Brigitta's POV

This morning was very different for example father wasn't at the breakfast table and he's usually on time.

Uncle Max asked "Now where on earth is your father and that lovely fraulien?"

Louisa said "I don't know but you shouldn't worry about fraulien she's always late".

Gretl said "I can go check on fraulien".

Fraulien Maria said "Check on me for what?"

The children and uncle Max was startled and saw Maria in the archway.

Uncle Max said "There you are fraulien, now all we have to do is wait for Georg".

Maria said "He's not here yet?"

Gretl said "No".

Uncle Max said "Well he probably just overslept; I'll have frau Schmidt check on him".

Kurt asked "In the meantime can we eat?"

Uncle Max said "Yes".

Fraulien said "No".

Kurt asked "Can I take that as a yes?"

Fraulien Maria said "No, we will wait for your father".

Kurt said "But I'm hungry".

Fraulien said "You waited this long you can wait a few more minutes".

About 10 minutes later the captain walked in the dining area with bags under his eyes and messy hair, Maria found it strangely attractive.

Uncle Max said "Good Lord Georg you look awful!"

Father said "Didn't sleep".

Uncle Max said "Well it shows. Doesn't it fraulien?"

Fraulien looked back and forth between father and uncle Max.

Gretl said "Father perhaps you should take a nap after breakfast".

Georg said "Perhaps I will".

Fraulien said "I see I'm not the one who needs to take a day off".

Uncle Max said "That's a great idea. I'll take the children out for the day so you two can take the day off or I can keep the children here if you prefer to go out".

Father said "I'm fine. Besides one sleepless night won't kill me".

Fraulien said "Captain maybe your stressed, stress can sometimes lead to sleepless nights. I can take the children off your hands for a couple of hours so, you can get some sleep".

Father said "No I'm fine, besides it's your day off".

Liesl said "Well in my opinion after the shopping we did yesterday you both deserve a day to yourself either here or outside".

Brigitta said "Yeah uncle Max can take us out".

Father said "Fine. But Max, please don't do anything I wouldn't do".

Uncle Max said "Well I'm not sure what you would do anymore since you fell out of a canoe".

Fraulien stifled a laugh but uncle Max and father both looked at fraulien.

Father said "I think I'll just get a coffee from Sophia's café".

The captain was planning to keep as much distance between himself and fraulien.

Fraulien said "I think I'll just go up to my mountain or stay here".

Kurt said "Fraulien I think you should try coffee from Sophia's Café they've got cinnamon rolls to die for and great coffee".

Fraulien said "Hmm you'll have to take me some day".

Kurt asked "How about today?"

Father said "Kurt it's fraulien's day off".

Kurt said "Well maybe you can take her since you're already going?"

Fraulien and father looked at each other shocked and than looked at Kurt shocked that he'd suggest that.

Fraulien said "Well I um I don't wanna take up your fathers' whole day".

Liesl said "Oh father wouldn't mind we used to go when we were younger".

Fraulien said "Well that'd be up to your father".

Uncle Max said "Oh it couldn't hurt it'd be good for you and Maria to know each other that why the children will think you're fun".

Brigitta said "Oh please father".

Friederich said "You could tell fraulien the story behind Liesl".

Fraulien asked "What's your story Liesl?"

Liesl said "Not me Liesl, Liesl the boat".

Friederich said "We can put our entire house on it and still have room to put something else".

Fraulien said "Sounds big".

Frederich said "It's huge".

Kurt asked "How come I never went on the boat?"

Liesl said "You were only a baby the last time we went".

Father said "I think I'm gonna stay home and take that nap Gretl suggested".

The children were disappointed that their attempt to get fraulien and their father alone had flopped and they ate break fast in silence.

Maria's POV

Later on everyone was sitting around the dining table eating dinner.

Marta said "Fraulien uncle Max took us to a puppet store".

Maria said "Really".

Gretl said "Yeah and uncle Max said if we sing for him, father will by them for us and we can put on a puppet show".

The captain asked "Do you guys even know how to control puppets?"

Kurt said "No but fraulien Maria does".

The captain said "She does?"

Louisa said "Yeah she taught herself in the basement of her grandparents house to pass the time".

Maria said "I told you that story".

Brigitta said "Yeah you said you were Marta's age and they belonged to your grandfather and found them in the basement and you put on a show for your father".

Friederich asked "Could you teach us?"

Maria said "I think I remember the basics".

Max said "Good cause they'll be here in 2 weeks along with the stage".

Maria said "Two weeks?"

Liesl said "It should be easy after all you taught us the notes to sing and mix them up and a song in a moth and a half".

Maria said "I guess I can try".

Marta said "Oh please fraulien".

Max said "And it's not like you have to perform the show in two weeks that's just when you start practicing with the puppets in the meantime you can come up with a song and a story".

Gretl and Marta said "Oh please fraulien".

Maria said "You'll have to ask your father".

Gretl and the rest of the children said "Oh please father" "Let us try".

The captain said "Alright but... fraulien has to be with you at all times and you have to stay in one room you wouldn't want to lose any of the puppets".

Brigitta said "Ooh we can make the show a surprise you won't even see the puppets until we perform".

The captain said "I got a call from the baroness she'll be home next week".

Louisa rolled her eyes with a sigh. The captain said "So Louisa I'd appreciate it if you can be respectful and put your gradge aside and for her to do the same".

Louisa said "How can I don that when she's trying to ship me off to some boarding school and fire fraulien Maria?"

