Authors note: This is my first story to be published here. Any type of feedback is welcome, constructive or just complements. I'd like to know peoples opinion so I can get better.

There might be a few mistakes in spelling or grammar as I'm not amazing at checking those things.

The Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K Rowling. Have fun reading! :)

Harry Potter sat on his four-poster bed with a rather peculiar diary. He stared at it for a while before smirking and writing his name on the first page for the fifth time.

He watched his name disappear happily. The clearly now annoyed diary wrote back, 'Stop doing that!' Harry grinned. "Harry, we're going down to the feast!" Draco Malfoy called from the doorway. "Might meet you later and as always, don't let the mudbloods get you down!" Harry called back. He heard Draco chuckle and leave to room.

Harry looked back down at the diary and wrote, 'What do you want me to do?' 'Go into the chamber again.' The diary wrote back for the third time. 'In the girls bathroom?' Harry asked. 'Yes.' Harry knew the book was trying to possess him but it obviously wasn't working, he was too smart for that. 'Okay!' Harry wrote. He then snapped the book shut and skipped down into the common room.

"Cheerful as always." A prefect said. "Oh yes!" Harry said excitedly. "What are you up to now?" The prefect asked. "That's my business." Harry grinned. "Whatever it is, embrace your inner Slytherin." The prefect told him. "Oh, I will, already have. Talking to snakes counts as embracing Slytherin, right?" Harry said quickly. "You can speak parseltongue?" The prefect asked. "Oh, yes!" Harry said happily. "See you later." The prefect shrugged and left. Harry skipped out the common room and towards to girl's bathroom.

He opened the door and greeted the ghost, "Hey Myrtle!" He waved. "Hiya, Harry." She smiled. He smirked and studied the tap. "This one!" He said happily. "See you later Harry." Myrtle giggled and flew down a toilet. Harry turned back to the tap, "Open." He grinned when the sinks moved to reveal a long slide.

He held tight onto the diary and slid down the slide. He scurried over to another door muttered, "Open." And entered the Chamber of Secrets. He ran deeper into the chamber and placed the book down. It opened and suddenly, a ghost like figure emerged.

"Tom!" Harry cheered. "I'd prefer dark lord or Voldemort." Tom scowled. "Not happening." Harry said grinning. "So, who are we killing first?!" He asked excitedly. "Petrifying." Tom corrected him. Harry scowled, "Why?" "We can't kill straight away or we'll get too much attention." Tom grumbled. "Can we petrify Filch's cat then? She's annoying." Harry asked. "Fine. Call the snake." "Snakey!" Harry called. "That won't work." Tom grumbled. "Will so." Harry said.

The basilisk slithered towards them. "See, I said it would." Harry grinned. "Petrify Filch's cat, please!" Harry said quickly to the snake. "Eat?" The snake asked. "Ooo, yes!" Harry said eagerly. "No! Just petrify it." Tom said quickly. "You're no fun." Harry grumbled. "Now go, you don't want to be caught when people are coming back from the feast." Tom said. Harry snatched up the diary, making Tom disappear and then he skipped back out the chamber.

Harry skipped into the great hall which was decorated for Halloween. Heads turned as he skipped in. "Hello everyone!" Harry called happily. He then sat down next to Draco Malfoy.

"Never thought you'd be a person to have a diary." He said. "Oh no, it's not mine it's Tom's." "Who's Tom?" Draco asked curiously. "A friend." Harry said taking a bite of chicken. "He helps with some of my murders." Harry said putting down his fork, he wasn't hungry. "Murders?" Draco asked nervously. "I'm joking, silly." Harry grinned. The desserts appeared but Harry didn't have any.

The hall emptied and to Harry's pleasure they went in the same direction he could hear the snake going. He heard a few screams and giggled. Professor Dumbledore walked past him quickly, taking his arm. "Ow, Professor." Harry whined. "Everyone, go back to your dorms!" Dumbledore said loudly. The students disappeared leaving only a few teachers and Harry behind.

"Severus come with us please." Dumbledore said still holding onto Harry's arm. Snape scowled but followed them.

They entered Dumbledore's office and all sat down, Harry next to Snape and Dumbledore in front of them on the other side of the desk. Harry still had the diary but had the name on it facing his chest.

"Where were you before you came to the feast?" Dumbledore asked slowly. "In my dormitory." Harry said avoiding Dumbledore's eyes but instead looking at the man's forehead. "The truth." Dumbledore said. "I was writing in my diary." Harry answered. Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "See." Harry held up the diary making the name face away from Dumbledore.

"Can I see it?" Dumbledore asked. "No." Harry said simply. "Why?" Snape sneered. "Because I share it with someone." Harry scowled. "Who?" Dumbledore asked. "My friend Tom." Harry said slowly. "What is his last name?" Dumbledore asked quickly. Harry said nothing.

"Answer him, Potter." Snape snapped. "Riddle." Harry said quickly. Both teachers stared at him. "May I have the diary?" Dumbledore asked. "It's mine." Harry snapped, "I write to him." "May I write to him?" Dumbledore asked. "He doesn't like you." Harry snapped. "What do you talk about?" Dumbledore asked slowly. "Snakes." Harry said. "Snakes." Snape sniggered. "We talk to them as well." Harry said eagerly. "Could you show me?" Dumbledore asked.

"Stupid, dumb, idiotic Dumbledore." Harry hissed. Both teachers stared at him again. "What did you say?" Dumbledore asked. "Nothing important." Harry said happily. "Dumbledore isn't all that smart, is he Snakey?" Harry said knowing that the snake would hear. "Rather stupid." The snake replied. Harry giggled. "What was that?" Snape sneered. "I'm talking to Snakey." Harry said smugly. "Where is the snake?" Dumbledore asked. "He's too big to come into your office." Harry said smirking at the rather scared looking teachers. "How big is it?" Snape asked. "Taller than the forest trees." Harry said quietly. "I'll need to have that diary, Harry." Dumbledore said quickly. "Will not." Harry scowled.

Harry held his wand under the desk and pointed it at Dumbledore, "Obliviate." He said it so quietly no one heard. He then quickly did the same thing to Snape. "Why are you here again?" Snape asked. "No clue." Harry said happily. He then stood up and skipped out the office thinking one thing, this year was going to be much more fun than last year.