The Peverell Triplets & the Sorcerer's Stone

A/N: Here is the first chapter of the Peverell Triplets first year at Hogwarts, though Hogwarts only shows up next chapter, sorry. This story will probably be shorter than the rest as I'm still trying to get things into the swing of things. The rest of the series will hopefully be longer and better organized. As for updates, while year 1 is complete, I will only update ever few chapters or so that are finished for year 2. So, you'll know how well my progress with year 2 is, based on my updates. I hope that despite the shortness and disorganization of the story, you can still enjoy it. Any constructive criticism or advice is welcome. Just no flaming or abuse please.

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Summary: It's time for the brothers to go to Hogwarts. But with Albus up to something, it falls to the brothers- as Heirs to ¾ of Hogwarts- and their allies to keep the students safe. With a dangerous corridor to be watchful of, a suspicious D.A.D.A professor to keep an eye on, bullies roaming the halls, and a slew of webs being spun, they have their work cut out for them. This isn't including their own personal mission of locating the diadem and waiting for Antioch's Hallow to transition itself to its rightful owner! And it doesn't help that the brothers are magnets for trouble, which throws even more problems their way to be dealt with. Can Antioch keep his brothers safe? Can Cadmus keep his sanity intact? And can Ignotus keep his brothers from having a heart attack? Only time will tell as their first-year progresses.

Chapter 1:

Ignotus Peverell sighed as he looked around the busy streets of Diagon Alley from his spot at the mouth of Knockturn Alley. It was August1st and they had decided to do their school shopping after receiving their letters. They had been on their way to Gringotts when he had gotten pushed and shoved by the crowd of people. Now, he was separated from his highly protective and paranoid brothers. He spread his magic out a little to find them and could sense them near Gringotts. So, he knew where they were, the question was how to get to them without getting even more separated. "You alright there lad?" a voice boomed above him. He looked over, startled and wide-eyed at the unexpected question, and saw a giant of a man with a bushy black beard and warm, glittering eyes. How had Ignotus not heard him approach? "Oh, sorry about that. Name's Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts." he introduced himself.

"Hi Hagrid. My name's Ignotus. I need to get to Gringotts but... the crowd's a bit busy." Ignotus replied sheepishly.

"That's alright lad. I can give you a lift, on the way there myself." Hagrid replied. Ignotus brightened up.

"Thank you!" he replied. Hagrid gave a laugh and easily picked the small boy up and put him on his shoulder. "Wow!" Ignotus said. He had never seen all of Diagon Alley from above like this before. It was awesome! As the duo made their way to Gringotts, they discussed different things like magical creatures found in the forest on Hogwarts grounds, Hagrid's desire to have a dragon, Ignotus's overprotective brothers, his Godfather- who Hagrid gave his condolences for as he had rather liked Severus Snape- and even a few other things, like the size a pumpkin could grow.

"IGGY!" voices shouted in relief, interrupting their discussion on Cerberuses and their relation to normal dogs. The duo looked over to see Ignotus's brothers pushing their way over to them from the steps of Gringotts. "Are you okay?" Antioch demanded after Hagrid put the boy down and began to look him over. Hagrid chuckled softly when he realized that Ignotus had understated his brothers' protectiveness.

"Thank you for bringing my brother here safely." Cadmus thanked Hagrid, only to dodge a stinging jinx from Antioch. "Our brother." Cadmus corrected, rolling his eyes at Antioch's glare. Hagrid chuckled some more. Their brotherly banter was rather adorable.

"You're welcome. I was happy to help. I'll leave you here Ignotus. Have fun shopping." he told the boys- who groaned at the word shopping- and headed inside himself.

"I see you met Hagrid." Cadmus said to Ignotus who nodded.

"I did. He's quite sweet and we had a pleasant conversation. He offered condolences for Severus. Hagrid really respected and liked him." Ignotus said softly. Cadmus smiled. Hagrid had been one of his semi-friends as Severus Snape. He would miss the half-giant. But maybe they could visit the giant at his hut every now and then. Together the trio walked in, seeing Hagrid being escorted to the vaults below by Griphook. They themselves made their way over to a Goblin Teller who immediately closed his line to escort them to King Ragnok.

