The Wizard Who Meddled with time is not my story. It was originally written by Team Otters. This is neither a rewrite nor continuation like I did with Magic Knows No Boundaries by Cosette-Aimee. I am stealing this story, full stop. And the reason I am doing this is because it was deleted from FFNET.

Fortunately, I backed up all of my absolute favorites with Fichub. You should too. Just post the link to chapter 1 into Fichub and it'll download the entire story as a PDF. Sometimes you have to download it as an html file instead though.

This story was and is one of my greatest inspirations as a fanfiction writer, in style and humor. Anybody who has read any of my other stories will read this and see the resemblance. I even stole the Clauderdale OC for my own story, Much Deadlier Tournament. I could post this as my own and all of you, save those who have read the original, would have thought it was mine, and then asked me when and who I got as a proofreader.

I did not post it for views, reviews or followers. Just so the world doesn't miss out on it. This entire fanfic you just read was posted for posterity.

I neither own Harry Potter, nor even this fanfic itself.

And before you ask, other stories that inspired my writing style and sense of humor are as follows, from most influential to least.

1) Harry Potter and The Rites of Blood by Daedros27

2) An Old and New World by Lens of Insanity

3) The Havok Side of the Force by Tsu Doh Nimh

4) Throwing out the Script by Formulaic

If you like my weird ass humor and chaotic writing, go read those. I've been asked before. Not to insinuate any of them should be held responsible for my atrocious writings. Most of the above are superior to me. For now.

Of course, if a patron demands it, I'll pick up this story and continue it. But I already have a ton on my plate.