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The Gamers Guide to Necromancy, Remastered

Chapter 08: Experimentations

Kuro Sasaki –

I, despite the mistaken beliefs of certain maids, am a genius.

Looking at the vat-grown Kuro floating in the chamber, I smile to myself. I have perfected the art of creating human bodies; growing them from scratch isn't even that hard.

Not one has been deformed, suddenly exploded or awakened and tried to bite me recently. I truly think I'm getting the hang of this fleshcrafting thing.

Naturally, this brought me to an important question. Why settle for human when I could make bodies that are human plus, while keeping my original body unaltered?

It's not like the Fallen can tell me to stop taking their blood. Honestly, I think Donald, or whatever his name was, is happy that all I wanted from him was blood, given the heavy milking the others have been going through.

So, what happens when I try to make a Fallen Kuro?

Well, it explodes. Adding supernatural blood into the mix makes things a little more difficult, but I think I'm getting there.

Still, I need more materials. I want Devil mats, and while I could go and poke Rias until she gives me some of her blood, I have a better idea. My ghost scouts located a single stray devil lurking in the fringe of Kuoh, a giant centaur-looking woman.

As a Stray Devil, nobody is going to care when I kidnap her for my nefarious purposes, and I can practise working with devil parts in peace. Hell, I'm basically doing Rias and Sona a favour by cleaning up their city for them.

This stray will get the greatest honour I can grant her, an unfair surprise beatdown because I don't do fair fights. We've recently driven off another fucking bear swarm, so my base should be safe while my horde takes a little trip.

Giant naked centaur devil, come to Papa Kuro.

Viser –

This city was far better protected than she'd expected; it was supposed to just have a pair of inexperienced heiresses, but she had noticed the subtle guards lurking around. Something had happened, but she was out of the loop.

They weren't here for her, thank Maou, because she didn't like her chances against the powerful devils she'd noticed protecting the city.

Still, something made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She hadn't been able to hunt for food lately, not with so much attention being on the city. Honestly, she'd been considering just leaving and going somewhere else.

Keeping her head down was a start, but she was getting hungry, and her deformed body hungered for human flesh. Her uncontrollable magic had turned her into this; if she'd known this was a potential risk, she'd never have accepted that damn contract and let herself be experimented on in the first place.

Smelling something dead, she frowned and straightened up. She might have been laying low, but she hadn't missed the fucking necromancer in Kuoh. Her fears were proven correct as she heard the sound of paws and panting approaching her, lots of paws.

Growling to herself, she prepared for battle as the pack of undead hyenas burst into the clearing, all heading straight for her. As she went to fire her acid, she watched as strange translucent women floated into the room.

They all opened their mouths and wailed, making her ears bleed as she felt panic flood her mind. The screams of the spirits were inhuman, and they surrounded her and continued their assault on her senses. It was hard to focus on casting her magic with this unholy sound flooding the room, and blood leaking from her ruptured ears.

She wasn't entirely incapacitated as she swiped at the first hyena that lunged at her, sending it away. She couldn't stop the second as it bit into her leg, letting out a pained scream and kicking it away.

The wound was already festering, and the pack swarmed her, utterly uncaring of their own wounds as she tried to fight back. Acid melted the flesh of one of them even as it continued to gnaw on her leg, and at some point, a skeleton with a pickaxe managed to sneak up on her, climbing onto her back and hitting her between the shoulders with its weapon.

It wasn't until she was already badly wounded that she noticed the caster himself lurking in the shadows with a satisfied smile. She knew she wasn't going to beat the horde, turning her attention to him.

She opened her mouth, but his hand raised, and she let out a scream as unnatural ice coated her body. It wasn't the ice that truly hurt her; something deep inside her was burning up from his spell.

She couldn't react in time for his second spell, her limbs stiffening as he watched her with a look of amusement and boredom. A growl left her throat, even as a bottle smashed against her head from that same fucking skeleton, a thick mist spreading from the broken bottle as she unwillingly breathed some of it in.

Her body felt heavy, and with the wailing, gnawing and burning, anger alone couldn't keep her conscious. Casting one last hate-filled glare at the slightly proud-looking necromancer, she collapsed with a heavy crash.

Later –

Waking up, she immediately noticed something very wrong.

She had legs. As in regular human-looking legs. Something she hadn't had since she was reincarnated and subjected to her master's experimentations. Utterly naked, she rose and looked around in confusion.

"On a scale of one to ten, how natural does that body feel?" someone asked, making her jump, a spell on her lips as he raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Anti-magic shackles, try to run, and my hyenas get to eat you."

