New Moon AU. Avengers CrossOver.

It's been a long road for Bella Swan. 5 years really changes a girl. Going back home for the first time since that fateful night for her father's wedding, Bella's gonna have to face her demons. Luckily, Tony Stark and his merry band of misfits are there to support her. Join Bella as she explores heartbreak, gaming, robotics, and love.

Jacob never told Bella about the wolves. Bella left Forks after her confrontation with the pack. She doesn't slap Paul so he never shifted in front of her.

Stephanie Meyer's owns Twilight.


It had been five long years since Bella Swan stepped foot in La Push, WA. When Bella had gone to confront her best friend, Jacob Black, she didn't expect things to blow up the way it did. She didn't expect him to cast their friendship aside. She didn't expect him to stand by idly while his friends mocked and taunted her. No, she didn't expect it at all. She had wanted to slap Paul for the things he said about her. Only her fear of altercations kept her from acting on that desire. Avoidance ran in the family after all.

That night, she drove home in the rain with tears streaming down her face. It was a huge coincidence that Angela and her boyfriend, Ben, decided to stop by to see how she was doing. Some would call it divine intervention. Charlie was working a double shift at the station and wasn't expected home until late. Bella would have been completely alone in that house if it hadn't been for Angela and Ben.

Angela had been just about to knock on the door of the Swan residence when she heard the loud chugging of Bella's old chevy coming down the road. The rain was falling down hard and made it difficult to see Bella through her windshield. Angela and Ben stood side by side on Bella's porch, waiting for Bella to pull up. The old truck crawled up the gravel driveway and was immediately thrown into park. The driver's side door swung open with a bang and Bella practically fell out of her car. She was bawling and her body was trembling. When Angela noticed Bella's wobbling body, she quickly ran off the porch, completely disregarding the heavy downpour, to check on her friend.

"Bella! Oh my God, Bella! What happened?! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Is it Charlie?!" exclaimed Angela in a rushed breath.

Bella quickly shook her head, but couldn't respond as her tears and hiccups prevented her from speaking.

"Ben! Help me get her inside!" screamed Angela. Angela was distraught. She knew Bella was going through a rough time. She was afraid for her friend. Angela began trying to soothe Bella by cradling her body and pushing the hair out of her face.

Ben quickly stepped off the porch and jogged over to his girlfriend. Ben wasn't the buffest guy in Forks, but he was pretty well muscled from his time playing football and practicing wrestling.

Kneeling down to Angela and Bella, Ben turned to his girlfriend and asked "What do you need me to do, honey?" Angela looked at Ben with worry in her eyes. Ben could easily read Angela and he knew this was bad.

"Ben," she whimpered. "Help me get her inside. Please," begged Angela. It sounded like Angela was on the verge of tears.

Nodding his head, Ben shuffled closer to Bella and whispered, "Bella. Hey, it's just me and Ang. Let me get you inside, hmm?" Ben didn't wait for Bella to respond. She didn't say no or shake her head so that was enough for him. Ben slipped his arms around Bella until he could cradle her tiny frame to his body. He quickly stood up and began walking back to the house. Ben was concerned about how little Bella weighed. He knew she was a small girl, but she didn't even feel like a 100 pounds soaking wet.

Angela shut the door to the Chevy and jogged back to catch up to Ben and Bella. Angela reached into Bella's pocket and took the house keys. She unlocked the door, so Ben could carry Bella inside. Ben saw the kitchen table and decided to place Bella in the chair rather than risking their lives walking up the stairs while dripping wet. Angela quickly took the seat right next to Bella and returned to soothing the crying girl. Bella had not said a single word during this ordeal. She just kept sobbing.

Angela directed Ben to the linen closet to retrieve some towels. Ben easily found the towels and brought a stack back to the kitchen for the girls to use.

Angela swiftly toweled herself off and then set about getting Bella dry too. Once she was satisfied with the lack of dripping water, Angela got up to turn up the thermostat. Angela had been to Bella's house a few times so she was familiar with where everything was. She even had a key for emergencies since Charlie was friends with Angela's dad; Pastor John Webber.

"Ben, can you help me get Bella upstairs to her room?" Ben didn't hesitate and stepped toward Bella.

"Let's get you taken care of, alright?" Again, Ben didn't wait for Bella to respond. He slipped one arm under Bella's knee and used his other to cradle her back. He rose without any resistance and carried Bella up the stairs and into the purple room Angela had just walked into. He sat her on the chair in front of her desk.

