Fate 8: Hunt 3 (The Red Gem)

Chapter 1: The Deadly Creatures!

Main Pairing: Nodoka X Falcom (Older/Hyperdimension Version)

Nodoka Manabe wakes up, she's in a cabin in a dark forest. Nodoka sits up in her bed.

"Hey. You're awake." Falcom says and hands Nodoka her glasses. Nodoka takes them and puts them on. "Falcom? What happened?"

"Remember when you and Tsubame went after those 7 sisters? Well they activated that red gem. It engulfed everything." Falcom said to Nodoka.

"You're supposed to be dead….well the young version of you…."

"I know." Falcom hands Nodoka some water. Nodoka takes it and drinks some of it. "As far as I know? It's only us two. I'm sure others are here."

"Where are we?"

"Some sort of massive forest world. I'm not sure." Falcom and Nodoka exit the cabin and Falcom has a flashlight. She turns it on.

"You were unconscious for a while. I had to fight off strange human like beasts and weird vampire robot hybrids. And also these dark scaly figures. Also these long legged creatures with a sharp needle for a nose. I have no idea what's going on." Falcom told Nodoka.

"It almost seems like these creatures are from your worse fears…" Nodoka thinks. The two walk a path together. They hear a growl in the bushes and tree branches being stepped on. Nodoka readies her bow and arrow. Falcom readies her Dragonslayer sword.

A beast woman comes out and Falcom slashes them in half. An undead human rises from the ground and snarls. He charged at Nodoka. Nodoka fires her arrow. It goes flying at their head. The undead goes down. Falcom and Nodoka come across another cabin. They enter inside and no one is there. Falcom checks out the place. Nodoka checks as well.

"Find anything?" Nodoka asked.

"No. We can probably find another cabin." Falcom responded. Falcom then opens up a laptop she finds in a drawer. "Wait. Come look at this." Falcom opens it up and a video on a website is open. Nodoka walks over to Falcom. Falcom plays it.

A distorted figure appears and their voice is deep. "Hello. Welcome to your next challenge, Nodoka Manabe. I've been watching you. You did well in that first game. And then you almost got the red gem from those thieves….No need. I have my own ways of handling them."

"LET ME GO! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" A girl shouts outside. Falcom looks out the window and sees Amy of the Seven Sisters Of Purgatory (Asmodeus) she is being carried by that monster man.

"It's him. How is he still alive?" Nodoka gasps. The helmet wearing monster man raises his axe and chops off Amy's left leg!

Nodoka looks away as Falcom gasped. Just then, a giant stick like monster comes into view. It point's its needle like nose. Amy cries in fear and pain. The stick creature jabs it's needle into Amy's body! Amy makes a sickening gurgle noise. Nodoka looks away. Amy's blood gets drained from her body and she is lifeless. Soon the stick and monster man leave in different directions. The heavy stomps of the stick monster being heard from miles away…

"Those girls will suffer…but you, Nodoka. You will accept your fate. I'll make sure of it…you're the one I need…." The video stops….


Falcom and Nodoka get out of the cabin, the computer explodes and causes a small fire inside the cabin home.

Nodoka and Falcom look at Amy's dead body. They head off to find another cabin, hoping that they can find some food and water….and maybe other people?

They find another cabin and a woman in red hair points a gun at them! "So?….there's others." The teen lowers her shotgun.

"You have any clue what's going on?" Nodoka asked her.

"…No. Names Anri by the way."

"Nodoka, Nodoka Manabe."


"Nice to meet you two. This cabin is where I'm staying at. Two stories."

"Do you have any food?" Nodoka asked.

"Let's go inside. I have resources." Anri heads inside.

Falcom and Nodoka are sitting down on a couch, can beef being served up to them by Anri. "It's all I have." Anri hands waters to Nodoka and Falcom.

Anri begins to tell the two about the forest. "It's basically a labyrinth, filled with all kinds of creatures and traps. Tons of cabins. Some are empty, some are like mine. Caves too. I can't find a way out. I watched a video earlier and this voice said that there is a tower…but it's hidden. Need to find a magical key and it will show itself. Then the damn computer exploded."

"We got a message too. Something about those seven girls….and about Nodoka." Falcom told Anri.

"That voice said she's watching me." Nodoka said and eats her beef. "Said I'm…someone they want."

"I have no idea what that could mean." Anri shrugs.

"Have you met anyone else besides us?" Falcom said.

