Harmony Fics Spreadsheet by Refyxz

The Perils of Innocence(HHr) Hiatus
The Boy Who Lived, The Brightest Witch and The Boy Who Wasn't (HHr) Ongoing s/13596628/1/
Harry Crow (HHr)
Harry McGonagall (HHr)
Proud Parents (HHr) Ongoing s/12879819/1/Proud-Parents
Sun Set (and)Rise in the Britain (HHr)
More Than a Broomstick (HHr)
Vox Corpis (HHr)
Moments of Love (HHr)
Blindness (HHr)
Epiphanies (HHr)
With You by My Side (HHr)
Strangers On a Train (HHr)
Knowledge Is Power (HHr)What if. by Yeeticantbebothered (HHr) Ongoing
In this World and the Next (HHr)
Wizards Suck (HHr)
Petrified (HHr) Oneshot s/7971769/1/Petrified
Best Mates (HHr) Oneshot s/6201549/1/
The Great Escape (HHr) files. /GroupArchives/CaerAzkaban/files/Lost/blakekeane-%
Parallels (HHr) s/3150414/1/Parallels
H J Potter (HHr) Good start, but Poor ending
Hasta La Vista Tommy (HHr)
The Time Meddlers (HHr)
Harry Potter and the Four Heirs (HHr)
Harry Potter and the Warrior's Path (HHr)
Harry Potter and the Future's Past (HHr)
Cold blood (HHr)
Harry Potter and Afterlife Inc. (HHr)
Harry Potter and the Last Chance (HHr)
In the Forest of Dean (HHr)
Harry Daniels and the Order of the Shadows Parts – 1,2,3 (HHr) Abandoned s/7931017/1/Harry-Daniels-and-the-Order-of-ShadowsNo Hurry At All (HHr) s/6755363/19/No-Hurry-At-AllElfish Welfare (HHr) Ongoing s/12948152/19/Elfish-Welfare
Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion (HHr)
Harry Potter and The Phoenix Wand (HHr) Ongoing
Under The Stars (HHr) Ongoing
Semper Fidelis (HHr) Abandoned
Two Little Words (DHHrs) Abandoned
Outlet (HHr) (22/31) /works/22249729/chapters/59424088#workskin
Abandon by Continuedinterests (HHr) s/13971106/1/Abandon
Weary Wizard (HHr) 18k Onshot s/10300874/1/Weary-Wizard
Deathly Hallows, Take Two by Rihaan (HHr) Abandoned /works/4718639/chapters/10779836#workskin
A Yule for the Memories by BladeOfRebellion (HHr)
If You Get There Before I Do by Continuedinterests (HHr) /works/23637907?view_full_work=true
The Yule Ball: The Remake by Rihaan (HHr) Happy Harry Harem fic., though harem is accepted by H.