'Harry liked to believe that he didn't get angry over petty things, that trait would be found more in the Weasley family. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, though showing emotions meant giving people an advantage over you. That much was clear, but it infuriated him till no end when people were so mysterious yet, so demanding. He worked better once getting all of the pieces of the puzzle. For instance, Voldermort and his horcruxes. He had one objective- destroy all of his horcruxes. He also knew what some of them were, so instantly it made life easier for him. It was actually a very blunt objective though it focused him on one thing.

Now Hermione had just waltzed in with two Death Eaters- there was no point denying that, he saw the mark on their hands and Pansy, his objective took a detour. It wasn't like Hermione had purposely added more stress to him, he knew she meant well. She had the habit to trust a lot of people, mostly resulting in heartbreak. However, that didn't stop the urge to scream at the injustice served. How much more did people expect of him? To ensure every single witch and wizard's safety? In the end, chosen one or not, he was a child whose entire childhood was robbed. He thought he had finally found something worth holding on to- Sirius Black. The world stole Sirius from him anyway. May Bellatrix visit hell and back once this is over. If it would be over… how much time did he have left without going- '

"Harry? Snap out of your daydream!" Hermione cried out, shaking his shoulders and, simultaneously, interrupting his "daydream".

"What?" Harry asked, blinking, "What happened?"

"Nothing happened Harry", Hermione said gently "I just asked you about Pansy's healing. Is it okay to take her inside the tent?"

Harry narrowed his eyes, opening his mouth to speak.

"I'll conjure a bed up" she added, hurriedly. "Please?"

Harry felt like screaming, but wanting to get this over quickly, he nodded numbly.

Hermione smiled gratefully at Harry as she began to tell Draco and Theo to wait in the tent patiently.

"Wait, Hermione?" he asked, rather abruptly.

"Yes?" she asked, turning around to stare at him.

"I… me and Ron will have a chat with these two". Harry saw Ron's confused face, though he ignored it.

"But Harry- "Hermione began.

"No buts Hermione" Harry stated firmly,

"No seriously Harry" she stated, "Shouldn't Pansy be our main concern? Rather than chatting or insulting each other?"

"Of course, Hermione just get started with the basics? We'll join you in 5 minutes for the more serious injuries she has", Harry replied.

"O-okay" she said softly, levitating Pansy towards the tent.

Harry sighed, softly reprimanding himself for snapping at Hermione. He really needed to cool down.

"So Potter?" Theo started cautiously "Called us to talk for a reason?"

Harry nodded firmly "I was about to- "

"Look Potter, if this is some nonsense about how we are filthy low-leveled death eaters, I would rather rest in the tent." Draco interrupted with a sneer.

Blame it all on Draco for getting on Harry's nerves.

"That's not what I was about to say", Harry gritted out. "Stop jumping to stupid conclusions which I won't bother bringing up. I was just going to ask about how you both knew the forest we were in."

Theo raised an eyebrow. "Okay…don't know what gave you that idea."

"What?" Harry asked, furrowing his brows in confusion. "Then how- "

"Me and Draco used to come here once as kids. Since Draco apparated us away from that hell house, I am guessing this was the first thing which came to mind…?" Theo interjected quickly, looking at Draco for confirmation.

Draco went red in the face as he began to mumble words under his breath.

"I'm sorry Malfoy, what was that?" Harry asked cheekily, enjoying his blatant discomfort.

"Shut it, wonder boy" Draco snapped childishly.

"Wait… you're telling me that's NOT the reason?" Theo's facial expressions now matched Harry's cheeky grin. "What are you hiding now, Malfoy?"

"None of your business," he replied, stubbornly.

"I think now it is" Ron interjected, grinning as if it were his birthday.

Draco noticed that and narrowed his eyes immediately.

"Theo, you are supposed to be at my side not at the Wonder Duo's side, be a good friend and help me, you selfish prat." Draco complained.

"You really won't tell us, will you?" Harry asked sadly, this topic interesting him greatly.

"Not even me?" Theo asked, pouting. "Not even your best- "

"No, you idiot" Draco snarled. "I said leave it."

