Episode One - A New Encounter

Many light years ago, deep in the cosmos, before time even began, a unique mechanical entity came into being; in search of other worlds and life forms, it sent out explorers to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. This race of autonomous robotic beings became known as the Transformers. The first planet to be inhabited by such creatures was soon to become known throughout time and space as Cybertron.

For a time they lived in order and harmony, but like all civilisations, some stood for equality, others for domination, and so a civil war between them began and raged on, and at stake was a race of tiny bots known as Mini-Cons. Always considered "smart tools" used to boost power, these Mini-Cons were awakened by an inner protocol. They then joined forces and resisted exploitation by both Autobots and Decepticons.

Battle after battle proved nothing, and after many casualties, the Autobots and Decepticons were caught in a deadlock. Realising that victory would come at too high a price for either side, the warring factions called a truce and eventually, it was decided that an enormous craft be constructed for the Mini-Cons who would be launched into the far reaches space, never to be used as pawns in the galactic war ever again.

Finally after drifting across space and time, light year after light year, the Mini-Con ship collided with a moon circling a primitive planet known as Earth. The craft and cargo shattered, casting Mini-Cons to nearly every corner of the planet. Eventually, the Earth itself shifted and for countless years and centuries, the Mini-Cons laid dormant, waiting.

And that's where our story begins...

Location:Just outside the orbit of Earth

Earthdate: 10th January 2015, Five years after the first Unicron battle

Nearly four-hundred-thousand kilometres from the planet Earth, a flash of light began to warp and widen by a mile or two, as a lonely steel space vessel of simple yet unique design, emerged through it. Once the starship had fully exited, the spacebridge behind it shrank and closed altogether.

Aboard this scout ship, the Starhopper, a brown muscular ape-like robotic being, named Animus, sat quietly upon the main chair in the centre of the bridge. Around him, sat his crew: a similarly built mech in a chrome orange tint and a head not unlike that of some kind of panther of sorts, named Tigatron, a small and nimble-looking grey and deep blue rat-faced bot, named Rattrap, and a slightly tall and deep aquamarine Autobot with rather large fins folded upon his back, named Depth Charge.

"So, this is Earth?" Animus questioned with curiosity, observing the blue and green planet.

"Indeed it is, sir," Depth Charge confirmed.

"So, uh, what's so special about it exactly?" Rattrap spoke in his usual nasal tone.

"This was where the Mini-Cons of the Exodus ship had ended up in millions of years ago, and eventually founded just five years ago," Tigatron explained.

"Wow, that long, huh?" Rattrap huffed. "Hopefully there won't be any 'cons anywhere soon, not to tempt fate or anything".

"I hope so too," Animus sighed and nodded, staring curiously at the planet up ahead.

Meanwhile, just behind the Autobot scout vessel, a much larger ship closely followed after coming out of a similar warp gate. Within the bridge of the rogue battleship, the Darksyde, the dim lights glimmered a faint neon glow; the darkness obscuring menacing titanic shadows.

"Preditron is just an old fool who's been chasing a crazy extremist fantasy for centuries," A tall, shadowy, silver-and-black figure with lanky claws and spidery legs hanging off his back muttered with his slathering mandibles. "I find it hard to be convincing that such an insignificant vessel would be of any remote concern to us".

"You doubt our leader, Tarantulas!" A deep growling voice boomed from behind, belonging an even taller and bulkier chrome brown and violet mech. "Preditron is wise and righteous, and-"

"And he shall ascend us to our true technorganic glory, yada yada yada," A husky feminine voice interrupted and completed, belonging to a thinner, yet equally spiky nonetheless dark purple femme. "Do you actually revise his speeches, Shokaract? Or did you have it hardwired into that thick processor of yours?"

"Wazpinator thinkz zo, Wazpinator agreez with lady-ant-bot," A thick high nasal voice cut in as a bright purple and crimson mech with bug-like wings fluttering on his back entered the scene.

"I told you, Waspinator, the name is Antagony, you better remember it before I'm tempted to force it into you just to ensure," The femme boasted and threatened with a tightened clawed fist. "But at least I'm above your level enough to remember your name, and even pronounce it properly".

"Oooo, lady-ant-bot angry, Wazpinator scared, lady-ant-bot mean and scary," Waspinator quivered.

"Oh you better be if you call me that one more time," Antagony threatened once more.

Before they could bicker further however, the giant door shifted open dramatically, revealing three new Transformers - two purely robotic Mini-Cons, one bright red and the other dark brown; and the third between them, much taller and partially organic in a colour scheme of dull brown, silver, and bright olive green. The trio marched in as the four stood aside to make way.

"Tarantulas, report," the Deception chief spoke, in a grim yet calm tone before setting down on the main seat.

"We're detecting the Autobot ship nearby, Commander Preditron," Tarantulas sat down in his desk and analysed. "Permission to attack them with complete and open fire?"

"Wait, we don't want to give away our presence just yet, no..." Preditron paused. "...After all, it would likely ruin the surprise, yesss..."

"Ah, excellent choice of strategy, commander," Tarantulas complimented with an air of sycophantic adoration barely concealing his duplicity with a sinister giggle.

To be continued...