This is the final chapter of the story. I'm planning to make another story. Mostly my stories will mostly be about Kid vs Kat. Some will be Winx Club, PJ Masks, and more. Anyways, enjoy this last chapter of the story.

(Coop was having a bit of anxiety attack, he was shaking and sweating. Millie came in)

Millie: Coop? Are you okay?

Coop: Maybe. I'm just fine.

Millie: No you're not.

(Suddenly, Coop managed to calm down and looked at his sister)

Coop: Zander wasn't joking about the recording.

(That surprised Millie)

Millie: What do you mean?

Coop: Zander told me that his parents had been holding a grudge on Bootsville for many years and his parents were planning to destroy Bootsville. He wasn't joking about the recording at all. I shouldn't have gave him a second chance.

Millie: Coop. I guess Lorne was right.

Coop: What are we gonna do?

Millie: We'll call the police station and tell them everything. Then we'll do something about Zander.

Coop: Good idea.

(Coop pulled out his phone and called Zander, Zander answered)

Zander: Coop?

Coop: Zander. I have some kinda of idea.

Zander: What is it?

Coop: Since you told me about what your parents are going to do. Why don't you go to the police station and tell them everything?

Zander: Sure. I mean, that could help.

Coop: Okay. Meet us at the police station at 4:32pm.

Zander: Sure. I'll meet you guys there.

Coop: Okay. See you guys later. Bye.

Zander: Bye.

(Zander hunger up)

Coop: I called Zander to meet us up at the police station.

Millie: Goodie.

(With Zander, who was searching for Dennis when he saw Dennis sitting at the bench. He ran up to him)

Zander: Dennis! I need to speak with you!

Dennis: What do you want? Ex-best friend?

Zander: Listen, I'm sorry for bullying you and betraying you. I want to say something to you.

Dennis: Ugh! What is it!?

Zander: I never actually wanted to be like my own parents. I never wanted to be like this. My parents are going to blow up Bootsville, they have a bomb in the boiler room at the school where we go.

(That surprised Dennis)

Dennis: So? You meant to tell me that you actually did want to be like your parents and your parents are going to blow up!? Are you crazy!?

Zander: I didn't mean to be rude to you. I'm so sorry and please forgive me.

(Dennis got up and push Zander to the road when suddenly, Zander was almost ran over by a crossover car but when he was getting out the way, Zander's big toe was run over. When the car pass by, Zander started crying. Dennis just realized what he has just done)

Dennis: Oh my god! What have I just done!?

(Zander barely got up and looked at Dennis)

Zander: What have you done! You destroyed me!

(Zander collapsed and Dennis called 911. When the ambulance came, a paramedic came over to Dennis)

Paramedic: Do you know what happened?

Dennis: Yes.

Paramedic: What happened?

Dennis: I kinda pushed Zander to the road and his big toe got run over by a crossover car. I'm very sorry.

Paramedic: Okay. You almost committed assault. We'll let you go and we'll give you a warning. Next time, jail time.

Dennis: I understand. Thank you.

(The paramedic walked away and Dennis ran to his home)

(Later in the hospital, Zander was laying on the hospital bed and he woke up to see Coop, Millie, and a female social worker, with Lob hair style, blonde hair color, purple eye color, warm ivory skin color, purple sweatshirt, ripped jeans, blue short socks, and black loafer shoes. Zander didn't know that that woman would be his social worker)

Zander: What happened?

Coop: Your parents are arrested for making a bomb threat.

Zander: Where are they?

Millie: They're in Bootsville Prison. Meet your social worker, Annalise.

Annalise: Hello, I'm Annalise Ainsley. I'll be your social worker for your case. You'll be sent to a foster home for a while after you get released from the hospital.

Zander: Okay. What about Dennis?

Coop: He's at home. He'll come visit you tomorrow.

Zander: Okay. How long are my parents in jail for?

Annalise: They haven't told us yet. Court is next week.

Zander: Okay.

(Millie looked at Annalise)

Millie: Would you like to see him for a bit?

Annalise: Yeah.

(Millie and Coop headed out while Annalise stayed. Annalise pulled out her clipboard)

Annalise: I wanna get to know you better.

Zander: Sure. Any questions?

Annalise: I know some stuff about you. So, do you have any ideas or thoughts of suicide?

Zander: No.

Annalise: Do you have any plans of hurting someone?

Zander: No.

Annalise: Are you wanting to end your life?

Zander: No.

Annalise: Okay. That's all of the questions I have for now. Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

(Annalise smiled)

Zander: Alright, see you later. Bye.

(Annalise walked away and Zander lay down and rested)

The Next Day...

(At 10:20am, Zander woke up to see Dennis)

Zander: Dennis? What are you doing here?

Dennis: Listen, I'm sorry for pushing you onto the road, I didn't mean to and I'm sorry for not believing you. And I'm sorry for betraying you since we were children.

Zander: And I'm sorry for accusing you for everything. Will you forgive me?

Dennis: I forgive you. You want to start over?

Zander: Um... Sure.

(Dennis and Zander shakes hands. Dennis walked away and smiled back at Zander. When Dennis left, Zander smiled)

A few days later

(Coop, Millie, Dennis, Lorne, and Harley were having a video call with Zander, who was at a foster home in another town)

Coop: How are you Zander?

Zander: I'm doing good. It's Saturday and I'm home with my wonderful foster mom and my awesome foster dad. I also have a astounding foster brother. His name is Mateo. He's a very nice older brother and he's also a foster child. How are you guys?

Millie: We're good.

Zander: I still miss my parents, even though they were crazy but I still miss them.

Dennis: That's understandable. We hope you're doing well and we hope you get help.

Zander: Thank you guys. I really appreciate all of the love I get.

Lorne: Anything for you dude.

Harley: Yeah. If you need to talk to us, we're here to talk.

Zander: Thank you guys. I gotta go, my brother wants to play with me at his room.

Coop: Like what?

Zander: My brother likes to play with me at his room like board games and video games. We play with each other like once a day.

(Zander heard Mateo calling his name)

Zander: I gotta go guys. Bye

Millie: Bye.

(Zander ended the video call)

Coop: Well guys, what's going on?

Dennis: Well, I'm sorry for bullying you. I didn't mean to, I was just mad.

Coop: I'm sorry too, we just had a bad conflict.

Dennis: Yeah. Let's be friends again.

Coop: Sure.

Lorne: Dude. Lets play outside.

Harley: What about that purple cat?

Millie: Mr. Kat is sleeping in my room. Lets go outside and play.

(Everyone cheers and ran outside. They had a good time outside and enjoy the rest of the day)

The End