Elias Black was an average kid, born and raised in Gotham City. Or at least, he was until he discovered his metahuman abilities. With them he was able to help change the lives of himself and his family. Being a vigilante wasn't an option in a city under Batman's protection and being a villain would only make things worse. With no other options to turn to, Elias turned towards thievery. His powers made that a breeze as well, but it was only one possible option for his life. A single choice could help Elias turn his life around and allow him to become the hero he wished to be, or he could be drowned in the darkness like many others from Gotham.

To find out, let's take a dive into the dark...

-Pulled From Darkness-

So this may be a bit of a surprise to anyone who follows me, and I apologize for the notification not being for an update of A Tale of Wings and Fangs. The idea for this story has been bouncing around my head for years now, and I wanted to finally put it down on paper.

I do want to make it perfectly clear that I will not be stopping writing my Harry Potter story, but I also wanted to dive into the DC universe and the world of Young Justice. It was one of my favorite shows to watch and hearing that there might not be any more made (again) sucks and drove me to finally write down something I've thought of for a long time. Most likely I'll be alternating at times between this story and ATWF, but I don't plan to stop writing either.

A lot of the inspiration for this story came two different sources. The first was the amazing DC fanfiction Less Than Zero by Kenchi618. I took a hefty bit of inspiration from the general concept of their story and decided to try and make my own shot at a DC story. My second source of inspiration came from the question everyone's been asked at some point in their lives.

"If you could have one superpower, what would it be?"

For me, this story helps show my answer. Given the fact that there aren't many comic or anime characters who have the powers that I had thought up, I decided to run with it. As for what Elias' metahuman ability will be, I'll make it nice and simple. Umbrakinesis. While there are some characters in shows and comics that have abilities like it, I plan to make Elias more versatile.

Hopefully this'll interest some people and others will take a dive with me to explore this idea. Until the next chapter, stay safe and happy everyone.