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Ron Leaves

Harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hollow (where Nagini attacks them)

They apparate to the Forest of Dean

Ron returns and stabs the locket

They visit Xenophilius Lovegood

They escape and are taken to Malfoy Manor

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Chapter 9 – Reveal

Harry warily opened his eyes, his black hair mused, his clothes creased, his glasses atop a table and the sound of Ron Weasley snoring filled his ears. He moaned in annoyance, grasping the flimsy cloth that they called a "blanket" and threw it over him, intent on blocking the disturbance. Once realizing it wasn't helping, he rubbed his face tiredly before swinging his legs, making contact with the stairs. His head hurt as he sighed.

Swaying in his steps, he made his way till the coffee table once he realized that he wasn't alone. Hushed whispers could be heard as he blinked tiredly.

Conveniently, there sat Nott and Malfoy mumbling low words back and forth each other as he groaned silently. One morning was all he wanted. Just to be alone.

Glancing to the flaps of the tent, he figured that he could still achieve his goal. His eyes landed on a small box; it looked extremely out of place sitting innocently on top a stack of books. His legs carried him towards it as he stopped in front of it, his finger reaching out to trace the carvings. Gently, he lifted the lid, expecting the feel of darkness to enter his surroundings.

Instead, nothing came as he peered inside, surprised to find it empty. It was then when he realized that Hermione was on guard last night. Relief flooded his body instantly; there was no way anyone could have lost such a valuable, yet evil object. Placing the lid back, he felt his body protest as he took a step forward only to come across silence. Malfoy and Nott had obviously spotted him, and he had no desire to start a raging fight between them in the fucking morning.

He didn't believe whatever bullshit was uttered; the truth was everywhere. Lucius Malfoy was a murderer, sadist and he wasn't sure whether rapist came under his name. Even if didn't, it wouldn't make a dent in the crimes he had committed. Same went with Nott's father though Harry had a sinking feeling that all three labels would fit the Death Eater perfectly. He wished they would rot in Azkaban where they'd receive the Kiss. IF, they would win.

Death would be an easy way out and he had no desire to offer it.

'They were probably overjoyed once they got the mark,' Harry thought bitterly, rage bubbling inside him.

The mark was a blessing for every person who was foolish enough to take it. How could people be so blind?

Clamping his mouth shut, he acted as if he were unaffected by their presence and grabbed a mug from the coffee table, his knuckles white. The only question was why were they awake so early? He could feel their narrowed eyes on him as he turned around only to see his best friend sleeping on the floor. Her shoulders moved up and down, her face wore a peaceful expression. He knew better than to think she was just resting though.

It took every ounce of power in his body to not crucio the two Slytherins where they sat. His eyes were raging, his fists were clenched, and he gritted his teeth. He could practically hear warning bells ringing loudly inside his head though he paid no attention whatsoever. Finally, he lifted his head to acknowledge the occupants of the room.

"What the FUCK have you both done to her?" he asked in a low voice.

"Fuck off Potter, it's too early for your bitching," Despite the poorly concealed annoyance in his voice, Draco wore a small smirk on his lips as if this entertained him.

In an instant, Harry lunged forward and grabbed Malfoy's collar, pinning him to a wall roughly. Theo's eyes widened and he stood up abruptly, wand in hand. Shit, this wasn't supposed to happen!

'For Merlin's sake, what the hell was Malfoy thinking?' Theo thought angrily as he stood in a defensive stance.

"Let him go Potter," Theo warned, his gaze slipping to the sleeping brunette and he sighed in relief once he noticed she hadn't batted an eye. If she woke up to see her beloved Potter's face bruised and bloodied…

Harry remained indifferent, his emerald eyes flashing brightly as he raised his fist. Before the blow could land, Draco grasped his wrist and twisted it until he could make out a hiss of pain. It felt like music to his ears. Though, it didn't last too long.

Bringing his other fist down to meet the Malfoy heir's stomach, Harry repeated the action until he felt a pair of strong arms tugging him back.

"I said, LET HIM GO POTTER!" Theo yelled, his voice raising once the other boy slammed his fist into his nose. Stepping backwards, Theo held his broken nose while the Gryffindor whipped out his wand.

