Agent X is back everyone! Here's a short prequel to the Agent X series. Yes, I'm keeping the plot of the stories identical. Character model is in a human AU, w/ blue hair, very light tan skin and has a scar on his eye from his childhood.

Lack of motivation and lack of time has led me to put Chaos AU on hiatus, but I won't delete it.


Ten minutes. Ten minutes until his target would be in range. Mercenary Gumball Watterson was not one to be particularly late for his jobs, especially at a time like this. He silently climbed up to the rooftop of a shop and looked out. This was Elmore, his city, the town which rested in the palm of his hand. If the world was his oyster, Elmore was that oyster's heart. His home. He heard footsteps from afar, and notwithstanding immediately brought his binoculars up. As he zoomed them onto his target's partner, Gumball carefully observed his victim. A lean man in his forties, not particularly muscular, all alone in the alleyway. The peculiar body language of the man suggested that he was waiting for somebody, presumably the initial target. That target was Black Rose, an assassin from a nature not too different to that of his who had been an essential pain in the neck of his jobs for a while now. Alongside her, his client had hired him to swiftly assassinate the drug dealer, a worker from the infamous drug empire which was COBRA. The very thugs who brutally kidnapped his sister ten years prior. Despite occasional policing jobs, his simple aim was to take out criminal groups roaming around in Elmore, but all for a greater goal. Finding his sister. That was his one true goal in life, the one he held at heart, something he would never let go of until he died.

"Target in range, snipe unsuitable, authorisation, over," he muttered into the walkie talkie.

"Authorised to terminate, over," came out the voice from the other side. His sister Anais, being the brain of the family, carried out the intelligence collection and had found out about the target prior to the event and so regularly informed him during it. In all of the missions, he had guidance from Anais as he simply could not function properly without the necessary intelligence she provided.

He slowly slid himself down into the narrow alleyway. Despite his countless requests and attempts to get hold of long-range rifles, his mother, another vital source of intelligence in his missions, didn't trust him with them, and so he had to make do with a knife and a colt, which he flicked around in his hand. As he slowly approached his target, the man spun around after hearing a breath.

"Who's there? I'm not afraid to use this, you know," he said into the shadows Gumball was just in, taking out an MP4 submachine gun and quickly loading it. Before he was even able to aim it, Gumball was behind him, pressing the cold blade of his knife against his neck.

"Who do you work for and where is their base of operations?" he quickly murmured.

"As if I would tell you," he said. Gumball pressed the knife closer to his Adam apple.

"Enjoy a slit throat and a long death then," he said as he began to move the blade even closer.

"COBRA. Let me breathe, kid. I might as well tell you that they base in San Francisco too."

"Wait, why are you telling me all of this so easily?" he demanded.

"Not that you'll be able to use it or spread it anyway," said the man grinning. As Gumball spun round, he saw the barrel of a minigun slowly begin to rotate in the shadows. Cursing himself for not realising the danger he could have been in prior, he grabbed the man by his tie and crouched behind him, the barrage of bullets hitting the essential meat shield all over. He sped into another alleyway and clambered up the fire exit of the residential up to the roof, and looked down. The aggressor was already gone. He sighed and put his knife in its sheath. It was nearly impossible for the poor boy to get information on this group with the level of secrecy they had. His vow ten years earlier was not going to be broken, but clearly it was not for today.

As he jumped from building to building, his shadow soaring between the buildings, he thought to himself, "Who am I?"

Was he a scarred teenager hellbent on revenge?

Was he a righteous mercenary?

Or was he taking it too far?

Was he the bad guy in this?

