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1. Reconnection

– Hillwood Medical Center–

The hallway was full of all kinds of people, some were very nervous, others trying to not kill the nervous ones, including a young girl sitting in the middle and waiting for the voice that could save her to this hell.

- Helga G. Pataki is here?

- Yes! I'm, Finally! - The girl left the uncomfortable chair and walked fast. Took a big breath and knocked the door in front her, a door that made her feel anxious and happier at the same time.

- Come in please. - Her sweet voice crossed the door.

- Hi doctor! - Helga said with her fake angry voice.

- Helga! It's nice to see you again! I haven't seen you since…

- Since you left Hillwood and you abandoned me after you promised me that you never will, yes I remember pretty well.

- I really sorry Helga but as I'd explained to you before, it was my boss who decided to change me to another city, but if I remember I referred you to my partener.

- Oh yeah! That stupid guy! It didn't work.

- Well, I'm really sorry… But now… tell me, what has changed in all these years…

- Ok you'll hear a pathetic story. Do you remember football… I mean, do you remember Arnold?

- Of course, all our previous meetings were about him and your family.

- Ok… I talked to him about my feelings.

The psychologist almost drowned with her tea.

- You what? Really? When?

- Well, it was a time ago, when we were almost finishing the fourth grade.

- I can't believe it… you were very determined to keep your secret.

- Doi! That was my plan… but he found his way to make me sing.

- And how did you feel about it?

— Hillwood Park —

- Confused… totally confused Gerald… I couldn't believe it. - Arnold said while he was still walking with his best friend around the park.

- I can imagine it. How she could tell you that in that just moment. - His voice sounds exaggerated.

- Wait a minute… Gerald… Did you know about that… right? - His best friend really meets him.

- To be honest… yeah my friend, sorry.

- But… How?... Phoebe, right?

- Yes, we tell each other everything my friend, a difference from you with me lately.

- Yeah, sorry but… after that day my mind turned to a disaster, I couldn't understand anything. My grandpa told me time before that she had feelings for me, but I couldn't believe it, until that day.

- And, what happened next?

- Nothing, absolutely nothing. We are still as frenemies as always, but I can't stop thinking about her, I started to see her in her true being.

- Her true being? - The kid stopped to buy a popsicle to a man in front of them.

- Yes! All this time Helga wasn't the angry and violent girl that she always had pretended to be. I saw how she helps others without saying anything, how she seems to me when "I couldn't notice her", she's so… sweet.




— 4th grade classroom - A year and a half before —

Arnold was on his site writing his homework when two female and well-known voices entered the classroom.

- Helga, really thank you!

- Oh Pheebs, take it easy. It wasn't a big deal.

- Not a big deal? You gived to me all your savings for my scholar trip! Now I can go to Chicago and participate in the contest.

- I told you friend, it was not a big deal, now buy me a chocolate, I'm hungry.

- Sure Helga! Buying it!

Arnold couldn't avoid it, he started smiling while he looked at her.

- Football head! What are you doing here, it's recess!

- I've been writing my math homework.

- Well you must had told me before that you were here. Is not polite to listen to others' conversations.

- Whatever you said Helga.




- Helga Pataki as a "sweet girl"… I've heard everything my friend.

- No Gerald, is true, she's awesome and very artistic and intelligent, I notice how intelligent she really is.




— 5th grade classroom- Six months ago —

- Now my fifth graders, I'll announce to you the winner of our special poetry contest!

- Yeah.- The students said without any emotion in their voices. The contest couldn't worry them less.

- Our new winner is… Helga Pataki with her poem A kiss without addressee.

The author's expression turned totally nervous and her face red in only one second passing unnoticed for everyone, except for the "addressee" of her kisses.

- She 's so funny. - Said to himself before starting laughing about her face. He had to admit it, her poem was beautiful.




— Gerald field - 3 months ago —

- Ok dudes, we're losing, we just have one chance to win against the 6th graders… Arnold…Bat.

- Me? Are you sure?

- Not, I was talking to the other imaginary Arnold, of course you stupid football head… I know that you can do it.

- But remember that I could damage someone.

- Yeah I know, and I'm counting on that, so move your big head and win the game.

Arnold took a big breath and focused on the objective. - I can do it.

Only one second later, the kid had bat with all his forces, the ball hit Wolfgang and then went away.

- We won! - Helga said, totally euphoric. Without thinking it, Arnold ran to Helga and he gave her a big celebration's hug that made her feel cold.

- Why... are you...

- Good job Helga! You're brilliant.

The kid went away to celebrate with his bro and she stopped feeling her legs.




- Ok, you were very impressioned, so why did you say nothing to her about it?

- I wasn't prepared, my parent's disappearance was around my head too, there were so many things in a very short time. I was noticing her when I found my dad's journal and for the first time I had a hope.