Draco made a move to snatch the wand as he rushed to remove his own. Now, their current status was Draco and Theo surrounding Harry, all three wands withdrawn.

Each of them waited for the other to cast a spell as Harry panted, his eyes darting between the Slytherins. He knew it was a foolish move- who provoked a fight while the latter had better odds of coming out unscathed? Besides, all he wanted to do was to grab a quick coffee and be gone. His thoughts leaned towards Hermione as he frowned; her face had been relaxed, he dare say peaceful even. No traces of nightmares were shown on her features. It was nearly impossible to not have nightmares in times similar to theirs. All they could do was pray. Action was decreased, a few small scuffles occurred while they wore the locket for a longer time.

Had the two slipped some potion into her water? Then again, what intention would they have? Sure, Hermione was the brains and without her, he and Ron would blow up every five minutes.

She was the peacekeeper though she had her moments where she allowed her inner lion to show. Everyone had some intention; be it small or incredibly huge. If anything, he would think himself as the obvious choice to be unexpectedly poisoned. It wasn't like he and Malfoy were on civil terms.

Though, was Nott considered a danger? His demeanor was quiet, there really wasn't any other way to describe it. At Hogwarts, his memory of him consisted of a couple Potion pairings which went rather normal. He knew the boy had a few brains; he recalled Hermione mumbling something about him being in her Arithmancy classes. Nott wasn't on the Slytherin Quidditch team either. Finally, it all came down to their families. His father was a well-known Death Eater, probably included in the inner circle. Would his son do the same?

It was there when it all became a huge guessing. No matter how hard he wanted it to be true; Theo was young. Age aside, he had the mark. As a prominent Death Eater's son, would he require to go through with the tasks which were given? It all wrecked his brain and finally, it came down to who Hermione trusted.

Back to the brains of the group, she did trust people rather easily though he'd give her the benefit of the doubt. She saved him on countless times and what was one more?

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he slowly lowered his wand, eyes trained on Malfoy. Tucking it in his pocket, he watched as the latter boy stared at him, hard. Deciding whether it was a play or not. He just hoped he wouldn't be blasted into the wall behind him. Swallowing nervously, he glanced at Nott whose face was surprised. Curious, even. His eyes were raised and his lips were pursed. The grip on his wand turned white as a bead of sweat rolled down his face. He sighed, lowering his wand in defeat as he shook his head at Malfoy who growled back. Finally, Nott crossed over and gently plucked Malfoy's wand out of his fingers, gazing at his facial expressions while doing so.

Harry panted and ran a hand through his hair while he locked gazes with Malfoy, a storm still brewing in his grey-blue eyes. His blond hair fell, covering his eyesight as he moved it rather angrily. Malfoy strode to the chairs and lowered himself onto one, his head making contact with the wall.

Well, the dragon was tamed for now. Nott stared at Malfoy for a while, a sad expression on his face before he switched to staring at Harry. He gave him the slightest of nods to which he returned curtly. There was nothing more awkward than the tense silence which fell like a blanket over the tent. Two occupants still unaware and he supposed he'd like it to stay in its current position.

His gaze returned to Hermione as he carried her; taking her towards her bed and gently lowering her down. The locket, still tightly clasped around her neck- he quickly unclasped it and shoved it inside his pocket. Making his way to the cupboards, he grabbed a coffee-bag and began to prepare his morning beverage.

Five minutes later, he brushed the flaps of the tent, covering his steaming drink. The dry leaves crunched underneath his feet as he placed the mug down before lowering himself onto the forest floor.

Swirling the contents of the mug, he delicately took a sip and immediately sighed. The coffee left behind a warm fuzzy feeling. His thoughts wandered over to the fierce redhead who was still at Hogwarts and he let an absent smile on his lips. Ginny was one reason he was reluctant to leave; her smile, laughter and brilliant flames of hair were always in his mind. The thought of her being harmed while he couldn't save her sent shivers down his spine.

Cupping the mug, he let heat transfer to his hand to which he placed over his face. The soft breeze ruffled his inky strands of hair as he stared off into the distance with a thoughtful expression.

