It's been many years since I've written fanfiction but I was inspired by one of my more recent convention visits and just had to do this for Ren and Kyoko. Spoilers for more recent chapters. Thanks for reading!

Now, because of Shotaro, there hadn't been a lot of opportunities for Kyoko to explore and have fun for the majority of her teenage years. When she wasn't getting bullied in middle school, she was slaving away doing her best to make her first love and childhood friend happy. We know the story from there.

However, even in her earlier years before Shotaro and the years after him were constantly filled with hard work. Hard work for her mom, for her grades, for the Fuwas at the Inn, for her LME audition, and for all the roles she'd landed thus far. That wasn't to say that her hard work hadn't paid off, but it was safe to assume it had been a while since she'd had some good old fashioned fun, save for her Dajowey Land date with Kanae and Sarah.

So when an opportunity arose for her to make a guest appearance at a Tokyo convention to promote her new movie with a couple other members of the cast, Kanae and Yashiro were pushing hard for her to take it.

Sure she'd have to make appearances for work, but the both of them knew that this was an experience Kyoko would love.

Kyoko hesitated though on account that she'd never been to a convention before and wouldn't know how to prepare for it.

"That's the beauty of it Kyoko-chan, they do everything for you. The only thing you have to figure out is your meals and if you want to do any additional panels." Yashiro assured her. To this, Kyoko looked even more confused.

"A panel? Like solar?" Kanae bonked her lightly on the head.

"No dummy, a convention panel. It's like an hour-long activity you can organize for attendees. Some of them are Q and A's, sometimes games, presentations, or even workshops." The dark haired actress explained, trying to sell her friend on this convention. Although conventions were exhausting, Kanae never left a convention regretting having gone. Granted she'd only been to a few on some field trips with her high school drama club (thank God for fundraising), but she was always able to take away something from them. She'd actually learned quite a few acting tips from one of the workshop panels she attended. This would be good for Kyoko. It would be fun.

Kyoko was never the type of person to complain when things got took on every burden in stride, using it to strengthen her resolve and abilities. And Kanae admired that greatly. Everyone who knew her acknowledged her talent and guts. But Kyoko was still only 18. Most girls at that age hadn't even worked as half as hard as she had and her mutuals were starting to get worried that Kyoko was eventually going to get sick or even burnt out.

Kyoko would never admit it if she was and she'd never request for a break. Not when "she'd only just begun to climb the ladder".


The amount of publicity Kyoko had gotten over the years was overwhelming. Kyoko just couldn't see it. Or she was just too busy to see it.

Since The Sacred Lotus in the Mire, the demand for Kyoko and the desire to see what else she was capable of skyrocketed.

Not long after the premier, she was approached for a role in a comedy TV show. The producer was a big fan of Bo and thought he was a hilarious addition to Yappa Bridge Rock. After some inquiry, he was surprised to find that Bo was none other than the bone chilling actress who played Mio Hongo in Dark Moon. The contrast in portrayals was terrifying…but the director loved it and had to have her in his next project.

She was also offered a role as a superhero's sidekick from a director who saw Lotus in the Mire and was impressed with her amazing stunts she performed for the movie. She was even able to work with Koga who played her counterpart. The cast and staff would comment about how fun it was to have the two of them on set together because of how they'd act off eachother. The sibling banter and jibes they'd share was always amusing to watch.

The one role that came as a surprise to everyone, including Kyoko, was her role as a serial killer. Director Konoe had his eyes on Kyoko since Tragic Marker. Even though she didn't have a role in the movie itself, he saw something in Kyoko and knew she was special. She was steadfast in her craft, quick to adapt in tricky situations, unwaveringly professional, and incredibly hard working. Though a rookie in her field, she had the makings of a pro and Director Konoe knew he had to cultivate that.

The serial killer role came as a surprise to Kyoko, but she tried not to hesitate in accepting it. She played mean girls before, but never a killer. Mentally she wasn't sure she could handle it.

Kyoko actually ended up consulting Ren about it, especially because she knew how much he originally struggled with his role as BJ. Obviously Ren took her under his wing and helped her adjust to the mindset of her character. They both understood how scary it could be to be trapped in such a dark psyche.

