Maria's POV

The hills are alive with the sound of music

With songs they have sung for a thousand years

The hills fill my heart with the sound of music

My heart wants to sing every song it hears

My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds

That rise from the lake to the trees

My heart wants to sigh like a chime that flies

From a church on a breeze

To laugh at a brook when it trips and falls over stones on its way

To sing through the night like a Lark who is learning to pray

I got to the hills when my heart is lonely

I know what I will hear what I've heard before

My heart will be blessed with the sound of music

And I'll sing once more

Maria hated thinking that one day she'll have to give up her mountain to be a nun because she could sing on this mountain all day. (Church bells chiming). Maria said "Oh no not again" and ran down the hill to get back to the abbey.

Georg's POV

Georg woke up this morning at the villa and got dressed. When Georg got down to the dining room the children nor a governess were waiting. Georg said "Frau Schmidt".

Frau Schmidt came in from the kitchen and said "Yes sir".

Georg asked "Do you know why Fraulien hasn't awaken the children yet?"

Frau Schmidt said "No sir. Would you like me to check on her?"

Georg said "Yes" and Frau Schmidt left.

Frau Schmidt said "She's not in her room sir".

Georg asked "Well where is she?"

Frau Schmidt said "I don't know and this was addressed to you sir" and held out an envelope.

Georg sucked his teeth knowing what it would be since he's gotten 10 before but he still opened it.

Dear Captain

I'm terribly sorry to have to do this to you but I've left. Your children are absolute demons! On my way up the stairs, I found a rat in my pocket, when I got to my room there were bugs everywhere and when I came out the shower my clothes were gone. Good luck finding a governess to look after those demons. Tell the children I said good riddance!

Sincerely Fraulien Anja

Georg thought why one governess can't last at least a week with pranks. It can't be that hard to find a governess to discipline children. Georg said "Franz".

Franz walked in and said "Yes sir".

Georg said "Send word to Nonberg abbey for a no nonsense tolerated governess".

Franz said "Yes sir".

Georg said "Frau Schmidt wake the children".

Frau Schmidt said "I have and they're getting ready sir". Georg grunted to no one in particular, but Frau Schmidt saw it for her to leave him alone knowing that the last 10 governesses left, and he'd grunt and ask for another one.

Georg blew his whistle, and the children came downstairs. Georg said "Straight line!" And the children straightened not because of what he said but because of how he said it.

Georg said "Now children your fraulien has left us".

Kurt snickered, Georg asked "Is something funny?"

Kurt said "No father" with a shake of fear in his voice.

Georg said "Hmm. Now do any of you know why she has left?"

Leisl said "Why no father".

Georg said "Nothing about a rat in her pocket?"

Frederich said "No father".

Georg said "What about her clothes disappearing and bugs in her room".

Louisa said "Perhaps the last governess left the window open and we didn't realize it".

Georg said "So none of you know what would possible make her leave".

Brigitta said "Maybe she thought we were too much for her to handle".

Georg said "Well we'll fix that today or tomorrow you'll have a new governess". The children's groans didn't go unnoticed to their father.

Georg said "Now have a seat and eat".

During breakfast it was silent as usual the only problem is Georg found the silence annoying unlike how he usually preferred silence during meals.

Maria's POV

While Maria was running out the garden, Maria nearly bumped into the reverend mother, the one person Maria wanted to avoid until she prayed. Sister Berthe looked as stern as Maria has ever seen her and reverend mother still had that twinkle in her eye. Maria walked away and back to her room.

After Maria finished praying, a knock on the door startled her. Maria said "Come in".

Sister Margaretta walked in and said "The mother superior would like to speak to you Maria".

Maria said "Thank you sister Margaretta" and followed her to the reverend mother's office.

Sister Margaretta went inside, and Maria was pacing back and forth, it felt like an eternity, but it was probably for a couple of minutes before sister Margaretta said "You can go in now".

Maria nodded and went inside and stood by the door. Reverend mother said "Come here Maria". Maria walked over and kissed the ring on the reverend mother's hand.

Reverend mother said "Now sit down".

Maria sat down and said "Oh reverend mother I'm deeply sorry but I really couldn't help myself you see the gates were open and the hills were beckoning and before I knew it, I was-".

Reverend mother said "Maria haven't called you hear to apologize".

Maria said "Reverend mother please do let me".

Reverend mother said "If it would make you feel better".

Maria said "Yes you see the sky looked blue and perfect, and everything was so green and fragrant I just needed to be a part of it and the Unterberg kept taking me higher and higher like it wanted me to go right through the clouds with it".

Reverend mother said "Supposed darkness came and you were lost".

Maria thought even when I've done something wrong, she still worries about me, oh how guilty that makes me feel. Maria said "Oh mother I could never get lost there, that's my mountain it's the mountain that led me to you".

Reverend mother said "Really?"

Maria said "Yes you see when I was a little girl I'd climb down the mountain and climb a tree and look over into your garden and I'd here the lovely singing which brings up another confession, I was singing out there without permission".

Reverend mother said "Maria it is only here that we have rules about postulants singing".

Maria said "That's the hardest rule of all for me to follow because I can't seem to stop singing anywhere, I am and even worst I can't stop saying things everything I think or feel comes out before I can stop it".

Reverend mother said "Some people would call that honesty".

Maria said "But it's awful, you know sister Berthe makes me kiss the floor whenever we have a disagreement which is usually about me singing well lately, I've been kissing the floor when I see her coming just to save the scolding part of the disagreement".

Reverend mother said "Maria it seems it's the will of God that you leave us".

Maria said "Leave?" Maria thought I know I've done some mistakes, but I couldn't have been that bad.

Reverend mother said "Only for a while".

Maria said "Oh reverend please don't do that, don't send me away. This is where I belong it's my home, my family, it's... my life". Maria didn't know why she hesitated.

Reverend mother asked "But are you sure you're ready for a life here?"

Maria said "Of course I am".

Reverend mother said "Perhaps if you went out into the world for a while knowing what is expected here, you'll have a chance to figure out if you can expect it from yourself".

Maria said "I know what you expect mother, and I can do it I promise I will".

Reverend mother said "Maria".

Maria said "If it is God's will, I'll leave".

Reverend mother said "There's a widower near Saltzburg who needs a governess until he's married".

Maria said "Until he's married? When will he be married?"

Reverend mother said "To take care of his seven children".

Maria said "Seven children?!"

Reverend mother said "Don't you like children Maria?"

Maria said "Of course but seven".

Reverend mother said "I will tell captain von Trapp to expect you tomorrow around lunch time".

Maria said "A captain?"

Reverend mother said "A retired officer of the imperial navy a fine man and a brave one his wife died a while back leaving him alone with the children and I understand he's had difficulties keeping a governess".

Maria nervously asked "Why difficult reverend mother?"

Reverend mother said "The Lord will show you in his own way".

Maria left the reverend mother's officer nervous and a bit scared to leave and return to the world she ran from.

This is just a rewrite of my first book and I'm thinking of combining all my stories to make 1 story, some scenes from the movies other from my imagination.