"Have a good day, Heir Peverells." Their guide said, before leaving them in King Ragnok's office.

"Thank you, Terror Claw!" Ignotus called back cheerfully. "Good morning King Ragnok." Ignotus chirped to the King and their guardian.

"Good morning, Master Ignotus. I understand you had a little trouble reaching the bank this morning." Ragnok snickered. Yes, the King of Goblins snickered. Ignotus pouted slightly before letting it go and smiling.

"Yes. Iggy here decided to get separated from us on our way." Cadmus replied, shaking his head. "We located him with our bond, but he was already on the move towards us, so we waited so we wouldn't bypass each other. Not that we would have, seeing as he was on Hagrid's shoulders."

"I see." Ragnok said with mirth. "I'm sure you'll grow tall enough to not get lost in the wave of people at some point Master Ignotus." Ragnok teased his nation's youngest ward. Ignotus pouted while the others laughed. "So how can I help you boys today?" Ragnok asked.

"I just wanted to check on Matthew's trust vault and make sure the transactions today are purely for his school supplies." Ignotus replied. "I'm pretty sure they're coming today due to it being the day immediately after his birthday. And that would be the best way for them to gain attention from the public. Plus, it's his first year at Hogwarts and I'm positive they're going to go all out. So, I want any withdraws from his trust to be monitored a bit more closely today. In addition, I decided to prove a point and have a limit set for supplies. I did my research on prices and I can get some of the best school supplies for under 600 galleons. This includes some extra research materials, an animal, and some spending money for the trolley come September 1st." Ignotus said. "And if they attempt to buy a broom with Matthew's Trust vault, it's to be denied and put on lock. Then they will need to have a meeting in person to unlock it and continue their shopping."

"Understood." Ragnok said. He too would not put it past the Potters to try and bypass the rules on Matthew Potter's trust vault. They knew the Potter's still thought themselves above some rules and even though first years were forbidden from taking a broomstick to Hogwarts, Matthew Potter was arrogant enough to try. "Anything else I can help you with?"

"I don't think so at the-" Ignotus began, only for an alarm to sound throughout the bank, so loud the brothers yelped. "What is that?" he cried.

"Someone just attempted to break into a vault." Ragnok snarled. "Stay here young Heirs, the goblins will deal with this." Ragnok assured them. The trio nodded, knowing the goblins were fierce and capable. That didn't stop Antioch and his brothers from drawing their wands, just in case the thief attempted to escape in their direction. The brothers were tense and ready. It was a few minutes later that they felt it: A presence like acrid smoke skimming across their mental barriers. A sense of foreboding and danger that wound the trio tenser than a tightly coiled spring. The feeling sent the trio into a bit of shock, what with it being the first time since their rebirth that they had been in the same vicinity as the shade. What was Voldemort after in the bank? It disappeared a few moments later from their minds completely as the alarm died. The three brothers sank shakily into their seats, holding each other close. The shade's presence was vile, and the brothers were feeling slightly sick. They had not been ready for that. Not at all.

"My young heirs, what's wrong?" Ragnok asked in alarm seeing their pale forms upon his return. They shakily explained what had transpired a few moments before. "That's not good." he looked at the trio before calling for one of the goblin healers to bring three vials of void tincture.

"What's void tincture?" Cadmus asked curiously as they waited, his potions master side rearing its head.

"It is a goblin nation secret. This tincture will cleanse the negative effects of the shade's presence from your minds and bodies." Ragnok explained as a goblin healer entered. The tincture was a soft blue color that swirled with white. "It happens quickly and will provide some relief from further symptoms for a while. You are not the first to possess bonds that connect them to such vile presences." he explained. The boys nodded and took the tincture. It tasted sweet, but not too sweet surprisingly. Immediately, the shakiness and sick feeling disappeared, providing relief for them. "This was made to help negate the effects of interaction with tainted magic that was aimed at our brethren many goblin wars ago." he told them.

"Thank you King Ragnok." Cadmus told him.

"You're very welcome. If you have need of it again while in Hogwarts, inform brother Filius. He knows how to make it and will carry a couple vials for you at all times as a precaution." Ragnok informed them. They nodded.