"Bella, honey, I'll be right back. I just want to get Ben some dry clothes and then I'll come back to get us situated. I'll be right back I swear. Just holler if you need me, okay?" Angela said in a soft voice. Bella had quieted down, but tears were still running down her face. Bella looked into her friend's eyes and nodded.

Angela hesitated for a moment, afraid to leave her friend alone, but thought better of it. She needed to get everyone into dry clothes before they caught a killer cold. Rising to her feet, Angela pulled Ben by his arm out of the room and into the bathroom. She quickly ran into Charlie's room and took out the first pair of sweats and shirts that she could find.

"Sorry, Charlie! I hope you don't mind," she said out loud as if her plea could be heard by him from miles away.

Angela rushed back into the bathroom and handed Ben the clothes.

"Here are some dry clothes. Get changed and then wait outside of the door. I'll call for you when it's safe to come back." With a quick kiss on the cheek, Angela dashed out of the bathroom and back into Bella's bedroom.

Angela took a deep breath before knocking on Bella's door. "Bella? It's me. I'm coming in."

Pausing for a moment, not actually waiting for a response, Angela turned the knob and stepped into the bedroom.

"Oh, Bella. I'm here. I got you. Let's get out of these clothes, okay? I'm going to borrow something to wear if you don't mind. Drowned rat just isn't my look, ya know?"

Bella let out a soft chuckle, but even that didn't stop the tears.

Angela looked at her friend with a forced smile before turning around to raid the closet. She pulled out two pairs of sweatpants and two long-sleeve sweaters.

"Let me help you, okay?"

Bella nodded. Angela stepped toward her friend and began working on getting them out of their soaking wet clothes and into fresh ones. She collected the wet clothes and tossed them into the hamper sitting by the dresser.

Sporting clean and dry clothes, Angela reached for Bella's hand and guided her to her bed. She sat them both down on the edge of the bed and pulled her friend into a tight embrace. Angela was much taller than Bella. Sitting down, Bella's head only reached Angela's chest and Angela's chin sat just above Bella's head. Angela rested her cheek on Bella's head while she stroked her friend's hair.

"Ben, you can come in now."

Taking his cue, Ben knocked lightly before stepping inside the room. Ben looked at the girls before him and a large frown spread onto his face. He looked like a big puppy that just got his bone taken away from him.

Angela patted the space next to her on the bed. Ben nodded his head and mosied on over. Once he sat down, he silently contemplated what to do next. Ben didn't really know Bella. Sure they went to school together and shared a few classes, but their conversations never really made it past the generic "How ya doing?" or "How's your day?". Bella was more of Angela's friend, but in his book, any friend of Angela's was a friend of his so he acquiesced. He was feeling a bit uncomfortable. He hated feeling useless. Hated being uncertain of what to do. Shifting slightly in his spot, he huffed and threw caution to the wind. Ben wrapped his long arms around both of the girls and gave them a good squeeze.

Bella sobbed loudly in response. Her tears returned with a vengeance. Ben squeezed them even harder and Angela began whispering soft murmurs of affection into Bella's side.

Bella finally spoke. "It's Jake. I guess it's Jacob now." Angela stopped murmuring, but remained silent, hoping to encourage Bella to continue speaking.

"I went over to his house today. He's been dodging my calls. He even had Billy lie to me saying that he was sick and couldn't come to see me or even muster up the strength to call me. Mono they said. Can you believe that load of bull? How could he be too sick to answer the phone, even for a second, but be healthy enough to avoid the hospital? Then, yesterday, Charlie tells me he saw Jake, I mean Jacob, and his friends at the movies!" she said in between hiccups. Bella buried her face into Angela's shoulder and Angela caressed her hair in return.

"Well, I was fed up. I decided to drive over there and confront him. I went up to the door and Billy told me to go away. Said that Jake wasn't there. I knew he was lying. Billy always scrunches his eyebrows together when he lies so I pushed past him and went to Jacobs's room. He was there, but he was asleep. He looked so peaceful…." she said in a whisper.

"Anyway, I didn't want to wake him so I left. I told Billy that I'd wait in the garage and for him to tell Jacob to meet me there when he was awake. So, I started walking to the garage, and then I see Sam and his group of, UGH I don't know what to call them, boys? Men? Some people call them a gang. I don't know, but whatever they are, they took Jacob from me. Something inside of me just exploded. I walked over to them and confronted Sam. I wanted to know why Jacob was avoiding me. Why he was watching Jacob so intently? I was just so angry and I wanted answers!" Bella raised her head from Angela's shoulder, looked down, and began wringing her hands. Half in embarrassment and half in frustration.

