Voldemort won and Harry died. Muggleborns were exiled to the Muggle world without their memories and magic.

When Wizarding Society is faced with impending calamity, the Death Eaters are forced to retrieve the most powerful Mudblood; Hermione Granger. What they didn't expect was to see just how much Muggle life had changed the Gryffindor princess.

AU Story. Hermione is completely OOC. I will be taking liberties with the ages and personalities of my characters. Voldemort wins.


Silence descended the grounds of Hogwarts the moment Harry Potter's body hit the floor with a resounding thud. Witches and wizards from both sides of the war were too shocked to move. The deafening silence was cut by the agonizing screams of Ginevra Weasley. The tiny redhead raced across the grounds and collapsed to her knees in front of Harry's lifeless body. She gingerly crawled to Harry, and as if she was handling spun glass, she tenderly maneuvered his body so his head and his chest were being cradled by hers. Her hand began gently caressing his hair and rocking her body.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOO!" she wailed.

Hear tears were streaming down her face endlessly. The world around her disappeared and it was only the dissipating heat in Harry's body that was grounding her to this earth.

Pulling themselves out of shock, combatants on both sides continued to fight. Aided by their lord and driven by the knowledge that the other side just lost their beacon of hope, the Death Eaters began swiftly and efficiently incapacitating their opponents.

The youngest Weasley continued to clutch onto Harry while the chaos around her carried on.

The Death Eaters made quick work of the Order. Any members of the Order's Inner Circle were Avadaed on sight. Molly and Arthur Weasly were the first order members to go. They were quickly followed by Kingsley Shacklebolt, Mad-Eye Moody, and Nymphadora Tonks. In retaliation for his wife's death, Remus Lupin blindly charged Antonin Dolohov. Dolohov was a significantly better duelist and easily dispatched the irate werewolf.

Though not explicitly a part of the Order's Inner Circle, Ronald, George, and Fred Weasley were also eliminated. Their deaths were not necessarily intended. Ron had rushed forward without thinking to protect his sister and go to his best mate's side. He had unintentionally intercepted a Diffindo aimed at one of the lesser Order members and died of traumatic blood loss. While defending the castle and protecting the younger students, George and Fred were crushed to death by a collapsing wall that was caused by Augustus Rookwood's Bombarda Maxima.

Without Albus Dumbledore or Harry potter to lead the resistance, the rebellion led by a few dusty scrappers and child soldiers swiftly fell.


While Hermione's world crashed around her, all she could focus on was the empty look in Harry's eyes. The moment the light in his eyes died out, a piece of Hermione followed suit.

Harry was her family. Her brother. Her very best friend. And now he was just—


Harry was gone. Dead. Lifeless. Empty.

The only thing Hermione could do was drop onto her knees and stare.

She didn't blink. Couldn't blink. She could hardly even breathe.

Sounds of battle could be heard whipping around her. Screams of pain and agony passed through her ears, explosions were rippling through the air, and Lord Voldemort's maniacal laugh rang through the battlefield but she couldn't hear anything except the sound of her beating heart as it crumbled into pieces.

The sight of Harry's body crashing to the ground kept repeating in front of her eyes over and over again.

Harry had lost. They had lost. Hope was lost.


The remainder of the Order and DA members were captured and restrained. The majority of the Weasley clan has been wiped out. The only survivors were Ginevra, William, and Charles. The fight inside of Sirius Black died when his last remaining Marauder and his grandson died. He didn't protest as Death Eaters shackled his wrist and collected his wand.

Hermione had yet to move. She just couldn't. Couldn't muster up the strength to join Ginny as she held on to the last piece of Hermione's innocence. Couldn't crawl her way out of the bottomless pit of despair that she fell into. Something broke in her that night. A piece of Hermione's soul just cracked.


Thorfinn Rowle had just finished off a few of the remaining lesser Order members and was surveying the grounds to see where he could help. That was when his eyes landed on the limp brown curls hanging off Potter's Mudblood's emaciated body.

He immediately recognized her. She looked completely different from the tiny second year that would terrorize him with her swottiness and her innate ability to interrupt him during a shag. She still had the same long brown curls, but they were nowhere near as riotous as they were back when he was a student. They looked lifeless. It was probably attributed to the hunger she endured while hiding from the snatchers. The same hunger that gnawed away at her supple flesh and left her looking like a bag of bones.

