Note guy in the anime shanks is 27 when he met Luffy, so he's only around forty at the marine fort. So he's actually older than he should be in this story. So, don't worry about the math too much. As for Uta, I have not planned to use her in this story.

A year and a half training chapter

Third person pov

one month

Naruto groaned before his eyes opened and looked up at his ceiling. He blinked a few times before he noticed the weight on his chest. And he felt something warn pressed into his side. Naruto looked down and smiled, seeing Anko asleep on his chest. Anko was naked as the day she was born. Naruto looked down to his side and saw Naga and Vespera lying next to him. He smiled before he sighed and knew they had to get up Anko needed to work on her control before heading off to the T building, and he had to get to class. Naruto patted Anko's shoulder, and she groaned before moving around on his chest.

"Let me sleep Naruto."

Naruto laughed before he lifted his hand on her back.

"Okay then water it is."

Naruto let the water fall on her back, and she yelped, making Naga and Vespera jump up. Anko shot up and had her chest covered.

"What the hell Naruto!?"

Naruto slipped out of the bed and was in front of his standing closet. His sleep pants were black with grey stripes going down his legs. Naruto but on a black tank top before dodging a Kunai thrown by Anko.

"Stay still!"

"I'll be on the pond Anko!"

Naruto jumped out his open window, and Vespera jumped onto Naruto's back claws hanging on. Naruto landed on the roof and then jumped again. He flipped in the air and landed on the water. Naruto laughed as he heard Anko going crazy. Vespera yawned as she rubbed her face on my cheek.

"Naruto why has she been clinging to you the last few days?"

Naruto sighed before he reached up and rubbed Vespera's head.

"Well, you see she and I have come real close. I think you know what I mean given how strong you're sense of smell is."

Vespera smirked as she swayed her tail.

"Ya, and your right Naruto. I can smell her all over you. You know that when Hinata finds out about that happened you're dead."

Naruto gulped before he jumped to the side, dodging Anko's drop kick. Anko had dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a tight purple tank top. Naruto slid across the surface of the water, dodging kunai and shuriken. Vespera clung to Naruto's shirt as he moved around.

"Naruto make your tigress stop!"

I hummed as I jumped off the water and landed on a tree branch. Naruto watched Anko look around, trying to find him. He smiled before jumping around in the trees until he was behind her. Naruto jumped out onto the water and wrapped his arms around Anko's waist. Anko jumped and huffed as she leaned back into Naruto's chest.

"Damn it Naruto!"

Naruto laughed a little as Vespera pawed at Anko's hair bun. Anko nodded her head before Naruto looked down at Vespera. She stopped pawing at the bun, and jumped off Naruto's shoulder, and landed in the water.

"I'm going to find some breakfast Naruto."

Naruto nodded as Vespera ran off. Naruto smiled as Anko rubbed her hand on his forearm.

"Your so luck your a good fuck Naruto."

Naruto laughed a little more before he felt two people coming.

"People are coming this way."

They broke apart fast, and Anko turned, trying to land a kick as Yui and Ino walked through the front gate. Yui and Ino watched as Naruto pushed the punch aside, grabbed her arm, then pulled her forward. Naruto went in for a palm thrust he used to line up to finish a fight. Anko used the substitution jutsu, and Naruto looked at the trees and dodged another storm of shuriken.

"Damn those two are really going at it."

Ino nodded as she watched Naruto jump into the trees.

"But it's weird to see him without his swords."

Yui nodded before they heard Anko screaming before she was thrown out of the trees and rolled across the ground.

"Oh those two have been at each for a while now."

Yui and Ino looked down at Vespera as she chewed on a dead rabbit's leg. Ino turned a little green, and Yui sighed as she looked back at the fight. Naruto dominated the fight and had complete control of the pace and speed.

"Yui do you think we could get in on the combat training?"

