Hello Everyone. This is my first story and I hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1: "We're not friends anymore!"

(Coop Burtonburger and Dennis Chan were having an argument. They had an argument because they failed to stop Kat and Coop is taking the blame on Dennis)

Coop: You are so incompetent!

Dennis: It's not my fault that I didn't get any help from you!

Coop: How could you possibly be so useless! Why in the world did you have to let Kat get away with the machine!?

Dennis: I didn't mean too! Okay!

Coop: Ugh! Why can't you just be a partner to me instead of a useless friend.

(That really upset Dennis so much. His heart suddenly felt cold. He started to get mad and finally snapped)

Dennis: You know what? I'm sick and tired of all of this shenanigans and disrespectful orders from you! We're not friends anymore! I'm done!

(That shocked Coop. He couldn't believe that his own friend said those things to him. His heart felt shattered and breakable)

Coop: Dennis...

Dennis: No. It's fine. I don't need a friend like you.

Coop: I'm sorry! I didn't mean any of that! That was a load of garbage! Please, Dennis! Believe me!

Dennis: Better if we go to our separate ways instead of being together.

(Dennis walks away)

Coop: Dennis, wait!

(Dennis refused to listen and walked away, leaving Coop behind. Coop burst into tears. His heart was broken, shattered and betrayed. The moment said those words, he felt betrayed and abandoned like a puppy. Coop got up and walked home)

To Be Continued...