The three boys immediately went silent at Draco's sudden outburst.

"Well then, if you really don't want us poking about that, I'll speak for myself, I'll leave it" Harry began humbly.

"Same with me" Theo grumbled.

The three expectantly stared at Ron, waiting for him to follow Harry and Theo's examples, though Ron just stared before exclaiming "Don't expect this of me! I have never had a chance of blackmail for Malfoy- "

"Seriously Ron?" Harry asked, irritated "We are living in a war and you're worried about BLACKMAILING Malfoy of all people?"

Ron just shrugged. "Yup."

Theo sighed 'This would definitely be one of the most tiring days, if not the most, in his life.'

(Inside the tent)

The only noise heard inside the tent was of the closed tap water dripping slightly as Hermione stepped inside.

She gently placed Pansy onto a conjured bed in the middle of the tent as she rummaged their first-aid kit filled to the brim with burn pastes, healing potions, soothing oils and a few bandages. She then got to work, removing Pansy's outer robes and hoods. At that moment she wished she hadn't, as she gasped in horror, her eyes already tearing up. Pansy's shirt was in complete ruin, burn marks and rips visible like clean water. Blood coated her body like a blanket, her left ear cut slightly from the tip. Blood trickled down slowly all the way to her neck where it began to drop slowly onto Hermione's pants.

Someone didn't just try to hurt this girl, they tried to murder her with brutality.

As Hermione stared at Pansy's face, she could see a long, deep, and puckered scar starting right at her right eye and trailing down to her neck. Even though she had numerous scars, the one which stuck out the most was "traitor" carved right on her neck which also had blood trickling out. Tears began to fall freely out of her eyes as she sobbed.

"No please Pansy, survive this mad war. Please, you can't die now. Stay with me" she whispered, trying to wake her up.

She didn't stir.

So Hermione screamed in frustration and dismay, smashing empty glass vials on the floor as she continued to cry freely, tears soaking her shirt up.

(outside the tent)

"You want to help us defeat him?" Harry asked skeptically.

Theo and Draco shared a look. "Yes, Potter", Draco confirmed. "Knowing the Dark Lord, he won't rest until we three are captured and in chains. Might as well as go down fighting the beast".

"That's true". Harry sighed "Volder-mhm"

"Do you want us to sign our death contract right now?" Theo hissed, looking around nervously "You do know that there is a taboo on his name, don't you?"

Harry glared at Theo, as he removed his hand from his face.

"As I was saying" Harry continued, shooting a pointed look at Theo, "You-Know-Who won't rest at all… what did you do with those death eaters chasing you?"

A dark look crossed Draco's eyes as he muttered "We took care of that."

Ron's head snapped at his unsettling statement as he chuckled a bit.

"What" Theo asked, annoyed by the fact that Ron was awfully quiet.

"It's really hilarious that you expect us to believe you" Ron pointed out nonchalantly.

Draco all but growled angrily and opened his mouth to set loose a string of insults when a scream echoed through the air.

"Hermione!" Harry and Ron yelled before dashing into the tent.

Draco and Theo shared looks of panic before following the wonder duo inside the tent where they stared in horror.

Glass shards were scattered on the floor and in the mist of it was Hermione, her arms on the conjured bed while her entire body was on the floor, shaking uncontrollably. Her face was completely red and her legs had glass pieces pierced into them. Basically, the tent and Hermione looked like glass exploded right on them.

"Hermione…?" Ron asked gently as Harry muttered "Tergeo" to clean the glass shards and he began to cross the room to remove the ones pierced on her legs.

"Hermione please, what happened?" Harry asked her as he softly plucked out the shards which resulted in a slight gasp by her.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" Ron asked, alarmed by the fact that she wasn't answering him.

"It's hopeless" Hermione whispered as sobs wracked her body.

"What's hopeless?" Theo asked in a low but gentle tone.

Hermione looked over to Pansy and murmured "She has too many scars… please… I don't think I can save her… Harry please" she pleaded with Harry.