"I think it's safe to say the shade was responsible for the theft?" Antioch asked. Ragnok sighed.

"Attempted theft. The vault broken into was emptied literally several minutes before, the one who did so already left. The would-be thief- most likely the shade's current vessel- unfortunately got away. Dark magic was sensed in a nearby office that they used to floo away. Tracking the trail did no good as it was an unplottable location. The floo was sealed from the inside so they had to use their dark magic to bypass the lock. Whoever it was wore a disfigurement charm as a disguise, so no one was able to get a positive ID on the person." It was clear to the brothers that Ragnok was frustrated.

"Anything we can do to help?" Ignotus asked. Ragnok smiled- and it wasn't a threatening one he used for his least favorite people. It was a genuine and gentle smile.

"It is sweet of you to ask, Master Ignotus, but the Goblin Nation will take care of it. You should worry more about your upcoming year at Hogwarts. Something tells me you're going to have a lot on your plates once you get there." he said. They nodded and after one last goodbye and Ragnok ensuring that he would be keeping an eye on Matthew Potter's trust vault, they left. The trio were in luck to avoid the press as they stepped into the bright sunny day as they made their way through Diagon Alley to do their shopping. To their surprise, Neville was leaving when they were and with slight reluctance on his older brothers' parts, he joined them. They started with their trunks first so they could put all their shopping in it. They were able to get through most of the shopping rather quickly, Ignotus keeping a close eye on how much he was spending. His brothers had also decided to follow his lead and were rather impressed with the quality for what they were spending. When Neville had asked, they explained that Ignotus was making a point to the Potters about their excessive spending. It caused Neville to laugh heartily at it. Shopping was mostly uneventful. Until they entered Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions, nearing the end of their shopping spree. As it turned out, Madam Malkin's shop was one of Ignotus's assets, which she knew and often made extra good deals for them. Apparently, since Ignotus put Ragnok in charge of his investments, she had been able to receive better quality materials and still have pretty fair prices which had increased her reputation as a robe shop. It was here that they met Draco Malfoy.

Cadmus was unsure about Draco Malfoy. He hadn't been able to keep in touch with the family since his rebirth and was not sure how things were with them. When the boy saw them though- or more precisely Cadmus- his eyes went wide in shock. "Are you related to Severus Snape?" he asked immediately and hopefully.

The triplets shared a look before nodding. "He was our Godfather and cousin." Cadmus replied.

"That makes sense. You look a lot like him at this age." Draco replied. "And he was my Godfather too, so that sort of makes us God brothers." he added in surprise. And the trio could see the joy he hid at that. It occurred to them that Draco Malfoy was a little lonely and greatly missing his godfather. "My name's Draco Malfoy by the way." he added, blushing at his rudeness.

"Neville Longbottom." Neville replied with a smile. He had gotten surer of himself since his friendship with Ignotus, and was thankful his family was on decent terms with the Malfoys.

"Cadmus Peverell. These are my brothers Antioch and Ignotus." Cadmus introduced themselves.

"Peverell? I thought that line went extinct centuries ago?" Draco asked in awe.

"A lot of people did, but it was just locked down by magic after Ignotus Peverell's passing. Even we didn't know about it until we were ten." Ignotus explained.

"Wow. But why would magic lock it down despite Ignotus having children?" The brothers shook their heads. "I guess it's a mystery you'll uncover yourselves at some point." he figured. "What houses are you hoping to get into. I'm going to Slytherin of course." Draco said proudly.

"I'm hoping for Hufflepuff in all honesty. I'm not a fan of most of the Gryffindors I've come across, save my own parents. They're loud, brash, and reckless. It makes me nervous. And considering a few people I know are hoping to be in that house this year, I'd rather not be stuck worrying about whether or not I'm going to be hexed in my sleep." Neville said breezily.

"We're going to Ravenclaw, no question." Antioch replied with confidence.

"Ravenclaw, house of knowledge. And Hufflepuff, hard work and loyalty. I guess it won't be too bad to interact with you. So long as you're not in Gryffindor." Draco replied with a smirk.