Pausing, she looked down at the shackles on her wrists and around her neck, made of some material she didn't understand. It was the only thing he'd bothered to dress her in.

"What did you do?" Viser asked, making him raise an eyebrow.

"I couldn't fit your stupid centaur body in my prison without renovations, so I just ripped your soul out of it and stuffed it into a new body. I think I managed to make a vaguely devil-adjacent body; this one didn't even randomly explode," he explained lazily, her eyes widening. "I'm Kuro, by the way. Your new captor. So, how does it feel?"

"Explode?" Viser asked, making him grin. "It feels fine, weaker than my old body, but I feel normal."

"Good. I've bound your soul, so even if you blow up again, I can just stuff you into a new body. Plus, I have your old body in storage for parts. I'm keeping it artificially alive despite being soulless," Kuro explained. "So, I think you're currently a devil, maybe a half-devil; I'm kind of just throwing things at the wall and seeing what doesn't blow up."

Despite his clear madness, she couldn't deny she was enjoying having a human body again.

"What are you going to do to me?" Viser asked, making him pause.

"I honestly have no idea; I got what I needed, so I don't particularly need you. Honestly, I put you in a new body to test if I could. I have some plans that require some soul transplants so I thought it'd make a good test," Kuro admitted lazily. "I could hand you over to Sona or Rias. You were hunting in their territory, and I've done my research; you're wanted for several murders."

That would be a death sentence, and they both knew it. She wasn't going to beg.

"So, cannibal, huh?" Kuro asked, changing the subject.

"It's not cannibalism; devils and humans just look alike," Viser defended.

"Meh, as it happens, I have plenty of human parts left over, so feeding you shouldn't be a problem if you still have that particular dietary requirement," Kuro shrugged, making her blink. "I've been trying to make a clone of myself, and I've had a lot of failed attempts. It'd be a shame to waste them."

Her new diet didn't start until after her magic was twisted by her master. She wouldn't mind going back to eating normal food, and dying at the hands of those brats didn't entice her.

"What do you want from me?" Viser asked, making Kuro pause before he shrugged again.

"I'll decide later; it's not like you're going anywhere," Kuro finally decided. "You can explore the living quarters; if you see a hungry zombie hyena, you've gone too far and will be eaten if you don't turn right back around."

"So I'm your prisoner?" Viser asked, making him pause.

"No, you're my guest. Who can't leave under threat of being devoured," Kuro said. "Besides, do you really want to leave when your body might be a little unstable, and I'm the only guy who could fix things if you pop?"

…what a prick.

"Look, be a good girl, and I'll get you some clothes. We can talk about how you can pay rent and the discretion fee for me not telling the Devils I have you. If you see some Fallen, they're my other guests; don't fight them, or I'll have to discipline you. Frankly, they're more valuable than you since Azazel wants them back, so don't damage my trade goods," Kuro warned.

…Did he just go around kidnapping people?

Honestly, she kinda respected him despite how much of a dick he was. She knew she was a sadist and certainly didn't mind her nudity, given that she hadn't even been able to wear clothes recently, giving him a small smirk as he gave her large breasts a look.

"You are a cruel man," Viser pointed out, making him chuckle. "Do you always make your kidnapping victims pay you for the honour?"

"I'm getting a Satan to pay me for molesting his wife; a little kidnapping is just Tuesday for me," Kuro exclaimed proudly, a smile on his face. "You should consider yourself lucky I didn't just butcher you for parts, but it'd be a shame to waste these."

Flicking her nipple, she let out a quiet gasp at how sensitive her body was. She hadn't missed how the very air down her tingled against her skin, her nipples already hard and her thighs glistening with her arousal.

So, get handed over for her execution or be a weird necromancer's sex pet?

"I'll leave you to consider how you can make yourself worth keeping," Kuro said, making it sound like he was doing her some great favour. With her lower body restored, he just might have.

Sitting down on the comfy bed, her mind raced with the possibilities.

Kuro Sasaki –

It took me three tries to get her new body not to pop like a fleshy balloon or melt into a goo. Devils aren't easy to clone, especially freaks of nature like her. I've heard that Stray Devils can have trouble controlling their magic without their evil pieces, but actually seeing the result in person was interesting.

I managed it by stabilising the unstable devil DNA with some human DNA. I suppose, in a way, she's basically my daughter, given that it's my DNA I used to stabilise her.

Growing her body gave me ideas, shaping her growth as she was created.

