It was a year or so later. Millie's fuck sessions with her dad had continued almost every day, and this man raping her had reduced the once cheerful girl to a ghost of her past self. She now always looked tired and dejected.

Burt had murdered Coop and Mr. Kat around a year ago and framed Old Lady Munson, who went to jail in the process.

One night, Burt went into Millie's room for another fuck session. As soon as he removed his trousers the girl vomited.

"Jesus, I haven't even started yet!" Burt said. "Is my cock really that wrinkled?"

"I-I don't feel so good," Millie moaned. She then ran to the bathroom and stuck her face in the toilet.

"You got food poisoning or something?" Burt asked.

"Y-Yeah, I think so," Millie moaned from the bathroom.

A few months later, Burt noticed something odd about his daughter. She looked like she had gained some weight.

"How the fuck have you been gaining weight, kid?" Burt said. "I barely feed you!"

"I don't know." Millie replied, sullenly. "My stomach's been killing me,"

Burt remembered something. "Oh shit, I forgot! Have you had your period?"

Millie shook her head, a look of fright on her face. "I-I haven't."

"Oh fuck, oh God!" Burt cried, lifting up Millie's sweater and putting his hands on her stomach.

"Do you feel anything?" Millie asked.

"Oh yeah, you're pregnant all right," Burt said, staring at the younger girl's swollen abdomen.

"Please, take me to the doctor, someone," Millie begged.

"Like Hell I'm taking you to the doctor!" Burt shouted. "You think I want to get arrested? Dumb bitch!" He then slapped his daughter square in the face. "Come with me." He then snatched Millie's hand and lead her upstairs.

"Stay here," Burt told her once they were in the attic. He then left the room and came back in a few seconds later, carrying a metal coat-hanger.

Millie's eyes widened. "W-What are you gonna do with that?"

"We're gonna do this the old-fashioned way," Burt said, taking off Millie's panties and putting a towel under her butt. He then tried spreading her legs but she squirmed.

"N-No, please don't!" Millie cried, eyeing the hanger with pure fright. "I won't tell them you did it! I swear! Please, just let the doctor do it!"

"We don't have time for that now," Burt replied. Millie started to hyperventilate but Burt smacked her in the head with all his might, leaving the young girl a bit dazed.

"All right, let's do this quickly," said the old man, spreading his daughter's legs as wide as he could manage. Her vagina hole had expanded a little since he had first fucked her over a year ago, and Burt smiled to himself.

"God, when I first fucked her. Those were some good times," he thought, nodding. He then snapped back to reality again, and then inserted the coat hanger in Millie's vagina. It wasn't easy to fit through, but he eventually got it.

Millie started to scream. "OH GOD! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE STOP!" Her breathing was quick and rapid as she started to sob.

"Shut the fuck up so I can concentrate!" Burt screamed, maneuvering the metal object in her tight crevice before he felt something. He then started to pull it out. Attached to the hanger was a bloodied, slimy head. Millie only screamed harder, and Burt tried to ignore her continuous, piercing screams as he pulled out the rest of the body from Millie's vagina's hole, which stretched as the baby was still coming out.

Burt managed to get the whole baby out. It was small, bloody and slimy, its eyes still not fully opened, but it was crying. Blood was pouring from Millie's vagina, and her stomach was killing her, pain piercing through her lower bowels. Millie had almost fainted from the painful endeavor, and was moaning, until she heard the baby. She lifted her heavy head up and looked at the fetus. "M-My baby," she groaned while Burt severed the umbilical chord.

But seeing such a small, innocent infant in peril only made Burt extremely horny. He removed his pants and stared at his erection.

"Don't do it!" Millie cried. "Please don't! She's just a baby! She's my baby!"

"She's going to die anyway," Burt said. "Besides, it's probably, you know, weird or something."

He then slammed the infant onto his large, swollen erection. The baby was screaming in pure agony. Millie started to sob again, and started screaming too.

"Stop it!" She sobbed, but Burt continued to thrust the infant up and down rapidly onto his swollen cock. When he came, semen poured from all of the babies orifices, including its nostrils and mouth. Burt threw the infant on the ground.

Millie was quivering, tears pouring from her eyes. "Y-You raped my baby to death," she whispered.

"Yup!" Burt grinned. "Now I know what we're eating for dinner!" He then ripped skin from the baby's thigh with his teeth, then swallowed. "Mmmm, delicious!"