"There's nothing wrong with Gryffindor you slimy snake." a voice growled, and the five boys looked behind them to see Matthew Potter. Matthew looked like a male version of his mother, but with his dad's eyes, glasses, and hair style. He was taller than all five boys were, but only by a few inches. He was also broader than them as well. And on his forehead, clear for all to see, was his 'V' shaped scar. The one he was so famous for. If only they knew it was a farce. Behind him were his parents. Lily looking pale at the sight of Ignotus and his brothers. James seemed on edge, but still put out an aura of arrogance. It made his brothers and Draco's lips curl in a sneer.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Potter." Draco sneered. Ignotus now believed that Draco and his brothers would get along famously if their shared dislike of the Potters was anything to go by. And upon seeing two adults that looked a lot like Draco enter and also sneer, maybe with them as well.

"I suppose you believe Merlin himself- considered the father of Magic by some, and the one who put forth our most ancient laws- is a slimy snake as well?" Ignotus asked with a cold look.

"Why would I? Merlin is one of our most famous founding fathers." Matthew replied in an offended tone, his father bristling at the accusations.

"Did you never study history? Merlin himself was a Slytherin when he attended Hogwarts." Cadmus replied coldly, much to the Potter men's shock. They truly hadn't known, while Lily shook her head in embarrassment, as she had known that. He'd make sure to teach Ignotus proper history in Hogwarts. "By calling Draco a slimy snake merely because he knows he'll be a Slytherin you are insulting an entire house and several important figures of our world's development. Not to mention you are verbally attacking the heir to a house more ancient and noble than your own, over his opinion." Cadmus noticed the incensed looks on the Malfoy adults faces, as they understood what had happened.

"You and your family are already on thin ice Potter. I really suggest you keep your heads down and your drivel to yourself." Antioch informed them. That was when Madam Malkin informed the boys- she had the Peverells' sizes and fits down already- that they were finished. And since Madam Malkin was rather fond of the Peverell boys and rather liked the Malfoys over the Potters, she informed the Potters that if they didn't treat her customers with respect, she would ban them from her shop indefinitely. It's not like she needed their patronage after all. After wishing the Peverells, Neville, and Malfoys a good day, she finally began to set to work for her other guests who had been waiting before the Potters.

"A fair warning-" Ignotus looked the Potters dead in the eye. "The vault is being watched rather closely, so I really suggest you don't pull any stupid stunts. And also, I've spent less than 400 galleons for my school supplies so far- all of it exceptional quality I might add. And all I have left are my books and an animal. I hope this helps you obtain a better understanding of money management. Since it seems you still haven't gotten that under control quite yet. Have a good day." he smiled sweetly. And with that, the Peverells and Neville accompanied the Malfoys out of the robe shop; only to discover there had been a group of reporters and citizens that had followed the Potters around and got the entire confrontation.

Whether that would prove good for them or not was to be seen. Though an idea hit Ignotus spur of the moment. "You know, considering that Lord and Heir Potter didn't know about Merlin himself being a Slytherin, I must say I'm concerned about the quality of the teaching at Hogwarts. Lord and Lady Malfoy, who is teaching History at the school if even someone as important as Merlin himself is not considered a subject of importance?" he asked sweetly, loud enough that several reporters were listening in. Not knowing where the boy was going, but sensing it was best to play along, Lucius answered.

"A ghost by the name of Binns. He has been teaching at that school for over 100 years. And for every year, it is the same subject, Goblin Wars. It is also the same syllabus for each year first through seventh. It was only because I did my own study in History of Magic that I even passed my exams."

"Why is a wizard's ghost teaching about a subject he is not qualified to discuss? It is arrogance to think a wizard knows another magical species' history better than themselves. Professor Flitwick, as part Goblin, is far more qualified for that subject and should be consulted on it- or even be a guest teacher for that matter." Neville wondered, playing along.

"I would have hoped that the history being taught to us in school could have broadened to something else, like Merlin himself, the founders of our school, the creation of our laws, and things such as that." Cadmus added as well, knowing where his baby brother was going with his questions.

"To be fair, many of us complained about the lack of a proper education in that class. Instead of learning, it had become a nap room for several students. But the Headmaster ignored our complaints. Or so we believe, since it had never been dealt with at any moment during our time there. Even my parents had put those complaints in only for them to be ignored." Lady Malfoy added, knowing exactly what this boy was trying to do. It would seem Albus had earned the displeasure of these boys. She wondered what he did to deserve it. 'Probably something idiotic, manipulative, or insulting. Quite possibly all three.' she figured.