Heading back into my lab, I look over the several vats. The first is my perfect clone, the one I'll use for when I need to leave my base. It's me, identical and indistinguishable from my real body.

The others? Me, but older and a bodybuilder. Me, but a girl. I don't have any real plans for them at the moment, but I can think of a few situations where being able to go unnoticed would be helpful.

I plan to make Fallen and Devil Kuro as well, but I haven't entirely managed to pull off a true Fallen or Devil body. I don't mind giving Viser a subpar body, but for myself, I will only settle for the best.

I give Viser's body a fifty/fifty on spontaneously combusting or something equally bad, but I had a genius plan. I've made a Soul Flask and embedded it inside her; if she dies, her soul will be trapped inside the Flask, and I can simply put her into another body.

Getting a mental warning from my undead, I sigh to myself. Well, giving them some extra freedom was bound to backfire eventually. Ray-Ray, what were you thinking?

Raynare –

She had been so sure she'd be able to slip away, as Kuro was clearly distracted with his newest project, and he'd taken his horde out of the base. She'd studied their patrol patterns, and while she couldn't remove the shackles and collar he'd forced on her that restrained her magic, she was sure Azazel would be interested in this anti-magic material.

She slipped by the skeletons, not having to worry about the hyenas, but then she found her next issue. The outer layer of this base was a massive labyrinth of misleading walls and traps.

The traps were primitive, pitfalls and tripwires that caused spiked wooden walls to swing forward; she easily made her way around them… but she'd forgotten something.

The spirits. Ghosts wandering the labyrinth, they raised the alarm and while Kuro had sent his hyenas somewhere else, they were quickly recalled.

"Tut-tut, what were you thinking, Ray-Ray?" Kuro asked, looking her over as she was once more chained to the wall of her cell. She'd quickly lost her newly-granted freedoms, and been stripped and bound once more.

"Fuck you, my name is Raynare," Raynare spat out.

"She wanted to warn Azazel about the devil fertility potion," Mittelt realised, making Raynare scowl. Kuro wasn't even subtle about his creation; how was she supposed to not want to warn her people?

Azazel would have forgiven this entire failure and rewarded her greatly for warning him about what Kuro had made. They couldn't risk their enemies rapidly growing their population even further.

Azazel –

Blinking, he looked at the message he'd gotten from Kuro and the three vials.

A fertility potion made for Fallen Angels? How intriguing. The fact that he'd made a Devil version made him smile approvingly. Kuro was quite the businessman, and he paused before he laughed.

Breast milk had symbolic connections to fertility. A key ingredient? Ah, he must have milked Ray-something and the other two. He hadn't milked Grayfia for fun, or at least not just for fun.

The Pureblood devils would calm down with the answer to their fertility problem found, and the Old Satan Faction would lose their power, with the Great Satans being the ones holding the cure through Kuro.

His agents had already found out the results, a Bael woman was pregnant with quadruplets, which would bring Zekram over to the Great Satans. Those pushing for peace would grow stronger, and those wanting to continue the war would lose power even as the devils grew more secure.

Meanwhile, if he could get a deal for a regular supply of the same fertility potion from Kuro, he could use it to further his control over his own people and weaken Kokabiel's faction.

Did Kuro understand the significance of the move he'd just made? Or did he just see them as desperate idiots that he could charge a fortune for his cure? It could very well be both; he wouldn't blame Kuro. Their upcoming meeting was looking increasingly interesting.

Now, if only he could find where the hell Kokabiel had gone.

Raynare –

"Hm, all that just to tell Azazel something I told him? You really aren't the smartest, are you Ray-Ray?" Kuro asked, making her blink before scowling. A bluff. "I made a Fallen version and had it delivered right to him. Did you really think I wasn't going to expand my customer base?"

She paused, fuming at her failed attempt as Kuro watched her.

"Well, I can't just let you off with this naughty little rebellion. I was kind enough to give you some limited freedom, and look at what you did with it? Did you really think escaping would be that easy?" Kuro asked, getting nothing but a glare in return.

He clicked his fingers, and the chains moved to force her to turn around, face first against the wall with her arms and legs bound to it, her backside on display to the smug asshole and traitorous bitch.

"Mittelt, I'd like you to be the one to discipline our naughty Ray-Ray," Kuro said, making Mittelt's eyes widen in excitement as Raynare growled in anger. Mittelt was her subordinate; this was all wrong. "Since you're such a good girl, not like our rebellious Ray-Ray."

Mittelt gave her a dangerous smirk before turning to look up at Kuro.

"Of course, sir, how should I discipline this disobedient slut?" Mittelt asked, her tone submissive.

