A/N: For the sake of this story, Donnie and Leo are twins. :D

Donnie doesn't know when it first started.

A mission, probably. An urge to twist, leave his fight without second thought. Crossing his bo staff with a sword or claw, protecting a vulnerable brother. Snagging April just before a lunging mutant swallowed her.

His brothers notice after a couple times, expressing awe that Donnie had apparently sensed something happening behind him. Donnie just shrugs it off, puts it to instinct or a subconscious realization of what was about to happen. It was possible to predict the moves of enemies based on observation, after all. It isn't that strange.

Not until it happens outside a fight.

Donnie jerks awake and sits quickly up. He looked around, fully alert and unable to figure out what woke him.

A bad dream? No, his pulse and breathing are the same as always. A noise? Except nothing is allowed in Donnie's room without Donnie knowing. His phone sits on his bed beside his vambrace, both silent and dark.

And then fear and pain hits Donnie's mind like a whip. He reflexively hunches over, though nothing changes physically. He exhales slowly, forcing calm.

The fear is still there, twisting and cold in the back of Donnie's mind. Like an afterthought. Of pain.

But still nothing hurts.

The sensation roils in Donnie's mind, twisting his gut. Annoyed at the meaningless and sourceless cause of alarm, Donnie closes his eyes. He recites, under his breath, pi.

"Three point one four one five nine-"

There's a surge in the sensation, then it seems to calm. Donnie shakes his head and goes on.

"-two six five three five eight nine seven…"

And then the sensation's gone.

Donnie lays back down and closes his eyes. His mind is quiet again… where did it come from, anyway? Maybe it had been a dream. Maybe he's still dreaming.

"...nine three…"


Donnie reacts with a yelp, sweeping Leo's feet out from under him and sending him to the floor. He pushes up his goggles and glares down at Leo.


"Just wondering what you're looking for," Leo says, sheepishly spreading his hands.


"You've been scanning the lair all morning," adds Raph.

Donnie looks at him, a bit surprised to find Mikey and April with Raph as well. Maybe he was too distracted if he hadn't noticed them… were they following him?

"What escaped this time?" April asks.

"Nothing," Donnie repeats.

Nothing's escaped, but Donnie suspects that something might have snuck in. Something playing mind games with him in the night.

Twice now, in the last week, Donnie has startled awake to the same odd sensation. Last night, he'd had to count fifty digits of pi before the sensation left. It didn't seem hostile, but Donnie needed to know what was messing with his head.

"Okay," Leo says with a shrug. "When you find your nothing, let us know!"

"I can't… if I don't… Leo, that makes no sense!"

Leo smirked. "I know."

Donnie doesn't smack Leo with his bo staff, but only because Raph's watching.

"Mikey's in trouble."

Donnie spins away from the Foot ninja without thought, intercepting a sword headed towards Mikey's shell a second before Leo shouts a warning. Mikey glances back, yelps, then jerks forward the Foot ninja he'd been fighting. Donnie twists away, and the two ninjas crash into each other. Leo's there the next second, slicing open a portal that dumps the two ninjas into a nearby dumpster.

"You okay?" Raph asks, busy with a trio of ninjas.

"Everyone's fine," Donnie says as the three of them separate again.

"Except Leo's stealing all the fighting!" Mikey exclaims with a laugh.

"Yes, he is," Donnie thinks, glancing at his twin. "And he knew Mikey was in trouble, too."

Coincidence? Maybe. Except Donnie doesn't believe in coincidences. He isn't the only one with his head being invaded.

Donnie spends the next few weeks in futile research. He can't find anything pointing to any sort of yokai or mystic power that involves mind invasion. At least, nothing that doesn't have obvious signs like rashes, unusual markings, loss of consciousness, change of personality, or the occasional floating.

Just a voice in his head. All that points to is insanity, which Donnie is not. And it's not even a voice; it's never spoken to him. It just warns him when a friend or brother is in danger. And the occasional wake-up call in the night, which could be attributed simply to dreams Donnie doesn't remember.

Maybe it's a result of the mutation. Some sort of sixth-sense instinct that's developing. Donnie would ask his brothers if they were getting the same sensation, if he could figure out a way to not sound crazy.

Donnie wakes with tears in his eyes. He sits up slowly and touches his wet cheek. His shoulders quiver with the sensation of grief and pain.

"I'm sorry," Donnie whispers to his empty room. His face clenches and a sob wretches out of his throat before he can stop himself. "I'm so sorry!"