Antioch gave a hum of thought. "You would think the headmaster doesn't want the students to learn about our people's history, at his continued negligence to ensure a proper education. It makes me wonder what he doesn't want us knowing as a people." Antioch said. Lucius and his family were doing a very good job keeping their vindictive grins off their faces. This was going to raise questions in the populace.

"You know, I am on the Board of Governs for the school. I believe it's a very fair question to place to my fellow board members. I'll be sure to discuss this with them. After all, that we have students that are concerned about their education already, it's a reason to be worried for the school. Oh yes, you have our names. But it would seem you four and my son are acquainted, may I get your names please?" Lucius asked. He knew of course, but the reporters who were not so stealthily ease dropping on them did not.

"Sorry, what dreadful manners. My name is Neville Longbottom." This got gasps of surprise, considering who his parents were. Both famous in their fields as auror and herbology master.

"My name is Antioch Peverell, these are my brothers Cadmus and Ignotus. We'll be starting at Hogwarts this year. We were rather excited, but now I'm not so sure, if the education- or lack thereof- won't be worth it." he sighed. With that, the reporters broke out into a run to get their stories written. Only when they were alone did the group let out small chuckles.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances, Heir Longbottom. Peverell Heirs. And I thank you for your defense of my Hogwarts House and heir against the Potter child."

"It is our pleasure to make your acquaintances. Uncle Severus told us about you before he passed. Told us if we could trust any wizards, it would be you and your family." Cadmus told them with a gentle smile. The Lord and Lady of the Malfoy house bowed their heads in momentary silence. They truly did miss their dear friend, and they despised Albus for sending him on a mission that would get him killed. It was even worse that they hadn't been able to save Harry Potter, the boy who Severus had spoken about with so much love. But the records showed that they had been too late. And that made them despise the Potters even more, that they had been so willing to abandon an innocent child to such a fate. Did they even know that they had basically killed their youngest?

"How long did you know Uncle Sev?" Draco asked, pulling his parents from their mourning.

"We were six when he found us. He told us about our parents who we had lost a birth, that we were wizards. He even trained us before he got sent to Albania... He stayed in touch with us during his time away. It was shortly before he died that he set us up with an appointment with the Goblins to learn our heritage more thoroughly. It was there that we discovered he had passed." Cadmus explained. The truth was, they were all still negatively affected by dying. That Ignotus and Cadmus had died when they shouldn't have. They were happy now, it was true. But you're not the same after death.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Narcissa told them softly.

"And we're sorry for yours." Ignotus replied, his brothers and Neville giving their condolences. The group of seven made their way through Diagon Alley, apparently, they still had the same things left to do, which was the pet shop and Flourish and Blott's. And the groups decided to stay together. As they made their way through the bookstore, they discussed several different things. Favorite subjects, their expected house placements, their dislike of the Potters. The Malfoys apparently knew that Ignotus Peverell was the Line Head of the Potters, having been in the bank at the beginning of the year when the Potters had embarrassed themselves and lowered the respect others had for them. Because who disrespects their line head and the goblin king? It was pure idiocy. It seemed the Malfoys were one of the families that respected goblins.

Antioch and Lucius ended up conversing on the topic of politics, since Antioch had every intention of being Minister of Magic one day. Ignotus, Neville, and Narcissa seemed to bond over healing magics, which the trio had had an avid interest in, in addition to Neville's talents with Herbology. And Cadmus got to know Draco once more as they discussed potions. They soon made their way to the emporium and began to look at the different animals. Antioch already had Nagini, who was hunting in the forest around their home. And Neville rather loved his toad, Trevor, who was great help in the gardens and keeping pests from the plants. Cadmus was interrupted in his perusing of animals by a large ginger, half-kneazle with a smashed face that refused to leave his side. Cadmus found the cat- Crookshanks, according to the scratched-up employer- rather endearing and decided he'd take him. Ignotus was rather surprised when a beautiful snowy owl descended onto his shoulders and began to groom his hair. And Draco himself found a falcon that seemed to grow attached to him. After this was done, the group decided to have lunch together and only separated after a shared promise of keeping in touch during the last month of summer and agreeing to meet up on the Hogwarts Express.