Truth be told, the role challenged her and it was the hardest role for her to grasp the date. But after some work and research she nailed it, and she learned a lot of helpful skills that she could use for acting later on. And now she was given the opportunity to promote it.

That being said, despite all of her recent successes, her schedule was packed to the gills. It lessened slightly once she finally had enough credits to graduate from high school, but she was still working a consistent 7 AM – 11 PM.

It was safe to say that Kyoko and Ren rarely saw much of each other, especially since his schedule was just as bad. Yashiro did his best to squeeze in the occasional lunch or dinner together for them but he could only perform so many miracles.

The next obvious step now that Kyoko had some downtime was to spend it wisely and unwind a bit. She was already on board for the next season of that comedy show she was doing but thankfully she wasn't due on set for a couple of weeks. However that meant if she was going to take some time off, it would have to be now.

Kyoko was still uncertain. It felt weird being told to take a break. But then she remembered how hard she worked herself when she lived with Sho, how bone tired she was every single day. As much as she had loved Shotaro, as much as she loved the work she was doing now, nothing was worth sacrificing her health. Ren might have been able to overcome debilitating health concerns fairly quickly, but she wasn't the monster that he was when it came to his physical constitution.

So, with the knowledge that hesitation never got her anywhere in her career, she put on a brave face and gave her consent.

"I'd love to go! It sounds like fun!"

"What sounds like fun?" A familiar voice sounded. Kyoko couldn't help but tense up in hyper awareness. Even though it had already been pre-established that both of their feelings were very mutual, Kyoko still couldn't help but be extra vigilant when Ren was around. It didn't help that when he was near, his eyes were always on her. It was a stark contrast from being with Sho where she had to always beg and fight for a crumb of his attention.

Putting on her brave face, one she semi-designed after Ren's very own fake smile, she turned around to face her senpai turned sweetheart.

As mentioned previously, it had been really hard for the two of them to see each other as often as they would've liked. They hadn't had any projects together and any time either of them dropped by at each other's set, they were already working. Every so often they have meals together but beyond that they were restricted to phone calls and emails.

Kyoko couldn't remember the last time she'd been within touching distance of Ren but it must've been quite some time because looking at him in front of her now she could feel her heart hammer in excitement and an unconscious smile almost edge at the corner of her mouth. She worked hard to keep her expressions in check.

Ren wasn't any better. His fingers twitched to touch her in some way: hold her hand, caress her hair, pull her in for a hug. He missed her immensely and he desperately wanted to show that to her. But they were in public and aside from trusted individuals, very few knew about the truth between her and him and they both wanted to keep it that way.

For the time being.

Still, a shared knowing look in their eyes was enough to convey their longing to each other.

"Oh Ren! We were just talking about Kyoko's appearance at Tokyo Comic Con." This was news to Ren. He was also to make a guest appearance at the con and hadn't seen Kyoko's name on the list. As far as he knew, all appearances had been announced at this point. And he would've known if Kyoko's name was on the list.

From what he could tell though, this was a recent development.

It also looked faintly like a ploy the President had contacted.

However, that was a minor detail. If Kyoko really was going he couldn't be more thrilled. Four days and three nights to spend with her? In a row? With how busy they'd both been, especially with their private commitment they made to each other, the idea was almost unheard of.

"Tokyo Comic Con huh? That's amazing, looks like you and I will both be guests there." He added that last little detail knowing that she wouldn't have known that yet. Sure enough her expression changed from simply engaged to surprised but also, he was pleased to see, excitement and longing. He was sure he was mirroring similar expressions.

"You're going too Tsuruga-san? I thought you'd still be busy?" Ren thought he was too, yet again another finger pointing out the President. That man can really get away with anything.

"It seems as though I had some free time open up and LME thought it would be a good idea for me to attend, especially now that Tragic Marker has been released and the secret of Cain Heel revealed." The details of Setsu however remained a mystery, but it didn't stop people from poking and prodding.