The grief pounds at him, crippling from the double intensity of his own and the unknown source. He tries to breathe, tries to calm himself, but all he can manage is a harsh gasp that turns into a cough.


Big, strong arms scoop Donnie off of his bed. Donnie reflexively flails, but Raph's steady arms curl close around him.

"Hey, hey, it's just me," Raph murmurs. "Dreaming again?"

Explaining is too complicated, so Donnie just nods and tries to breathe. He chokes on the air, jerking forward and almost out of Raph's grasp.

"Hey, it's okay," Raph soothes. "It's okay, buddy. I'm here. We're all here, yeah?"

"No," Donnie gasps out.


Raph's forehead presses against Donnie's temple, and Donnie doesn't resist. It keeps him from seeing the cracked and broken walls, the duct taped pipes, the… the everything.

"Let's go."

Donnie feels like a little kid, but he buries his face into Raph's plastron as Raph carries him out of his room. He doesn't want to see his broken door propped against the wall or the angled ladder Raph uses as stairs. He doesn't look up until Raph stops.

The garage has been mostly repaired since Shredder's attack, so it's where the family tends to gather. Like tonight.

Mikey is sprawled half across Leo's plastron, and the team's leader -as of two weeks ago- is awake and smiling despite the drying tears streaking his cheeks. Splinter sits cross-legged nearby, watching his sons with heavy-lidded eyes. April and Cassandra -surprising friends considering how many times they almost killed each other- sprawl beside him, somehow sharing April's bat as a pillow and April's outstretched hand clenched in Mikey's. Draxum is clear across the garage, sitting against the wall with indifference that's pretty obviously fake, considering his eyes are shadowed from too many nights awake watching them.

Leo looks up and puts out his free arm. Raph doesn't put Donnie down. He instead settles against Leo's side, squishing Donnie between them.

For once, Donnie doesn't care. He finally realizes that he's shaking, and he doesn't know how long it's been going on. He feels cold in the drafty, broken lair of shattered memories and the tangled sensation of pain that isn't even his.

It's enough dealing with his own grief. He doesn't need… he doesn't understand…

"I'm so tired," Donnie said, gruff through the tears.

Raph doesn't say anything, he just holds Donnie tighter. Donnie's eyes clench and he pushes his head back against Raph's chin. Trying to ground himself. Trying to ground that secondary sensation of agony.

There's a feeling… a compression in his mind. The cold, agonizing grief that isn't his pushes back. Tired mentally and physically, Donnie mimics Raph and tries to grasp it.

And it works.

It's cold and slippery and odd, but Donnie holds tight. Focuses and clenches one hand, imagining that the sensation is between his fingers.

And for a second, he feels it. Still not him, still so cold, but invisible fingers curl around his and Donnie grasps a hand that isn't there.

The grief lessens. The cold recedes.

Donnie opens his eyes to find everyone asleep now. How long was he dreaming? If… if it even was a dream.

But Donnie finds he doesn't care. The sensation is still there, softer now. He closes his eyes and lets his head fall forward until his forehead rests against something cool and silent, letting the low pulse of pain twine between his fingers and squeezing until he drifts off to sleep.


Donnie's hands tighten on the rail, his shoulders stiffening. He looks quickly around, but nobody else seems to have heard the voice. He was just imagining things.



Donnie twitches and turns from the railing. Mikey's too busy goggling at the mutant critter behind the railing to notice, but Raph does.


"It… it's nothing."


Donnie's breath catches at the raw terror tightening his throat. Something is wrong, it's a warning something is about to-

"Where's Leo?" Donnie asks.

"He went to find something with more teeth," Mikey says. "Why?"

"I… I think something's wrong."

Donnie hurries away before his brothers can ask what's wrong. He doesn't know what's wrong himself, but he needs to move. He needs to find Leo.

He scans the Hidden City Zoo, alarm spiking when he can't spot Leo. Where was he last?

"Weird, he isn't answering," Raph says, tapping his phone.

Help, please!

Donnie lurches forward, shoving his way through the crowd. Raph and Mikey call after him and yokai shout angrily, but Donnie tunes them out.



His steps stutter in surprise, but Donnie recovers quickly. He already knows where to go, and thinking about how can be done later.

Donnie turns into an older part of the zoo, with no animals and crumbling fences. He jumps a wall blocking off the old section, head darting for some sign of Leo or, at the very least, a fight.


"Leo!" Donnie calls aloud. "Leo, can you hear me?!"

No voices respond, but a glint of light from under a bush jerks him to a halt. He drops to his knees and reaches under the overgrown bush. His hand closes on a pair of handles. He pulls them out.

