the whole age appropriate section." He admits, as he looks out the window. "Wish I had a Halal right now."

What the heck is going?


After ditching their car and stealing a new one MM took a long drive to the hideout to make sure they weren't followed. Taking someone else's car was really conflicting.


"Are you sure about this?" Monique asks with worry, looking around the parking garage for anyone. Janine helping her while holding her mom's hand.

"Yes." Mother's Milk say's with assurance, but struggles with attempting to get into the Altima.

"What are you waiting for?" Monique questions, seeing him not unlock the door.

"Feels wrong with you guys here." MM admits. Normally with the Boys he'd do it no problem, but his wife and daughter are making it morally conflicting.

The door then opens on it's own, revealing Wraith inside who then turns it on. Poking his head through the glass the ghost say's. "Now I can just be your Yuber driver." He cheerfully say's.

"It's Uber." MM corrects.

"Yeah Yuber." Wraith repeats, not hearing the difference.




Janine laughs at the exchange as Monique looks in disbelief. "Are you fucking serious right now?!" She exclaims. They then get into the car and rive away.

Flashback over

Wraith opted to check the perimeter to make sure nobody was following them. While the Milks walked inside.

"How is it different this time?" Monique asks her possibly soon to be divorced, maybe soon to be murdered, husband. On the drive he explained how yes he got involved with Frenchie and Butcher but some new faces actually made it work and for the better. Completely skipping over the killing of Translucent.

"Is Shifter really helping you?" Janine asks. Despite the intensity of the situation the child remained calm throughout the ordeal. She was even excited about meeting Shifter.

"Yes." MM answers. "He basically made us into a less crazy A-Team, and we actually got stuff now." He tells her.

"Really?" Monique asks with skepticism, remembering his trauma from before.

MM turned to his wife as they came upon the door that would lead them inside. "Baby I know I fudged up." He admits. "But I promise you it's better. Right now they're working on a way to take down and the supes, and keep them down." He say's with assurance then he open's the door.

"To the right,to the right, to the right, to the right"

"To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left"

"Now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick"

"Now what it by yourself, now what it by yourself"

He was greeted to the sight of all of Boys, and now two girls, doing the Cupid Shuffle. With the exception of Butcher, who eventually noticed the family of three and paused the music. "Well this is unexpected." The Brit says with surprise, and all attention is on the Milk family.

"Of all the things right now." Mother's Milk begins to say, frustrated. "Why the hell are ya'll dancing like you in a gym class?" Turns to Butcher. "And why are you ok with it?"

Butcher simply shrugs and replies. "Latest batch of tenderised supercunts put me in a good mood. Plus we got the V." Butcher then goes up to the family as they walk in. "Monique. Your as gorgeous as ev-" He's cut off as Monique punches him in the face. "Fair enough." He say's, massaging his jaw. "You've been practicing."

"Lovely to see you again Monique." Frenchie greets with a smile. Though he keeps his distance and stays by the Female.

"Hi there. I'm Hughie." Hughie introduces with a wave and a smile.

Monique looks at him. "I know that voice."

Hughie then has a confused look on his face as he replies. "Huh?"

Monique points a finger at him. "You picked my husbands phone. You lied to me to." She marches towards him and Hughie is eventually backed up until he was agaisnt a wall.

"What!?" He exclaims with surprise, he never met her before now. "No no no, I never."

"It wasnt him, the voice was, synsthised." Frenchie tries to clear up.

"By me." Ben chimes in with a hand raised. "Sorry I couldn't let you blow the op. Name's Ben"

"I'm Elena." Elena introduces them gestures to the hideout. "Welcome to our clubhouse."

"It's a secret base." Ben tries to correct her.

"Uh secret bases have high tech computers and junk." Elena reminds him. "We just have junk."

"What do you call this." Ben replies, showing her the Omnitrix.

"Kids." Monique simply says with eyes widened.

"I'm Janine." Their daughter introduces

Monique then goes to her husband, who she has miraculously not throttled yet. "You got kids in this shit now?"

MM in a calm tone replies. "Monique I'm sorry iddint want it to go this far."

In anger Monique replies. "Oh we are past too far!" She then lists all the things he's done. "You lied to me. Started working with this peice of crap agian." Points to Butcher. "Declared war on the most powerful people on earth, invited a ghost into out house. And last but not least, you put our family in danger!"