Ronald Weasley's dreams were never pleasant. This particular one wasn't the worst yet, though it cut pretty deep. His father's screams echoed around the room; his pleads felt like daggers being pushed through his own heart. Ginny's mangled body was barely noticeable though her red hair, lifeless, made her a sore sight. The worst of all would probably be Hermione; her body dangling in the air, manacles on her wrists. Malfoy and Nott were jeering at her, mocking her blatant trust in them. It felt as he himself was getting suffocated; the screams, the lifeless red hair, Hermione…

His eyes snapped open as he gasped for air, immediately seeking water.

"Aguamenti," he croaked, the cool liquid disappearing down his throat as pants escaped forth from his lips. Fisting the cloth, his eyes moved to the small radio in the corner of the tent. He had to check.

Scrambling out of bed, his legs carried him towards the device as he fumbled with it for a while. He listened intensely while the names of witches and wizards were called. Ginny…


His mum and dad…

He could barely contain his sigh of relief once the list ended and silence loomed over. They were safe; for now at least. While that was out of the way, he frowned once he realized Harry was nowhere in sight. Snippets of his dream returned as he sought out the snakes. Parkinson was lying down on her bed, her face consorted in agony, her knuckles white, and her hair clinging onto her face.

Did she have something to do with Harry's disappearance? Just as he neared her, a new voice spoke up. A voice which wasn't Harry's.

"Leave her alone Weasel," Nott drawled, his eyes burning holes into his head as Ron slowly turned around.

"What's it up to you?" he sneered back. Without waiting for a reply, he calmed down considerably once he noticed Hermione sleeping. So, only Harry wasn't there.

"Mione, wake up," he mumbled, shaking her shoulders simultaneously while gauging her facial expressions.

"What? Ron?" Her left eye opened while she merely stared at him. "What happened?"

"Where's Harry?"

"Harry? Oh, I don't know, give me a minute," Hermione grumbled as she stretched her arms over her head. "By the way, what's the time?"

He shrugged, "Around 9:30,"

This was what got her attention. 9:30?! That was way too late- she hadn't eaten breakfast or read anything. Worst of all, according to Ron, Harry was missing. She immediately threw the cloth to the floor and raced to the stack of books. Dumbledore had given it to her for a reason- The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It had to hold importance, she just knew it. Though, she all but stopped dead in her tracks once she realized who else was awake. Nott and Malfoy were staring at her for a max two seconds before their heads whipped around. As if they were burned.

She swallowed nervously; should she go and say good morning? How were you supposed to address a person who almost killed you yesterday with their bare hands? Hi! Let's all ignore the fact that you almost killed me yesterday! It's no big deal! It was unintentional- she should have known better than to release the dark whispers. Information about the locket itself was a stupid mistake- one that she wished she wouldn't make again.

There was another event which she was scared to bring up- Malfoy protected her. He even went so far to comfort her, not in the least of worries whether or not she would have rubbed her mudblood germs on him. Was that all supposed to be blamed on insanity? Would Draco Malfoy, an arrogant pureblood believer, hater of all muggleborns, do such a thing? No.

The answer was simple.

The Malfoy she knew from a couple years back wouldn't have- he might as well as have cheered Nott on. Though, the circumstances were different now. Would the answer change considering them? Ah, she wished she knew.

Ignoring them, Hermione walked over to the exit of the tent, pushing the flaps away just to pause. Her best friend- Harry- was sitting not that far off. His head leaned against a tree trunk and a presumably empty mug was clutched tightly between his hands. Sighing, she popped back inside the tent to borrow a scarf and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. She bit her lip as she walked towards him and stopped- waiting for him to acknowledge her presence. It didn't take that long. His head turned and emerald green clashed with honey-brown. She bent down, wrapping the scarf around his neck before she herself sat beside him, book in lap.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Hermione murmured, her left-hand reaching out to ease the grip on the mug, gently placing it beside him before intertwining their fingers. His hands were cold- Hermione fished her wand from her pocket before casting a warming charm. "Better?"

He didn't say anything- he merely nodded.

She sighed, her free hand moving to push a few curls from her face once she realized something vital.

"Harry," Hermione hissed, her fingers brushing her neck gently before she turned to stare at him, brown orbs swimming with alarm. "Harry I- I don't have it!"

