A/N: So I lost a bet and had to write a Star Wars Self-Insert as a random Star Wars character. My friend rolled a die and I got saddled with the space nun. Let's see how I do. Keep in mind this is neither Legends or Canon. Just picking and choosing I what I find cool. it is mostly Legends though as there is lot more going in Legends at this time period. Anyhow, here is the story. Reviews and Criticism are welcome.

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Is this the part where I insert a monologue about how I died and was reborn in a new world? Alright. So yeah, that happened. Don't know how I died, not that it really matters. Fine, I was struck by lightning. There you go. Anyway, I first awoke when I was four, or that's when the memories of my old life flooded back into my consciousness. I had been reborn as a young girl in a wasteland of pink sand and green sky. I had yellow-green skin which was a surprise, but only mildly so. I mean the sky was green and the sand was pink. Anyway, I also had blue eyes and jet black hair. Not that you'd know that considering I was covered head to toe in robes all the time. The sand storms were vicious after all.

My name as my parents call me is Luminara Unduli. That name may sound familiar to you if you happen to be a Star Wars fan. It was a shock to me as well. I was more annoyed than anything at first. Of all the characters in this universe, I couldn't get someone more, well cool like Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, or even Ahsoka. I eventually acquiesced in my internal bitching after realizing I could have been Shaak Ti (aka SW Kenny.)

Still Luminara, whose only real contribution is having her former padawan become the Star Wars Unabomber. I wonder if Offee even wrote a similar manifesto. War and its consequences have been a disaster for the Jedi Order… Wait, didn't she actually say something like that at Ahsoka's trial? Not like I can look it up on Wookieepedia anymore. I really miss the internet.

After I got over the fact I was in the adolescent body of a Jedi master from a universe far far away. A universe I had since fallen out of love due to corporate fuckery by a certain unnamed company. I realized I had more pressing concerns such as everything about to go to hell in a handbasket in a around… Lets see the current year is 946 ARR which makes it 54 BBY considering I was born in 58 BBY. So around thirty three years before the start of the Clone Wars. That is quite a bit of time to probably not accomplish much as all, or completely fuc- sorry kriff things up royally.

While I would have loved to stay with my new family and keep my force sensitivity a secret and bury my head in the pink sand. The Force had other ideas it seemed. Simply put, I sneezed one day and levitated the table we were having breakfast on. So yeah, my family sent word to the Jedi and bam, I was sent to the Jedi Temple. Apparently, in Mirialian Culture having a child be sent to the temple is a big status thing. So my parents will most likely end up being those kind of parents who constantly are bragging about their kids' achievements annoying the neighbors.

The temple itself was a peaceful and boring place. It was exciting to actually see the temple at first. With its mass and grandeur, I spent so much time exploring, seeing every nook and cranny I was allowed and a few I wasn't. I had always liked to run around this place when playing Battlefront 2 (the good one) just to see it. It was one thing to see in the movies, TV shows, and video games, it was another to stand and be dwarfed by the massive columns and statues that loomed over the place. Then it got old. Younglings aren't allowed to leave so it became less of a wonder and more of a boarding school. I had never been to a boarding school so I assumed it's what a boarding school was like.

I wasn't idle. I studied and practiced with zeal. I mean I was training to be a kriffing Jedi of all things. I wasn't going to halfass it. I would sneak out to practice all the time. Lightsaber training was a blast. Even now, years later, it has never gotten old for me. I lost count of how many times the Sentinels had to drag me back to my room. It got to the point where it was a regular thing and they just sort of gave up. Instead they would point out flaws in my form that you can't see when you train on your own while they were taking me back to my quarters of course.
Force training was a tish more difficult. It was harder somehow. My technique was good, but essentially unlike with saber training, it was a bit more nuanced.
A part of me realized it could have been my Adult consciousness messing with the technique. That or the descriptions from the novels I read in my previous life gave me a preconception I had to banish before I could get the hang of it.

I did eventually get a handle on it. I had to really focus though. Problem was, that whole mind clearing stuff is very important. I had so many thoughts racing and rambling about in that little green noggin, that I was constantly felt overwhelmed by it all. At some point I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I woke up and went to get ready to go check cows only to find I was in a different place by a pond full of alien waterfowl and a different body with a giant kriffing to-do list of thoughts and avenues of possibilities for the timeline. That's when Master Yoda's teachings clicked. I was afraid. Afraid of losing my knowledge, my old life, myself to the ether. Sometimes you have to let go. To quote a great video game. Let Go, Begin Again.