"Then, this big guy named Paul gets in my face. This guy is huge! I know he doesn't like Jacob. Jacob even told me himself that Paul and he don't get along. Apparently, Paul is a bully and a hothead who always gets into fights. Anyway, Paul starts yelling at me. Screaming at me really. Starts saying that I was holding Jacob back. Keeping him from the tribe. He started calling me a Hokwat. He practically went on a tirade about how horrible of a person I was, how worthless I was, how I should stay away from Jacob or else." Bella began trembling and tears started running down her face again.

Barely over a whisper, Bella continued "I guess Paul's yelling woke Jacob up. He came outside and he looked so different. He cut his hair and was practically a giant. The last time I saw him, he had hair down to his waist and he was still a beanpole. I don't know, but I think he's on steroids or something because that change just wasn't normal. Anyway, he walked over to us and did absolutely nothing. He didn't say a thing. He didn't even look at me. Paul was still yelling at me. God, I felt so stupid. I tried getting him to look at me. I even grabbed onto his arm, but he pulled away so hard that I slipped on the mud and fell on my butt. He still wouldn't look at me. All of his friends started laughing at me. They joined Paul. I begged. I freaking begged Jacob to say something. I wanted him to do something, anything… but he just stood there."

Bella whipped her head up and stared into Angela's eyes, "he's my best friend. I've known him since we were babies. We grew up together. His dad is my godfather. I know we didn't keep in touch, but when I moved back I tried. I tried to be his friend, but I got too caught up in Edward. I was so trapped in my Edward bubble that I forgot about Jacob. And when Edward left, Jacob stayed by my side. He was fixing me. We were getting so close. I always called him my personal sun you know? I just seemed to need him and his warmth. Even his smile reminded me of the sun. But… that Jacob is gone, I guess. I know we have our ups and downs, but we're practically family. That should've meant something. I don't know what I did wrong, Ang! I just don't know." Bella was practically choking on her tears by the end of her explanation.

"Oh, Bella. I'm here. Ben's here too."

"Yea B, I got you. Do you need me to go beat him up? I can do that for you ya know. I may not be taking steroids, but wrestling has taught me a thing or two," joked Ben. He still had his arms wrapped around them and his head was leaning on Angela's other shoulder.

"Bella, you know I love you, don't you?" Angela asked softly.

Bella nodded but didn't look Angela in the eyes.

"Seriously, Bella. Look at me."

Bella slowly raised her head until her eyes met Angela's.

"Bella, I love you like a sister. Please, please know this. Bella, you need to leave Forks. You need to go back to your mom."

"What?!" Bella exclaimed.

"Bella, I don't mean that in a bad way. I want you here. I like you here, but Forks isn't good for you. I know your mom was a bit scatterbrained. I know you had to do more than your fair share, but at least she was there. She was there for you. She was there with you. You even said Phil was cool. Look, I know Charlie loves you, but he's not here Bella. He's never here. I've never seen you two around town, and I'm the Pastor's daughter, I see everyone. You never talk about him. You don't even call him dad." Angela gave a brief pause before continuing, "Tell me the last time you two spent time together. Like really spent time together. Not just eating the dinner that YOU cooked or saying hi in the hallway."

Bella couldn't think of the last time she really talked to Charlie.

"Exactly! Bella. He's never here. I know he doesn't make you do it, but you're always doing the cooking and the cleaning. You're not supposed to be walking around here like a maid. You moved down here to get to know your Dad, but Bella, does he ever take the time to get to know you? He's your dad Bella. He's supposed to put in the effort. He should be here and he's not. You know I like Charlie. I really do, but Bella this isn't healthy. I'm really worried, Bella. You shouldn't be this depressed. You're barely 18."

"I don't know Angela."

Bella understood where Angela was coming from, but she was struggling to accept what she was saying. She didn't want to admit that a lot of the things Angela said were true because if she did, it would make it real. It would make the fact that Bella felt used, real. That she felt neglected and forgotten. That she felt utterly alone in her own home. And with that thought, Bella broke down. Angela was right. She was always right. Charlie didn't care much for Bella. Sure, Charlie loved Bella, but he loved the idea of her, not the real her. He didn't even know her. His love came out of obligation and that truth was a hard pill to swallow.

After more convincing from Angela, Bella decided to give her mom a call. Ben decided to head downstairs and make them something to eat. Angela stayed with Bella in her room while she called her mom. Bella broke down and told everything to Renee.