Leo's katanas.


Donnie jumps to his feet, Leo's katanas in hand. He still doesn't see any sign of Leo, but the sensation of pain and terror is only intensifying.

"Leo, talk to me!"

"Donnie!" Raph yells from behind. "Where's Leo?"

"I don't-"

Don't let them-

The voice silences and the sensation vanishes, the abruptness jerking Donnie off-balance like a rug's been swept out from under him. He staggers forward, then blue flashes and Donnie's falling.


It hurts. Everything.

He's hot. Hot, sticky liquid on his chin, his arms, his wrists. A bone-deep pain that might be broken bones.

And voices. Rough, laughing voices mocking his pain.


Who's he calling out to? He's not even making a sound. Can't, not with his mouth clamped shut. The air in his nose is hot and moist.


Another shout. Loud, and angry, but familiar.

Steel clashes and the sound brings Leo's eyes open.

Crossed blades shake an inch from his face. Another shout and one sword jerks up and forward. The yokai -a scrawny dog thing that's all pointy limbs and waving swords- falls back, howling in pain. His sword hits the floor as he grabs his bleeding face.

Purple blurs, then it's Donnie standing over him, Leo's katanas in hand and spinning in a dance to music only he can hear.

"Watch the big guy's ax."

Donnie twists and blocks, seemingly without looking at the bull-yokai's heavy ax as he deflects it from his back.

"Down, up with the blade," Leo thinks in a daze, automatically tracking the fight as if it's him holding the katanas. "Feign, thrust, get back before you get bit."

Another lunge, and the yokai is disarmed, bleeding between cloven fingers. A hissing snake yokai takes his place, snapping at hardy blades that snap off a fang.


The fourth and final yokai doesn't even have time to react before katanas slice down in unison, cutting his sword belt -and his pants- right through. The cat/bat yokai leaps into the air, hissing and curling its stumpy black tail between its legs as it flies away.

Donnie lowers the katanas and turns. His heavy glare falls on the snake yokai, who hisses in panic when he sees he's now alone. Donnie doesn't move as the yokai flees, then he turns to Leo.

The change is instant. Leo's blades hit the ground as Donnie drops beside him, muttering words Leo can't hear because his ears have started to ring. Shaking hands fumble against his cheeks, then air comes easily and Leo gasps cool air.

Okay. Okay. You're okay.

The words and not-words of okayness pound at Leo. He doesn't know where the words are coming from. They don't match what Donnie's lips are saying.

"-don't know where we are, hang on!"

Donnie checks his vambrace, then snaps an address into the phone. He looks at Leo, instantly softening.

"Hey. Leo, you hear me?"

"Yes. Mouth hurts, though."

"Okay, then don't-"

Realization hits them both at once. Donnie stops talking and Leo stares. Then Leo feels as though he's spinning, and not even Donnie's silent shouts can keep him from falling to the darkness.


Donnie doesn't move. His knees are tucked under him, his hand on the floor inches from Leo's. He doesn't move, but he thinks.

"I am here."

There is no… logical reason for Donnie to assume Leo can hear him.

"Wake up."

But there's also no logical reason as to why Donnie heard Leo's voice without Leo speaking. No logical reason as to how Leo had guided Donnie through the fight without words.

"You're safe."

Because Donnie is sufficient with a blade, but only in one-on-one. Not the complicated maneuvers he'd used to disarm four armed yokai in under a minute.

Donnie doesn't move and his eyes don't leave Leo's face. He can feel his brothers and April watching him while they take care of Leo, but he doesn't move.

As far as they can tell, Leo was lured into an abandoned part of the zoo and ambushed. He must have been separated from his katanas right away. His wrists and arms are cut from the attack. His face is swollen, bruised from a muzzle that had been strapped across Leo's mouth. A cut scores from under his nose to his chin, in addition to the bruise from what was likely a knock-out blow to the temple.

"You called. I came."

Leo had been taken quickly. In the few minutes it had taken Donnie to track Leo's katanas down, he'd been taken several blocks away. Somehow, Leo had subconsciously activated his blades while Donnie had held them, bringing his brother to him.

"So wake up."

So… demanding.

Donnie leans forward, making everyone pause in their work.

"Well, wake up, sleepy shell. Everyone's waiting."

He smiles slightly when Leo's eyes open a crack. They track slowly around, taking in the repaired lair and everyone gathered around him. Leo tries to sit up, but April pushes him back down.