Things clicked after my little near-fall into madness. It was very exciting too, I wanted to do everything I could to explore this wonderful being called the Force. To let it in and be one with something greater. I will stop myself from getting too preachy there. Even though I am pretty much a monk. Such as trying some techniques from the KOTOR/SWOTOR games but I forced myself to stop and just learn the basics and just be happy to have the ability at all. I could do all the fun stuff once I mastered lifting rocks and to be frank throwing rocks around with your mind is really awesome. Thinking back those years, they really did just skeet on by. I miss them and their innocence. It felt good to be a kid again.

Some of you might have been wondering what I was doing about the Sith. Well I wasn't doing jack shit at the time. While it was always at the back of mind, it was far away. Considering I wasn't allowed to leave the temple, there was really not much I could do. I wasn't even allowed to access the Holonet, and even much of the archives was limited to a child. So I filled my time in with more practice.

Regardless, Master Tal'or would one day take me on as a padawan. He was another Mirialian like myself. Apparently Mirialians have this tradition in the order. Mirialians training Mirialians. Made sense why Lumuninara took on Bariss now. He was strict, but well traveled. I suppose our adventures weren't as exciting as some. He liked to take me to places the Jedi had abandoned. I got to see the ice temple of Telos, and Enclave Ruins of Dantooine. The Dantooine ruins were worn away to the base structure. Despite that, it was still a very intriguing sight to see. Master Tal'or had us meditate there for three days. The forces Echoes there are rather bland. I think when Darth Traya sucked the life Force out the Jedi Masters she overreached and took a bit of the natural force in the area. Then we moved on. I asked if I could go see the crystal cave. He was hesitant, acquiescing I think due to his own curiosity.
We didn't find anything. I mean we did but none of the crystals were calling out to us. I already had one. It was still a beautiful sight though. The way the crystals refracted off the wall even with the low light was a spectacle which was ruined by the damn space spiders.

It was when I turned fourteen that my time with my master in the field would end. We were captured by a pirate warlord. They didn't know we were Jedi. Tal'or didn't have us dress so conspicuously during travel in the Outer Rim. The passenger transport was outright towed to their base. Apparently some big Trade Federation big shot was traveling incognito on board. They weren't sure who it was. So they grabbed all of us. Most likely to sell the rest of us into slavery once they got who they wanted.

Anyway we were taken to a space station that was off the beaten path of most normal hyperspace routes. It was called "Middle of Nowhere" because it was.

We were herded aboard, and I saw the pirate leader. He was a Pantoran. Needless to say there was an escape attempt. We were successful in getting rid of the pirates and fleeing the station. You know how those things go. All around an exciting time.

I kept its coordinates. Considering no one else knew of it. Those that did, didn't have the coordinates. It would make a great hiding place one day if need be. The Warlord had a nice collection of artifacts. Mostly hunting trophies, but a couple of bizarre items. Including a crystal I would have to get verified, but I think it was Qixoni. I left it there. I didn't have the time either. There was a strange beast that the Warlord kept as a pet. Took everything we had to bring it down. Tal'or had a bad reaction to venom.

I had to get him medical attention. I managed to get him to Nar Shaddaa. The Jedi healers had to come get him from the small outpost we had there. I was at a loss. He survived, but the venom had caused extensive nerve damage. He could no longer move without assistance. He wouldn't be able to leave the temple anymore.

So I was put into an interesting position as a padawan. I had to get field expertise and Tal'or couldn't leave the temple. While I still trained under him at the temple for Force related things. I was to be sent with other Knights and Masters to get field work. I had become a Padawan temp. The first Master who had to put up with me tagging along was Dooku. Yes, that Dooku. Tal'or and him were apparently good friends. The year was 956 ARR or 44 BBY. Yep I was heading to the Battle Of Galidraan. My first real chance at altering the timeline. Could I save the True Mandolorians about to be framed for war crimes they did not commit? Is the fate of this universe set in stone? Guess we'll see.

A/N: This was supposed to be a brief prologue of SI Luminara's life up to the main story. Also Luminara won't remember every little thing. Don't be afraid to DM me regarding typos and strange sentences. This goes for cool events that I might not be aware off. I have a habit of forgetting words sometimes and it makes the sentences sound weird. It's annoying and I would get a beta reader if I had the time. I don't right now as it is harvest time and I had to publish the first chapter before a full week passed to appease the bet parameters.