He made his way over to the little witch. She didn't even flinch when she heard the sound of his boots rapidly approaching. She didn't make one move as he placed his hand on her tiny shoulder and clenched it tightly.

"It's over princess. Don't make me hurt you by resisting," he pleaded—a hint of remorse in his voice.

She didn't seem to hear him. She didn't seem to hear anything at all.

Thorfinn simply shackled her wrists, collected her wand, and carried her over to the rest of the prisoners. He gently dropped her to the floor, but she made no attempt at getting up. She just kept staring at Harry's body. Ginevra had long been shackled and collected. Lord Voldemort wanted to make a statement to the resistance and made sure none of his Death Eaters moved the body. He wanted everyone to see what was left of their hero. Their last hope. Their only hope.

The last thing she registered that night was the dull light that hit her on the side of her head and the sounds of some unknown Death Eater chanting Stupefy.


To celebrate his victory, Lord Voldemort issued an order that stated all resistance members were to have their magic restricted and their vaults cleared of 80% of their valuables. He allowed his opposition to keep their magic, but only left them the ability to cast simple spells like Reparo or Wingardium Leviosa. They were seen as no better than house-elves.

The pureblood prisoners were offered the choice of marrying a Death Eater and producing offspring in exchange for their magic to be partially restored and restrictions to be lifted. Lord Voldemort didn't require his prisoners to make a decision immediately. He wanted to give them enough time to be reeducated and reintegrated into society, his society, before they began reproducing. After all, you can't be an effective parent if you're still being held down by the chains of imprisonment.

Shortly after his first order, he issued a second order to address the matter of Mudbloods. He didn't want to get rid of them entirely in the case of a crisis or extenuating circumstance that would warrant their existence. He also knew that there was no way to stop the birth of Mudbloods in the Muggle world. After all, no one had figured out why the anomaly occurred in the first place.

He decided to gather a team of Death Eaters to round up the remaining Mudbloods, extract all of their memories of the magical world, and bind their magic. Their memories and magic wouldn't truly be lost, but they would be bound to a bracelet that he'd force upon them and then hidden with a powerful notice-me-not charm. He'd have his team compel the pseudo-squibs to never attempt to remove their bracelets. He'd also have trackers installed in the bracelets in order to monitor their movements. He wanted to know where any given Mudblood was at any given time just in case a particularly scrappy Mudblood attempted to circumvent his charms. His team would also be in charge of monitoring accidental bursts of magic in the Muggle world. As soon as a Muggle child showed the signs of being magical, he'd have his team retrofit the children with their own bracelets.

With the remaining members of the resistance dealt with and the Mudbloods restrained and exiled to the Muggle world, Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters began working on reshaping society to better serve Purebloods. His Inner Circle had complete control over the Ministry. Lord Voldemort took the seat of Minister of Magic and Supreme Mugwump. He reappointed Severus Snape as Headmaster of Hogwarts. Corban Yaxley remained as the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Antonin Dolohov took over the Department of Mysteries and Thorfinn Rowle was appointed Head Auror. The remainder of his Inner Circle took over the rest of the various departments.

Yes, wizarding society was on the up and up. And Lord Voldemort was at the forefront of it.


6 years had passed since the Battle of Hogwarts and wizarding society was, in fact, not on the up and up. Sure, Purebloods Wizard and Witches stood at their rightful place as the heads of society. All major points of leadership were held by a Pureblood Witch or Wizard, but there was one major issue within Britain that was shaking society at its core.

Birth rates were almost completely nil. There had only been a handful of new births that occurred within the following years of the battle. Couples were encouraged to copulate and even given incentives to produce more offspring. The few couples that did reproduce experienced extreme difficulty getting pregnant and even more difficulty remaining pregnant. There was a high rate of infertility running through the Pureblood lines. The population in Wizarding Britain had already been stuck in a rapid decline. With two back-to-back wars, the population greatly suffered. Entire family lines had been wiped out during one war or another. It had become glaringly obvious that society was on the verge of collapse when the incoming class of Hogwarts students comprised of only 19 children.