I flinched as Anko landed a punch on Naruto's face. But Naruto countered with a low blow to her side. Anko was forced back, and Yui felt slightly angry that now another woman had all of Naruto's attention. "Ya, I got a way to make sure we can. Ino looked at Yui before Yui cracked her knuckles and looked at Ino.

"We both want time with him too. So, why not just drop in on them. In our world you never know when more enemies will jump in."

Ino smiled at Yui's idea, and they rushed over to the pond. Ino pulled out two Kunai, and Yui started to weave hand signs.

Horse, tiger, serpent, ram, monkey, boar, horse, tiger. Ino jumped at Naruto's back, forcing him to jump out from between Anko and Ino. Yui got above Naruto as he landed near the pond's edge and looked up.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu Great Fire Ball Jutsu!"

Naruto ran through hand signs and then threw his head back as water filled his mouth. "Suiton no Jutsu: Water Formation Wall."

The two jutsu collided, and steam erupted from the impact. Anko, Ino, and Yui were surprised to see Naruto pulling off an A-ranked defensive jutsu like it was nothing. Yui started to fall, and she had her two tomoe sharingan active and cursed her lack of water affinity. Yui landed and got grabbed from behind by one of Anko's snakes. Anko pulled her back as Naruto came out from the pond, trying to grab Yui. Anko sent her down between herself and Ino. The three looked at Naruto as he pulled himself out of the water.

"Not a bad idea. Force me out with a pincer attack, then come at me from above. But all that aside why are you two here? We have to go to the academy today and coming here takes your far from that route?"

Yui and Ino smiled as they looked at Naruto. Anko frowned as she looked between the two girls. Naruto laughed before I turned and looked at the house.

"Anko you and I need to finish our spar then get changed for work and the academy."

Anko sighed before she spoke up.

"No, these two have ruined our tempo Naruto."

Naruto looked back at Anko, eyebrow raised. Yui and Ino looked at her raised eyebrows. Anko looked between the three.

"Anko never talks like that who are you?"

Naruto laughed a little as Yui spoke. Anko glared at her before she looked back at Naruto.

"And I don't think you need to get changed. Hell all you need is your swords and sandals."

Naruto nodded before he tensed up as Hinata appeared on the pond Hanabi at her side. Naruto looked at them; his eyes widened as he looked at them. The two had changed her clothes completely. Hanabi had changed from her bright white kimono and child sandals into a black kimono with red and blue flames at the bottom. She had on knee-high shinobi boots, and Naruto could make out her Kunai and shuriken holders. Naruto looked at Hinata. Hinata was dressed in a burnt orange top jacket that was open. She wore a dark blue deep-cut v-neck, showing off her full size. She was a little bigger than Anko, making her almost an e-cup. Naruto looked down and saw she had on a skirt that opened on the sides, and she'd wrapped her thighs in bandages with holsters on both thighs. Looking lower, Naruto saw clear and flawless skin, and she had on heels like Tsunade, and Shizune wore. The other girls saw a little blood coming from Naruto's nose. Naruto started to sense the bloodlust and quickly wiped his nose before he looked at Anko. She had a smiled on her face and had a kunai in hand before pointing it at her crotch.

"I need to get my sword!"

Naruto jumped away, scared out of his mind, not wanting to get his dick cut off. Naruto knew Anko didn't mind sharing, but he also knew this was her time, not Hinata's. Naruto landed on the roof and then hopped back into the room. Naruto sighed before I felt someone right behind him. Naruto turned his hand on Enma's handle. Anko was behind him and had her eyes narrowed as she tapped her foot on the floor.

"If i remember right your mine for another four months."

Anko took a few steps, and Naruto backed up a little.

"You're supposed to only look at me right now and once the CRA kicks in you're free to stare all you want at all of us. Oh and don't worry I left a shadow clone with the others before I slipped away."

