In his last moments, Chase Collins wills his power to the one person who loved him; his little sister. Follow Bella as she moves to Ipswich to lay her brother's soul in peace. Watch how the Sons react to the newcomer. Will the scars left by Chase prevent the boys from seeing what's in front of them?

In this story, Bella is 1 year younger than Chase. They're blood brother and sister. Raised in an abusive foster family and then split up between two adoptive families; the Collins and the Swans. Chase finds Bella after she's been dumped by Edward. Bella knows that Chase killed their blood father and his adoptive parents. Bella was severely neglected by Renee and Charlie. They only adopted her to make themselves look like a better family before they divorced and then treated her like a slave. The Collins abused Chase.

The sons are in their Junior year when Chase attacks so they'll be starting their senior year when Bella arrives.

Cullens will not be involved other than in this first chapter.

This story is based on Jinxx Radke The Covenant's Only One

Stephanie Meyers owns Twilight. The Covenant is owned (I dunno for sure) by J.S. Cardone.


In front of the Putnam barn, Chase laid on the muddy ground broken and bleeding. Raindrops were pelting his face, washing away his tears as his blood was seeping into the earth.

Regret. Deep unadulterated regret filled Chase's heart as he lay there in defeat. He should've listened. He should've stayed. She had cried. She had pleaded. She had begged. Begged for him to stay. Begged for them to be enough, but it wasn't enough. It was never going to be enough. Not even when he had stolen his father's power. No, it would have never been enough because Chase was selfish.

He regretted the things he said. He regretted the way he left her. But most of all, he regretted that her presence alone was not enough for him. She was his sister and that should've been enough. He could still remember the argument he last had with her.

A tiny pale girl was staring back at him. Chocolate brown orbs that mirrored his own were looking at him with agony and fear.

"Please! Don't go! Don't leave me. I just found you!"

"You can come with me! We can be together. With this power, we can be invincible!" He tried to reason with her.

"I don't want to be invincible! I just want you! Chase, they're too powerful! It'll be four against two! I'm nowhere near enough. Just stay! Stay here with me." She was pleading with him. Tears streamed down her face

"They won't know we're coming! We'll have the upper—"

She cut him off, "Why can't this be enough!? You already have our father's power! Why can't we be enough!? I can't bear the thought of losing you, Chase. You're the only one I have left. I need you, Chase. I need my brother." She was whimpering. Trembling at the thought of losing her older brother.

"I'm sorry, sister. It isn't enough. I just need a little more. I'll come back for you I promise."

His breaths were shallow and coming in quick. He knew this was the end. He knew that no amount of power was going to save him.

Chase closed his eyes. He wanted to savor the memory of that tiny girl. His sister. He had found her only a year ago. Broken and beaten from a life of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. They were two sides of the same coin. His souls recognized hers. They were family and he had abandoned her just like all the rest.

He focused on the memory of his sister. Her chocolate brown hair that matched her eyes. The strands of red and gold that shone in the light as her hair tangled with the wind. The bounce of her curls that bopped with every step she took. Her big doe eyes that stared up at him with love and awe. The smile she saved for him and him alone. He wanted to memorize the way her arms wrapped around his taller form. He wanted to memorize the way her laugh sounded like bells tinkling in the wind. He wanted to memorize the way she said "I love you, big brother".

With his last breath, he said the words that condemned him to death.

"I will you the power… sister"


3,247 miles away in Forks, Washington a tiny girl with long brown hair and chocolate doe eyes woke up gasping for air. She knew immediately what tore her from her slumber. She was alone on this earth. Truly and utterly alone. Her big brother, Chase Collins, was dead.

The sounds of her wails ripped through the air. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed. He was dead. He had promised! He promised that he'd come back. He'd promise that she'd never be alone again. He'd promised!


It had taken Bella a few months to get everything situated. She had put in her transfer request to Spenser Academy the week after she was awoken by her brother's passing. She knew that Charlie wouldn't let her go to Massachusetts without a valid reason. She couldn't just tell him that her blood brother had died and that she needed to return to the place his body last laid. She needed to go to Ipswich to collect the remaining pieces of his soul so he could pass on peacefully. So instead, she convinced Charlie that she could get into Spensers through an exclusive transfer program. He was reluctant to let her go, but he knew that the prestige of the academy would reflect beneficially on him. After all, he loved being seen as a good parent. Any achievement of Bella's was an achievement of his.