Once news got out, courtesy of one beetle animagus, about the diminutive numbers of the incoming 1st years, all people could talk about was the fear of a societal collapse. Talks of leaving Wizarding Britain in hopes of continuing their lines elsewhere spread like wildfire. Unfortunately, the other countries got word of the impending mass exodus and closed their borders to all Magical British travelers. With the tell-tale signs of mass hysteria beginning to come to light, Lord Voldemort and his resources at the Ministry scrambled in search of a solution.

A promising solution was indeed found, ironically, within the possession of Potter's Mudblood. They had confiscated her beaded bag directly after the war. Antonin Dolohov, a prior Curse Breaker for Gringotts and the current Head of the DOM, was tasked with studying the bag. It was heavily warded and was known to be carrying extremely valuable magical objects. With his team of Unspeakables, Antonin was finally able to break through the Mudblood's wards after 5 long years. They've been actively sorting through her collection ever since.

Antonin himself had dedicated his time to studying her research. It was filled with highly complicated and extremely complex, tested and non-tested, magical theories. She had been conducting intensive research on her own since her second year and even continued while she was on the run. One such theory touched on the idea of incestual copulation in the Wizarding world and its effects on reproductive rates. According to her studies, a mix of Muggle biology and genealogy coupled with an extensive analysis of the ancestral ties between the major Pureblood lines, the cause of the rapidly declining birth rates, even notable before the second Wizarding war, was the incestuous nature of blood purity. She hypothesized that inter-lineal marriages was the main factor in the diminished reproductive pool. Bloodlines were becoming more and more interwoven. There had been more occurrences where both partners shared close familial ties. She also found evidence of marital relations as close as a grandfather - granddaughter and the rare brother - sister. Though this was taboo, it was a commonly held belief in the Pureblood families that somewhere within their line was at once tainted by such incestuous copulation.

She made note of a few families that have shown signs of declining magical quality within their bloodline.

Mental retardation is evident in the Crabbe and Goyle line.

See Vincent Crabb and Gregory Goyle.

Black line has shown increasing evidence of hereditary predisposition to insanity.

See Walburga Black, Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black, and Sirius Black. Maintain observation of Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and Draco Malfoy for the early stages of insanity.

Rumors of an incestuous relationship between Amycus and Alecto Carrow.

Watch for deficiencies in any of their future children regardless of marital partners.

Physical and mental deficiencies have become more prevalent in the Malfoy Line. Declining physical and mental capacities are as follows:

Abraxas Malfoy - age 15 - 6ft 3 in - broad and muscular - Quidditch Beater Build - Os in 7 OWLS

Lucius Malfoy - age 15 - 6 ft 1 in - lean and lithe - Quidditch Chaser Build - Os in 6 OWLS

Draco Maloy - age 15 - 5ft 9 in - fit but lacks bulk and broadness - Quidditch Seeker build - 5 OWLS

Track Draco Malfoy's offspring for similar declination

Monitor Draco Malfoy for Black's Insanity and Malfoy's diminutions

She had multiple pages of research on the Sacred 28 families and the observable results of blood purity. It took Antonin weeks to sort through all of her research on the Sacred 28. He had to give it to the little Mudblood, she was thorough.

What really surprised Antonin was the research she conducted on Lord Voldemort. He knew that his lord was a half-blood. Only a select few were aware of the fact that his father was a Muggle. They were all held to an Unbreakable Vow to never divulge this information unless directly ordered by the lord himself or if the information was in dire need.

Tom Marvolo Riddle - Voldemort

Son of Merope Gaunt (Magical) and Tom Riddle Sr. (Muggle)

Morton Gaunt (last male heir) died in Azkaban. Unruly. Unkempt. Poor. Weak Magic

Merope's magic was weak

Gaunt Line were practically squibs. Vaults were empty. Little to no political standing.

Tom Riddle gained influence because he was handsome, intelligent, charismatic, and powerful

Tom Riddle Sr. was influential, handsome, and charismatic

Infusion of Muggle blood was the main factor to Tom Riddle's power.

Tom Riddle and Tom Riddle Sr. look almost identical.

Gaunt line was descended from Salazar Slytherin yet died off weak.