"Yeah. An idol girl. Got no clue how or why she's in this place. Said her name was Nico Yazawa. She didn't want to join me and so I took her to a safe point cabin. She's there as we speak." Anri answered.

"I've been in this situation before. Falcom has as well, or rather a different version of her….she's no longer with us." Nodoka said.

"I'm sorry."

"This has to be another kill game….only I don't see any life bars on our wrists. I don't think it's a game about death this time. I think we all have to be a team and finish this together." Nodoka says and then takes a sip of water.

"I see." Anri nods.

"One of the Seven Sisters was killed…Amy." Falcom said.

"They stole that mystery red gem correct?" Anri asked.

"Yeah. And they activated it and then the next thing I know? I'm here. It's all very strange." Nodoka answered.

"I don't remember how I got here either. Anyways, might as well look for others who will join us right? I'll try to convince that idol girl." Anri leaves the cabin and heads off. A roar is heard in the distance. Another one of the seven sisters is being carried by the monster man. It's Lauren (Leviathan).

Anri gets behind a tree and watches. Lauren is crying as her body is covered in scars, bruises and some blood. Her hands are also chained up behind her back. "So, the thieves are being punished by death?"

"LET ME GO!" Lauren screamed. She then gets punched and knocked out.

"Hey Nodoka? Look. I promise I'll be by your side, till this is all over. After we get home, I'll fill that spot that the younger me left behind. I'll do my best." Falcom tells Nodoka. Nodoka smiles.

"Alright. I'll do my best too. Yui would be upset with me if I didn't." Nodoka says. Falcom holds Nodoka's hand.

"That's great!" Falcom smiles. Nodoka blushes deeply and looks away a bit, still smiling though.

The monster walks off and Anri checks on Lauren. Anri checks her pulse. "Damn….she's dead. Was hoping I could get some answers on her." Anri rubs the back of her head. Anri hears rustling behind her. She readies her shotgun.

A cute squirrel appears. "Haaaah. It's just a squirrel." The furry thing climbs up a tree. Anri starts to head back to her cabin. Falcom and Nodoka finished eating. Anri checks her watch and it's 2 PM. "No sunlight. Pure darkness. Figures." Anri enters back and sees Falcom and Nodoka gathering their things.

"Why not stay for one night?" Anri asked them.

Falcom and Nodoka look at each other. "We'll be fine. We will find another cabin for ourselves."

"Alright. But if you need help? You know where to find me." Anri nods and says goodbye to Nodoka and Falcom. But….before they could leave? A figure appears outside! It's a pale figure with long claws and fangs. It's screeches loudly. It also has a spiked tail and long legs!

The three get down and peek out the window. The creature sniffs the ground. Sarah of the Seven Sisters (Satan) is in the trees! She jumps down and summons her red energy cutlass and jumps onto the back of the creature! Sarah cuts it and cuts it over and over! The creature screeches and then wraps its tail around Sarah's neck and throws her off!

Two more of the same creatures appear! Sarah gets back up and one of them extends its tongue out and it's sharp as a blade! It cuts Sarah's chest!

Sarah groans and then the three monsters eye glow as they smell Sarah's blood! They get into a rage of lust and hunger! Anri loads her shotgun and Falcom and Nodoka ready their weapons! Sarah runs but gets taken down!

"I think we should get her alive and she can tell us what's going on." Anri says and marches out of the cabin. Sarah then gets dragged away! The three creatures screech! Anri starts shooting one of them. The three stop running and turn their attention to the three. The one that dragged Sarah tosses her roughly. Sarah hits a tree and is not moving.

Falcom blocks a tongue attack with her dragon slayer shield. She slashes the tongue off! The creature screeches in pain.

Anri shoots one over and over! The creature is mad! It swings at Anri with its claws! Anri rolls away and shoots in the head! It goes down, dead.

Nodoka chases the one who had Sarah! The monster runs and runs deep into the forest!….into a cave!

It's dark….Nodoka turns on her flashlight…

Falcom loses her shield. The creature pins her down and roars at her. Falcom slashes its neck! The creature falls over! Falcom finished it off with a decapitation!

Anri kicks the one she's fighting and shoots it! She then takes her large knife out and stabs the creature in the head to kill it! Falcom recovers her shield and walks to Anri.

"Nodoka went after the one that had the sister."

"I'll go find her!" Falcom heads out into the forest to look for Nodoka. Anri sees that Sarah has vanished.

"Damn it! She got away…." Anri sighs.