"That went rather well." Cadmus said when they returned home.

"It did. And I actually quite like the Malfoys. And it was fun hanging out with Neville again." Ignotus added with a smile.

"Fine, I'll admit...Neville Longbottom is a good kid, and you can hang out together. I like him and the Malfoys as well. Lucius is a great fountain of knowledge when it comes to the ministry, and I like their distaste of the Potters. It's nearly as strong as our own." Antioch added with a grin.

"Honestly, I was worried Draco was going to be a spoiled bully of a brat. I'm glad to see I was wrong." Cadmus said in relief.

"Me too Cad. Now, let's get our supplies put away so we can continue our studies." Ignotus said with a grin. The next morning, the Daily Prophet had a field day. There was a story on the BWL insulting Merlin and how his father didn't even know about Merlin's housing. The biggest story was by Rita Skeeter who asked the entirety of Wizarding Britain many questions.

Why was Albus Dumbledore so willing to hinder their children's education, that he would ignore the many requests and complaints to replace Binns with someone more qualified? What was he hiding about their peoples' past? Was he ashamed of his own kind? If so, shouldn't the students learn about their people's past mistakes to avoid them in the future? And why did wizards believe they knew the history of magical creatures better than the creatures themselves. It was disrespectful to the many proud species and very insulting. Perhaps they should have creatures as guests' lecturers, if not actual teachers all together? But then, since there were no creatures- minus Filius Flitwick- teaching at Hogwarts, could it be that Albus Dumbledore was actually racists against the other magical creatures, the same as so many others wrongfully were? After all, records show that creatures had the right to be taught at Hogwarts as well as teaching in the days of the founders. Something their people would have known if they were being properly taught their history. And just what did it mean for their country if Merlin himself and the very founders of Hogwarts were not considered important enough to be taught to our children? Perhaps the people of the wizarding world should reconsider who they have in charge of their children's future, if he was so willing to hurt their education. As for the topic of Binns being replaced, none of the board of Governors were happy with what they were discovering, so surely it was only a matter of time before something was done to correct the disservice to their children. Time would tell.

It was an interesting article, and many people were beginning to ask questions and delve into their own books. What were they all missing?


It was towards the end of August that they received King Ragnok and Filius as guests. Immediately, they knew something was wrong. "What happened?" Ignotus asked as he set down cups of tea- King Ragnok's with a dash of Fire Whiskey, no need to ask how they got a hold of the alcohol.

"Albus Dumbledore is up to something at Hogwarts this year." Filius said.

"How so?" Cadmus asked, his eyes narrowing.

"I'm not too positive what he's planning. However, me and a few of my fellow teachers were tasked with creating a gauntlet of sorts over the past month. Each of us had a room that we had to spell against possible intruders. We don't know what's being protected or what the other protections besides our own are. The gauntlet was finished a week ago, if the pulse of magic I felt in Hogwarts, then is anything to go by."

"What are you thinking Brother?" Ragnok asked, sensing something else on the professor's mind.

"I'm not positive, but I believe that it's a test for Matthew Potter this year. A way of seeing how his training has come along over the past six years. If he can pick up on and follow the plans set out for him. Or maybe even a trap for the shade itself." Filius explained.

"What made you think that's what's going on?" Cadmus asked with a frown.

"As you know, for something as complex as my charm arrays, I keep a tether to them. Not a strong enough one that anyone notices the tether is there, but strong enough to alert me if something in the array has been altered or falters." the boys nodded. It was something they were working on, but it took years for that kind of finesse, and they had only been on it for a couple months.

"So, what changed?" Ragnok asked.

"In the room for my protection were two doors. A smaller one leading to what I presume, was the beginning of the gauntlet. And a larger one leading forward. There were several keys in the room, and three broomsticks. My array was a camouflage one. The keys all charmed to look exactly alike and fly around the room. And to attack anyone who got in. The brooms I charmed with an array that would buck anyone who got on them. The door itself I charmed to match the walls. And all of the charms I cast were three arrays entangled. I believed it would do well as a defense and Albus, I thought, had agreed. The headmaster is unaware of my habit to tether any arrays I create to myself, and late last night, I felt my arrays being altered."

