To Authors of fanfiction

am yuzuki476 and i read your anime stories and I Review them with honestly because i enjoy reading them very much so because they have made my gloomy day brighter . Authors of theses amazings stories if my reviews have offend you guys in any way then Iam very sorry i didnt mean to offend anyone and if my reviews offend you guys in anyway please remove them.

today I recived hatefully and spiteful review from guest (kissmyass) : kill yourself, fat fugly virgin on review on monsters within story that me and my friend created but i didnt aprove the review .

I considered my self nice and kind person hell my family even does even the people who knows me think so too but that review is disgusting and hurtful its been rough year for me and everyone else its totally uncalled for i have been on fanfiction for years and i helped people who are struggling to get their stories straight and there people on this fanfiction who got the same learning diffculties as me even i struggle to get words out and i even struggle writing out the reviews out but each review is filled out with honest and truth i only speak to charcters in the stories in the reviews .

so am going say this to the Authors of fanfiction

if you guys dont like my reviews then delete them but dont ever send me abusing and nasty reviews and messages okay you guys dont know me and most of you guys arent interested get to know me that's fine with me because the only thing that am interested in me is reading anime stories because they made my day.

if the Authors of fanfiction wants help i'll will be there for them just give me a pm.

but next time i will report /block Authors who doing the cyber bullying threating being abusive reviews and messages to me and other Authors to fanfiction team . I would Advice Authors who get guest and anymous reviews to delete/ not accept them if they being abusive and hurtful words and reviews and meassage towards you report them or delete them because its not acceptable.

Thank you for time.

from yuzuki476