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Chapter Six, Land Of Waves.

Team 7 stood in the Hokage office, the team had been briefed on the mission the day before. The team had exchanged pleasantries with each other and there leader. Minato informed team 7 that they awaited there clients arrival. Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata stood patiently with Itachi and Lord 5th. Minato was a-bit irritated that there client had not showed up yet. It was nearly 10 o 'clock, and meeting with the client was scheduled at 9. Naruto was laughing internally, who ever this client thought they were had clearly not understood who his father was. Minato was a stickler about being on time, and hated wasting time. But most of all he did not tolerate blatant disrespect. This was a shinobi village. Here timing was everything.

As if I'm cue the door open and in walked in a tan middle aged man. He reeked of alcohol. He was drunk that much was certain. Naruto looked to his team and his dad. All of there eye brows were twitching with annoyance. This guy was asking for a rasengan up his ass. The middle aged man look at each of the genin with obvious disapproval. He then loudly said is this it? A bunch of snot nose kids? I paid good money for this mission and hardly believe you want me to feel safe with these children. Minato narrowed his eyes, you paid for a C rank mission and I can assure you that my Genin can more then hold there own against the likes of bandits and highway men. Tazuna grumbled abit under his breath and nodded. We will see about that. Itachi stepped forward, fear not Tazuna-San I am an elite Jonin. I'm more then confident that my team and I will satisfy your expectations and need of safety. I'm sure said Tazuna. Naruto had, had it. This guy was drunk and making an ass of himself. Listen here old man, if you think you can find better escort then please, be my guest. I'm sure the village hidden in the sand would take your business said Naruto. Venom dripping with every word. Tazuna was taken aback and sobered up a little. No no I was just surprised at how young you kids are. Stuttered out the sobering drunk. Minato smirked at his son's swift verbal victory, and then cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. Now that our client is here, you all will be on your way.

At The Gates of konoha.

Itachi's squad and the drunken bridge builder could be seen walking at a slow pace on a narrow stretch of road that is enveloped by woodland as far as the eye could see, after hours of walking sasuke noticed a single water puddle on the side of the road, with this sasuke looks to naruto with a look that that indicated trouble.

having noticed the look naruto stealthily started to make hand seals when a gargantuan sword came swinging right through itachi only to be kicked high in to the sky by a duck haired genin who was still mid backflip executing a long sequence of hand seals, "fire style great dragon fire jutsu" Sasuke cried out, the flaming dragon head came shooting from the young uchiha like a freight train making its way towards a tall figure behind them when naruto naruto spun around already having completed his hand seals screamed out, wind style, Great breakthrough!" The wind jutsu boosting the speed and power of the great dragon fire that exploded on impact around the tall masculine figure. When the fire cleared there was no sign of the shadowy figure. Naruto do you sense anything asked Sasuke? Naruto bent down and put his pointer and middle finger on the ground and closed his eyes. Using his chakra, the blond sent a pulse of chakra through the ground. Acting like echolocation, Naruto's chakra went forward and bounced off everything within 300 feet of them. Naruto stood up and shook his head. Hinata do you see anything with your byakugan? No nothing out of the ordinary said the Hyūga. Suddenly the sound of blades clashing together was audible. The genin of team seven went back to back surrendering the bridge builder on all sides. Awaiting either the return of there sensei or the threat of an unknown enemy .

With itachi a few moments earlier.

Itachi had known someone had been trailing them, it was subtle but itachi's perception was on point and razor sharp. His years as an ANBU captain had there benefits. And a high level shinobi shouldn't be bothered with a team of genin thought itachi. There are only two options, one this ninja was out for my bounty, unlikely but possible. Or Two, this shinobi was after the bridge builder hypothesized the raven haired man. Time to find out. Itachi placed a genjutsu over himself and waited for there unwelcome guests to make his move. It came swiftly and quietly. The shadow cloaked ninja struck from the shadows. Jūzō struck with the Kubikiribōchō, with little to no resistance, Jūzō sliced through itachi like a knife through butter. It was clean and smooth. But before he could make his next move, a fire dragon was on course to claim his life. Childs play Jūzō thought, replacing himself with a water clone he placed earlier, the muscular man was about to move in for the kill but was stopped when cold steal was placed against his neck. I am your opponent came a deep and monotone voice. Jūzō glanced behind, Itachi Uchiha huh? Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Itachi's sharingan was ablaze analysis and calculating every inch of Jūzō body language. With out warning Itachi sliced the swordsman neck. Your water clones cannot fool me swordsmen. With blinding speed Itachi appeared behind Jūzō. Prepared to end his life the Uchiha thrust forward planing on a fatal blow to the swordsmen's liver. Steel met steel and without hesitation both shinobi engaged in a duel of lightning fast exchanges of certain death. Sparks and clangs erupted and echoed as the two elite ninja exchanged blows. Kunai parrying sword, kick blocking kick, the two blurred through the forest in blistering combat. Finally as quickly as it started the battle came to a halt. Both men stood across each other in a meadow clearing. Jūzō was sweating and frustrated, he had heard the skills of the uchiha but to see it and experience it for himself was something else entirely. Your skilled uchiha, that's for certain but tell me how do you plan on defeating me? You can't touch me with that butter knife. Itachi's face was stone cold serious, no hint of any emotion came from his face. Save your strength Jūzō of the mist, this will be your final battle, said the ex AMBU captain. Jūzō was about to retort with a response but before he could one word made his blood freeze in his veins. tsukuyomi.