Naruto backed up into the closet. Anko stood right infront of Naruto with that smirk on her face. She wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck, and Naruto relaxed, seeing that Anko wasn't going to kill him yet. Naruto wrapped his arms around Anko's lower back. Anko ran her hands up Naruto's chest and cupped Naruto's cheek.

"You look at her like that again in my four months and I'll make you pay."

Naruto laughed before a crash was heard outside. They broke apart, and Anko dashed out the door as Naruto jumped back out onto the roof. He looked down and saw the pond closing back up. He sighed as he saw the real Anko come back out in new clothes a minute later. Anko wore a pair of thigh-length tore shorts with black stockings and blue ninja sandals. Anko had on a tightly wrapped purple and black battle kimono. She had her hair pulled back. Naruto saw Hinata with a mad look on her face. Naruto looked around as Yui and Ino climbing out of the water. Naruto jumped down onto the pond, put two fingers into his mouth, and then let out a whistle. Everyone looked at him before he clapped his hands.

"Okay, everyone, we need to head out. Hinata, Yui, Ino, and Hanabi, you guys head off to the academy. I'm running off to the weapons shop before coming to the academy. Anko you and I are going the same was since you need to got to work. I can use soru to get you there on the way."

Anko smiled before she walked over and wrapped an arm around his arm before the two vanished in a blur. Hinata and Hanabi used their Byakugan to watch Naruto as he and Anko rushed across the building roofs. Hinata was annoyed at the fact she had to share his attention, but she knew in the end, her father and mother were right. If she pressed too hard, she could lose him again. Hanabi smiled as she watched Naruto and Anko as they got out of range of her Byakugan. She had a pretty good idea of what was going on, and she felt her sister would lose it when she figured it out.

Naruto's POV

I landed outside of the T building, and Anko sighed as she held onto my arms. I looked around and glared at the civilians around us. All of them backed away, and I huffed before I nudged Anko with my shoulder. She laughed before she kissed my cheek and let me go. I grabbed her arm and then pulled her into a kiss. She hummed as she wrapped her arms around my neck. After a second, Anko broke the kiss. I sensed the disgust of the villagers, but I didn't give a damn.

"I love how pissed they all look."

I smiled as I rested on her side as felt a shinobi above us. 'Hm, seems like someone finally found their balls.' I gave her one more kiss before I let her go. "I'll be back at lunchtime with some dango." Anko smiled before nodding and shunshin away. I grabbed my sword before using soru and got behind a dog-masked ANBU; he spun and looked at me with two black eye holes. He was tall and dressed in the standard uniform of the ANBU corps. I saw the tattoo on his arm and knew he was a captain. What stood out the most was his grey gravity-defying hair.

"I guess I'm getting rusty, seeing that you sensed me out so quickly."

I nodded before I pulled my swords off my side and sat down. "One of my bloodline abilities lets me sense when someone nearby can help me dodge attacks. And, once I unlock the advance form I'll be able to do what the sharingan is rumored to do. My gramps told me when it's at the highest level he can see ten seconds into the future. As a fellow ninja, you know as well as I do that every second counts." He was quiet for a minute before he laughed a little.

"I like you kid. You take this life seriously and understand even while not being a ninja yet. What other abilities does your bloodline do?"

I didn't sense any ill intent or hate coming from him. "Well, I can harden my body to make any physical attack, weapon, and a few low-level jutsu. The other and most powerful ability is one I don't much care for but it's very useful. It's called conqueror's haki or the sings will whichever you prefer. If your willpower is weaker than mine I can force them into unconsciousness. But, I hate to use a power that forces others to submit to me." Again he was quiet before he sat down and crossed his legs as he looked at me.

"Hey kid if you had a choice between finishing a mission or saving your comrades which would you pick."

I looked at him for a second, then laughed a little. I felt a little worry creep into him. I stood up and put my swords back on my sides. "My friends and comrades. To hell with the mission if I have to sacrifice my reputation and paid to save someone I care about I'll do it every time. I learned that by studying the white fang of the leaf a true hero of the leaf village. He should have lived a long life not ended it thinking he failed. When I have a team of my own I refuse to become scum who abandons them." I felt his emotions running wild as I looked at him. But, I turned as I felt him fill with gratitude and pride.