Maria said "Louisa your father made it quite clear that none of you are going to boarding school and if your father wanted me fired well he wouldn't wait for the baroness to suggest it he would just fire me".

The captain smiled at Maria but Maria looked away when she felt butterflies in her stomach.

Liesl asked "When the baroness comes back how long will she be staying for?"

The captain said "I don't know".

Marta asked "Father do you like Maria?"

Max started laughing and everyone looked around completely shocked.

Maria thought Marta probably doesn't even know what she's implying.

The captain asked "Why would you ask me that?"

Marta said "I heard Brigitta and Louisa talking earlier today and they said you liked fraulien".

Brigitta and Louisa didn't have a guilty expression they had a fear expression that what Marta said would ruin their plans.

The captain said "Of course I do, she makes you children happy so, she makes me happy".

Maria thought there I go jumping to conclusions... again.

Friederich asked "Can we go on a picnic tomorrow?"

Maria said "Sorry Friederich it's getting too cold for picnics".

Friederich said "But it's only November".

Maria said "Exactly too chilly for picnics but don't worry we'll find other things to do plus you've got the puppets to look forward to and the rehearsals and preparations and then the show".

Friederich nodded in agreement. Gretl asked "What's pepperations?"

Maria said "Preparations and it means to prepare for something get ready like in the morning you brush your teeth and take a shower to prepare for the day".

Georg's POV

Georg sat up in the middle of the night and started walking towards the door. Georg didn't know where he was going but he ended up on the terrace.

Georg saw Maria sitting and smoking. Georg snatched the cigar. Georg asked "What are you doing?"

Maria giggled and ran down the steps of the terrace. Georg started jogging after Maria. Georg yelled "Wait! You shouldn't be out here".

After a while Georg lost sight of Maria. Georg called "Fraulien".

All Georg heard was Maria's giggle. Georg asked "Maria where are you".

Maria giggled. Georg asked "What are you doing out here?"

Maria said "I came because I knew you'd follow".

Georg heard Max say "I told you he'd come".

Georg yelled "Max where are you!"

Maria giggled and took a step closer. Although it was dark Georg could tell Maria was wearing the same blue dress she wore on the picnic that exposed her swan like neck.

Georg soon felt like his arm was being ignited. Georg looked and found Maria's hand on his forearm.

Georg asked "What are you doing?"

Maria said "Exactly what you want me to do".

Georg took a step closer. Georg asked "And what is that exactly?"

Maria said "This". Maria caressed Georg's forearm leaving a trail of desire with every touch.

Maria asked "That is what you wanted isn't it?"

Georg said "Yes".

Maria caressed Georg's chest. Maria asked "What about that?"

Georg said "Yes".

Maria said "I thought so captain".

Maria stood on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against Georg's.

Maria began to walk away. Georg asked "Where are you going?"

Maria said "Inside you did say I shouldn't be out here".

Georg said "Maybe we can stay a little longer and talk about how we'll tell the children".

Maria said "I was wondering when we would talk about it".

Maria sat on the grass and Georg sat next to her.

Maria asked "Captain why won't you kiss me?"

Georg said "Because one of the children might see us".

Maria said "They're all asleep, besides I know you want to".

Georg couldn't resist Maria and gave her a passionate kiss on her luscious lips and only stopped to catch his breath.

Maria looked at Georg with her beautiful blue orbs. Georg still couldn't find it in him to resist and kissed Maria once and leaned back so Maria was on top of him.

Georg gestured towards Maria's dress and said "Take it off".

Maria said "No". Maria got off Georg and disappeared they only trace of Maria was the fabric from her dress. Georg felt like he was drowning in the fabric as it wrapped itself around him and all he could hear was Maria giggling.

Georg struggled to get out of the fabric. Georg sat up out of breath and sweaty and realize he was in bed and his sheets were tangled around him.

Georg thought That felt so real. Georg felt hungry and left the room to get some off dinners' leftovers.

When Georg walked downstairs he saw the kitchen light on. Georg thought who on earth is up at this time of night?

Georg walked in the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Maria standing on a stepladder reaching for something.

Georg said "Fraulien?"

Maria was startled by the captain's voice. Maria said "Oh captain I wasn't expecting-".

The stepladder started to rock and Maria let a gasp escape. Georg said "Hold on". Georg went over and steadied the stepladder.

Maria stepped off the stepladder with a container in her hands. Maria said "Thank you captain".

Georg thought Am I awake or am I still dreaming.

Maria asked "What are you doing here captain?"

Georg said "Couldn't sleep. What are you doing down here?"

Maria said "Just a midnight snack though it's not midnight".

Maria took out a brownie and put it on and plate and began eating it and moaned with pleasure.

Georg started seeing visions from his dream. Georg hadn't even realized his eyes landed on Maria's lips.

Maria asked "You want one?"

Georg said "Please". Georg bit into the brownie and let out a moan of his own.

Maria said "When we made these I took some and hid them from Kurt".

Georg said "Smart thinking. Are you hiding anything else in here?"

Maria chuckled "No. At least not until the next time we bake".

Georg chuckled himself at that comment.

Maria said "Captain you have no idea how happy the children are and how much they're looking forward to the puppets. It took me almost an hour to get them to go to bed especially Gretl and Marta".

Georg said "I figured it'd be a step in the right direction... with the children".

Maria said "Oh yeah it is, Marta wants to go back to the puppet store to look at them again".

Georg chuckled.