Frenchie's interest is then peaked. "Excuse me, but did you say ghost?" He ask's.

Monique hastily turns to the Frenchman with a chuckle. "Yeah, turns out our familys got a ghost now."

This causes Hughie to scoff a little. "Okay. I know a lot crazy stuff has happened, and aliens exist but. ghosts? Ghosts don't exist." He points out.

"Wait." Ben say's, realizing who they might mean.

"I didn't invite him." MM points out.

"Yeah Wraith saved our lives." Janine reminds them.

"Who the fuck is Wraith?" Butcher asks, wanting to be clued in.

Wraith then becomes visible in the middle of the room. "Hello." He greets with a delicate wave.

"GAH!" Hughie screams as he jumps back in fright.

"Fuuuucking Hell." Butcher gasps.

A bright green flash interrupts any further conversation as Ben becomes Heatblast. "Ghostfreak!" Is about to shoot a fire blast when his flames get dosed from a fire extinguisher.

"Knock it on the head, you'll set the whole place ablaze!" Butcher shouts as stops shooting the coolant.

"This guy tried to take over my body and nearly killed my cousin!" Heatblast informs them, remembering the incident at the nerdy prep school Gwen wanted to go to.

"The fuck!" Monique exlclaims, for various reasons.

MM: "He what?"

Hughie: "Fuck!"

Frenchie: "Really?"

Wraith: "I did?"

The Ghost Alien then see's Elena, who freed him from Vought. "Oh it's you." He realizes.

"Project Wraith?" Elena questions.

Seeing as how there's no danger Heatblast transformed back. "You two know each other?" Ben questions, gesturing between the two.

"What the hell is going on!?" Mother's Milk demands to know.

"You're supposed to be telling me that." Monique reminds him.

"Holy fuck." Hughie gasps, still in shock.

"Look why don't we just take a breather so we can get this shit sorted out ok." Butcher suggests.

Before they could continue, music begins playing again as the song resumes. They all saw the Female holding Elena's phone which was playing the song and doing a little shoulder dance.

"Ok fine." Elena agreed, then the two started doing the dance again. "She really likes this song." Elena informs then the Female waves over Ben and Frenchie. Janine soon joins in as well, followed awkwardly by Wraith. All while the adults shared a single though. 'WHAT THE FUCK!'

Tada! Hope it was worth the wait. We got the Kevin fight, I hope you all liked it. I originally planned for him to over power the Seven as if they were just bug, but that's a little unfair. I hope you enjoyed Starlight and Black Noir working together. I just thought it would work well, you know Light and Dark. Black Noir is a great fighter and Annie trained like her whole life to be a superhero so.

I used actual Boys Supe's for Ben's little rag tag team. It was originally gonna be just him, Groundhawk and Silver Kincaid, but then I found Webweaver (Boys Sider-Man) and wanted to add him. Ice Princess was a later addition too because it would be weird to have a team of 4, like there has never been a team of 4 power rangers, at least not for long.

You also found out a bit more about Wrench, which was fun to write. And MM getting burned the way he did I hope I did good for that. Someone needed to get burned and couldn't be anyone else. In this universe Butcher and Frenchie didn't meet Popclaw and for Hughie it's too soon.

Plus I wanted Wraith to go all Ghostfreak A-Train and Noir. That was also fun, I actually thought of the little taunting part as I was writing it. At first I was gonna have him just barge in, but he's a ghost so why not use that?

Sorry I didn't make Starlight confess about Deep mouth raping her, but I need him for later. That and Hughie's confession to her were just phenomenal. I hope it was okay the way I used it. Hughie was reminded about Translucent and therefore is reminded about why he chose to join the crusade so Robin was on his mind. Plus it's a great way to keep Annie from being suspicious while also making sure he didn't compromise the opportunity the relationship provides

Also Vilgax is gonna come soon too. I'm sure your thinking why is he so hurt that he has to rest? Well Ben was Diamondhead when he traveled, Kevin was first in the portal and technically first out, Vilgax not only stayed in longer but pulled himself out a bit. Nor does he have the same recovery abilities like Ben and Kevin. And for the obvious reason of I'm saving him for later.

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