I've been dating Ash Ketchum for four years now.

Saying it's been easy would be a lie. But when are good things ever easy? Ash is famous, and I have to put up with everything that comes along with that. I'm busy, and have to go off on missions every now and then, but he puts up with that, too. Really, we'd do anything for each other.

Not a day has gone by since that Christmas day when he gave me the key to our apartment that we haven't spoken, even when I haven't been home.

We rarely argue. There have been a few, like a few months ago, when we were disagreeing about something stupid, and Ash had said "Why did I have to get stuck with someone so fucking annoying?"

I looked right back at him, eyes burning, and said "nobody said you were stuck. Leave, if you want."

He stared back at me, silence stretching on for a few seconds, before he laughed, the sound filling the room. Even after four years, his laugh still makes me blush wildly. The way his head tips back a little, and he seems so genuinely happy… I'm forever in awe of him. He came up to me and kissed me, his hands on my waist, and I melted into him, forgetting the argument completely. I know why he laughed.

We both know we'll never leave each other.

Dawn and Chloe were married just over a year ago. Their wedding was small, and intimate, and everything they both could have hoped for. Ash and I were there together, and when I stole glances over at him, I saw him actually tearing up. I would have giggled at him, if I wasn't tearing up myself. But the look in his eyes… It was something I'd never seen before.

A week or so ago, Ash announced to me that he'd asked Danika and Quillon if he could steal me away for a couple of days to visit Galar. When he told me I reminded him that they're not my superiors anymore, but he just shrugged, asking if that meant I would go with him.

I wondered why he wanted to go to Galar. We hadn't been in a while, but Ash seemed determined that it had to be Galar we visited for our mini vacation.

On our first day here, we spent the day in Ballonlea, studying the Pokémon there. Ash is the Professor at Cerise Laboratory now, since Chloe's dad retired and Chloe wanted to split her time between researching and contests. He takes the job very seriously, and honestly, I'm happy to go along on research missions with him. We both love Pokémon, so it's still a vacation for us.

That night, though, we headed over to Wyndon. Ash had booked us into that same hotel we stayed in four years ago when we were on the road trip. Then, that night, he told me he had something planned for us, and led me towards the theatre. At first I thought we were going to see a show, but then he paused outside it, looking across the street at the bar we visited that night. It's still there, and looks the exact same.

I froze, realising he brought me here because it has meaning for him, too. It wasn't just me that felt the energy change between us that night.

We spent the night in the bar, laughing and getting mortally drunk for the first time in a long time. This time, when we sat in the booth together, we kissed. When we danced, we held onto each other.

Today, Ash announced he had booked a table for us to have dinner tonight at six, but ever since he's been acting off. I don't think he knows I notice these things, but I know him so well, I notice even the smallest change in his demeanour. That's how I know something is up.

Ash is fussing over himself in the mirror, thinking he doesn't look right. He doesn't realise he always looks right. All of his hair could fall out, and he'd probably still be the most attractive person on this planet. And I have him.

"You look fine," I say for the third time. "You're going to make us late."

He looks at me in the mirror, smirking. "You look better than fine."

"Shut up," I hiss, blushing. I still can't take a compliment from him. He loves to shower me with them, and watch as I clam up after.

It's quarter to six. The restaurant is ten minutes away. We're cutting it really close, but this is just like Ash. Time management has never been his speciality.

He steps away from the mirror finally and grins. "Alright. Let's go."

He takes hold of my hand. We walk side by side in a comfortable silence down to the hotel lobby, then out into the street. It had been raining earlier, but now it's stopped. The smell of the rain lingers, and I breathe in, smiling. Everything seems so peaceful and calm, and Ash squeezes my hand. Even this small touch sends a shiver down my spine.

I let him lead the way, but a few minutes later, it's apparent we're not heading in the direction of the restaurant.

"The restaurant is the other way, Ash," I say, hesitating, but he just tugs on my hand.

"I know," he says, his voice shaking a little. Confused, I stay quiet, following him down the street wordlessly. I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it or not, but I swear I feel his hand trembling.

We round a corner, and the Galar Hurricane comes into view. It's lit up bright against the night sky, each car a different shade, all adding up to make a rainbow. I freeze, realising what's happening. My heart clenches in my chest, and my throat closes up, almost making me choke.

"Come on," he says, tugging me gently.

"Ash," I say, feeling more in love with him than ever. "Did you book a whole car for us again?"

"Just, come with me," he says, not impatiently, just eagerly. "We're still going for dinner. Just later." Breathless, I let him drag me to it, and fish the two tickets out of his pocket. He really has booked the car just for us, just like the last night we spent together on the road trip.

The second the doors close behind us, he steps over to the edge, looking out the glass as we rise higher slowly.

"It was Dawn's idea to get us on here together the first time," he admits after a minute. I'm standing behind him, hands shaking, heart racing. He's nervous. Why is he nervous?

"I wasn't sure it was a good idea at first," he carries on, still staring down at the river below us. "She wanted me to tell you how I felt. I was so nervous, I actually thought I was going to die." He laughs gently. "I loved you so much already, but then you said you'd gotten over me, and I spent the night feeling really sorry for myself."

"Is that why Dawn was with you in the morning?" I ask quietly. He turns to face me then, his face serious, and nods. The look in his eyes makes the breath rush out of my lungs.

"I hesitated back then," he says again. "But this time, there's nothing to hesitate about."

My heart jumps in my chest. "What-"

Then, in a split second, Ash is lowering himself onto one knee. My heart actually stops dead in my chest, but I barely have time to register what's happening.

"Goh," he says, smiling, pulling something out of his pocket. He opens the box. There's a ring inside. This isn't happening. "Will you marry me?"

My heart explodes in my chest, every nerve in my body lighting on fire. An unexplainable feeling rises up my body, gathering in my heart, and I choke out a sound, unable to speak. Tears are already streaming embarrassingly fast down my face, and I can hardly see.

"Ash," I choke out, but it's more like a cry, honestly. "Yes. Of course I will."

He slides the ring on my finger, and it fits so well. I'm shaking so much I can barely stand upright, and my breaths are coming quick. Ash stands up, and I throw my arms around him, pulling him tight to me, sobbing against him. He smiles against my head, his hands in my hair.

I pull back and kiss him. It feels just the same as our first. There's just as much electricity, passion, and love.

I'm kissing my fianceé.

I might just die from happiness.

But I can't, because now I have my own wedding to look forward to. Finally, I can marry my soulmate.

love you all and see you for the next one if you decide to read it!