The night Bella was torn awake by the surge of Chase's power, she had fallen off the bed and to the ground in a puddle of her tears. When her eyes had finally grown accustomed to the dark, she as noticed a silver box hidden underneath her bed. She knew that it wasn't there a year ago. She had thoroughly cleaned her room, top to bottom when she began dating Edward. So she was absolutely certain that she did not put a box under her bed.

Curiously, she reached underneath and latched onto the box. Dragging it to her knees, she sat up so she could get a better look at it. The moon was shining through the window so she had just enough light to see what was in front of her.

It was a small silver chest engraved with a family crest. She recognized it as the Whitlock Coven Crest. Alice had explained to her that she and Jasper were a part of both the Cullen and Whitlock coven. Jasper led the Whitlock coven but for dietary purposes, they remained under the Cullen coven.

More tears began streaming down Bella's cheek. Her heart twinged at the thought of her best friend. She missed the tiny pixie and the memory of their friendship heightened Bella's feeling of loneliness. She was friendless and now she was brotherless too.

Tentatively, Bella flipped open the latch and peered into the chest. The first thing she saw was a letter. She immediately knew whose handwriting it was. Alice did always have beautiful handwriting.


I'm so sorry that I had to leave you. Please know that I'm not doing this easily. You were my first real friend, Bella and I will always cherish what we had.

I wish I had seen it sooner. Edward was never your future. I didn't know until after James. Please, try to understand, we had to leave. Your future is out there waiting for you and it's not us. I love you, Bella. You will always be my sister. One day, you'll realize why we had to go. Believe me, this is for the best.

I know that you hate accepting gifts, but please, don't fight this one. Let me do this for you. Let me do this for my sister.

In this chest, I've included account details to the bank account of the heir to the Whitlock fortune. I've also included all the necessary documentation to name you, Isabella Marie Swan, as the heir to the Whitlock family. This, of course, it's not all of our money. I can always make more. It's easy to play the market when you can see the future.

At the bottom of this chest, I've left an acceptance letter to Spensers Academy in Ipswich Massachusetts. I know that you need this letter, but I'm not yet clear on why. I've already made all the arrangements. Everything will be ready for your next school year. I've enrolled you as a senior. You always were smarter than your peers. Now it's time for you to show it. Please locate the key in this chest. It'll open the doors to your new home.

I know this may seem like a lot right now but please, just take it. You'll make me happy by taking these steps toward your future. I wish we had more time Bella. I have to go now but please remember that I will always love you.

Sincerely yours,


Bella's hands were trembling as she finished reading Alice's letter. Tears were clouding her vision and hiccups were making it hard for her to focus. She felt a slight weight lift off her shoulder. Alice loved her. She wasn't as alone as she thought. She felt comforted that Alice didn't completely abandon her. Bella took everything out of the chest and held onto it tightly. She was going to Ipswich and she was going to save Chase's soul from damnation.


Caleb felt the disturbance in the air. There was something interfering with the energy in Ipswich. Ever since Caleb ascended, he had become more aware of the magical energy surrounding his coven. He could now identify each magical signature and tune into its user. He knew exactly who and when his coven used. He could even send his own magic to his coven mates; prompting them to respond to his call. It was a new means of communication that didn't rely on cell phones or the internet.

When the new magical signature crossed the state border, he immediately called his brothers to gather at the altar. After what happened with Chase and Sarah, he wanted to make sure his coven was prepared for anything.

After the attack, Sarah had begged Caleb to release her. She couldn't handle the knowledge that there were mystical forces at play. She was plagued by nightmares and her fear got the best of her. Caleb pitied the girl and reluctantly agreed to set her free. It broke his heart to erase the memories of their time together, good and bad. He compelled Sarah to return to Boston and to never step foot in Massachusetts again. Though it was tough, Caleb knew it was the right decision. He knew that the woman who would stand by his side while he led his coven needed to be someone who was strong enough to face anything and that woman wasn't Sarah.

