Harry sat anxiously on the picnic table with his feet on the seat, looking out into the open field. He had a prearranged meeting planned with his best friend, but both hoped and dreaded that he would show. When he lived in Crown City with his ailing mother, he only had one friend a former refugee being raised by his grandfather Cor Leonis.

They were fast friends, who suited Harry just fine but because of an when they were 12, he moved with his ailing mother to Meldacio where his mother could see a healer for his worsening condition. His mother and his godfather Sirius had to use magic to get Harry to safety, and to have the town forget about the Potter family.

An incident where someone had tried to kidnap Harry and he used magic to get away. Magic he shouldn't have. It was by pure luck that no one was around when Harry was taken, as him having magic was not a good thing. It was something that his mother had stressed repeatedly, but he wanted him to have an education, and hopefully friends.

That day his mother used magic to make everyone forget. It was only through Harry's pleading that Cor and his grandfather were able to remember. In fact, his grandfather was the one to get them out of town safely. The Potters would be forever grateful to the Leonis family because of it.

Harry had never felt worse that his strong mother getting weaker and weaker by the years. He knew it wasn't his fault, as his mother had been steadily getting worse, but after this there was times, he was practically bed-ridden. Having his Godfather there helped, but he wasn't always there.

It's been 5 years since they moved here, and his mother had good and bad days. Most days he made potions and elixirs to help the hunter community, and to sell to make a profit. Others Harry had taken up hunting, first small things and then larger and larger as his skill level went up.

Now he was one of the top hunters in the organization and luckily, he could be selective. His mother had made friends with the Kimya Auburnbrie, a woman constantly fighting with her sister Ezma. Harry has a feeling that when his mother eventually dies, Kimya will be pushed out completely.

He had been offered a dangerous job for tomorrow, but he hadn't said whether he was taking it yet. He had told them to post it on the board and he will decide later. It really mattered if Cor was showing up or not. If not, well Harry had a way to deal with all the hurt he was feeling.

The year after Harry left Cor came to visit expressing wanting to join the Crownsguard. The Crownsguard had originally said he was too young, so once weekend they signed marriage papers, allowing him to be considered an adult. At 13 he was considered married, but they had never consummated the relationship, or even kissed for that matter. It is a completely platonic marriage, at least on Cor's side. Harry didn't have the heart to tell him he was in love with him.

For the next couple of years, they used to meet every weekend or so, when he had leave from the Crownsguard. It was only a couple of hours by chocobo, and he would come and stay the night. It was only a few months before it was every other weekend. Now he hasn't seen his friend, nay his husband in almost a year. The last couple of times they had met Harry could feel Cor pulling further and further away.

Soon he started talking about other people that had started at the school. The things he was learning, until slowly he stopped talking about what he was doing. Harry knew some of it was state secrets, but now he had this whole other life that Harry just wasn't a part of. They were just drifting further and further apart.

Cor was 6 feet the last time they say each other, and Harry was still a short 5'7. He was filling out, face losing the baby fat. He was starting to show the man that he would be, and he was drop dead gorgeous. At least to Harry's eyes. Harry sadly, was always going to be lithe like his mother.

Harry fingered the pendant that Cor had given him. He wore it on a separate chain than his Hunter dog tags. Cor had given him a little charm that he had on his grandfather's sword. They didn't do wedding bands; he had given Cor a charm to wear in his hair or around his neck. He had wondered how much longer he was going to be able to wear it. When would Cor finally be tired of him?

It was irrational Harry knew, and it was ok that Cor was making new friends, but he wasn't ok. Cor was his in a way that no one else would ever be. Cor was his everything and Harry could feel him pulling away.

Harry couldn't help but despair, what if he told him he never wanted to talk to him again. What if he wanted divorced now that he had gotten into the Crownsguard? What if he found out about the love that he had for him? For that's what it is, love. A love so strong and deep that Harry could feel it in the marrow of his bones.

A love that Harry knew would never be returned and a love that Harry knew would one day destroy him. A Potter will only fall in love once, just like all Potters before him. They loved with an intensity that borders on death. His mother has been without his father for so long. Harry hasn't even met the man, but he knew he was alive. His mother was assured of this, saying their bond would tell him if he had died. It was still there just muted.

Harry had been sitting there for an hour already, and the 16-year-old was just getting tired. He was tired of waiting. The sun was setting, and while Harry would normally appreciate the beautiful colors instead, he felt his heart breaking.

He wasn't coming.

He wasn't coming.

Harry grabbed his phone, to check if there were any messages, hoping he was running behind.


There hasn't been anything in months. Not since the photo he sent of his graduation, that Harry wasn't even invited to. Not as a spouse, not as a best friend. Not even as a friend. He was smiling in the picture something he rarely did with his arms thrown over two people next to him. One was a guy a couple of years older that Harry remembered Cor talking about.

The other was a girl who was looking at Cor like he hung the stars and the moon. Harry should know he looked at him like that also.

The photo Harry had sent back was of him leaning back on a waist high rock with his gun over his shoulder, smiling at the camera. It was a rare, good photo if Harry was honest with himself. Dave had taken the photo for him before he left for a hunt, but Harry thought he looked alright with his black leather pants and dark green t-shirt, his pendant and dog tags on display. He had a leather jacket lying down on the rock next to him, and a black fedora hat he had taken to wearing that his mom said belonged to his father.

He hadn't heard anything since.

Closing out the messages app he opened the Hunters Job Postings. A brief entering of his username and password, and he was in. Using his thumb, he began to scroll through the listings until he found the one, he needed.

People-Eating Snake Has Got to Go.

Rank 9.

Harry hovered his finger over the accept button. He looked up and around. The sun had already set, and it was quickly getting dark. He was all alone. He reached up with his left hand, pulling off the pendant from Cor, grasping it tightly. He clenched his fist ignoring the way it cut into his hand causing it to bleed.

He was done.

Closing his eyes and pulling on the power within him, he focused his magic into the pendant getting ready to send it back to its original owner. It took more than it normally would as he didn't know where the owner was, but he knew he could do it. He only hoped it showed up when no one was around, but at this point he didn't care. His magic gathered around the pendant as he forced more into it. It wouldn't do to find out that he didn't put enough in. He would rather put in too much, instead.

When he felt the magic catch to where he was sending, he released it, and the pendant disappeared to wherever Cor was.

He was so done.

He didn't have time for this.

With a push of his thumb, he accepted the mission and turned off his phone.