With team 7

"What's the call?" Muttered hinata to the emo uchiha,

we stay in Mongi position until sensei gets done, from what I could tell he was after Tazuna... in other words our missi- before Sasuke could finish a murder of crows descended from the sky after morphing into the man they knew as sensei, "I must say I am most impressed with your team work and decision making, well done team seven.

as Itachi said this his two arms rose as his pointer and middle fingers came to meet the forehead of the one three genin. Now then Tazuna-San do you mind telling me why a member of the seven swordsman of the mist is after your head asked itachi in an icy tone. Tazuna started to sweat a cold sweat as the elder uchiha's sharingan gaze was placed upon him. I uh um uh don't know lied the elderly man in an attempt to save his skin. Itachi just stared at the man for a few moments and then without warning Itachi turned to his team and said, come team 7, our client has chosen to lie to his escort. This mission is beyond any of your capabilities. This mission had become an A rank mission at least. Sasuke was about to protest but Tazuna beat him to it. I won't last the night yelled the scared man, I won't hide anything else from you, please give me a chance to explain begged the elderly man.

hmpft, but it's just getting interesting sensei" Sasuke said puffing out his chest,

I agree with duck butt, you know we are capable sensei naruto remarked, with this sasuke flicked the back of Naruto's ear causing the blonde boy to howl sassssukkk_ before the Hokages son could finish hinata put her fingers in a tiger seal" if you two don't stop there will ba a thousand years of death" hinata said with a evil glint in her eye

Itachi looked at his genin with amusement. But then began to think to himself. They have shown great growth and teamwork. But even so, encountering a Jonin this early on in the mission makes me wonder if the need for backup is required for future encounters. Itachi turned to Tazuna, tell me client-San what is the whole truth. I warn you, any chance of lying is null and void. My eyes can read the slightest change in your body language. Tazuna was taken aback at the elder ninja's cold shoulder but understood. The truth is, Gato the shipping magnate has taken over our country. Our economy has suffered do to his monopoly and roll over our resources. He had hired mercenaries and bandits to enforce his rule and tyranny. All we could afford to pay for was a C rank mission for the service of the leaf village. Team seven was sympathetic and understanding but itachi gave him the cold hard facts. Tazuna-San as much as I sympathize with your situation you should have been honest with Hokage-sama. He would have understood your situation and helped you out for future services and goods. Unfortunately we cannot proceed until we converse with our leader. Tazuna was about to retort but itachi stopped him in his tracks. Don't worry, we are not leaving nor are we turning around. Just give me a moment. Itachi turned to team 7's hyperactive blond and said. Naruto I need you to use your fathers kunai. Throw it just to the right of Tazuna-San. Naruto nodded and pulled the three pronged kunai his father gave him and threw it just pass the bridge builder. As soon as the kunai came in contact with the ground there was a yellow flash. There stood in all his glory, the fifth Hokage. Minato looked to team 7 and then to Itachi. Report he said expectingly, clearly not happy being summoned with little explanation. Itachi bowed and said Hokage-sama it seems our client has deceived us. We have decided to continue on knowing what he has done but we are abit in over our heads. During our travel we encountered Jūzō Biwa of the seven swordsman of the mist. I defeated him but not before understanding who his target is. He was clearly after Tazuna-San here. More disturbingly our client has informed us that Gato the shipping magnate has seized his country and has full control of there economy. To continue lord 5th we will need reinforcements. Minato was livid but kept his cool, there was no point is acting irrational. He look to his son then to his two teammates, itachi are they will willing to continue knowing the situation and danger that they face. The uchiha nodded, yes Hokage-sama they are brave and have shown great teamwork and tactical demonstration. Minato nodded, well I can't afford you another team but I can give you an additional Jonin to assist you. Itachi bowed and said thank you Hokage-sama. Minato smiled and then disappeared, and then reappeared in a yellow flash. Kakashi Hatake will help you with your mission. Minato then turned to Tazuna. You have better appreciate the kindness my genin have. I personally would not have shown you the same kindness. When this is all said and done the land of waves owes the leaf a payment of 1 A rank mission and reimbursement for your treachery. Your getting off easy Tazuna-San this is a minor penalty. Tazuna bowed and said I understand Hokage-sama, thank you for your understanding and assistance. The wave will not forget this. Minato nodded and disappeared in a yellow flash. Itachi then turned to kakashi and smiled. It's been a Long time old friend. The silver haired man eye smiled and said, it has itachi-San, he then looked at naruto and somehow his eye smile grew bigger, well now look who we have here. KAKASHI-Oniisan yelled the blond as he hugged the masked man. Hinata and Sasuke looked on with mixed expressions. Sasuke was not surprised, he had met the Hatake family before. The Uzumaki and Hatake clans had been allies since the clan wars. Hinata on the other hand was shocked, to be in the presence of such a powerful and well known ninja, and then have her blond teammate hug the man as if they were blood relatives. Hinata couldn't keep up with her teammates, both of them knew and had some very powerful family members and friends. This is where she belonged, among the strong so she may become powerful. Itachi then broke the Hyūga out of her thoughts when he said alright team, let's move out.

The travel to Tazuna's house was uneventful, and with decent time made they had arrived right before sunset. The bridge builders house was cabin like, rustic but efficient. The team of 5 were all sitting at the table awaiting their dinner. Tsunami, daughter of the bridgebuilder had generously offered them sushi and tea. Introductions were arranged. Tazuna had surprised the urge to elbow the silver haired scarecrow for ogling his daughter with his eyes. Did the man have no shame thought the older man? Beh oh well it can't be helped. The team had conversations ranging from jutsu to Itachi's battle with the swordsmen.

End of chapter 6

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