Antonin evaluated and summarized the Mudblood's research and brought it to Lord Voldemort to discuss its validity. Lord Voldemort was known to be highly intelligent. Their discussions had been stretched over the course of two weeks. In the end, Lord Voldemort had sworn Antonin to secrecy and promised that he would address her claims within the next few days.


Antonin had received a summons from his lord just a week after their last discussion. Antonin was a bit shocked to see that his lord was not the only one present at the table. Thorfinn Rowle was sitting on the left of Lord Voldemort's side, and Severus Snape was seated at his right. Corban Yaxley was also seated on the right but was one chair away from his lord as Snape was seated directly next to the head of the table. The seat in between Thorfinn and Lord Voldemort was left open for Antonin.

Thorfinn Rowle was Antonin's closest friend. They saw each other almost every weekend for drinks and debauchery. During the war, Thorninn was Antonin's brother in arms. They often went on missions together and worked well with one another. Antonin was not as familiarly acquainted with Severus or Yaxley. Severus was a harsh and severe man. He did not make it easy to befriend him. At best, they were friendly acquaintances. They exchanged pleasantries in open settings and did not hold hostility towards one another but they weren't clambering to share drinks or witches. Yaxley, on the other hand, was quite pleasant. The older wizard was intelligent and reliable, but the two men just didn't share much in common. They conversed with one another at parties or ministry functions, but outside of that, they did not seek one another out.

Antonin continued to confidently make his way to his seat. The other wizards greeted him with a nod of their heads.

Lord Voldemort stood from his throne-like chair and said "thank you all for taking the time out of your hectic schedules to come down and sit with me. I've called you four in specific, because of your shared reluctance to obtain a wife. As I said before, I will honor your request for autonomy and not force you into marriage. I do not break my promises and you have all more than shown your loyalty to me and what we stand for. However, you are all the last of your lines and we need to increase the number of magical children being born into our world."

"I'm sure you all have read over the research I sent to you last night. This research was conducted by Potter's Mudblood: Hermione Granger," he voiced in disgust.

The wizards gathered all nodded their heads in response.

"I had tasked one of Antonin's Unspeakables to observe and obtain surveillance on Miss Granger's life as a Muggle. He expressed that we would find his results quite fascinating."

Antonin's department had created a charm that allowed a witch or wizard to record their surroundings and playback the sounds and images through a corresponding spell, similar to Muggle video recording.

"Severus, if you'd please….", Lord Voldemort requested while gesturing to Severus.

"Yes, my lord," he said in response.

Rising from his chair, Severus reached for his wand that was tucked in his sleeve and cast the playback charm towards the center of the table.

A large smokey white oval appeared over the table. Slowly, colors began to swirl inside the oval and then solidified into a clear picture of Hermione Granger.

The woman on display was holding two semi-triangular vials filled with liquid. One was yellow while the other was clear. She poured the yellow liquid into the clear liquid and then swirled the mixture. Setting down the empty bottle, she walked over to an adjoining table and carefully placed it down on the metal surface. She reached for a long glass rod with a bulb at the end and dipped it into the mixture. She retrieved a drop of the liquid solution and placed it on top of a piece of dark metal that she had positioned there prior to mixing. The liquid rapidly began dissolving the metal, releasing a small puff of smoke. In mere seconds the metal block turned into a pile of goo.

"Severus, what is she doing?" questioned Lord Voldemort.

"I believe she is a chemist, my lord. Chemistry is the Muggle equivalent to Potions and this mixture in particular seems to be formulated to be used as a dissolvent. For a Mudblood, she was always rather adept at potion making so it would be understandable that she gravitated towards chemistry in her Muggle life."

Lord Voldemort replied with a simple "hmmm."

Looking pleased with herself, she returned to the initial table and began taking down notes.

This was the moment the wizards began taking notes of her physical features.

Hermione had grown in the 6 years that passed. Her figure was covered by a long white coat, but one could easily tell that she looked significantly better compared to her starvation riddled body at the end of the battle. She had gained a few inches and now stood at 5'5 or 5'6. Her face was no longer gaunt and sallow. She seemed to radiate a healthy glow that was evident in the way her skin looked plump or the way her hair shone under the light. Her skin was no longer deathly pale. She was still fair but her skin now resembled porcelain: smooth and blemish free. Her lips were full and a beautiful shade of pink. Her eyes shone with brightness that conveyed happiness and contentment, but if you looked closer you could see something hidden deep within those chocolate orbs. She looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was clipped up in an elegant chignon. A few wisps had slipped loose and subtly framed her delicate face.

