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Samuel Uley has never been one to panic. He has a highly analytical mind and always endeavored to be prepared for any situation. Samuel always liked to be two steps ahead of the game. He tackled problems by analyzing every possible outcome and then assessed the best solutions to achieving his goals. Samuel Uley always made sure to have a backup plan to his backup plan. He is always prepared and is always ready. No, Samuel Uley never panics.

Except for today.

Today, Samuel Uley was officially panicking. The Alpha of the Quileute Tribe Pack, the man who led a group of boys and turned them into men, the wolf who dominated all others, the first of his generation, was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and it was because of one little girl.

Isabella Marie Swan.

Isabella fucking Swan was coming home for the first time in 6 years and this was causing Samuel Uley to panic.

Bella Swan had run from her home in Forks, WA the day Jacob Black allowed his packmates to tear her apart. She had returned home in tears and promised to never step foot in Washington again. 6 years and one broken promise later, Isabella Marie Swan was coming home.

Samuel Uley was fucked.


3 years ago, Charlie Swan had married tribal elder Sue Clearwater. Their wedding had been held in La Push. Charlie did not begrudge his daughter for not attending. He knew how hard the abuse and abandonment had been on Bella. He did not want to cause his daughter unnecessary harm by forcing her to come back to the place where all her nightmares originated. Bella, ever the people please, promised Charlie and Sue that she'd pay for their honeymoon and fly them out to wherever she was to make up for her lack of attendance. Sue was equally as understanding. She knew the truth about the pack. She knew why the pack had to do what they had to do. No, Sue did not begrudge Bella Swan.

Charlie had been brought into the circle the day he signed their marriage certificate. He now knew all about the pack and the reasoning behind the treatment of his daughter. He wished it didn't happen the way it did, but he understood. He swore to never reveal the tribe's secret, even to his only daughter.

With no reason to stay in Forks, Charlie Swan sold his home and moved onto the reservation. He relinquished his title as Chief of Police in lieu of a position as a criminal consultant. He now spent most of his time drinking beer, fishing, and occasionally, offering his expertise on tougher cases.

When Charlie and Sue got the news that Bella was getting married, they had been ecstatic. News on Bella had been scarce. Charlie and Sue had been sworn to secrecy. They never revealed the things that Bella divulged to them. When Charlie shared with the pack that Bella was engaged, they had all been stunned. When Charlie continued to announce that his Bells was coming home to introduce her fiance, the pack had been absolutely jaw-droppingly shocked.

Apparently, her fiancé wanted Bella to face her fears before they wed. Her fiancé wanted Bella to be free of her demons. So, Bella Swan was coming home to La Push and she was bringing company.

Yes, Samuel Uley was completely and utterly fucked.


The engagement/welcoming party was being held in the home of one Samuel Uley. He was the Alpha of the pack and had a duty to help his tribe. When his elder, Sue Clearwater, expressed her concern about the size of her home not being big enough to host a party, Samuel instinctively offered his as a venue. Sue Clearwater, completely oblivious to his reluctance, eagerly accepted the offer. After all, the Uley front yard was known for its long looping driveway and its vast acres of space. Yes, it was the perfect place to welcome home Isabella Swan.

Now, Sam was standing in the front yard of his home surrounded by over 20 testosterone-filled wolves, 10 in-the-know elders, and over 20 oblivious humans. They were all waiting for Isabella Swan to make her appearance.

Sam knew shit would hit the fan when she arrived. He knew how obsessed Jacob was with this girl. He knew how Paul, his most volatile pack mate, loved to rile up his pack mates. And he knew the moment she made her entrance, Paul and Jacob would kill each other. Samuel knew what to expect so he had prepared accordingly.

When the purr of a sleek black Bugatti Chiron made its way down Sam Uley's driveway, no one could've expected what happened next.

Absolutely no one could've expected to see Isabella Swan step out of a 2.5 million dollar car looking completely drop-dead gorgeous. Absolutely no one could've expected a 5'10 blonde bombshell to step out and join her. Samuel Uley was absolutely not prepared.

Isabella fucking Swan was getting married to a woman.

"Hello Everyone, I'd like you all to meet my fiancé, Fleur Delacour."


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