I turned back and saw him holding a hand out to me on his feet. "Yes?" I swear I could feel his smile as he looked at me.

"I have a friend who would love to meet and train someone like you. Tell me what is your name and what is your affinitiy do you have?"

I looked at the man for a moment thinking over this man's offer. "Naruto Uzumaki, and I have lightling, water, and wind. I have high affinity in all three." I felt the shock coming from him before I grabbed hold of my swords. "I'm sure I'll see you again very soon dog." I used soru and landed back down on the ground down the road and smiled as I saw the weapons shop and looked up at the sign. 'Higurashi's weapon shop hm, why does that name sound familiar?' I opened the door and looking the show and saw a large, well-muscled man leaning back into a chair with an orange book in hand and had a smile on his face and was giggling as he read. I hummed as I looked around the shop and smiled when I saw the large scrolls I was looking for. As I walked over, I saw the man look up out of the corner of my eye. His eye widened before he set the book down.

"Hey your the Uzumaki heir."

I nodded as I grabbed the large scroll and two scroll hip holsters, and two scrolls a quarter the size of the large scroll I had plans for.

"You must me Shanks's grandson."

He knows gramps? I looked at him as I set the holsters and scrolls down on the counter. "You know my gramps?" He smiled as he looked at me.

"Ya, he's given me a few seals I need in exchange for discounts on scroll and chakra ink. And If you want that massive sealing scroll you need a shoulder holster to hold it to your back or a belt holster keeping on your lower back."

I nodded before I heard a girlish scream. I jumped to the side, making a girl miss a jump at me. I held onto my swords. I looked down at a girl with black hair and grey eyes; she wore her hair in two Chinese-style buns on her head, with short bangs framing her face. She wore a pink sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimmings, yellow fastening buttons, and dark green pants. I saw a headband on her head and a scroll potch on her thigh. I backed away a bit as she turned, and I saw her staring straight at my swords.

"Those are two of the twenty-one greater-grade blades! Shusui and Enma!"

I blinked and laughed a little as I looked at her. "Oh, you just wanted to get a look at my swords? Well if you'd like, I'll let you see them." The man sighed as the girl quickly rushed up, hands clasped as she looked up at me.


I laughed as I waved my hand down at her. I pulled Shusui and Enma out of their sheaths and held them out to her. She quickly took them from my hands and looked up at them with stars in her eyes. I laughed and left her to admire as I pulled out my swirl wallet and pulled out the new debit card gramps had finally gotten from the bank. He smiled and took it from me and set his book down. He stood up, and I hummed as I saw he was just an inch or two shorter than gramps. He was also built like a mountain. I tapped my foot on the ground a few times before the girl started to talk to me.

"Hey your that Naruto kid right?"

I turned, and she smiled as she held the swords back out to me. I smalled and grabbed the handles. I resheathed them and smiled as I looked at her. "Ya, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and you with those pretty little eyes?" She blushed and smiled before she looked away from me.

"Tenten Higurashi."

I smiled and grabbed one of her hands, that we were playing with the bottom of her blouse. I pulled her hand up to my face and pushed my hair up, and gave her hand a quick kiss. She turned red as I looked at her.


I leaned back, and a kunai flew past where my head was a second ago. I smiled as I leaned forward and looked at the raging man. "What? Can't I show a beautiful flower some affection?" Tenten epped before running behind the counter red as a could be. And hid behind the angry man. I quickly dodged another kunai and sword before he threw a sealed scroll and the debit card at me. I ran around a round for a minute, watching him lose his mind. I snagged his book without him seeing it, then sealed it into my wrist seal.

"Take your stuff and leave my family's shop!"