"Wait," Donnie says, the verbal command seeming odd after an hour of silence. "Your leg is broken."

That… explains the pain.



"Besides the knee, Leo. We've got that splinted now. What else hurts?"

Face. Arms. B-back.

"What's on your back?" Donnie murmurs softly. "Raph, help me… what?"

His only answer is blank stares from the others. Donnie's mouth opens in a small "o" as he realizes Leo had never spoken out loud.

"So everyone thinks I'm crazy now."

You are, Dee.

"Get out of my head, Nardo."

Leo's face pinches, but his mouth must be too sore because he doesn't speak. Donnie rolls his eyes.

"I'll explain later." As if there is a way to explain his and Leo's sudden telepathy. "Raph, Leo's back hurts. Help me turn him."

Leo whimpers as they carefully roll him onto his side. Mikey and April whisper soothingly while Donnie scans Leo's carapace. Nothing, but when he shifts position, he sees something inside Leo's carapace.

"Don't move."

Donnie carefully reaches in and extracts a bit of bloody stone the size and length of his finger. Everyone grimaces in sympathy as Donnie flicks it away.


Yeah… what happened?

Donnie shudders and doesn't explain. Not intentionally.

"Leo could have been killed."

But I wasn't.



"I think I preferred it when you were unconscious."

"So, you going to explain what's going on or are you two going to just keep making faces at each other?" April asks.

Donnie startles and looks up. "Um…"

You're on your own.

Donnie doesn't react to Leo because he can feel the mischief in the words.

"I can feel-"

Realization jolts between them once again. Leo's eyes open fully as he and Donnie gape at each other. Donnie looks at Raph.

"Did you know Leo has been having nightmares?"

"Tattletail," Leo whispers through stiff lips.

"Uh… I guess?"

"Before Shredder, before everything-"

"Pi," Leo whispers.

"Nope, he's not going to explain," April says flatly.

"Donnie, I think you should lay down," Mikey says gravely.

"I'm not hurt," Donnie says, facepalming. "It's just… too crazy to say out loud."

"Not any crazier than everything else you've been doing and not saying," April says. "Spill."

Don't look at me. I can't move my lips.

"We should ice those."

Donnie facepalms again, this time at himself. He waves off the confused looks and gestures broadly at Leo.

"Leo and I can hear each other's thoughts now."

A cricket chirps in the silence until Mikey flicks it out of the room.

"Say again?" Raph says. "Donnie, maybe you should-"

"I'll make it simple." Donnie turns his back on everyone. "April, hold up however many fingers you want, and Leo will tell me."

A brief silence, then, "Leo's not talking.

Not out loud.

"Not out loud, and the number is seven. Nine if you count Mikey's and thirteen including Cassandra's, but when did she get here?"

"Just now, why? What's going on?"

"Leo and Donnie are telepathic now?" April says it slowly and like a question. "Donnie, how long has this been going on?"

Donnie shrugs as he turns. "We couldn't hear words until Leo got nabbed."

"That's why you started freaking out!" Raph says.

"Yes. I've been feeling… something from him for a while now, though it's always been after a nightmare woke him or he saw someone in danger."

Leo nods in agreement.

What about the fight?

"Well, I didn't magically get your skills." Donnie catches the blank looks and explains, "After Leo teleported me to him, I fought off the yokai who grabbed him, right? I didn't know how to explain it before, but he instructed me during the fight."

"Like with me and Karai?" April asked.

"No, he didn't possess me in any way. But I've gotten so used to his feelings in my head that I just followed along like the thoughts were my own."

First time for everything, huh?

"That's because I didn't know it was you."

Leo's playful pout turns into a wince. Donnie instantly feels bad for teasing him.

"Enough with the jokes," Donnie says sternly. "As long as nothing else is broken or hurt, Raph should bring you to your bed."

Donnie starts to rise, but Leo's hand catches his.

I owe you, Dee. Big time.

Donnie shrugs uncomfortably. "Well… I couldn't have beaten them without you. So let's call it even."

April tilts her head. "You both are pretty calm considering you just found out you're telepathic."

"Oh, Leo's still in shock," Donnie said mildly. "And I'm frantic internally, so I'm going to lock myself in the lab for the next couple days to figure it out. Ciao, everyone."

A/N: I finished Rise last night and was looking for ideas. Cass mentioned telepathic twins and I jumped on it. XD

I don't know where to go from here. All I had was how they found out. XD Not planning on continuing it, unless I get some other ideas. Splinter and Draxum are... out bonding over tea or something.