When Renee answered the phone and the first thing she heard was "mom" she knew something was wrong. After some gently prodding, Bella broke down over the phone and told her mom everything. Told her about Edward and how emotionally abusive he was. How Jacob lied to her. How he stood by while his friends yelled at her. How her dad hadn't even spent a single day alone with her. How he spent more time fishing than talking to her. Bella let it all spill out. Renee's heart broke at Bella's words. Her heart ached just knowing Bella was hurting. She didn't know how bad it was. God, she should've paid more attention during their weekly calls. She should've pressed Bella when her calls became shorter and shorter. Renee should've seen the signs. She remembers how it was living in Forks. How suffocating the town could be. How Charlie's absence could hurt just as much as physical abuse. Renee should've known better. She should've never let her baby girl move down there.

The phone call ended with reassurances from both Renee and Angela that moving to Florida would be the best option. Renee gave her daughter her credit card information so she could buy a plane ticket whenever she was ready to go. She even offered to pay for shipping for whatever Bella wanted to send to Florida. Phil chimed in and said that he was already working on her room and that she better prepare herself to be spoiled with clothes and books.

Bella laughed at Phil's statement. She declined the clothes but jokingly accepted the books. Okay, she might not be joking about the books, but can you blame a girl?

Ben returned to the room just as Bella ended the call. "I got quesadillas!"

The girls laughed and accepted the plates. They munched on the cheesy delicacy while talking about Florida. Angela and Ben promised to keep in touch via Skype. Bella eagerly agreed and was feeling extremely grateful for her wonderful friends. After they finished eating, Angela and Ben remarked on the late time. They both said that it was time for them to go home. It was already nearing 1:00 in the morning. Time had flown by.

A few minutes after Angela and Ben left, Charlie returned home. Bella knew she'd have to tell him sooner or later and right now, she just wanted to get it over with. She wanted to experience all the hurt at once so she didn't have it looming over her head.

As soon as she heard the sounds of Charlie entering the kitchen, Bella walked down the stairs and asked him to talk. Their talk was tough, emotional, and heartbreaking. Bella told Charlie about what happened in La Push. She told him about how Edward made her feel. How he made her feel lesser for being friends with anyone else other than the Cullens. How hurt she felt when the Cullens moved because not only did she lose the man she was promised forever with, but she also lost a really close friend, a big brother, a protector, and people she saw as second parents. That segued into how she felt about Charlie and Renee. She told him how she had to get a job at a young age to pay the bills. How she had to be the responsible one. How she felt burdensome when Renee and Phil got married. How nervous she was to move to Forks. She explained to him how her absence hurt her. She yelled and screamed. She cried and sobbed. Charlie didn't know what to do. He wanted to console her, but some of the things she said were just too much for him. He wanted to be a dad. He thought he'd love being a dad. That it'd be so easy for him. When Renee left, he spiraled and when Bella came back, he didn't know how to handle a teenager so he did what he usually does when faced with an uncomfortable situation, he avoided it. He avoided her. He provided her with the basic necessities, but he didn't do much else. He didn't want to admit that he was a shit father. Sure, he wasn't abusive, but that isn't saying much.

They cried together. Charlie embraced his daughter in what felt like the first time in years. He apologized to her. He apologized for the neglect. For not voicing his concerns about being a father. He apologized for not being there. For not paying enough attention to his baby girl. He apologized for putting Forks first. He apologized for paying more attention to his career than to his daughter. He promised to be better. To be there for her. He promised to try, to listen, to be present. Charlie didn't want Bella to leave. He just got her back. He wanted to beg her to stay. He wanted to make her see it his way, but he knew that if he didn't let her go, he'd lose her forever. So, he agreed. Agreed to let Bella move back in with her mom.

They had moved their talk to the living room and were sitting together on the couch in peaceful silence. Everything that had been holding them back was now out in the open. Bella had a long day and by the time they finished talking, it was 3:30 in the morning. Before she knew it, Bella had fallen asleep on Charlie's shoulder. Looking down at his baby girl, Charlie let silent tears fall down his face. He promised her that he'd be better and he would do anything to keep that promise. Charlie wrapped his arms around his daughter and lifted her up from the couch. For the second time in 24 hours, Bella was carried into her bedroom. Charlie left her bedroom after gently tucking her in. Charlie was turning a new leaf in their relationship. He would be a father to Bella. A real father.


Bella had tested out of high school before she left Forks. Just a week after her breakdown, Bella said her "see you laters" to her father, Angela, and Ben. They all promised to keep in contact. Angela and Ben would make sure to video chat with Bella at least once a week. Charlie promised to call at least twice a week and planned to fly out in a few weeks for a vacation. He had to make sure the station was taken care of before he could join her. With tears in her eyes, Bella left Forks and make her way to Florida.


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