"Albus?" Antioch growled. Filius nodded.

"The camouflage array was dispelled, making it obvious which key would lead to the next room. In addition, the array I put on the door and brooms were removed. The only thing he kept the same was the spell that kept the keys zooming around the room at a fast pace." Filius grumbled as he ran a hand through his dark hair.

"So he's endangering students to make sure his training wasn't being wasted." It wasn't a question that Ignotus spat out. "I can't believe that fool! And we can't do anything about him until we're 15 and receive our Hogwarts inheritance."

"It is however, still in your power to protect the students and yourselves." Ragnok pointed out.

"Which we will be doing. If we can get your help, Filius?" Cadmus asked.

"You don't even have to ask. For us teachers, the safety of our students is our top priority." Filius said with a nod.

"So, we don't think the other teachers are in on it?" Antioch asked, wanting to confirm it.

"I don't think so. The tethering and arrays are something unique to Filius. The other teachers probably don't know how their own protections were changed or altered. And then there's the three brooms." Cadmus added.

"You think Matthew will have helpers? Fellow first years at that?" Ignotus questioned, making Cadmus nod.

"That would make sense. So, we'll need to keep an eye out for anyone who's around Matthew often within the first month or so. Since I'm sure things won't really start rolling until sometime around Halloween." Filius said with a grim frown.

Ragnok sighed in annoyance at the old man's actions. "He's a danger to the magical world just because of the danger he poses to the children." Ragnok shook his head. "So, once you're in school, you'll need to do what you can to protect the students and keep them away from the entrance of this gauntlet as much as possible. If you need anything, just let us know." he told them.

"Thank you Ragnok." Ignotus smiled before looking at the group. "I think I'll keep a copy of all the danger Albus puts the students in."

"Chronicle Albus's stupidity and disregard to the safety of children?" Ragnok asked.

"Then we can put it forward as evidence to the board to prove he's unfit to run a school." Cadmus understood.

"Sounds like a plan. As much as we can get for one right now anyways." Filius agreed.

"So, the plan for the year is to try and keep the students from getting caught in Albus's web and try to figure out who and what is behind the gauntlet and what's being protected." Antioch summarized.

"And who it's being protected from. Though considering it's Albus's test to Matthew, I think Albus expects the shade to be in the school this year." Ragnok told them. They all let out sighs.

"I'll need to make a lot of void tincture this year, I fear." Filius understood. The others nodding. "In other news, Albus didn't take well to the article accusing him of purposefully hindering the education of the children." Filius informed them.

"I'm not surprised. What did he do?" Antioch asked.

"Tried to excuse himself by blaming the war. But it was going on before the war, so they shut his excuses down. I don't know what they're planning, but the board were in deep discussion all month. They arrived at a decision yesterday, but I'm unsure what it was." Filius informed them.

'You'll be getting a new History teacher.' a voice said, causing them to spin around and see Death appear. 'Good morning my masters. Filius and Ragnok.' Death greeted.

"Good morning, Lord Death." they said with smiles.

"New teacher?" Antioch asked. Death nodded. "Thank goodness. Who is it, do you know?"

Death's answer was to shift his form into that of a tall, dark haired man in dark robes with eyes almost as green as Ignotus's own and a wand of bone and willow. "I am Professor Damien Athanasius. New History of Magic teacher this coming school year at Hogwarts." he greeted.

"We're getting an actual teacher for history. Awesome." Ignotus said with a grin. "But don't you have several duties to take care of? You're Death after all." Ignotus said with concern.

"My minions can handle it fine. And it's because I'm Death that I can do this. I might have some limitations in this living form, but I don't need sleep- so I'll use those hours for sleeping to instead take care of important cases." he shrugged.

"I for one, am very thankful. It'll be nice to have an ally in the know among the teachers. And an extra set of eyes to keep on those three trouble magnets over there." Filius laughed in relief.

"I suppose you have a rather interesting year ahead of you." Ragnok informed the triplets who nodded their agreement.