The first thing Shota thinks when he sees an email from an anonymous source is a complaint about spam mail.

And then he reads it.

He asks for proof of professionalism, even though it doesn't seem needed

And, gods, this was a baseline analysis? On him? By a fresh analyst?

He's literally the boogeyman, if the boogeyman was a good guy, people aren't supposed to know about him. hell, only two analysts are supposed know of him, Nedzu and Nighteye, and yet now this one does?

He knows that he has fans out there with different blurry pictures of him doing hero work, but they are always blurry at least enough to blend the colors of his suit together, and he knows that there aren't nearly enough videos of him to give anyone this much information. And for it to also be accurate if all things.

So, naturally, he asks for Stranger's- what a weird name-'s rates.

They are insultingly low, at only Six Thousand Yen. Usually it's at least 11,000 yen.

So he saves the contact.

The first thing he has Stranger do as a consultation is to find the Barotto brothers, a duo of Villain Twins that have a very powerful water quirk, where they can create, manipulate, freeze, and heat water, and a teleportation quirk that allows them to be in Hosu robbing a bank and then in Musutafu a couple hours later.

Of course, it turns out they were actually quadruplets and that each one of them only had one aspect of the water quirk, and no teleportation quirk.

It explains why they only used two aspects every fight.

So, within about two hours, Stranger had uncovered that they were quadruplets, where they were, how they got where they were, they're family names ( Damasu, not Barotto) and how to efficiently take them out only needing the ability to follow instructions and being adept at hand to hand. No quirks needed.

Needless to say, they were caught within the week, and Shota was not ashamed to say that he enjoyed the looks on Quadruplets' faces when they realized they were caught.

He didn't even need to erase their their quirks during the fight, all he had to do was have boiling water (because the constant fluctuation of the molecules in the water would disrupt the control aspect brothers control over the water, not that he knew what that meant), and that would also deal with the freeze brother's control over the temperature.

Of course, he just had an underground hero with a flame quirk take them two, and just fought the ones with the creation and boiling quirks, because Stranger had also given him the idea of having contact-broken spheres that contain sodium polyacrylate or something, he didn't remember, to instantly-or, well, within seconds- turn any water it comes into contact with into snow.

It was genuinely scary how the kid gave them a step by step process of how to deal with the villains without using their quirks, and have it turn out perfectly. In fact, they only sent the Hero with the fire quirk because it would make it all the more easier to take them out.

Although, it was even scarier to think about how it would go for Nedzu to figure out Stranger exists.

Repressing that thought to the deepest depths of his mind, Aizawa opened the door to the teachers lounge, only to walk right back out after seeing Nedzu cackling at a laptop in front of him, and going to nap inside of his sleeping bag.