She seemed to be satisfied with the results of her work. She signified this with a soft smile as she closed her notebook. She then turned around and began walking down the end of her lab until she reached a tall mirror. Reaching her hand out, she lightly pressed the wall to her left, and with a soft "click," a small clothing rack appeared.

Turning back to her reflection, the little witch began unbuttoning her white coat revealing a Slytherin-green figure-hugging dress that ended just below her knees. The shoulders were cut into dainty cap sleeves and were paired with a v-shaped cutout that dipped between her voluptuous breasts. Her chest was another area that had apparently grown over the years. She was wearing a pair of sensible nude flats. It was all very lab appropriate, but it made her look absolutely delectable. There was something deliciously taboo about a Mudblood in Slytherin colors.

The petite witch hung her coat on the rack next to the white dress. She then reached behind herself and began slow, almost teasingly, pulling down her dress's zipper revealing every inch of her creamy back and her supple arse. Once she was fully undressed, she slipped out of her flats and righted herself. She hung her dress behind her coat and placed the shoes at the bottom of the rack. Standing in front of the mirror, the spy was able to capture the Mudblood in all her glory. Her skin looked radiant. All of her magical scars had been healed before she was exiled to eliminate any traces of the Wizarding world from her body. She was wearing an almost innocently sexy white lace brassiere and white lace knickers. She had on a white garter belt that held nude thigh-high stockings topped with delicate white lace. She reached behind her head and removed the clip holding her hair up. He curls unraveled and flowed softly down her back. No longer was her hair wild and riotous. It now fell in soft and smooth curls that bounced with a healthy glow. The color of her hair resembled chocolate, similar in shade to that of her eyes.

She seemed to be evaluating herself with a glance looking up and down. After her self-induced examination, she reached to her right and pressed the wall there. Another soft "click" could be heard and multiple shelves rolled out. Each shelf held a row of unknown Muggle objects in assorted materials, shapes, and forms.

"Do you know what the purpose of those objects are, Severus?" asked Lord Voldemort with an incline of his head.

"I cannot properly identify all of them, my lord, but I believe they all fall under the category of Muggle weaponry. Since Muggles do not have the use of magic for defense, they have to resort to developing various pieces of machinery to aid them in battle."

Lord Voldemort did not respond but simply continued to stare ahead at the moving images.

Hermione sorted through the shelves and stopped at a row of semi-translucent Muggle weapons.

She reached for a long semi-translucent rod with a sharp pointed tip. It was about the length of a quill and the width of a stirring rod. This rod was an ice pick made out of hard polymer. It was virtually indestructible and nearly undetectable. She attached it to her torso, just under her breasts, with some sort of adhesive bandaging. She then reached for two small knives made out of the same material as the rod and attached them to each side of her stockings.

With the selection of her weaponry completed, she closed the left rack and turned back to the dress hanging on her left. She removed it from its hanger and slipped it on. The dress was the same color as her undergarments: pure white. The sleeves were long and flowy. They were transparent and capped off at her wrists. It complimented her shapely arms and delicate wrists. The dress was decidedly feminine with a sweetheart neckline that artfully outlined her tantalizing breasts. The fabric twisted itself around her body in a mock wrap. The design accentuated the slimness of her waist. The dress ended just below her mid-thigh, barely concealing the top part of her stockings. If she bent at the right angle, someone would be able to see the intricate lace pattern that adorned her nude stockings. She pulled out a pair of white point toe heels and slipped them onto her feet. The heels had little straps that wrapped around her feet and upper ankles for added stability. Standing up, she gave herself a little twirl in front of the mirror and nodded in approval.