The look on Kyoko's face brightened even more and she could feel the rest of her apprehension wash away. She felt better at the fact that she'd be going with people that she knew but it was even better to know that it was the person she loved dearly that would be going as well. And they'd get to spend more time together! This truly could've been a more perfect idea!

"Oh wow! This is so exciting! I look forward to attending with you Tsuruga-san!"

Finally, the smile that she'd been missing for a while now, the Heavenly one that blows away any remaining grudges she might have left over, made its overdue appearance on his face and Kyoko could feel a sense of warmth and comfort flow over her.

"I do too, it'll be lots of fun I'm sure."

Ignoring the fact that Kanae and Yashiro were now third and fourth wheeling on the secret couple, Yashiro came forward and presented Kyoko with a couple of papers for registration.

"Glad to hear you're on board, let's get started."


Considering Kyoko was a last-minute entry to the con, she and Yashiro had to work pretty quickly to get her registration and scheduling an order.

Yashiro explained to her that LME organized a panel for their actors, singers, and talents: a Q&A panel for Tragic Marker with Tsuruga-san, a live concert with the singers (including Bridge Rock and Ruriko), and a first look showcase with upcoming projects from the agency. Yashiro recommended that she do at least two panels over the convention; one of them the agency could organize but the other she would have to come up with herself.

Kyoko definitely felt the pressure of coming up with an idea that people would be interested in participating in. It would have been easy to have just settled with a Q&A as they're generic enough to draw people's attention while being easy enough to prepare for, but knowing that LME would most likely organize something similar to a Q&A anyway, Kyoko knew she'd have to come up with something else.

Kanae, Chiori, and Maria all assured her that anything she decided on would gain traction and Yashiro also promised her that when she picked something he'd help her organize all the necessary materials she'd need. It definitely took some of the stress off of her, but she always wanted to put her best foot forward and host something that both she and attendees would be able to enjoy.

She still took a bit to deliberate on her idea before submitting it to Yashiro for final approval. Upon reading Kyoko's proposal, Yashiro gave her a big grin and assured her he thought it was a great idea.

"Really? You think people will be interested?" Yashiro knew without a doubt her fans would come to any panel she scheduled, but seeing that she was obviously worried about it, he offered her a reassuring smile.

"Definitely, guaranteed you'll have a full house." Kyoko wasn't sure about that, but she appreciated the man's encouragement.

After that, it was a whirlwind of preparation and thankfully she had an abundance of support.

Kanae and Chiori ended up coming over to the Ryokan one night to help her pack for what she needed. The basics: day clothes, pajamas, toiletries, entertainment for the trip, some make up. All was going well until Chiori asked her if she was going to cosplay.

"I can cosplay?" Kyoko asked incredulously. She hadn't even thought of that as a possibility.

"Don't give her more things to stress out about. She's only got a week left to get everything ready." Kanae chastised gruffly, folding more of Kyoko's clothes to pack.

"It would've been so cool though, Kyoko would be so good." Chiori huffed, laying her chin on the palm of her hand in annoyance.

"Do guests even get the chance to cosplay?" Kyoko had to ask. Cosplay was fun, dressing up in costumes for set was fun, but depending on the outfit, it could also be incredibly uncomfortable. She couldn't see it being practical for guests who were going back-and-forth with panel appearances to maintain a cosplay, elaborate or not.

Still… Kyoko couldn't deny that the idea intrigued her.

"Sometimes they do, but only for a couple of hours. Sometimes they do it during their autograph session so they're not wearing it all day." Chiori was already coming over to her with her phone in hand to show her pictures.

"They look so good!" Kyoko enthused, now even more excited by the idea.

"Right? Maybe if you get invited to another convention you could try it out." Kyoko had to wonder about that. She didn't know when she'd next be able to do something like that.

Fortunately for her, President Takarada coincidentally came to her rescue. A couple of days later as she came to LME to pick up her guest badge for the con, she was stopped in her tracks by a feather clad Lory Takarada, looking like he was ready to headline a Carnaval parade.

"Mogami-kun! Rumor has it that you're interested in cosplaying at the convention." Kyoko had to stop herself from consciously checking for a wiretap on her person. President Takarada really had eyes and ears everywhere.