As he slipped into another alleyway, he clicked the button on his necklace, and his entire suit opened up and morphed into a pendant. Gumball meandered out of the alley into the pavement of the main road. He needed sleep. Desperately. He got up to the bus shelter, and sat down. The time was 03.07. No way he'd get enough sleep this time. As the bus arrived, he tapped his card against the reader and sat himself down. As his eyes circumnavigated around the interior of the vehicle, he saw a few other people. They minded their own business, and he minded his. As he looked out of the window, he smiled. Elmore at night was so different, so beautiful. The apartments were silent and dormant, the towering flats all in a dark shade. The closed shops, once full of colour, dark with the metal shutters covering the contents inside. The shop banners were mostly off, only some like the 24-hour convenience store still brightly shining: that store had just about everything one would need if ordering from the middle of the night. He watched as one of the lights of the banner letters flickered. Still, it passed by as he continued to let his eyes wander. As they reached the residential area, he looked out once more at the sleeping houses. He'd get little over three and a half hours of sleep tonight. Best make it up tomorrow.

Snapping back into reality, Gumball reluctantly turned his head and pressed the stop button as the bus arrived at his house. He looked up at his iconic blue house, which had got many renovations since his tween years, with the side garage and the loft conversions. He knocked on the door, and his mother, rather sleepy, opened it up.

"Hey honey, how was it?" she asked, still holding onto the door for support.

"Nothing new. Apparently the base is in San Francisco. Tell Anais to do more research tomorrow. I need some sleep."

"Okay hun, you get your sleep. I'll go back to bed as well."

They both climbed slowly upstairs, and Gumball hugged his mother before entering his own room. Darwin and Anais were sleeping in the other room, and he heard no sound coming from there. Changing his clothes, Gumball put on his pyjamas and lay down on his bed, eventually closing his eyes.

The next day

"Gumball, are you okay?" heard the teen as he packed his Economics coursework into his already full locker. He looked up to see the beautiful brunette who had happened to be his secret crush for a while now. Penny embraced him swiftly as he turned to face her.

"Yeah, just tired," he replied as he broke the hug. He was desperately in need of sleep a lot of the time in school with his jobs in the night, and so he practically depended on Penny's support often in school.

"Hey, next period is Phys Ed, maybe get out early in dodgeball so you can rest?" she asked as he smiled.

"I never slack in dodgeball, Pen," he replied, playfully punching her arm and cracking his knuckles. He was known to often be the last one standing in dodgeball games thanks to his great dodging skills, albeit the fact that he could seriously injure multiple people on the other team with the training that he went through to become a shadowy vigilante if he wanted to. With that, he trudged to the changing rooms, slinging his kit bag over his back. When he got to the changing rooms, he left no time to waste as he opened up the bag and took out his PE kit to start changing. Just as he took off his shirt though, he looked at the wall to see a certain logo.

The serpentine.

He gasped out in pain as his head started throbbing madly, memories coming back of that fateful night ten years ago. He immediately sent a punch with all of his might into the wall with the logo. As cracks and fissures formed, Gumball's hands being completely reddened from the impact, Darwin came in to see his brother.

He knew that Gumball had some weird fear of that snake logo, as he had shown it numerous times previously, but never got to know why it was. Every time, Gumball would just gruff in annoyance as he questioned on and on. So he could do nothing but console his brother, without realising the dark secret he had.

"Come on now, let's go for PE," he said as Gumball put his shirt on and the duo made their way towards the gym, surprised to see the dodgeball setup disassembled and in its place a few planks resting on two stone slabs.

"Right," said Coach Russo as he entered the gym. "Upon special request, we are doing a karate chop challenge," he said as Joe grinned at Gumball. He swiftly demonstrated with the chop of his hand the fluid motion to break the planks in half.

"Who wants to go first?"

While a few hands went up, the coach looked around to see who to choose, specifically choosing those without their hand up.

"How about you two, Wattersons?" he said as he motioned for the boys to stand up.

"Fuck it, I'm getting deja vu here," said Gumball as he and Darwin made their way to the setup.

"I'll go first, don't worry," said Darwin as he sent his hand down to the plank. His hand recoiled and he cried out in pain as he attempted to snap it in half.