I smiled as I caught both. "Oh, so that bombshell to be as your daughter? Nice to know see you again soon Tenten-chan."


He rushed around and smiled at the completely red girl looking at me. I jumped to the door dodging a grab, and kicked it open before running down the road. I could hear the man after me.


I laughed as I ran, knowing I could get away whenever I wanted.

Third pov

Naruto, having lost the enraged father. He walked into the classroom humming as he walked to the front and smiled, seeing Hinata and Ino waiting for him holding a seat. Naruto was Yui having a quiet fight with Sasuke in the back. He saw Sasuke pull his hand back like he was about to strike Yui. Frowning as he looked at him, Naruto used soru and was behind Sasuke and grabbed his forearm. Naruto grabbed the back of Sasuke's shorts and pulled Sasuke up onto his totes, and you could tell his balls were being crushed by his own weight. Naruto walked him back to his seat like a wiped puppy.

"Sit down and shut up you disgrace."

Naruto forced Sasuke to sit down before grabbing the back of Sasuke's head and slamming him face-first into the desk. Naruto huffed as he looked down at the knocked-out fool he'd once again put in his place. Naruto let his hair go, then walked back down at a laughing Hinata and Ino. Yui walked down behind Naruto, a smile on her face as she sat down behind Naruto. Naruto sealed his swords away, and Hinata smiled as she laid her head on Naruto's shoulder. She wrapped her arm around Naruto's and sighed as she held onto him. Ino leaned into Naruto's other side, happy to feel the warmth of Naruto's body. As the class started, Naruto's thoughts drifted back to Anko. They'd been fucking for a month now, and he wasn't sure what that made them now.

"Naruto pay attention!"

Naruto caught the eraser Iruka threw at him. Ino groaned as she had to move for naruto to catch the eraser. Iruka sighed before Naruto flicked his wrist. Iruka caught the eraser before turning back around and talking again.

"Like I was saying. Wee will be using todayin an hour to practice our weapons throwing and taijutsuand giveg each of you a chance to show a jutsu you may have learned. And someone wake Sasuke up again."

Iruka sighed before talking low but not enough to stop a few in the front row from hearing.

"I swear he just needs to leave Naruto alone he's never going to learn."

Naruto smiled at that, and Hinata laughed a little as Ino smirked. Naruto laughed a little before he went back to his thoughts about Anko. She came off like for was mad but could be so loving when she wanted to be. She had a soft side to her at times, almost gentle. Naruto's listened to Iruka waiting for lunch.

With Anko

Anko sat at her desk, sipping some green tea as she read over the information she'd gotten out of one of the spies from Iwa. Anko sighed as she set the paper down and elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand. Her mind drifted to Naruto and the last two nights. She smiled as her other hand idly moved to her lower stomach, where Naruto had placed the seal. She wondered what the future held for her if everything when like she hoped.


Anko jumped as she looked up and saw Shanks at her door, a smile on his face. Anko was shocked to see Shanks. Shanks walked into the room and sat down in the chair across from Anko. Anko smiled as she looked at him and noticed something was happening with Shanks's missing arm.

"What's going on with that arm Shanks?"

Shanks smiled before rolling the sleeve up and showing some arm bandages.

"Tsunade wanted to remove the scar tissue from the burns. With what's going to happen in the next few months. Now, I heard you and Ibiki broke that ninja I caught. I want to know what he gave up. I have the Hokage's seal to let you know I'm cleared to hear everything."

Anko nodded, then held her hand out to Shanks. He quickly pulled out a small scroll and handed it over to Anko. She quickly broke the wax seal on the small scroll. She opened it and then looked at the contents.

To the T department

From the third Hokage

Sir, Shanks has been granted permission to learn the information gained from the interrogation of the former root shinobi. As the first responding ninja to the Uchiha massacre and as the head of the Uzumaki, he's cleared to know the intel.

