Star wars: The Old Republic time travel challenge.

Hey there Lads, Lasses and Lasso's of unspecified genders. It's ya boi Milo coming at ya with a little challenge; you see I'm a bit bored and I've lost my RWBY muse so I need inspiration. That's where you lot come in, I want you lot to go out and read

Sentinel of the Force by Ronin2106 and Revan by Lord Hadrian Black and write Me a story based on those to satisfy my creative depression and get me back into the swing of things. Oh and don't worry, I'll be writing as well. After all, I gotta keep my skills sharp even if I've misplaced my muse. I wish you Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, Clones and Planet Leaders good luck.

For those who want to follow a general timeline of events:

-Awakening: Choose between the planets Taris, Tython, Korriban and Zeltros (and Mandalore if you want to go that route). Shortly after arriving in the Prequel era in whatever way you choose your OC must do something significant for that planet's people/current ruler earning them a high ranking. 2-3 Chapters

-Revelations: for this section, your OC must have been someone important in The Old Republic Era. upon revealing themselves to the Senate as an important person on the planet they did something for your OC must either come into conflict with the Jedi Order in some way (like being a supporter of Darth Revan) or have an intense argument with senator Padme Amidala on the benefits of an expansive military vs 'oh hey, it's peacetime lets toss the soldiers out the airlock'. 1-2 chapters

-Tatooine: straight up Tatooine fun times, fight a krayt dragon. Find an ancient Harrower class cruiser. Explore the Harrower. Make a deal with Jabba the Hutt. Fight Mace 'out the' windu for some reason. Take the Harrower to whichever planet your OC did something for. update the Harrower. 3-4 chapters

-Foxes?: go to the Planet Crait and adopt some Vulptex'. Fight another big creature. Build a temple. Leave. 2-3 Chapters

-whatever you want: i'm not the boss of you, use this to further your own lore and introduce love interests or something, its all up to you lot.