"What are these made of iron?" he asked as the coach smiled. Gumball sighed as he rolled his sleeves up, revealing his muscles which were often hidden in his chiefly lean figure. To everyone's surprise, he sliced through them with ease, leaving a clean cut in the planks. Upon closer observation, he saw the metal bands supporting up the wood.

"I don't know what you're playing at, coach, but this stuff is not part of the Phys Ed curriculum," he said, visibly annoyed, and internally smug regarding the coach's shock.

"Dodgeball it is, then," sighed the coach, and the teens arranged themselves into the usual two teams in the game. As the match started, Gumball's teammates essentially dropped like flies, one by one. He groaned as he was the only one left. Taking aim with the ball, he located his target. Jamie was well-known as the class king of Dodgeball with her power throws. As he prepared to release the ball, he noticed something on her arm.

Was that a serpentine?

Gumball was in absolute mental terror, and his thoughts switched entirely. As he released the ball, he did so with full force, hurling it from his arm and letting it soar through the air. The last thing he saw was the ball bouncing off three of her teammates and his entire team cheering before his scar seared. The last thing he saw as he looked up was the dream, the dream playing over again-


"Come on honey, we need to get home. It's getting dark," said Nicole as she walked her two six-year-old children in the stroller with Richard.

"But Nikki, there's a sale for ice cream. I'm sure the kids would love it. Right kids?" said Richard.

"Yeah dad, we want ice cream," called out a young girl from the stroller. The boy beside her nodded in agreement.

"Well Lexy, look at your teeth. The dentist already told you that too much sugar is very bad for them," said Nicole.

"But don't you get a second set of teeth when you're older?" said the boy from the stroller.

"Gumball, please. It's still bad for your teeth regardless."

"Pleeease?" asked the two children, looking at their mother with the puppy eyes. Their mother eventually sighed, and handed Richard her debit card.

"Richard, don't be away for too long," she said as Richard planted a kiss on her cheek. As he walked off, Nicole continued to calmly walk her children down the pavement.

"Mom, can we get out of the stroller? It's too tight," questioned Lexy. Her mother swiftly unfastened the straps and the two twins walked out.

"Thanks mom," said Gumball. As Nicole continued walking, calmly absorbing in the beauty of the nature around her, she felt a presence. She spun around to see a gang of masked men. Gumball and Lexy hid behind her legs.

"Hello, Nicole," said the one in the centre. "I thought you agreed not to interfere in our line of work."

"You monsters killed my cousins," she muttered. "Vengeance is sweet."

"Unfortunately you won't have the last laugh then," said the man again, pulling out a knife. Nicole didn't flinch. Instead, she calmly took a breath.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Revenge," said the man as he threw the knife at her chest. With a single motion, she caught it.

"Do you know why I am the most feared person in Elmore?" she asked, throwing the knife to the floor. The gang members shook their heads. "It's because I don't require a weapon to kill." She lunged at her attacker, caught him in a headlock and fractured his neck almost instantly, letting him slump down at her feet. All at once, the other gang members lunged at her with their shotguns now out. Her Marine training ensured that she disarmed them within seconds. A jab at a pressure point, an uppercut with full force, a lot of them joined their friend slumped down. Suddenly, a black Hyundai minivan pulled beside the pavement and more gang members came out. While she was busy fighting them off with her roundhouse kicks and deadly punches, two men came out and restrained her children.

"Get off of me!" shouted Lexy as the man kept his firm lock on her arms. as she writhed about in his arms. He put a knife to her left eye and slashed it, blood pouring out. The other man did the same to Gumball. They both let out a shrill, high pitched scream in unison, and Nicole spun around. She took the knife from her aggressor and stabbed Gumball's aggressor straight in the chest, and did the same with Lexy's. As she finished and looked up, the last things she saw were Lexy being pulled away in a van. She called 911 and sat down, crying.

"I lost my daughter," she sobbed between tears. Gumball, not knowing what to say, consoled her, still clutching his eye.