Sighed Hiruzen Sarutobi, third Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato

Anko nodded before she stood up from her desk and walked over to the wall. She made a half-tiger sign and flared her chakra. A spot on the wall flashed before a door appeared. Anko opened the door, and she was in a room with one of only eight computers in the building. Anko walked over and quickly tipped in her password and ran through a few files and a few more passwords; she had the intel Shanks wanted. She quickly made a copy and printed it off. Anko smiled as she quickly read over the integration notes at the top.

Interrogation subject 97668

It took more than three weeks to break through his mental training to resist interrogation. He was, however, broken and given up names as to who was involved and gave up information on plans to retrieve and break the Uzuzmaki jinchuuriki to be made into a weapon.

Anko stopped seeing the word jinchuuriki. She put the strange word aside for now and decided to ask the Hokage. Anko walked back into her office and handed over the paper, and he thanked he before he stood and walked out of the office. Anko sighed and hummed as she sat back down in her seat. She looked up at her clock and smiled, seeing that it was lunchtime for the academy. Anko quickly put all the papers away before a knocking came on her door. Her smile widened as she looked at Naruto as he stood there with a bag in hand.

"Come in and lock then seal the door."

Naruto POV

I smiled as I walked into Anko's office, locked the door, and placed a chakra-blocking seal and a soundproofing seal. I watched Anko stand up as I walked over to her desk, and she grabbed my shirt and shoved me into her chair. She took the dango bag and then sat down on my lap. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her waist as she ripped into the bag. I grabbed her hips as she moved around.

"Oh you got the really good stuff today!"

I nodded as she moved back, pressing her ass more into my lap.

"You really like my ass don't you?~"

I groaned as she looked back at me with a dango in her mouth. She moved around a lot more, and she grabbed my left hand. She pulled around her body and put it at the edge of her waistband. I smiled as I sent small electroshock to her lower stomach. She shivered as she leaned back into my chest and ate her dango.

"Kami I can't believe how much I love that."

Lemon warning

I huffed as I ran my hand up her side, slipped my hand under her kimono, grabbed her breast, and sent a shock through her nipple. She leaned out a loud moan dropping the dango stock. I smiled as I twisted her nipped and unbuttoned her shorts and slipped my hand into her shorts. She moaned as I played with her outer lips. She groaned a little as she reached around and grabbed the back of my head as I played with her. She was getting wet quick, and I smiled as I slipped two fingers into her.

"K-kami! Damn, you're going a little fast! Come on you can skip a class today, right?"

I sent a shock through her trying to force her to orgasm.

"I got a teme and a mutt to beat the crap out of. Maybe you should come and watch me make bleed and see that blood you love.~"

She got even wetter before I sent a pulse of electricity into her, and she screamed as she came onto my hand. She twitched, and I pulled my hand from her shorts and showed it to her. "Wow, your a naughty little snake goddess, aren't you?" She grabbed my hand and then licked my hand, cleaning her fluids off each finger. On my pointer, she sucked harder and swirled her tongue around it. I quickly pulled my hand away, grabbed her hips, forced her up, and bent her over the desk. I grabbed her through her shorts and squeezed as I pushed the dango aside and flipped her over. I pulled her Kimono open and saw she wasn't wearing a bra. She smiled up at me as she leaned up and pulled me into a kiss. I forced her back down, deepening our kiss as I pinned her down. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I moved my hands around her body. I broke our kiss, and she smiled as she looked up at me. I kissed her chin, then her neck, and started to kiss my way down her body. I ran my hands along her sides as I kissed my way down.

"N-naruto what are you doing?"

I kissed her stomach and grabbed the sides of her shorts and panties. I pulled them off and got on my knees, and kissed her thigh; she moaned as she grabbed my head as grabbed her hips. I leaned in and kissed clit, and she gasped before I opened my mouth, then gave her outer lips a lick. I lifted her off the desk a little, pushed my tongue past her lips, and got a taste of her. She had a slightly sweet taste to her guess from all the dango. I gave her a few more likes and hummed as I pulled my head back. She was getting soaked fast, and I smiled as I stood up. I used my right to keep playing with her as I pulled my pants and boxers down.