Gathering around the book of Damnation, Tyler, Reid, and Pogue looked to their brother and coven leader in worry.

"What if Chase isn't really dead?" asked Tyler.

"His body was never found," pointed Pogue.

"Nah, his body was burned with the rest of the Barn. There's no way he survived," proclaimed Reid.

"It isn't Chase. This signature is new. It feels different. It feels nothing like ours." said Caleb. He was pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. He couldn't pinpoint what made this signature different.

"Different how? Like more powerful? Does it feel evil or something?" Pogue questioned.

"No, not evil. Definitely not evil. I can't really describe it. I know this may sound crazy but it kinda feels warm." Caleb said with a sigh. He knew his brothers were going to react badly to his statement.

"Warm!? What the fuck do you mean warm? How the fuck does a magical signature feel warm. It's either strong or it's not. It's a fucking scale. Up or down. There's no temperature to magic!" exclaimed Reid. He always hated when he didn't understand something.

"Look Reid, I don't know, okay! It just feels warm. That's all I fucking got. Whoever it is, or whatever it is, it's coming our way and I want to be prepared. We're not getting taken by surprise again. I want all of you on high alert. If you notice anything and I mean anything suspicious, you call the others and we'll check it out together. I don't want any of you approaching whatever this is alone. You got that!?" demanded Caleb. Now that he had officially taken on the mantle as coven leader, his commands held a sense of finality to them. It became almost impossible to defy his commands.

His brother all looked at him in agreement and nodded their heads. They knew that Caleb was the best at handling these types of situations. It wasn't smart to go against their coven leader. He was a natural-born leader and was far more powerful than the rest of them combined.


The very next day, Caleb had reconvened their meeting. The new magical signature was close. It was headed to the remains of the Putnam barn to be exact. Caleb and the others feared that Chase had a brother or something and that whoever it may be was coming to seek vengeance.

Caleb, Pogue, and Reid hopped into the back of Tyler's G-Wagon as Tyler drove. They made their way down to the Putnam barn. It was getting close to sundown by the time they arrived. They're parked just outside the view of the burnt-down barn. They didn't want to alert whoever was there to their presence before they were ready. Caleb silenced his coven's footsteps as they made their approach.

They were surprised at what they saw as the burnt remains of the barn came into view. A small girl with long brown hair was kneeling on the ground where Chase had died a few months back. There were tiny white orbs swimming around her. They seemed to be dancing in the air. They watched as the balls of light seemingly caressed the girl in a loving embrace. The orbs suddenly brightened before they floated upwards and disappeared into the night sky.

They had been slowly inching their way closer as they watched the orbs disappear. They were standing only a few feet away when they finally heard the girl speak, catching them off guard.

"I'm sorry for what he did to you. For the pain he caused you. I begged him not to do it. I tried to get him to stay. To give up his pursuit of more power. Chase was always stubborn. He was selfish and arrogant. I told him it was suicidal to try and attack you guys. He wouldn't listen to me. He said he'd get the power with or without me. So I told him to go without me.

I wished I was enough for him. I begged and pleaded with him. I never wanted this to happen. Please know that I am so fucking sorry. I should've tried harder. I should've fucking tried harder to get Chase to stay. To get him to leave it alone. He was my brother and I didn't try hard enough and because of that, I'm sorry.

Please don't hate him. What they did to us, it fucked us up. Chase became obsessed with power because he never had any and now he has none. I'm alone again because I wasn't enough… I don't think I'll ever be enough."

The tiny girl was sobbing by the time she finished speaking. Her body was trembling and she had her arms clutching at her sides. It was like she was trying to keep herself from falling apart. The boys could hear the soft "plinks" as her tears hit the dry leaves below her. The wind was causing her hair to dance around her back. It looked like the air around her was caressing the small girl in comfort.

During this whole ordeal, the boys had yet to get a glimpse at her face. When the sobbing slowed, the girl let go of her sides and slowly stood up. She wiped her forearms across her face to presumably wipe away her tears. After a hiccup or two, the girl slowly turned around to face the Sons of Ipswich.

Caleb dropped to his knees the moment their eyes locked.