Pleased with her outfit selection, she walked 5 feet to the right and sat herself in front of a white vanity. She pulled out a drawer and grabbed two small containers. She opened both containers then proceeded to place something in her eyes that morphed their coloring from brown to blue. Quickly blinking away any discomfort, she replaced the two containers and reached for a tube of soft pink lipstick. The lipstick enhanced her natural color and made her lips look utterly kissable. Her hand began reaching for a scrunchie and swiftly placed her hair up on top of her head. She then reached for something inside the bottom right shelf. That something was a bundle of light-blonde hair. She inverted the bundle and then reverted the bundle on top of her head, expertly concealing her own hair. After making a few adjustments the blonde bundle of hair completely covered the witch's natural tresses and made it seem as if blond was the color she was given at birth. If the men had not just watched this swap occur in front of them, they would've believed that the witch had changed her hair using some sort of Magical beautifying spell.

Before his lord could ask, Severus announced to the table, "they're called wigs. Real or synthetic hair can be gathered and applied to a cap of sorts to simulate varying hairstyles and color combinations. They're a non-permanent way for Muggles to alter their appearance."

No one responded to Severus' statement, but they were all secretly grateful that he was there to explain the peculiarities of Muggle society.

The witch was looking at herself with an inscrutable expression. There was something unreadable swirling within the depths of her eyes and it was evident even though their gorgeous coloring was currently being concealed. Her facial expression suddenly morphed into one of curiosity and innocence. She sported a soft smile, her eyes appeared larger and her eyebrows were slightly pulled up. She resembled a bunny looking up at its owner while begging for affection. Soon, a sly smile crept its way across her face and replaced her bunny-like resemblance with a likeliness of a cat preparing to toy with its prey.

She rose from her chair and decisively exited her lab. The scene before them suddenly transformed and they were now watching her as she was being ushered into a large Victorian-style mansion by a large man in a black suit. The halls were spacious and adorned with beautiful paintings of varying sceneries. Sculptures of Grecian women could be seen at every intersection. The home was artfully decorated and exhumed wealth and power. The mansion resembled that of a lesser Pureblood's home.

When she finally made her way to the parlor, she was stood in front of a diverse collection of furniture covered with what looked to be like powerful men being entertained by beautiful women. Some men were handsome, some were not. Most of the men were wearing military type dress attire and the others opted for Muggle suits. The women, however, were all dressed very similarly: whorish and undignified. Hermione stuck out like a sore thumb. Her choice of attire made her look like an angel standing in front of the gates to the underworld. Paired with the blonde wig and the blue eyes, she looked positively virginal.

Hermione was immediately approached by a hulking man of Eastern-European descent. He sported a thick mustache and heavily shaded sunglasses. He was wearing a white cotton button-up paired with beige-colored slacks and white alligator skin loafers. The man reeked of money and malicious intent.

"Ah, Ms. Seraph, it is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance," he purred while reaching out to lay a kiss on her knuckles.

"Mr. Sokolov! Please, it's truly my pleasure to be able to finally meet you! I've heard so many wonderful things from Pyotr. He never told me how handsome you were," she responded with a blush and a shy smile. She briefly looked to the ground in embarrassment and then looked back up to meet his eyes through her thick lashes.

"Ms. Seprah, please I insist you call me Demetri," he responded with a smirk. His eyes lecherously appraised the tantalizing morsel standing in front of him.

"Well, Demetri," she said coyly. "In kind, I must insist you refer to me by my first name as well, Angelica." Her blush increased under Demetri's strong gaze.

"Wonderful, wonderful, Angelica, please let me get you something to drink."

She bit her lip and nodded in acquiescence.

Demetri put his hand on her lower back, creeping dangerously close to her arse, and guided her to the bar at the end of the room. He instructed the bartender to prepare two drinks: a whiskey for himself and some sort of fruity cocktail for his guest.

Handing the cocktail to her, Demetri continued, "I've heard a lot about your work with the villages. Many of my colleagues are impressed and greatly admire your passion for increasing literacy in destitute villages. I've also heard that you do extremely well with the young children and their mothers. Your vision is admirable, Angelica. Just like you," he praised while gently pushing the hair that had fallen in her face behind her ear.

Angelica responded with a blush and meekly took a sip of her cocktail. "Thank you, Demetri, those are high praises coming from a man of your stature. I'm sure you're much to busy with more important things than to pay attention to a young woman's dreams of helping impoverished children read."