"Stop playing with me already!"

I smiled and pulled her ass off the edge of the desk. I lined up with her opening and rammed into her. Anko screamed and grabbed the edges of the desk as I started to thrust into her. Anko screamed as I hammered into her.

"Kami your going to break me Naruto!"

I smiled as I looked down at her flushed face, and she locked eyes with me. I moved my hand to the center of her back and pulled her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I held her up by her thigh and held her tight to my chest with the hand I had on her back. I speared her deeper on my cock as she locked her legs around my waist as she bit down on my shoulder as I bounced her on me. "Kami you're getting tight Anko are you getting close?" I moved my hand up her back and grabbed the back of her hair, and made her pull her teeth from my shoulder. I kissed her, and she hummed as she held on to me. She broke our kiss and pressed her forehead against mine.

"N-naruto we need to finish up you have a teme and mutt to beat down."

I nodded as I felt my end coming anyways. I picked up the pace, and she screamed and clamped down around my cock. I squeezed her as I blew my load into her. I let her fall back onto the desk and let her legs fall. I slipped out of her, and she sighed as she lay on the desk. I looked down and saw some of my cum coming out of her lips. I sighed as I pulled my boxers and pants before I saw her sit up and look down.

"F-fuck if I didn't have this seal you'd have got me preganat by now."

Lemon end

Third pov Ten minutes later

Naruto opened the door and walked out with Anko walked out happily chewing on dango, not minding the sore feeling in her legs. They walked over to the window, and Naruto opened the window and put a foot on the windowsill.

"Anko grab on."

Doing what Naruto said, she wrapped her arms around his chest. Naruto wrapped an arm around Anko's back and used the soru to race across the rooftops heading for the school. Anko smiled as she held onto her lover. After a minute, the two landed in the school yard scaring the class as they regathered for the sparring and throwing training. Anko laughed as she held Naruto for a second longer than the three girls liked. Ino, Yui, and Hinata walked up to them before Iruka spoke up.

"Okay, with Naruto back we're all here. And Anko why are you here and holding onto Naruto?"

Anko made a good show of trying not to get sick.

"That stupid high-speed movement flips your stomach. I'd love to see you look fine after being throw around like that."

Iruka seemed to buy it as he spoke.

"I see so like the first time a ninja uses a shunshin technique. I remember throwing up the first time I used it."

Hinata grimaced and shivered, knowing that feeling well from both techniques. Naruto helped Anko over to the bench and sighed before resummoning his swords and put both them on his side as well as a pouch and set it on his side. Naruto walked back over and noticed Kiba and Sasuke glaring at him until Kiba smelled the air. Naruto watched as Kiba sniffed the air a few more times before he was called to throw. Not caring if he was found out, Naruto crossed his arms and waited for his turn.

"A 15 out of 20 good work Kiba. Sasuke your up next."

Sasuke walked up like he owned the village and his fan girls screamed as they watched Sasuke throw his Kunai and shuriken.

"A 18 out of 20 very good Sasuke. Naruto you're up."

Naruto smiled and reached into his pouch, pulling out one Kunai and one shuriken.

"Hey dobe, what are you doing you need more then one of each."

Sasuke frowned as Naruto walked past Sasuke and Kiba but stopped once he was beside the two.

"I know, but I'm about to do some you two fools can't."

Naruto walked up to the like and them both before running through hand signs. "Shuriken shadow clone jutsu." The one Kunai and Shuriken turned into ten of each, and they needed to the target dead center.

"A-A 20 out of 20 incredible work Naruto."

Sasuke gritted his teeth, and Kiba flashed his fangs before he sniffed again. He looked at Naruto then his mouth dropped open. Naruto turned and raised an eyebrow as Kiba started to yell.