Watching as Kuro walked to the side and retrieved a riding crop, she glared at them angrily as he handed it to Mittelt.

"I'll leave the specifics to you, as long as you don't get too carried away," Kuro said, making Mittelt grin dangerously.

Mittelt –

Watching Raynare, the smug, arrogant whore, wince as the crop hit her back again, she smiled to herself.

"Apologise," Mittelt demanded, getting a hateful glare from Raynare. "Kuro was kind enough to loosen your leash, and you tried to run away like a rebellious dog. Say you're sorry."

"Never," Raynare scowled, the whore wincing as the crop hit her already-red ass. Getting captured was one of the better things that had happened to her because now she was in control of Raynare and Kalawarner, even if Raynare didn't want to admit it.

Kalawarner understood; even now, the slut was on her knees worshipping Kuro's cock as he watched her discipline 'Ray-Ray'. She almost didn't want to leave when Azazel finally found the time to meet with Kuro about this entire fuck up.

She did not expect to be that important a part of the meeting. Kuro had taken an Excalibur from Freed, and that was more important than all four of the captured Fallen. The only difference between Raynare and the others was that they already knew it. Raynare was still under some delusion that they mattered.

Glancing to the side, she watched with a slight frown as Kalawarner used her lewd breasts to pleasure Kuro on her knees with a serene smile. The submissive slut was doing a good job of keeping their captor happy, maybe too good a job.

She didn't want to lose her position as the prison warden to the fat-titted cow.

Focusing on Raynare, she continued to discipline the arrogant whore, Kuro eventually turning Raynare around so she could spend some time focusing on her front. The crop struck Raynare's nipple, then her clit, but Raynare still stubbornly held on.

But she'd learnt how to discipline Raynare properly; it wasn't pain that made the sadist break. It was pleasure.

Putting the crop down, she approached Raynare with a cruel smirk, Raynare struggling against her chains. With Kuro watching, Mittelt got to work, stroking between Raynare's legs as the whore gasped in surprise.

Her angry look couldn't hide her body's honesty, the way she subconsciously pushed her hips out towards Mittelt's hand. Kuro had never removed the spell limiting Raynare's climaxes; he'd simply told her how to trigger them. Her finger slipped into Raynare's tight slit, making the bitch force down a moan.

It wasn't long until Raynare's honest voice filled the room, moans and gasps leaving her as her climax approached.

She let out a desperate whine as it was stolen away right at the precipice of her climax, but Mittelt just smiled innocently.

"Apologise and I'll let you cum," Mittelt offered in a sing-song voice, getting an angry glare from the panting woman. "No? Let's try again."

Kuro Sasaki –

I can't help but think Mittelt has some deeply repressed issues with Raynare because she certainly enjoys being given power over her former leader.

Well, not that repressed as I watch Raynare start to beg. She always puts up a brave, angry front at first but when the pleasure starts? She breaks every time.

Kalawarner continues with her appointed duty, deep-throating my cock without hesitation as I gently guide her head. She's a very good girl like that. I do think I'm going to keep these three. Azazel can have Donnelly back, but these three are fun, and I want to keep them.

"I- I'm sorry, okay?! I shou- Ooooh, I shouldn't have tried to run," Raynare finally says, finally breaking much to Mittelt's disappointment as I wave her off. Kalawarner pulls back, the seed from my last climax still on her breasts as I walk up to Raynare. "J-just let me cum."

The Fallen are certainly weak to Eromancy, something to keep in mind as I gesture, making the shackles release Raynare.

"Kneel," I order, making her fall as she glowers up at me. She doesn't need another warning as she opens her mouth and picks up where Kalawarner left off, taking my manhood between her lips.

Mittelt doesn't just watch, gripping Raynare's hair as she smirks.

"That's it, apologise properly, you fucking slut," Mittelt taunts, pushing her head down. Raynare doesn't respond, but she quickly proves that she knows what she's doing.

With all the work Kalawarner put in, it's not long until Raynare's surprisingly skilful blowjob brings me to the edge, her angry look only turning me on.

Kneeling behind Raynare, Mittelt mockingly mauls her breasts as Raynare obediently (if angrily) continues to pleasure me. My climax doesn't catch her by surprise, and she doesn't bother pulling back as she easily swallows my load with that pissy glare staring up at me.

Lifting her to her feet, I spin her around and pin her against the wall, her legs parting as she stares back at me challengingly.

"Get it over with, asshole," Raynare growls, legs spread as my cock presses against her slit. I haven't actually fucked Kalawarner yet, so she'll be my first Fallen.