"Do you think her injuries are more grave than whatever St Mungo's can cure?" Harry questioned.

"Definitely Harry, they are even worse… please Harry save her, I c-can't" Hermione begged him even more.

"I'm here" Harry replied softly, kneeling down to scoop Hermione into his arms. He then placed her on another bed as he tucked her in.

He then turned around to see Draco, Theo, and Ron's confused glances at him. "She doesn't do good under stress" he tried to explain. "I am not trying to insult her, but when in great dismay she can be rash…" he mumbled feebly.

Theo nodded in sympathy and then turned to see Pansy with pained eyes.

"Are you sure she can't make it?" he whispered, handing his wand to Draco to make sure he wouldn't go full on beast mode if Harry said "yes". "Because I don't know what I would do if she died now."

"No" Harry stated firmly. "She's made it this far, we won't let her die in vain."

"Good job Harry". His mind chided him. "Extra stress is JUST what you NEED."

"Shut up, this is more important than silly stress" he mumbled back, apparently he said that a bit too loud as Draco was staring at him as if he had grown two heads.

"Thank you" Theo sighed "Let's all get reasonable with Pansy's healing. Draco, you're in charge of burn salve, Potter, you're in charge of bandages, Weasley, you're in charge of trying to hold her down while I perform healing charms, okay?"

"But she has a cursed scar" Draco pointed out, remembering how Pansy's screams had echoed and he did nothing… "How are we supposed to cure that?"

"You don't…" Theo whispered, staring at Pansy. "We'll wait until Hermione wakes up… for now we have to cure what we can cure."

They all nodded as Draco handed back Theo's wand to him. It was quite awkward as they weren't really friends but, at the same time, not enemies either. Theo began to place a few silencing charms over the tent for precaution. Draco had started on Pansy's face with her burn marks and that was the first time chaos had occurred.

"Stop! Ah, it pains! It burns! Please, I beg you, stop!" Pansy cried out, writhing in her sleep. "I'll do anything, just stop!"

Alarmed by her sudden outburst, Ron grabbed Pansy's hands to stop her from flailing around, though that just made it worse as she proceeded to punch him on his nose.

Ron cursed loudly as he shouted "Stop flailing everywhere, you stupid witch!" grabbing her hands more forcefully and pinning them to the bed.

Pansy's entire face went white as she began to scream even louder "No! Not again! Please stop it! I won't ever step out of line, but please STOP!"

"Why is she screaming so much? We didn't even start her healing!" Ron yelled, particularly at no one.

Harry gritted his teeth as he replied "Yes we know that, Ron!"

Draco's eyes filled with tears as he tried to soothe her. "It's okay Pansy, you hear me? You are safe, it's me, Draco and Theo."

Even though Draco had tried to reassure her, that didn't stop her from flailing around as Harry narrowly dodged a punch aimed at his glasses.

"Pansy please, we have to heal you and we can't do that with your arms punching us every four seconds", Draco pleaded.

She immediately went quiet as her arms fell down "Draco…?" she whispered hesitantly "Where are you? The scars… they can't be healed" she began to sob "Theo, please listen to me."

Theo kneeled down as he took her face into his strong arms. "Pansy please, listen to me alright? You suffered through a lot and in order for you to survive you NEED to stop increasing your stress. Can you do that for me? Can you trust me?"

"Yes" she murmured quietly "I trust you and Draco but THEY told me that" she said, smiling sadly.

"Told you what?" Theo asked, confused.

"They can't be healed" she hiccupped. "It was punishment for stepping out of line…I won't ever do that again. Please believe me Theo"

"Of course I do, Pansy, we can at least heal the burn marks and a few of the wounds… can you let us do that?"

"Yes" she replied quietly.

Theo smiled softly even though he knew she couldn't see his facial expressions. "Thank you Pansy, now the healing…it will pain Pansy… but please, you are NOT in trouble. Not ever again, do you hear me?"

"Don't make promises you can't keep" she mumbled. "Please get it over with as quickly as possible"

"Of course Pansy", Theo replied softly, stroking her hair in a gentle and calming manner.