"Nonsense, my Angel, may I call you Angel?" Demetri didn't wait for her response before continuing, "I'd like to talk to you about possibly contributing to your efforts. Would you like to move our conversation to a more secluded room? I'd believe we'd need the privacy to go over more sensitive details," he said while running his fingers softly along her arm. His eyes were fixed on the swell of her breasts that were being accentuated by her lovely dress.

"I'd love that Demetri," she responded with a smile. She downed the rest of her drink and left the glass on the bar. Demetri proffered her his arm and she took it without hesitation. The two made their way to the opposite side of the room, down a hallway, and through a door that was guarded by two men in black suits holding what seemed to be Muggle weaponry.

"Please, make yourself comfortable Angel."

Demetri unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves. He then made his way to a large red wingback chair that sat in front of a fireplace. The fire was lit and it cast a seductive light to the room. There was an adjoining walkway that led directly to his bedroom. The four-poster bed could be seen from his spot in front of the fire. He gestured to the opposite seat and Hermione took her cue to join him.

"Angel, please do not be nervous. I do not bite. Unless you ask," he said with a wink.

He leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees and interlaced his fingers under his chin.

"Angel, you are a sexy and smart woman. I'd really love to help you."

"Oh Demetri! Thank you for the compliment," she responded with another blush. She was wringing her hands in nervousness and Demetri found it absolutely refreshing and positively alluring to seduce a woman who emitted such innocence. He was accustomed to women who threw themselves at him in hopes of getting into his very deep pockets. The woman sitting before him was nothing like the harpies that were currently entertaining his comrades. His Angel was young, beautiful, passionate, and he wouldn't be surprised if she was a virgin regardless of the fact that she was already in her early twenties. Yes, he'd enjoy this one. He'd make sure to savor her. He was practically salivating at the thought of getting to taste this lovely morsel.

"I'd like to be straightforward with you if you don't mind."

"Go ahead. Please do," she replied while showing off a dazzling smile.

"I want to help you by funding your travels."

Her eyes widened at his declaration.

He chuckled. "Traveling from village to village can be costly and that doesn't include food or lodging. I'd like to become your benefactor," he stated while leaning arrogantly back in his chair. His hands were now clasped behind his head.

"Oh, Demetri! That is so generous of you! I don't even know what to say. Thank you! Really, thank you! It's been so hard the past few months and with your assistance, I can travel to even more remote villages. I don't know how I can ever repay you!"

"Oh, my sweet sweet Angel. I'm glad my offer makes you so happy. Knowing that young children will benefit too is just a bonus," he said through a sickly sweet smile.

Standing, Demetri walked over to Hermione's chair and gently guided her to her feet. Still holding on to her hands, he rubbed small circles on the tops of her hands.

"I think I know of a way that you can repay me."

She was looking at their joined hands and was gingerly biting her bottom lip. He reached forward and pulled her lip out of her teeth and reached under her chin to tilt her head up until she was looking directly in his eyes.

"You are a gorgeous woman. Absolutely enchanting. I'd love it if you'd let me show you how beautiful I think you are. I'm sure you'll find my worshipping to be very…. pleasurable."

Hermione hesitated for a moment and then responded with a shy nod.

"Thank you my Angel. I will make this good for you."

He let go of one hand and tugged her towards his bedroom. He sat them at the edge of his bed and began gently kissing her. Their kiss was tentative and sweet. She would release soft moans of pleasure with every flick of his tongue. It soon became too arousing for Demetri and he just had to taste more of her skin. He started kissing his way down her neck and slowly made his way to the swells of her breasts. Hermione gently grabbed the back of his head and guided his eyes back to hers.

Hermione was looking at him with innocence and a touch of fear. "I've never done this before. Laid with a man, I mean. I'm a bit scared." She was slightly trembling.

"Do not worry my Angel, I will take good care of you. I promise to be gentle."

She looked at him for a few seconds and then dipped her head.

"My Angel, I want to see how beautiful you are without your dress in the way. May I?" He began slowly reaching for the zipper of her dress.

She quickly stood up and moved just out of his reach.

"I'd like to undress myself if you don't mind. I'm just very nervous and am not used to a man touching me like that. I think I need a moment to center myself."

"If it makes you comfortable, Angel," he replied with a raise of his hand. "I do not mind. I rather like to watch." Demetri curled his lip into a smirk.

"Thank you."