"Good morning President!" She gave a short bow. "It was just a passing conversation. I don't think I'll have time for that."

"Nonsense! There's always time for cosplay." That was easy to say for the man that cosplayed daily.

"I have nothing prepared sir. Maybe next time if I get a similar opportunity." She acquiesced. She wouldn't deny that she wanted to, but she also wanted to do a good job of it, to which she needed more time to gather all the necessary materials.

"Think nothing of it Mogami-kun, I have just the cosplay in mind for you."

"What do you mean sir?" Kyoko couldn't see what ideas President Takarada had in mind but she was familiar with his policy for talents to use LME's outfits whenever they had them in hand. Maybe he was letting her pick something from there. However, the President had an even better idea.

Lory nodded at her in a gesture for her to follow.

"Let's have a chat Mogami-kun."


Finally the day was upon her to head down to the convention center as well as the hotel she'd be staying at for the weekend.

Kanae and Chiori made sure she was completely packed and prepared for what was to come and Kyoko was so grateful for their help. Because of them she had one less thing to worry about.

Actually, if she was being completely honest, she really didn't have anything to worry about as she prepared for her trip. Her biggest worry was her panel submission. After that, everyone else was hands-on for what needed to get done. Their involvement only solidified to Kyoko that they were worried about her and wanted to make this experience as stress-free as possible for her.

It made her feel really loved.

Currently she was standing in the lobby of LME with her luggage, waiting for the rest of her party. The plan was to travel with as many LME guests as possible for the first day. Some would only be able to join Friday and Saturday but they already had a big group participating from Thursday on. From what she heard, the list included Ruriko, Bridge Rock (for the live concert), Kise Kitamura and Nowa Tensei (her costars on their comedy show), Kyoko herself, and Ren.

Which surprised her. Kyoko actually expected Ren to join them on Friday the earliest, Saturday the latest. His schedule was almost impossible to clear and she knew it had only gotten more chaotic as time passed.

But he assured her very intently that he would be joining her for the convention from beginning to end. Kyoko still worried that he was doing too much on her behalf, but she was also relieved and excited that he'd be with her for the entire trip. Although they'd be traveling with other people, having him with her while having established how special they were to each other made it much more intimate than it had in the past.

"Kyoko-chan! Over here!" Kyoko heard a voice from behind her and she turned to be face to face with Nowa and Kise, her costars on Hate the Sinner, Love the Sins. The show was a sitcom about how the main character, who's depressed and down on his luck, moves into a new apartment complex for a fresh start. He comes to find out however this particular complex is haunted by the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins. Instead of making his life miserable, however, they actually try to help him get back on his feet.

Nowa, the actor who played the Demon of Wrath, was smiling wildly at her and waving his hands. Kise, who played the main character – Akio Tomura – was next to him looking just as excited. Leaving her luggage in a neat pile off to the side, she went to go greet them.

"Nowa-kun, Kise-san! So good to see you!" Truthfully, it had been a while since she seen the cast of Hate the Sinner, Love the Sins. They all had a party to celebrate the last episode that aired but since then, everyone's moved onto their next projects, including Kyoko.

Considering the overall humor of the show, being on set with that cast had always been a blast. In the show, Kyoko (who portrayed the Demon of Pride) and Nowa's characters tended to clash a lot as Wrath always wanted Tomura to seek revenge but Pride felt as if Tomura was too good for that. Outside of that though, Nowa and Kyoko were good friends and enjoyed working together.

Kise, a tall man in his late 20s, was the object of many of the cast's pranks, but all in good fun. The main reason was because makeup and wardrobe always had him as really gaunt and sullen looking for the purpose of his character. To prevent things from getting too serious, they all pitched in to keep the cast and crew as lively as possible. It also helped that Kise also got his own payback as well.

"How have you been Kyoko? It seemed like every time I saw you on TV you were doing something completely different." Kise commented, offering a bow response to Kyoko's.

"I've been great! Everyone's been really kind in giving me new opportunities to try different things. What about you two? Last I saw Nowa-kun you were doing an action/thriller."