"Mom, I'll find her," he said.

"Gumball, you won't be able to," she sobbed. "She's gone."

"I will find her and make them pay for everything that they've done. Promise," he said.

His mom looked up and embraced him, realising the depth of his words and what he really meant.

Gumball Watterson opened his eyes. He was in the medical room, with Penny, Darwin and Carrie around him.

"I wonder what happened to him though, he was literally fine," he heard Penny saying.

"Could be something to do with that snake thing though, he was hallucinating- oh Gumball! We were worried sick about you," said Darwin as he got up. Penny immediately hugged him and he felt the tears cascading down his shirt. He smiled.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You were badly shaken by something. Try to remember what you thought about," said the nurse, coming around. "You were otherwise fine."

Gumball realised what had knocked him unconscious. He didn't utter a word about it.

"I'll be fine," he said as he stood from the bed.

"We'll accompany you to class," said Penny as they went beside him to Maths.

The rest of the day went like a breeze, with Gumball going home at the end still wondering about how it had happened. Unknowingly to him, Darwin had invited Penny and Carrie over, so as he got home late from Ms Simian's detention, he immediately cursed.


Nicole came to him and slapped him in the face.

"Young man, just because you had a detention, that does not give you the right to swear in my house!" she said.

"It's not that," said Gumball. "They may have found it," he said. Nicole's eyes widened.

"Gumball fainted in PE today," said Penny, coming down. "I think we would like to know why," added Darwin from behind. "He clearly saw something."

"Oh, it's probably nothing," said Nicole, assuring them that he was fine.

"I am not taking this bullshit!" shouted Darwin. "This family has been hiding a secret from me for very long, and I think that it's time that I know!"

Gumball sighed.

"Nightshade. Falcon. I have the latest reports on the advances of COBRA here-" she started, only to see Darwin, Penny and Carrie eyeing her suspiciously.

"What did you just call them?" asked Carrie.

"And that is when I take my leave," said Anais, spinning around to leave the room, only to be yanked back into the room.

"You guys have some explaining to do. What is this snake sign which Gumball is scared to death about?" asked Darwin.

"Darwin, you do not want to know."

"Oh yes I do. What is this family hiding from me which I don't know?"

Nicole rolled her eyes. "Penny, Carrie, these are private matters. If you could leave, that would be great," she said. As they started to leave the room. Gumball stopped them.

"Mom, they're trustworthy," said Gumball. As Nicole sighed and ushered them back. She started the explanation.

"Gumball used to have a twin sister before Darwin. Lexy Watterson. They were virtually identical, if not for their genders. She was kidnapped during an assault on me when they were six. At this time, I had some bad blood between a criminal group called COBRA, which heralds that snake logo, after murdering their leader. This was purely an act of vengeance, to avenge my cousins who had been killed by their program. In the assault, Gumball and Lexy both had their eyes slashed, somehow still allowing for their vision, and Lexy was kidnapped. I couldn't do anything, but I killed a number of their agents."

The faces of the three morphed into abject shock as they heard this.

"I'm so sorry," said Penny as she saw Gumball shed a solitary tear, his face unchanging. She embraced him as he let the rest of them come out, streaming down her shirt, silently sobbing. She stroked the back of his neck as he eventually gathered his composure and reluctantly broke the hug.

"It's fine Penny. thanks," said Gumball.

"Aww, you know I love you Gumball," replied Penny.

"Wait, why aren't you guys dating-" started Darwin, but a slap in the face shut him up.

"Right guys, now do your project before you get detention. Again," said Nicole, her eyes mysteriously pointed at a certain boy with blue hair and a beige shirt.

"Sheesh, okay," responded Gumball, sighing.

Well, there'll only be three or four chapters on this, but you get the idea. Gumball needs to go to the COBRA base of operations and throttle the problem at it's source. Comment on this cuz it'll be rlly helpful. It's also the backstory for Lexy in this AU.