She turned away from him and continued to remove her dress. She stepped out of the pile and tossed it to the side. She was standing in front of him with nothing but her shoes and knickers on. Hermione took a quick peek at Demetri and then turned her head back. She silently removed the hard polymer pick from below her breasts and gripped it tightly. In a blink of an eye, she straddled Demetri's lap and jammed the pointed tip into the side of his neck. She simultaneously muffled his screams with the palm of her hand. His eyes stared back at her in disbelief as the light in his eyes quickly dimmed.

Hermione plucked the pick from his neck and blood spurted all over the bed. She made sure to lean away from the wound and managed to walk away without a single drop touching her skin.

"How's that for an Angel? That was for Mr. Walsh. He didn't appreciate you raping his teenage daughter," she said in revulsion.

She swiftly grabbed her dress and made her way to his bathroom. She trashed the pick and put back on her dress while unfastening her heels. She walked over to his closet and removed a blue blazer from the rack. She tossed it around herself but did not fasten the buttons. Hermione sauntered back to the sink and analyzed the reflection in the mirror. She no longer held that innocent countenance. Her face was now unreadable, detached even. She purposely smeared her lipstick using her thumb and ruffled her hair until it resembled a bird's nest. Grabbing her heels, she made her way back to the sitting room and uncorked the bottle of whiskey that was sitting on the table. She poured a bit onto her hand and then tapped the liquor on her collarbone. She recorked the bottle and placed it back on the table.

Hermione straightened herself and strutted confidently back to the front door of the room. Putting her hand on the doorknob, she took a deep breath and turned the knob. She stumbled out of the door and was barely able to stop herself from falling on her face. Her heels were still clutched in one hand and she reeked of whiskey. She had a deep blush on her face and was swaying slightly as she walked. She briefly met the eyes of the guards and her eyes widened in response. Her blush deepened and she ducked her head sheepishly. She continued this charade until she was out of the guards' line of sight. Once she turned a corner and escaped their view, her blush dissipated, her eyes hardened, and her back straightened. She stopped walking as if she were drunk and started walking with an assertive demeanor. She quickly made her way back to the front entrance and out of the doors. There was a nondescript black vehicle waiting for her and she did not hesitate to get in.

The colors of the smokey oval began to dissipate until Hermione left the view entirely.


Lord Voldemort cackled. "It seems Ms. Granger has done some growing up!"

All of the men excluding Lord Voldemort were stunned into silence.

"Friends! Don't be so shocked! Do not underestimate the allure of darkness; even the purest hearts are drawn to it."

Severus was the first to break the silence. Pinching the bridge of his nose, "I'm not sure how to feel about seeing a witch I taught since the age of 11 strip down to her knickers, seduce a man older than I am, and then turn around and swiftly murder him using such barbaric Muggle methods."

Thorfinn was the next to respond. The big blond Viking let out a roar of laughter and said, "I always knew the Gryffindor princess was naughty I just didn't expect her to get into this type of mischief!" He slapped that table a few times while he continued to laugh.

"Well, for one thing, I'm quite impressed. She's practically a squib now and she seems to have found herself in a respectable field of work and she apparently has some interesting hobbies," replied Corban. "She definitely looks quite fetching for a Mudblood. I'm also intrigued by Muggle ingenuity. She was able to thoroughly disguise herself, alter her personality to attract her target, and incapacitate him using a weapon from her Muggle armory. Quite impressive indeed.

"The little witch has always intrigued me, but this takes things to a whole nother level. She is the only one to ever survive my curse and now this just makes her even more interesting," stated Antonin.

"This makes things easier. Since you've all taken an interest in the Mudblood, I need you all to make a decision between the four of you on who will take Ms. Granger as a ward. I do not expect any of you to marry her, but I do want you to win her over so we can utilize her mind and her womb. I permit you to marry her if you want to legitimize the child as your heir. I do not care one way or the other if the children are bastards as long as they are brought into existence. I will summon your all again in the next few days. By then we will have secured the Mudblood and begin the process of restoring her memories and magic." In concluding his speech, Lord Voldemort left his men to their discussion.

The four wizards stared at one another with assessing eyes. No one said a thing, but they were all sharing the same thought; Hermione Granger will be mine.


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