A single thrust has her cumming around my cock, my Eromancy muddling her mind as I pound her against the cell wall with both of her subordinates watching. Her tongue hangs out as she moans lewdly, cumming again and again as I take her.

She's very tight, despite her alleged experience, and even as she glares, she moves her hips back to meet my thrusts. Her cunt squeezes down on me as I pound into her, my hands on her hips, but her glare can't hide her pleasure.

Yeah, Azazel can kiss my ass if he thinks I'm giving up my pets. I like these three, even my rebellious Ray-Ray, so I'm keeping them. I doubt it'll even be that hard to get him to let me keep them.

Coated in sweat, Raynare gasps and moans as I take her roughly, and despite my best efforts, I'm nearly spent from Kala's previous service, so I don't last as long as I want to, releasing my seed into her with a quiet grunt.

"There we go, see, you can behave, Ray-Ray," I say, giving her ass a spank as she pants, coated in sweat, with my seed leaking down her leg. "Mittelt, take her back to her room. Make sure you keep an eye on her; any future escape attempts will look bad for you as my warden," I warn, making Mittelt straighten up.

"Yes, sir, she isn't going anywhere," Mittelt promises, making me grin as I watch Mittelt place the collar around Raynare's barely-resisting neck and lead her out of the cell on a leash.

Turning them against each other is entertaining, and also useful.

Still, I have work to do that got distracted by Raynare's little stunt.

Heading back to my lab, I look carefully at the Soul Flask containing Issei's soul. Boosted Gear is too valuable to remain bound to that idiot's soul, so I need to separate them. It's a little complicated, but I'm getting good at this soul manipulation thing.

My A+ Int is definitely helping me out a lot with my experimentation, which makes me want to push it even higher, but not yet. It's very expensive, and I have better plans first.

Even as we speak, Isskeleton is hard at work building our newest addition to the lair, my Arena. It's a place for my minions to fight and grow stronger, and is able to summon shades of any invader that we've defeated.

It won't grant me any more power, but it will allow my minions to grow stronger and allow me to test my spells in a safer environment. I have plans, and while I'd like to relax, I do believe I'm working on a time limit before things go to shit.

Nothing stays calm forever, even if a war between the three factions doesn't kick off. Something is going to go wrong in this powderkeg of a world, and I plan to be ready.

Looking at the flask and the red and gold mist within, I smile to myself. Hello, Ddraig. Issei goes back on my shelf, my mind flashing back to his mother. I killed him because it benefitted me (not that he wasn't already dying); I might just bring him back for the same reason.

With all that's going on, I can't be bothered to go to school today, so I send a message to my secret weapon against school work and get back to what matters, magical experimentation.

Tomorrow, I have the practice match, but today, I have time to prepare for what is to come.

Bonus Scene — Sona Sitri

Kuro was a blessing and a curse.

He often skipped school and simply sent her a message telling her to 'deal with it' because he was busy, like she was his servant. She did handle it, making an illusion of the lazy mage so he seemed to be attending school and made sure he wouldn't be given homework, but still…

Someone needed to discipline that smug brat.

Still, taking out the Stray Devil in their territory (that Rias was supposed to have already dealt with) was a blessing; running off with her unconscious body was a curse because she feared what the necromancer would pull off with her. Not much happened in her territory that she didn't learn of, which meant that, yes, she knew her sister had sent agents to secure Kuoh. For once, she didn't mind. The idea of the Fallen Civil War spilling into Kuoh was not something she enjoyed.

But despite all the benefits Kuro had brought and her desire to have him as her contracted magician, there was one thing she could not forgive him for.

"That's why I'll be living with you for a while, Sona-tan!" Serafall cheered, making Sona stare at her sister with a mixture of dread and extremely reluctant acceptance. "That meanie Kuro is hard to find, but he told me to get my sexy Satan booty over here so he could milk my big fat boobies!"

She was going to kill him. She didn't give a shit about this miracle potion he'd made; he'd inflicted Serafall onto her neat, orderly life. For that, she would punish him.

"Ooh, maybe you should come with me, it can be sisterly bonding! Grayfia definitely seemed to enjoy her milking, and I'm sure he won't mind your smaller boobies. They're so perky, I'm sure you'll make some good milk!"

The giggling of her Peerage went silent at her look, promising pain and punishment if they kept it up. Kuro was a dead man walking. He owed her for this; even after all the inconveniences he had inflicted upon her, this was one step too far.

Kuro's ass was hers.

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