Naruto POV

I sat in the Hokage's office and looked at the Hokage as he looked back at me.

"I'll ask again Naruto. Why did Iruka and Mizuki say your eyes turned into slits?"

I sighed as the Hokage asked this question again. "As I told you, Jiji, I don't know why my eyes do that when I get angry that angry. Gramps seems to have an idea but he's not willing to talk about it." Jiji looked at me for a minute before he sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but I must get your grandfather and Tsunade here. Something I've made hidden from you has to come out now. If you are not told about it now, something worst may happen later if you don't know."

I raised an eyebrow before I felt an ANBU leave the room. I leaned back into the seat and crossed my arms as I looked at the old man. As we sat there, I remembered the book I snagged. I resummoned the book and smiled as I looked at the orange book. "Make out tactics book one." The old man paled as a black flash appeared beside me.


I jumped at Tusande's voice and turned to look at her. An evil idea came to mind as pervert flashed in my mind. 'Payback time you peeping tom.'

"The toad said I could use this with all the girls around me, haven't read it yet. Sure is a strange name for a book though."

Tusande's ki was coming off in massive waves, and I could feel the ANBU from before with a mix of envy and joy. 'Time to hammer the finally nail. Let's see you do your resource from the hospital.' I blinked, then spoke again. "Actually he did say something about research and something our house." I hummed before she snatched then ripped it in half with her bare hands. Her anger tripled, and gramps was starting to get pissed too. 'And let hell will fall on you toad fucker.' Tsunade showed a sweet smile to us before she disappeared in a puff of smoke, and I smiled and laughed. I held up my fingers and counted down from five. I watched the two start to sweat, and when I had a fist, a scream of utter pain rang out through the village. I smiled as I watched both their faces pale as the screams echoed out.

"You're evil."

I hummed as I looked at gramps. "No, I'm a survivor would you take that beating?" Gramps blinked a few times, then nodded as he looked at Jiji.

Jiji nodded as they two looked at one another. Then spoke in unison.

"Good point."

"Yes! The pervert is getting the beating he's owned!"

We all jumped before at the yell, and I sighed as I knew Anko was hearing they cries of pain. I smiled as I leaned back into the chair. "Will Anko is happy." I smiled and laughed a little as Jiji activated a seal. A second later, I couldn't hear anything from the outside. I hummed as I took a quick glance around, and I saw seals carved into the walls with faded chakra ink. I also noticed a second layer of suppression seals under them. 'Um, those will be a damn headache if he actives them.'


I looked at Gramps as he spoke up. He had a serious look. I gave him my full attention as I rarely saw that look. Gramps sighed before he tapped the desk a few times.

"Naruto, things have been kept from you. We wanted you to be old enough and have the power to protect yourself. But it's clear the beast is starting to turn its head again. Naruto do you know about the nine tails?"

I nodded as I looked at gramps, and Jiji took over.

"Naruto what you were told about the fox was a lie I had put in place. The fourth Hokage didn't kill the beast as it was made of pure chakra. But, the beast could be sealed away with a powerful enough seal and a young baby to seal the nine tails into. And the Nine tail can only be sealed into a baby Uzumaki who was only a few hours old making him a jinchuuriki. Many people learned of it and I tried to stop them by making a law but it didn't help any. The adults knew and tried to spread it to the younger generation."

I felt my stomach drop as I looked at the two. Then I flared my chakra and ripped my shirt off to try to find the seal. Sure enough, a seal started to show on my stomach, and I could tell it was easily a master class seal. I started breathing hard as I stared at the seal, and all the names the villagers called me made sense.


I looked up at gramps as he reached out to me. I gritted my teeth and then threw my arm up, knocking his arm away. I clenched my fist and teeth as I glared at him. "You knew!?" Gramps flinched as I let my haki lose, and he looked shocked at the amount as I blasted them with. I knew it was going to put the village on edge, but I didn't care at the moment.

'Kit you need to calm down before my power comes out.'

Ignored the voice as I looked at the two but knew it was right. I grabbed my shirt and threw it back on as I got myself back together and turned my back to them.

"Lord Hokage, doesn't call on me again until I'm a ninja and Shanks." I spit his name out, and I felt the shock and pain coming off the two in waves. "I'm done with your training and your home." I drew my swords and destroyed the wall, then jumped off the hole.

"Naruto wait!"