- What a mess!

- Yeah, you don't have to say it. Also she started having her own problems.

— Hillwood Medical Center- Dr. Bliss's office –

- My dad lost all his money.

- Really? How? - The doctor Bliss couldn't believe all the problems that the girl faced in her absence.

- After the mess with Sheck he lost a lot of money, we were recovering when Bananas technology presented its new banana phone. Everyone chose it and I couldn't blame them, I wished one too. The beepers were story.




– The Pataki's living room- Last december - 7 months before–

The youngest daughter was sitting on the couch, just watching wrestling when a tv spot captured her attention.

- Do you have a lot of friends and a lot of things to talk to them about?

- Oh I've something to tell Christy. - A young girl answered to the imaginary voice.

- Well you don't have to wait until tomorrow, with the new Banana Phone you can talk with her anytime and anywhere, the future is now here. With its newest internet chip you don't have to stop your fun, now your cell phone it's smarter than us.

- I love my new banana phone! - The girl smiled and started calling to her friends.

- What a lie! - Bob snapped.

- Is not a lie Bob, is just technology.

- I don't think that those things will appear until the next 2 years .

- Wakes up Bob! It's actually here! Rhonda has one.

- That technology is not so sophisticated as beepers are. You'll remember my words Olga, this will disappear passing christmas.




— Street- 4 months ago —

Helga was walking to her house after school. Bob said to her that they need to talk to her about something very important.

- It couldn't be possible, and doesn't make any sense. That stupid ones always forgot my birthday, but… It's possible that for one time they…

The girl saw the door in front of her. Her parents were acting strange the last few weeks, maybe some of her friends were inside nearly to jumping and wish to her a happy birthday to her.

- Nah! Those things only happens in tv.

Finally she opened the door and then she went to the living room. - I'm here.

- OMG! Where have you been all this time I'm getting older.

- I was at school dad, do you remember?

- Oh yeah, Olga c'mon and sit down with us, we need to talk.

- Oh dad I've plans, so spit it out.

- We'll moving us.

- What? - She screamed. - Mom, tell me that's only a saddic joke from Bob.

- I'm afraid that's true dear… we've a lot of debts and…. we lost our house. - The blond woman started to cry.

- Amazing Bob! You really did it! You finally got us to ruin.

- Shut up young lady, I tried all the strategies that I can, but you've to remember how many times you and your little friends interfered with my business.

- Now it's my fault? I can't believe it.

- You have to. Now we're gonna live in my store.

- Are you kidding! That mousetrap is not a house. There are no rooms there.

- Dear we know, but it's better than nothing and it's only for a time, while you dad and his partners found a solution.

- We're gonna live there forever!

- I had enough! My decision was taken Helga and is everything.- Bob screamed at her like not before. Helga felt really hurt. - Pack your most important possessions and go to sleep. Tomorrow you won't go to school, we need to move some furniture and things to the store. - The man said, trying to calm down.

His daughter went up the stairs and closed the door with all her force. She hated crying but now it was impossible for her. She ran to the only place where she could find some peace.

- Oh Arnold! It's the worst day in some long time… How humilliant… My space… my things… being in Bob's hands… I'm only 10, it's too long to go away from them.




— Hillwood Medical Center- Dr. Bliss's office –

- I really sorry.

- You don't have to apologize doctor, it was totally impossible to stop it, it would happen sooner or later. When you work with technology you've to be updated in the market or you finally will disappear.

- I'm afraid that it's true. What happened then?

- The bank collected the mortgage and we lost our house.

- Oh my dear…

- Was ok, we had to move us to the beepers store and maybe now I have not a room but I built a new Arnold's sanctuary, one much better, now that Phoebe knew about my secret she helped me to build it.

- And what about your mom? What did she say about all that?

- She said nothing as always. She started to…

- Drinking more? - The woman asked with fear about the girl's answer.

- Yep. And I don't know how she could.

- I know dear, as your mother she had the responsibility to provide money for you.

- Nah, I wasn't talking about it, I mean, I don't know how she buys the ingredients for her smoothies if we don't have a penny.




— Big Bob's Beepers- 3 months ago —

- Miriam! Where're you?

- What? - The confused woman woke up. - Helga?

- Yeah! Doi! I'm hungry and we only have a passing Spam or something like that.

- Sorry daughter, we'll have to wait until next monday.

- Until next Monday! Ok Miriam I'll tell my stomach that he has to sleep until next Monday. Thanks for nothing!

- Sorry I…

- Yeah you sorry.

The girl took her backpack and her keys when she could hear how her mom started to cry and drink her smoothie faster.




— Hillwood Medical Center- Dr. Bliss's office –

- Oh… I see. And what happened to Olga?

