Naruto pov six years after the Kyuubi attack

"Get back here you damn demon!"

"Give me my son back!"

"You killed my wife!"

I rounded the alley and tried the pick the pace up. I felt blood running down my head. I felt the bruises on my sides and my arms I got before I got away. I heard the yelling of the villagers getting a little farther away as I turned again and stopped seeing a wall with a half-broken ladder. I looked around, trying to find something or somewhere to hide.

'KId! You're light enough to get up the ladder!"

I didn't care where the voice came from as I ran over to the broken ladder. I started it as the villagers came around the corner.

"Get down here!"

The ladder got jerked around, and I held tight to the side of the ladder before I heard the metal snap. I looked back down and saw the ladder had broken. It fell back into the crowd, and I sighed before I started up again.

'Kid you got real lucky.'

I sighed and then started to walk along the rooftop. "Why is it always like this on my birthday?" I stopped at the roof's edge and looked over, seeing that the ground was too far and I couldn't reach the other roof.

"Hey, kid why were they chasing you?"

I looked back and stopped seeing a man sitting in the shadow of another building. I couldn't see his eyes, but I could tell he was looking right at me. "I don't know. They do this on my birthday every year." He hummed as he looked at me; then, he lifted his arm, and he had a bottle in his hand. He took a long drink from the bottle and sighed before he threw it over the side of the building. I heard it break and a man scream.

"What is your name kid?"

"N-naruto Uzumaki." He shot up, and I saw he was huge. He was bigger than anyone I'd ever seen.

"You're Naruto Uzumaki?!"

I jumped, scared, as I looked up at him. "Y-ya?" He walked out of the shadows. He was tanned with dark red hair with a little grey on the top. He had on a long, sleeveless, high-collared black cape. Under that, he had on a white shirt half-buttoned up, exposing the middle of his chest and some abs like shinobi. He wore a set baggier pair of pants with a green-yellow, indiscernible floral pattern halfway up the shin. The pair was a slightly loose, plain-brown one with golden buttons down the outer leg sides and a red sash around his waist to keep his shirt tucked inside. But his eyes, eyes were so strange. They had a small black dot in the center with a black ring around the center. And he had three scars going down his left eye.

"Naruto how old are you?"

He moved closer, and I saw he only had one arm. "Six, why?" He made a fist and clenched his teeth before looking to the Hokage's tower.

"I see, just you wait, Hiruzen."

He growled out Jiji's name, and I felt something go by me, a chill ran through me. He sighed before he unclenched his fist before he looked back at me with a smile.

"Well Naruto, I think I can tell you something that will make you happy."

I blinked as I looked at him. "What is that?" He smiled as he walked over and knelt to be level with me.

"My Name is Shanks Uzumaki, former head elder of Uzushiogakure. I maybe your grandfather and were going to see the Hokage."

Council room pov ten minutes later

Hiruzen sat in his seat listening to the elders trying to get him to allow them access to the Namikaze fortunes. As he was about to tell them no again a power he hadn't felt in decades filled the air. Danzo and the elders and Hiruzen himself jumped up knowing only one man who knew the secrets of that power.


Hiruzen looked over at Homura as he shook with fear.


A dozen ANBU appeared in the council room and bowed to their Hokage.

"Lock down the village a beast far worst then the Kyuubi is nea…"

The council room door was blown in with the four ANBU guarding the room flying in with the doors. The ANBU crashed into the walls behind the elders making them fall to the ground out of fear. Dust floated in the air as a figure slowly started to walk onto the wooden floor and the walls made an echo as the figure walked in a sword sheath tapping the ground as he walked. The new Chūnin and Tokubetsu Jōnin and a few ANBU in the room started falling to the floor.

"Long time no see, Hiruzen. I've come for answers."

A man in a long black cape walked through the dust with a blonde boy being held in his one arm. He stopped in the center of the room and Hiruzen finally saw that it was a sleeping Naruto being held by the arm of the former elder of Uzushiogakure. The clan heads looked at the man all of them seemed to shake at the sight of the man.

"L-L-lord Hokage who is this man?"

Tsume asked as she looked up at the huge Alpha of an elderly man. Shanks looked over at her and she shut her mouth as he glared at her.

"Sit down and be quiet before I sit you down."

Tsume normally the most Farrell woman of Konoha as looking like a whipped puppy. Shanks looked back at Hiruzen. The glare Shanlks leveled at Hiruzen could make a man's soul shake.

"I want to know what happened to my daughter Hiruzen? Where is Kushina and her husband Minato."

Hiruzen turned ghostly white as he looked at the most powerful Uzumaki he'd ever known. All the clan heads looked at the man and then back at Hiruzen.

"Lord Hokage, what is he talking about?"

Danzo spoke before Hiruzen could.

"The crimson beast of Uzushiogakure, the last user of an ancient bloodline of the Uzumaki clan."

Shock filled the room as they looked at Naruto as held onto the man's cape.

"Forget that for now I want to know if this boy is my grandson." A vein appeared on his head as he looked at Hiruzen.

"And who am I going to kill for letting the villagers attack him every kami damn day!"

The floor around him shattered at his yell the window blew out and the ANBU who'd surrounded him all passed out from the power he let loose. The civilian council members who were too scared to speak passed out as well. The ninja council nearly passed out from his power.

"L-lord Shanks I'm sorry but I can't tell you th…"

"Hiruzen, if you don't answer my questions I'll destroy the security seal barrier around the village. And as the former elder of Uzushiogakure, I will take all the seals and scrolls my daughter brought from our homeland."

Hiruzen shrank back as he looked at one of the few men he feared. "She and Minato are dead Shanks and yes Naruto is your grandson. But, you have to let me explain!"