"I knew I smelled snakes but I couldn't tell where it was coming from it's coming from you! It's like you were in a damn snake pit!"

Kiba yelled as he pointed at Naruto. Staying calm while freaking out inside from the look Hinata, Ino and Yui were giving him, Naruto spoke. "I've been training with Anko for over a month you try to not smell like the snakes that cling to you for heat. Oh wait, you always smell like dog butt so why do you care mutt. Or is it the fact a woman is near me when they run from you."

Laughed roared around Kiba as Naruto turned his back and walked back over to the others. Once Naruto was close, Hinata grabbed onto his arm and pressed her body into Naruto's side. She didn't like that Kiba had made it known something must have happened. Hinata didn't like the fact that another woman could be worming her way into her spot as best friend and her place as his future head wife. Hinata was no fool; she knew Naruto was going to be put in the CRA like her mother and father said may happen. Even if there were other Uzumaki in the village, Naruto and Shanks were the last two with ninjas in the village with a incredibly powerful bloodline. Shanks couldn't be made to do it. But, the council could use Naruto's young mind to get more haki users for the village. Yui laughed as she looked at then walked over and grabbed his other arm, and pulled it into her smaller c-cup breast.

"Yui get away from the dobe!"

Naruto sighed before he turned his head and looked back at the pissed-off third Uchiha heir. Naruto remembered the day Yui told him that Mikoto had followed tradition and Yui had beaten Sasuke down, taking the place of the heiress of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke was livid and couldn't expect that he wouldn't be the next clan head. But, he was angry at the fact his sister had all but made it clear Naruto was who she wanted to rebuild the main line. Sasuke hated that more than anything.

They all laughed at him for a second before Ino spoke up.

"Sasuke, you know you should yell that the next clan head like that."

Sasuke glared at her and took a step towards her but stopped when a pressure covered the training area. Iruka and Mizuki felt a shiver go down their spines as they felt the KI in the air. All around them, ninja hopefuls were falling to the ground out cold. Sasuke dropped to his knees along with the other heirs not close to Naruto, and Anko dropped to the ground. The pressure increased as Naruto turned to make Hinata and Yui let him go. Iruka and Mizuki flinched when they saw the blue slit eyes that looked at Sasuke.

"Take one step towards anyone I'm close too I dare you. The beating I'll give you will make what happened to your clan look like an angry kid throwing tantrum."

Sasuke started to sweat as he tried to look Naruto in the eye. Sasuke backed down, scared as he looked at Naruto. Naruto then looked at Kiba, and he saw Akamaru hiding behind Kiba's legs and. Kiba looked ready to piss himself as his instincts screamed alpha as. Kiba looked away from the eyes that would strike fear into any inuzuka, their dogs, and even some wolves. Kiba's pride was screaming for him to glare down these challenger to his place in the pack. But his survival instincts screamed loudly for him to turn and run. Naruto glared at Kiba, and Kiba froze when he looked Naruto in the eyes.


Kiba did as he was told, shocking everyone who was still awake as they watched Kiba sit, head bowed to Naruto. Naruto huffed before turning away. The pressure on the are gone once he looked away. Iruka was the first to regain his voice.

"U-um, we're going to end class early today Naruto your coming with me, Anko and Mizuki. Were going to see the Hokage."

Iruka was doing his best to sound intimating but he knew just from what happened he knew even if they tried to fight they'd lose. Iruka knew Anko had been training with Naruto for a few years so he hoped it would get Naruto to come quietly. Naruto huffed, and Anko walked over and put a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Come on Naruto let's just go and get this over with."

Naruto sighed before he wrapped an arm around Anko's shoulder and pulled her tight into his side.

"Hang on I'm going full speed this time."

Anko made another good show of looking a little scared. They vanished, and the ground cracked from the force Naruto used. Hinata tried to follow them, but to her shock, she couldn't; the speed was too great for her eyes to follow.