"I was! It was a great experience, I just wish I could perform as many stunts as you can Kyoko-chan. My stunt double really had to help me out." He replied exasperated.

"It's all about training and safety," She chided lightheartedly. "Not every actor can pull off their own stunts." She wouldn't tell Nowa that she'll always try her damnedest if she was able, just like another actor she knew of.

"If you want it that badly Nowa, you'll get there eventually, just keep practicing." Kise encouraged, and Nowa brightened up significantly at the support he received.

The three of them fell into friendly conversation after that as they waited for the rest of their party to show up. Fortunately they all fell into place one after the other. It started with Hikaru and the rest of Bridge Rock who also greeted her enthusiastically.

As Kyoko was catching up with old friends, she came to realize just how time-consuming her job was and she couldn't see everyone as much as she had when she first started at LME.

Of course she was glad for the business, but this current opportunity made her even more thankful that she decided on going.

Ruriko and her manager were next to arrive and although the two of them had never gotten close, they exchanged pleasantries. By that point, a bus arrived and everyone began to help load the luggage. Kyoko stayed behind a bit as she was waiting almost impatiently for the last person to arrive.

It took as long as almost all the luggage being loaded into the bus but eventually the tall silhouette she was looking for rounded the corner. He was dressed in his go-to civilian disguise (honestly she had to wonder how it actually worked) and was walking toward her with an apologetic albeit a tender smile.

"Sorry to make you wait, Yashiro was being a mother hen." Ren explained. Kyoko heard a scoff behind him and she saw the manager in question giving him narrowed eyes.

"For good reason. You know very well that it would've been Kyoko-chan if not me." This time, Kyoko narrowed her eyes and even crossed her arms as she addressed the now innocent looking man.

"What's he talking about Tsuruga-san?" She questioned.

Yashiro watched as Ren tried to nonchalantly explain his way out of why he hadn't had the time to grab breakfast this morning. As he was observing though, he noticed a pleased twinkle in the man's eyes as he was being fussed over by the woman of his affections. Kyoko was probably too preoccupied to notice this detail, but seeing as Ren was seemingly enjoying himself, Yashiro came to the startling conclusion that perhaps Ren had come up with this ploy on purpose. After all, Ren knew how Kyoko felt about proper nutrition and had on several occasions made a point to prove to Kyoko that he was eating well.

To suddenly forget to eat breakfast at the risk of being lectured (see: coddled) by the woman he loves…

Yashiro had to hand it to him, Ren was a cunning man.

"There's still time to grab something quick at the cafeteria if we hurry –"

"Not to worry Mogami-san. Yashiro already grabbed something for me on the way over. That's why we were lagging behind a bit." Kyoko looked over to the astounding manager and gave him a grateful nod.

"I haven't eaten it yet though. I was planning to eat it on the bus. Though, I'm not feeling very hungry." Yashiro watched as Kyoko fell for Ren's trap hook, line, and sinker as Kyoko opposed him adamantly and insisted that Ren finish all of his food, even if she had to sit next to him on the bus and babysit him. Ren "tried" to convince her that she didn't have to but otherwise very quickly gave in.

Yashiro rolled his eyes at the entirety of Ren's two part plan to get Kyoko to pamper him. While it was a creative set up, Yashiro couldn't wait until the two were public so they didn't have to go through extremities like this.

Having established that the two would sit together, they began to make their way over to the rest of the group and deposited their luggage. From there, everyone took their seats.

Ren chose a cozy spot in the back for the most privacy but Kyoko was still too preoccupied with getting Ren to eat to notice.

Nevertheless, everyone settled in, the driver informed everyone of emergency exits, and they were off.

The convention this year was taking place in Chiba which would be about a 30 minute drive from LME so not a long trip, but long enough to keep the not so discreet couple occupied for its entirety.

Kyoko wasn't keen on PDA but she couldn't help but lean into Ren more than usual as she encouraged him to finish the last of his meal (it still wasn't as nutritious as she would've liked but she knew Yashiro was limited on his options). Ren reciprocated the affection as discreetly as possible – holding her hand between themselves, "accidentally" brushing her arm.