Third pov

Naruto rushed across the rooftops cracking the rooftops as I jumped. He knew he was faster than Shanks even with that fucking fourths jutsu. But, unknown to him, Anko was near the window, and Hinata was walking on the street under the Hokage tower. Yui and Ino were having lunch on the roof of the flower shop. The ANBU Captain who talked with him saw him come out of the hole in the wall with Shanks yelling for him to wait. All five started after him, each worried about what had happened. As they all raced across the village, Tsunade came running back to Hokage tower and saw Shanks just standing there shaking as he looked out to the village. Then she heard what sounded like an expulsion. Tsunade turned and saw a large part of the top of the east gate was destroyed. As she looked, Shanks dropped to his knees, knowing this could happen but had hoped it wouldn't.


Naruto Pov

I jumped from the last house at the east gate and coded my right leg in haki. "AH!" I kicked the top of the gate. Dust flew up, and I landed on the top of the gate, breathing heavily as I looked out at the sea of trees in front of me. I felt a lot of people coming my way, and I could feel. Hinata, Ino, Yui, Anko, and the ANBU from before. I jumped off the broken gate and used soru to get into the trees wanting to destroy something. I landed and coded both my arms. I jumped at one of the trees and punched through a tree. I grabbed the tree as it started to fall and slammed it into another two trees. It broke as I spun it over my head. I felt the others getting close, but I didn't care as I threw the broken tree away into more trees. "DAMN IT SCREW YOU ALL!" I screamed and coded my leg and kicked a large boulder breaking it and throwing it away in pieces. I yelled in anger that the fact the man who was the greatest hero of the village had damned me to this fate. I grabbed another tree and ripped it from the ground, then threw the thing in the same direction the others were coming from. Hinata landed first and jumped away as I grabbed a small about the size of a table. I ripped it out of the ground and then chucked the damn thing through the forest. It broke down trees as it flew in the air until it slammed into a cliff wall. I sighed as I looked at the damaged I'd done to the forest.


I turned my head and looked at Hinata out of the corner of my eye. She jumped as she looked at me and turned back to the destruction. "Leave all of you." My voice sounded darker as I let my haki fade away.

"What happened in there Naruto?"

I looked back at Anko. "That old bastard and Shanks knew why I was hated. They knew why I had to find food and clothes in the trash before Gramps showed up."

"You had to what!?"

Yui and Hinata yelled, and Ino and Anko looked ready to kill someone. I looked back at the damage I'd done. "A year before I met you, all I was kicked out of the orphanage. I spent nine months on the street being, attacked by other ninjas and civilians. I didn't understand it at the time. Why was I being attacked by the people and shinobi of this village? And the things that yelled as they chased me around. Fox demon, killer, murderer, devil child." I clenched my fist before two sets of arms wrapped around me. I looked down and saw it was Yui's and Ino's arms. I threw my arms up, making them let me go. I grabbed my swords as I felt the ANBU surround us, with Tsunade not too far away, Gramps hot on her heels.

"We're surrounded."

I nodded at Anko's voice and used my thumbs to play with the guard of Shusui. "Yep ANBU, Tsunade, and Gramps are coming to. You four have a choice to make stay here and learn the truth or leave like I'll going to leave the Uzumaki home."


Hinata yelled as I heard two sets of feet land behind us. I hummed before gramps spoke up.

"Naruto, I know your upset but please you have to understand."

I clicked my thumb up, shutting gramps up at the sound. "I don't care, all this time, and you hid that from me. I'm done with both the hokage and you Shanks."

"Naruto, look your anger you have the right to be but."

"But nothing Tsunade." I turned and glared at the two before I clicked Shushi back into its sheath. I sensed the ANBU around us getting ready. "If I decide it's worth it I'll speck with you all later."

Third pov

Yui reached out for Naruto before he vanished, and two ANBU slammed down to the ground. Both their mask smashed in, and shadows followed after Naruto as he made his way deeper into the forest. Fast behind them all was Anko, Ino, Yui, and Hinata. Shanks and Tsunade frowned as watched this. They knew it could have gone bad, but they'd hoped he'd take it better. After a minute, Shanks and Tsunade were after them. I growled as I felt the others closing in on him, Hinata leading the pack.

"Kit, use the Soru and get low into the forest. I used to run around these forests before I was sealed. One of my old caves is nearby. I can also hide you from Hinata's eyes for a little while. But your gramps haki will still be able to find us."

I frowned hearing that but did like the strange soft voice idea. Dealing with just gramps and Tsunade would be much easier. I jumped off another branch and smiled as I used sour. I landed and then was covered in a mess of red chakra. It felt like I was being held in hot water but not burning. I felt them all overshot me, and I smiled as I looked around and smiled as I saw a small cave. I held my swords and jumped into the cave. I landed in the middle of a large cavern and sent out a blast of haki. I knew it would bring gramps down on me faster but I wanted him here this time. I jumped up and stick to the cave ceiling and waited.