Hiruzen tried to retake control but stopped as he looked into Shank's eyes.

"I see, well my grandson has told me everything on the way here he wanted to be a Shinobi. As for explanation, I could care less. You will have someone to take me to my daughter's home. I know you knew my daughter was a seal master as well it's still standing. After that and the beating you all have coming I will start his training myself."


Shanks looked over at Danzo making him freeze. The old war hawk was no fool. He knew that even if he used his root and Shisui sharingan he'd only just hold the man off. All of Konoha's ninjas knew the sharingan was useless against a seal master.

"I know all about that beast I can sense it, you old bastard. My grandson will not be made into a damn weapon or keep being a kami damn punching bag. As of this moment anyone who so much as touches him without his okay dies."

Danzo sweated as he looked at the man he knew could tear the village apart if he wanted to.

"Oh, I also noticed something when I saw him running from them. Some of your shinobi were in the crowd. If I see that again well you can guess right?"

Everyone nodded before A dog-masked ANUB Appeared beside Hiruzen.

"Lord Hokage a group of forty ninjas were found dead right outside of the tower!"

A second later the dog-masked ANBU was slammed with the same power everyone else was he didn't pass out but was brought to the ground.

"Hm, I guess that one has a bit of willpower. To withstand my weak haki is impressive. He'll do for a guide. We'll be waiting outside oh and I will be coming as I have about ninety or so percent of the valuables from our old home. I'll be coming to exchange it for the ryo it's worth. My grandson is done digging through trash for food and clothes."

Hiruzen nodded knowing he'd lost his chance to get a word in.

Naruto's pov two days later

"Gramps this is incredible!" I looked back at my grandfather and saw him sitting on the porch of our new house. A smile on his face.

"That's nice Naruto, don't forget were going to get you come more clothes later as well as training gear and a few swords. I'll be teaching you the crimson beast style of swordsmanship I use."

"Really gramps!?"

He smiled wide and nodded as he stood up and looked over to the gate. I looked over and saw the girl I help when she was being bullied. I heard my grandfather laugh before he spoke up.

"Little miss your free to come onto the grounds I'm sure my grandson would love the company."

She epped before slowly coming out from behind the stone gate.

"H-h-h-ello L-l-l-lord S-sjhank a-and N-naruto-k-kun."

I smiled then ran up to her and grabbed her hand. "Well you heard gramps. let's go play! We have a small stream and pond around back we can play in!" I turned and started to pull her to the small forest behind the house.


I laughed as we ran through the trees. I smiled as we came up on the small clearing with the stream feeding into the pond. I looked at the flowers around the pond with a few rabbits on the other side of the pond.

"T-t-this i-is a pr-pretty place N-naruto-Kun."

I smiled and I let her hand go before I ran over to the stream and pulled my sandals off and rolled my pants legs up. I jumped into the water. I smiled loving the cool feeling of the water. I heard some splashing behind me and I turned around and saw Hinata smiling at me. I grabbed her and pulled her up to the edge of the pound. I reached in and grabbed a few of the flat stones.

"N-naruto-Kun w-w-what are w-we doing?"

I smiled and pulled one of the smaller rocks out. I got into the stance gramps showed me for shuriken throwing. "Gramps has started teaching me to throw shuriken and said he'd teach something to help me learn faster later today."

"T-that's n-nice."

I laughed and threw it as hard as I could. It skipped two times before it splashed into the pond. Hinata took a stone from my hand and then did the same as me. She got three skips over the water before it splashed into the pond.

Shanks pov

I laughed as I watched Naruto drag the poor red-faced girl off into the small woods behind the house. I nodded my head before I sat back down. "I know you six are there, come on out." A second later Hiruzen and five more ANBU appeared at the gate. I smiled as I looked at him.

"Hello, Shanks. I hope you know the hell you've thrown the village into. Forcing the announcement of Naruto's heritage has split the citizen and shinobi councils. Then there is the matter that you now have the funds equal to five years of the budget of the village. When we add in all the money and investment accounts your daughter and son-in-law had you now control two third's of the economy."

I smiled as I rested my arm on my thigh. "Well certainly not what I set out to do but nice to know. So, my guess is the shinobi don't care too much about it as it adds another shinobi clan though upset the power of the civilian council had right?" Hiruzen sighed and nodded before walking over and sitting down beside me.

"Yes, they are upset that a new powerhouse is here and it's clear they nor the elders can force you into compliance. So they are trying to convince me to have Naruto married to one of their daughters or to put in the CRA when he'd fifteen."

I huffed and nodded my head. "I would like my grandson to marry the same as me and my daughter did. But if not I will see to it if he finds good women to marry if he wants to be in the CRA. Well, I may not like it but it is his decision to make but I will make it clear to him that he is to love and respect those women." Hiruzen nodded seemingly happy with my words.

"Well do you need anything?"

I smiled then held my hand out. "I want the shadow clone jutsu. You and I both know her has the reserves for the jutsu plus it will help me teach him our clan's jutsul, fuinjutsu and if he can use it the othe Haki powers." Hiruzen looked at me worry on his face.

"Can you?"

"Hiruzen, I'm the last master known to use Haki. I think I know when someone has that power. But, I'm surprised you didn't notice it Hiruzen. He can sense emotions near perfectly and seemed to be atleast to sense or well aware of other presences. To think at his age he's able to do that. It's an incredible experience to see someone so young to have that level of haki without knowing anything about it."

"I see well, can I ask if he has those powers as well?"

I hummed as I looked back at the forest. "I don't know. But, one thing I am sure is that he'll become extremely powerful maybe more so then you and me."