Sarah is running and comes across a cabin. She knocks on the door repeatedly.

Nico opens it. "Can I help you?"

"Do you have any medical supplies….I need it." Sarah holds her chest and enters inside.

"Yeah, I got some." Nico says.

Falcom comes across the cave and enters. "Nodoka!"

The roar of the creature and sound of Nodoka can be heard! Falcom finds a torch nearby and takes it. "Nodoka!" Falcom calls out!

Falcom finds the two fighting. Nodoka sees Falcom. "Falcom! Watch out!"

Falcom looks to her right and another one of those creatures comes at her! Falcom quickly ducks and kicks it in the face. Then she burns it with the torch she had!

Nodoka gets clawed in her abdomen! "GYAAAH!" Nodoka gasps and goes flying into cave wall!

"Nodoka!" Falcom kills the creature with her sword by stabbing it over and over! Falcom rushes to Nodoka and helps her up.

"Nodoka! Let's get back to Anri!" Falcom holds Nodoka and walks out of the cave.

Anri is outside Nico's cabin. She enters inside. "Hey! You! I need to ask you a few questions, Sarah."

"Ngnnn…." Sarah is bandaged up by Nico and in her bed.

Nico backs away from Anri. Anri glances at her. "Don't try anything funny." She looks at Sarah.

Falcom places Nodoka in bed. "Where the hell did Anri go!?" Falcom starts looking for medical stuff for Nodoka who is in a lot of pain. Falcom finds a lighter and takes out Nodoka's hunting knife. "I got to stop the bleeding alright. So just bare with it ok?" Nodoka's is very bad, three large gashes in her stomach. Falcom opens up Nodoka's bottom top to get more access her injury. Falcom lights up the knife and slowly presses it onto Nodoka's wound. Nodoka screams loudly in pain! Gripping the bed sheets tightly!

"You're going to be ok! I promise!" Falcom tells Nodoka. "Look. I saw a treasure chest nearby the cave. I'll come right back I promise." Falcom heads out to look for the chest, and hope there is something she can use…

Nodoka pants heavily…. "Falcom….."

Anri punches Sarah in the face!

"Hey! She's hurt you know!" Nico yells at Anri.

"Shut up!" Anri snarls at Nico. Anri grabs Sarah's head. "You know what's going on? Don't you!? Tell me!"

"Look….all I know is, whoever is doing this? They aren't on our side. Two of my sisters are dead! And the others are missing. That red gem, we have nothing to do with it! My sister, she just happened to find it and take a liking to it. She's fond of jewels. We thought we could sell it for easy money…but she insisted we keep it."

"Why did you activate it?"

"We didn't! It just did it on its own alright!? Next thing we knew? We're in a forest labyrinth of some kind, where monsters roam at night and day happens only once a week! It's a resting period!"

"Who is behind this?"

"I don't know! Whoever they are? They don't like us! Ok!? That's all I know! I swear!"

A loud roar is heard outside! Anri readies her shotgun and looks out the window. "Shit! It's that creature again! Must smell your blood! You!" Anri points at Nico. "You keep an eye on her. If she tries to get away? Stop her." Anri heads out to kill the creature. Nico scoffs and looks at Sarah.

"I don't know how you got into this mess…..I don't know how anyone did….there's more….I don't know how many are in this game…."

"How do we escape?"

"Got to find a key. Then enter the tower and locate that red gem we stole. Look! I know for a fact me and my sisters are not part of this! We're being hunted! Killed off! Punished!" Sarah starts to pant fast and falls out of the bed. "I'm not dying! I'm not going to die!" Sarah shoves Nico down and rushes to the door!

Nico gets up and pushes Sarah into the wall. Sarah pushed Nico away again and rushes out! Another roar is heard. Just then that creature that Anri was targeting jumps in front of Sarah. Sarah has no reaction time before the creature wraps it's tongue blade around her neck and strangles her! It uses so much force and strength it rips her head off!

Nico gasps in pure fear and looks away, feeling sick. The creature then eats Sarah and leaps away! Anri heads back to the cabin. "Shit! I told you not to let her get away!"

"….Screw you! I ain't dealing with this nonsense!" Nico yells at Anri.

"You want to get out of this!? Then you join me. Join my group! We get out of here in one piece."

"No way! This shit is too crazy!" Nico gets her supplies and heads off!

"Oh well….it's your funeral…." Anri starts to head back to Falcom and Nodoka.