This is what snapped him from his trance. "What? Have what?"

"The locket," she whispered as she stood up, dusting dirt and dry leaves off her jeans. "I have to go back and find it!" Just as she took one step forward, her body was halted with a simple grip over arm. Raising an eyebrow at him, she tapped her foot impatiently as he dug into his pocket. "Harry I really need to…" she trailed off once she realized what dangled from his finger.

The locket. Waves of relief crashed down onto her and she numbly watched as he clasped it around his neck, adjusting it slightly.

"You have it," It was a more of an act of reassurance than anything.

Harry nodded, "Any reason you felt the need to escape the tense atmosphere?" his lips curved into a tiny smile as she scoffed, taking her original place.

She gently rested her head on his right shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her. Together they were, but each of their minds wandered alone…

Unknown to both, a certain redhead watched them quietly, jealously pumping through his veins and the feeling of loneliness washed over him.

'This was how it was going to end.' He thought, his fists clenched. 'They'll toss you aside once the war is over.'

Nott spent the next two hours in pure silence, save for the soft thumps of his steps as he climbed onto a small bed. Lying flat on his back, his fingers ran through his curly mess while he focused his gaze on the fluttering flaps.

Potter had been gone for a good three hours since their close fight and Granger had joined him after a good thirty minutes. He frowned once he processed the name. His apology was still due. Whatever fascination or awe he had felt at setting sight on the locket disappeared pretty quickly.

He himself was still trying to gather what had happened last night; it felt as if the air was choking him. Once she had worn the locket, he heard a voice, a dark whisper in his mind.

The voice knew his mother. It was all he needed to spin out of control. He didn't remember the exact words though once he gave it his best guess they were something similar to seeing his mother. If there was anything he wanted in the world, it was a chance to witness his mother. The locket promised him that in exchange for Granger's life.

He wasn't a murderer; he wouldn't have attempted it IF and ONLY he had control. His arms and legs moved on their own accord and words tumbled forth from his mouth. To his own ears, his voice had completely changed- matching the tone of the locket.

If no one believed him, tough shit, he really did try to bring his movements to a stop. Though, the feeling of being helpless thundered down on him. Granger's terrified face was imprinted into his mind, her eyes wide, the life slowly leaving her doe, honey brown orbs…

Her nails scraped against his skin- a nonverbal plead to let go though he had held strong. It was then that he felt the air kicked out from his lungs. The last thing he saw was his best mate's furious face. His silver eyes held a storm worthy of sending a couple of first years to tears. Jaw and fists clenched, shoulders tense, his body rigid, and lastly pants escaped from his lips. After the night events passed, he had woken up- the most annoying of chirps assaulting his ears.

His gaze shifted once he realized Draco glaring at him. Arching an eyebrow, he sat up but not before two figures entered the tent.

Potter and Granger…

Squaring his shoulders, he marched towards Granger with his head low, "Granger," he stated, the atmosphere turning uncomfortable at once as she turned around. "Have a minute to spare?"

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he watched as she turned to her precious saint to send him a wordless request. At Potter's nod, Nott rolled his eyes as she hesitantly acknowledged him with her nervous eyes.

"I…" he felt the words escape his throat once her honey gaze focused on him. The same eyes which he almost watched the life leave…

No! 'Get a grip Theo,' he hissed, mentally slapping himself for getting into such an awkward situation. Weasley was presumably asleep since his back was turned and he lay on his bed. Potter and Granger were studying him with narrowed eyes and Draco was laughing at his misery. Judging by the amused glint in his eyes, of course. "I just wanted to say sorry for last night,"

"What happened last night?" Potter cut in, his suspicion rising as he glared at Nott who ignored his question and pinned his stare at Hermione.

'What the hell?' she thought, her palms turning sweaty as she tried her hardest to ignore Nott's demanding stare. Why did he have to mention that? In front of Harry, no less. Her bespectacled friend looked completely lost to as what was going on. Only her, Nott and Malfoy.

As if he invaded her thoughts, the blond Slytherin locked gazes with her before his face turned to stone, instantly breaking the staring contest.

"You're saying sorry," the words were meant to be a question though they came out sounding more like a statement. As if she couldn't believe it. Inwardly grimacing, she bit down on her lip as he nodded slowly.