Everyone in the bus pretended not to notice their flirting for the sake of upholding their secrecy.

There wasn't really a chance for everyone to get entirely comfortable before they arrived at her destination.

The first thing that Kyoko noticed was how crowded it was and, according to Kanae, Thursday was supposed to be the day with the smallest outcome. It intimidated her to think what Saturday would look like: The Busiest Day.

However, she also felt excited knowing she was about to be a part of something so grand and inclusive.

As everyone in the bus had their eyes on the windows on their surroundings, the bus made its way around the beautiful chaos until eventually arrived at a gorgeous building that Kyoko deduced as their hotel.

Looking around the area, Kyoko could see a stone sign with curly golden letters that said "The New Otani Makuhari". The main building was a 24 storey, off-white building that looked as if it was separated into 2 halves even though they were identical on the left and right side. Behind it was a shorter building with a bump out showcasing a glimmering half domed glass ceiling. Based on the reflection she saw coming from it, Kyoko surmised that it might have been a swimming pool.

The bus finally parked at the front of the hotel, underneath a canopied entrance and then the bus was abuzz with activity with everyone gathering their belongings. Kyoko was still distracted with the exterior (so much so she didn't realize how much she was leaning into Ren).

As everyone was prepping to get off, Yashiro and Ruriko's manager explained that while they got the luggage unloaded, the two of them would check everyone into their rooms.

Everyone asserted words of agreement and one by one everyone dismounted. After Kyoko apologized to Ren for squishing him (he certainly did not mind) the two also gathered their belongings and followed everyone out.

Ren helped to dig Kyoko's bags out of the fray – she had two bags this time which he found odd as he knew her to pack very lightly – when Yashiro came over to them with a puzzled look on his face. Ren's "Takarada Tomfoolery " radar started to go off.

"Unfortunately our room, Ren, and Kyoko-chan's room is not ready yet. They said we can leave our luggage up at the front desk but otherwise they'd give me a call when they're ready." Ren could tell Yashiro couldn't see this had the President written all over it.

However, Ren was far from annoyed with Lory's antics this time. Ren knew the President was setting things up for him and Kyoko to spend more time together and, honestly, he was going to take advantage of that. Even if Lory hadn't stepped in, Ren had plans to ask her to spend the evening with him anyway.

For the sake of Yashiro's confusion though, Ren pretended to look taken aback.

"Oh I see, I guess there's nothing we can do but wait for now. I'm sure we can find something to keep us occupied for the time being." Ren was not covering up his intentions as well as usual because as soon as he said that, Yashiro started to piece things together. Of course, his favorite couple would conveniently not have their rooms ready yet. What left for them to do but spend their time waiting together? Lory's methods might sometimes be invasive but Yashiro 90% of the time was grateful for it.

"Oh yes," Yashiro conceded. ", I'm sure you two can find something to do. The convention center has a lot going on. I can give you a text, Ren, when the room is ready." The two men ended up giving each other an understanding look that said decidedly "the room would not be ready until at least 7 PM". They parted with a conspiratorial nod and Yashiro walked off to find something to do. Maybe he could schedule a massage.

As Yashiro was leaving, Kyoko ended up joining, looking confused at the interaction she'd seen between the two of them.

"What's going on? Is everything okay?" She asked, looking around to see if something was wrong. Her vigilance was halted at the look of Ren's calm and serene expression. In fact, dare she say a boyish expression came across his face, one she'd seen before but very rarely made an appearance. Kyoko felt her heart flutter a little bit more and an uncontrollable level of giddiness started to come over her.

"Nothing's wrong Mogami-san. We just have some time to kill before we check into our rooms. So if there's anything special you wanted to do…" He left the suggestion open ended so she could make the decision. He'd been to many a convention before, this one included, so he'd seen most of what Chiba had to offer. This time was Kyoko's and he wanted her to spend it as she wished.

"Oh! Well, if you don't mind, I was curious about Mihama-en…" She looked shy as she suggested the idea but Kyoko was still learning that her wishes were Ren's command.

If everything goes well, there should be 4 chapters total, one covering each day of the convention. Hopefully you guys stick around. Have a wonderful day!