"Daddy!" Millie shouted excitedly, but Burt quickly put a hand to her mouth. Millie laughed, then whispered. "What are you doin' here?"

Burt looked at Millie. Should he knock her out cold or not? Well, it was too late now. She would remember what happened, wouldn't she? But he just couldn't take it and hold it in any longer.

"Hey, what's wrong with your pants?" Millie said, pointing to his raging boner. Burt sheepishly smiled.

"Hey, uh-Millie. You wanna do something really fun?"

"FUN?" Millie whispered excitedly. "You know how much I love fun!"

"Good, 'cause I'm sure this is gonna be real fun. But first," he put a finger to his lips, "no matter what happens, you gotta be quiet, okay? You don't wanna wake up anyone."

"Why can't Coop have some fun with us?" Millie asked.

Burt whimpered, his erection was pulsating. He tried hurrying the conversation. "B-Because, it's just between you and me. It's our special daddy and daughter thing, okay? So don't tell anyone, okay? Because it's only our thing."

Millie nodded. "Okay okay okay! So, are you gonna show me."

Burt started to sweat and pushed Millie back onto her bed.

"Ouch!" She cried. "Daddy, that kind of hurt!"

"Sorry, it's gonna be a little rough, but we're still gonna have fun, okay?"

"Uh, okay," Millie replied.

"Good." Burt then took off his pants.

"What's taking so long?" Millie asked, about to reach for her lamp.

"D-Don't turn on the light," he said. Burt then took off his underwear. Perspiration was all over his body, and sweat slid down his cock and inside his urethra. "This game can only be played in the dark."

"Oooo, a scary game!" Millie squealed. "I love scary games!"

"Yeah, yeah, just shut up already," Burt replied as he laid on top of his daughter, putting some weight on her but making sure not to crush her.

Millie instantly stiffened. "Daddy? What are you doing?"

"Shh, it's okay," Burt said as he started to take off Millie's pajama bottoms. "Be quiet."

Millie immediately tried prying away his hands. "What are you doing?"

"It's part of the game."

"I-I don't know if I like this game."

"Well, it's what everyone's doing." He grunted, regretting now that he didn't chloroform her. He then couldn't take her talking. He hungrily put his mouth on her's, his fat tongue squirming inside her mouth. Millie's cries were muffled and she felt some drool fall down the side of her chin. When Burt went up for air, Millie was on the verge of tears.

"Stop it! Stop it n-!"

Burt slammed her head against the wall. "I told you to shut the fuck up!" He cried. "You're breaking my groove."

Millie was sobbing now. Burt ignored her cries as he continued to kiss her, his hands feeling her up under her nightshirt in the process. Millie's breasts were still not fully developed, and he grasped her tiny buds, and pinched and rubbed her nipples, which hardened. He dug his nails in her breasts and nipples when he thought he felt blood, and Millie cried out.

Burt slapped her. "I told you to shut up, for crying out loud! You're gonna wake up the whole fucking state!"

Millie was still in tears and snot was running from her nose, but she tried quieting down a little bit, her voice reduced to hiccups and whimpers.

After feeling her up some more, Burt then kissed and licked her tits and nipples, chewing on them. Millie whimpered louder in pain. Burt then licked her abdomen, then her hips and right before her pelvis. He then pulled off her pants in an instant and started rubbing her thighs and opened her legs.

"N-No," Millie whispered, squirming.

Burt just stared in awe at her hairless, pink vagina. He buried his face in there for a bit while Millie was sobbing.

He then brought his red, swollen cock up to Millie's face. "Spit on it for me, will ya? It will go in easier."

Millie bit her lip, trying to hold back the onward of fresh tears that continued to slide down her cheeks. She attempted to spit, but it was a sorry attempt. Drool just fell down her chin and onto his cock.

Burt instead rammed his cock into her moistened mouth, freshly salivated and soft. Millie was making gagging sounds. Burt rolled his eyes back, the heavenly sensation running up his cock and through his whole body. He needed this. He had wanted to save it for his daughter's pussy, but the feeling of this was just too nice. He hadn't had a blowjob in so long that the sensation was almost foreign to him. And getting it from a young, virgin participant was an added plus.

So he started to thrust, and grabbed the back of Millie's head, snatching her hair and rapidly slamming her head back and forth on his massive erection. He could feel some of Millie's tears flying onto his hardened member every time he thrusted outward, and that only made him hornier. He continued to thrust and moan, Millie's muffled sobs and gags only making his climax closer. Then, with one, final thrust, he exploded, his groan so loud that it seemed to shake the house, his semen jumping to the walls of his daughter's mouth as he made his final thrusts. He took his now slickened cock out of Millie's mouth as she inhaled for breath and continuing gagging.

Burt forcefully closed Millie's mouth. "Swallow it, goddamnit!"

But Millie couldn't, and she vomited all over Burt's shirt.

"Jesus Christ…" Burt sighed, looking at the vomit.

Millie was dehydrated, whimpering but too exhausted to cry. Seeing his grandniece cry once again hardened the old geezer's cock. He then pushed her head back against the pillow and opened up her legs again and jammed his erection in Millie's extremely tight hole. Burt shuddered and grunted, the hole practically too small for his giant, wrinkled wiener.

Millie cried out in agony. "Stop, stop! It hurts!"

"Get used to it!" Burt shouted, not worrying about being too loud anymore. He continued to grunt with every thrust, and Millie sobbed again as she felt her tiny vagina tearing at the seems. Blood was dropping onto the bed sheets.

Burt continued thrusting, soon going harder and faster as his cock felt a little numb, but a little easier to get through. The bed was bouncing and creaking and Millie's head was jumping back and forth with each thrust. Millie's saliva from his blowjob and her juices helped lubricate his penis. It was painful for him, but also so, so pleasurable at the same time.

He then came again, not as amazing as his blowjob, but it was still something. He removed his cock and Millie's hole was a little bigger and full of semen and blood.

Burt wiped his forehead. "Few! Yeah, that was a fun game, huh?"

Millie was lying on her pillow, staring at the ceiling, dried tears stuck to her cheeks. Burt slipped her back into her pajamas and put his pants back on.

"God, I really needed this," Burt said. "We'll have to do this again sometime!" He laughed. He then knelt down near Millie. "And if you ever tell anybody about this," he whispered, "I'll fucking kill you, you little bitch. You got that?"

Millie made a sound, like she was about to cry again, but stopped. She nodded.

Then Burt laughed again. "And when Coop wakes up, tell him he was sleepwalking, got it?" He then walked out the door and slammed it shut.