- She is still being the miss perfection, some things will never change. Now she came back to the city and moved with us, like we had so much space! Whatever, she now works in my school as a teacher but by luck for me in 2nd grade, far away from me.

- I imagine it. Sorry Helga, there were a lot of difficult things, but seeing the positive side, now you've Arnold at your side.

- Not really…

- What? But you said…

- I know, but we had agreed that it was only the heat of the moment.

- No way! Why? - She sounded as disappointed as Helga was.

- As I said We weren't ready for it. And maybe we'll never gonna be.

– Hillwood Park–

- But man! I've got a lot of questions! Why did you never talk to me about all this stuff and more important… Are you already a couple now? not? I mean, your parents and I could see how you…

- Sorry, I had to think about all this first. And yes, I know what you saw... but... We haven't spoken again... since that time.

- Are you kidding me?

- No, it's true… you interrupted us.

- Yeah but only for a moment… No a whole month!

- Yes I know.. - He felt terrible about that and he closed his eyes to remember the moment that had changed their lives forever. They kissed each other before, but that kiss was different, was a kiss that he started and wished for, as never with nobody.




—San Lorenzo-1 month ago—

- Oh my little son! You've a special girl! - Her mom said totally touched.

- Mom! - His face and the face of the girl that kissed moments ago turned totally red. - We have to leave now, no?

- Yeah son, It's time to…

- What it's that Miles?

- I don't know… sounds like an old plane.

- That impossible honey… this is a secret temple, no one can go inside without our map.

- Arnold! Your rescue team it's here!- A special female voice screamed.

- No one except my grandparents. - Arnold smiled.

The old plane landed and pretty bad indeed.

- Pookie I told you! Your landings are terrible.

- Oh yeah but no one of you could find this place!

- Grandpa, Grandma! - Arnold ran and hugged his grandparents.

- Arnold! Are you ok? -The old man said.

- Yeah… but what are you doing here guys?

- Abner told us about the dangerous guys and the bad food in the plane and…

- Don't listen to her, the important thing is that we're with you now.

The three people shared a big hug.

- Thank you guys… But you'll ve to forgive me.

- About what Shortman? About all these problems?

- Not really… I failed my promise… I found my parents.

- You what? - The old marriage felt like their mouth was opening.

- Hi dad, hi mom… it's nice to see you again. - They took a step ahead.

- It's a pleasure to me too. - Their daughter in law said.

- Miles! Stella! You're alive!

- And we`re together now… and forever!

The whole Shortman family hugged each other, they had to wait for 10 years to do that again, but now the nightmare had ended forever. Helga and Gerald enjoyed the moment, Arnold was very special to them, in different ways, but was a relief for both that he finally made his dream true.

- Well, now everything's fine. Can we go back with the other idiots and come back to normal? - Helga snapped and everyone laughed and agreed with her.

- Yeah… it's time to go home. - Miles smiled to their family.

- Grandpa, where did you find that airplane?

- Oh, it was from Bob Pataki, we stol… we took it for a while to save all you.

- My parents are here? Oh right, Olga it's here too. Well, it's time to come back home.

But when she took a step the old plane exploded.

- Excuse me… if you wish I could guide us to the camp. - Their Latin friend said.

- Thanks Eduardo, it will be necessary.




- And then in the airplane?

- I couldn't be apart from my parents and grandparents, they were talking about their last trip and how they got sick. Was like a dream and when we finally went back to the guesthouse they took me to a camp with them and that took us the last month.

- I understand… So you didn't have time to talk with her, uh?

- Yeah… that's my problem now!

- Arnold, it is easy, just go and search for her and finally have the talk.

- Do you believe that she will be angry with me?

- Maybe, is Helga Pataki who we are talking about, but I've the impression that you'll survive.

- Thank you Gerald! I'll go to find her.

- Good luck Romeo! - That poor soul.

- She said that I've to face my fears… and make my own decisions. I've to do it. - Helga was walking to Sunset Arms, with her locket in her hands .

- I've to see her and talk about my feelings… Now I know the truth… Helga, I like you, like you. - The boy with football head runs all the way until he stops at a transparent door.

- Excuse me Mr. Pataki.

- Uh? What do you want? A beeper?

- Not exactly, I'm looking for Helga.

- Helga?

- Yeah… your daughter.

- Yes, yes, I know. - Miriam! Is the girl there?

- Mom is not at home and I'm afraid that Helga neither. Hi Arnold.

- Hi Olga… do you know when will she back?

- Not really, but, if you want I could call her and…

- Not, thank you Olga… I'll come back tomorrow, good bye.

- Bye Arnold! See you at school in a week too!

- Yeah… in a week.

- I can't… not today. - Helga stopped her hand and evitted knocking on the door. - Maybe tomorrow… Maybe tomorrow I could face his negative.


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