I don't know what I'm doing with this trailer fic. But I don't own any reference used to make this, so enjoy the trailer.


"These are Interesting details about your previous contracts, gentlemen. Regardless, we are still concerned about some purchase logs of this size. But after meeting you three face to face, we feel like we're in good hands on this one." A bald man with a curly black mustache and matching black government outfit sits on the oval office brown desk. Ask the three young gentlemen across the other side of the desk, three young men surrounded by other Rossartist officials who have taken an interest in their deals.

"We gladly appreciate it, sirs" A young man of Hispanic descent, with shaggy reddish-brown hair alongside his brown eyes. He's wearing a suit and smiles at the mustache official. On the left side, a light gray-haired boy around fifteen wearing the same attire nodded enthusiastically.

"Not to mention, your bid was far too attractive for us to pass up." Another Rossartist official with graying hair retorts with a tablet device in his hand. Indicating the official reading logistics and purchase bill catalog.

"Wait, wait, wait, what do you mean this bid is too attractive to pass up?" Besides the young Hispanic man on the right, a sleek back black hairstyle and black crocodile shades slightly pinching the bridge of his nose. The said young man is confused, judging by his voice. The bald official leaned closely, and the three leaned towards their sitting.

"Gentlemen, apparently you boys lowballed the competition." The bald man smiles at them. And the rest of the officials chuckled.

"Ohh... O-okay.." The young man with shades is trying to process everything the Rossartist official said to them.

"Also, you guys just came fifty-three million credits to the nearest competition" The gray-haired old Rossartist official grins at them.

The scenes change to three young men in a white hallway, the reddish brown-haired young man and a lightly gray-haired boy, trying to calm the raging shades-wearing young man.

"GOD FUCKING DAMNIT! FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!" Shades-wearing young man screams in agony about the failed yet successful deal.

[Insert song: "Delirious" Song by Chris Lake, Steve Aoki, and Tujamo]

The scene changes, focusing on a shades-wearing young man, this time at the club party.

"I GOT A BETTER IDEA!" The young man with shades exclaimed at his friend. The reddish brown-haired young man put his palm into the face.

Another scene changes with a reddish brown-haired young man getting waterboarded by four Dolls, courtesy of 404 squads. The young man screams and gags for help, but nobody comes to his plea. HK146 and UMP 9 holding the poor young man, while UMP45 proceeds to torture the young gunrunner with her trademark sadistic smile. G11 is sleeping on the corner for some reason.


Obligatory narration in the background.

"They called guys like us War Dogs, bottom feeders who make money out of the war without stepping foot on the battlefield, maybe. It means to be derogatory, you know like an insult, but for us, we kinda like the term"

The scene changes to two young men discovering something inside the warehouse; the two men point their flashlights at a young boy with tattered clothes. Out of nowhere, both young men threw outside the warehouse by an unseen mysterious force.

"Waaaaaghhhh! My back!"

The scene move to three young men doing Bong inside the office, their faces are clearly high from tokes.

"This shit is good!"

In another scene, the three young men go through the crowded waiting cue of the airport and squeeze themselves in line.

"White zone official, White zone official, sorry it's an emergency!" the young man wearing shades announced it as an egotistical privileged person would do. On the other side, the reddish brown-haired young man and light gray-haired boy were both facepalming for this spectacle.

Scenes changed into chaotic war-torn roads, with one lonely truck full of different kinds of ammunition, it's ready to blow any time now. Explosion after an explosion shook the truck, the three boys' luck is running out and the same goes for gas. One Sangvis Doll named "Hunter" along with a group of scout drones, they're trying to chase and stop the truck, of course by shooting it. Meanwhile, the delivery truck filled with ammo, with four occupants shouting each and hand gesturing how they were going to get out alive.

"They're getting closer. Come on, man. Go! Go, go!"


"Are you kidding me!? We stopped for the gas in Sangvis territory!?"

"It's cheap as fuck!"

The scene transition to digital currency numbers, the number going from ten thousand credits to a hundred grand. The three young men point to a digital chart arrow going up and the three young boys celebrate like monkeys, one of them firing the confetti.

Another scene changed again, this time, a group of a colorful bunch of Griffin dolls pointing their guns at three young men, and with the addition of an angry sword man among the Dolls. The three young men with their hands raised indicating their surrender and the young man who's wearing new expensive shades whines.


And another scene changes, this time, the three young men in the military base.

"Did you guys three drive these? Into Dantes' Highway of Death?" One of the KCCO general Carter's associates raised his left eyebrow with a scar and glared at three young men. Meanwhile, the three confused men just stared at one another like they just eat something they shouldn't.

Scene close to the title card "GIRLS FRONTLINE: WAR DOGS"

"That's right! We drove from hell itself! Including your moms and cores-"

"Dude, shut up"

Perhaps I will make this fic in the future.