A small curve of her lips led into a soft smile as she murmured, "Apology accepted,"

The relief Nott felt was like no other- he nearly staggered back after the words felt her mouth. Returning the timid smile, he turned to smirk at his mate who merely sneered.

As the afternoon rolled around, Hermione watched as Harry handed over the locket to Ron who avoided eye-contact with his so-called best friend. Frowning, she couldn't help but notice his distance since the morning. Yesterday had been fine, he'd entered conversations with her and Harry though today, it was as if he was ignoring them.

No matter what was going on in his brain, she knew it was merely a load of lies. He'd get over it quickly, right?

As night approached, Hermione found herself surrounded by books- searching for anything which could lead to clues to destroying the bloody horcrux. Opposite to her, sat Harry; his spectacles slid down his nose as he tiredly pushed them back. She bit back a sigh once it occurred to her whose chance to wear the locket it was. Judging by the worn out expression on his face, he would be needing his sleep more than anyone. Her gaze left the text in front of her and concentrated on the lump on top of a bed. Distant sounds could be heard as she clutched the cover of the book hard.

The boy opposite frowned at her intense grip as she merely mumbled back an apology, her right hand moving to support her cheek and her left moving to toy with a loose thread on her jumper. She glanced in surprise as the radio suddenly stopped. Was Ron going to sleep? Her earlier suspicions rushed back to her head as a deep frown settled on her doe-like features. It took her all but three seconds to realize the worry etched into her bespectacled friend's face.

Avoiding the concern, her eyes sought out the familiar ice-blond hair- finding him and his companion re-applying Parkinson's bandages. The girl's long raven hair cascaded beneath her shoulders, her face pinched into what seemed like worry. Hints of fear could also be detected due to her wrinkled brows…

Oh god- she had let her focus wander for the second time! No more Ron or Slytherins. Focus on Harry and the horcruxes…

It felt like eternity as she gathered every speck of knowledge she had accumulated upon the needed topic as she scoured through the memories. The first horcrux he had ever unintentionally destroyed was the diary- Tom Riddle's diary. In the chamber of secrets with a Basilisk fang…

Great. She sighed and tucked her curls behind her ear delicately as her fingers absentmindedly tapped the table- soon forming a comfortable rhythm. Where in the name of Godric would they be able to receive an item such that?

She watched as her friend pushed the inky strands from his eyes and frowned once she realized his hair had grown quite a bit.

"Harry?" he looked up, his green eyes swimming with curiosity but she could detect glints of tiredness. Shaking her head, she offered him a weak smile, "I think it's time for a haircut."

A few minutes had passed since she had started her job of trimming his hair- she could feel a pair of eyes observing her. Clutching the scissors tightly, she trained her focus on snipping the tiny hairs on the nape of his neck. Though, she felt her focus wander as frustration nagged at her. She was supposed to be Hermione Granger- Brightest Witch of her Age. Dumbledore had left a book to her- one of childish tale- to her in his will. Having no luck to figuring out its importance irritated her to no end.

'Okay, Hermione, let's try this again,' her mind muttered to her as she inhaled deeply.

In their second year, Harry Potter destroyed a horcrux- Tom Riddle's diary to be specific- in the Chamber of Secrets. He destroyed it with a Basilisk fang, stabbing one of the pages. How would that help her, though? Harry had murdered the Basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor…which Fawkes had provided him with along with the Sorting Hat. Then, it suddenly clicked as if it were a missing piece to a puzzle. It all… it all made sense. Halting in her movements, she quickly re-thought her hunch, not willing to offer her best friend false hope.

"Oh my god," she mumbled disbelievingly, making her way to the table, still messily covered with open books. Setting the blades down, she grasped a book with care, flipping the pages until the description of the Sword of Gryffindor stared right up at her.

"What?" Harry asked, turning his head to gaze at her. Noticing her excitement, he immediately left his chair and made his way towards her.

"I'll tell you in a minute!" her eyes scanned the text until a slow grin curved her lips.

"Maybe…you can tell me now?"

"Harry, the Sword of Gryffindor!" shoving the book into his hands, she pointed at a small portion of the text as she looked up, grinning at him. "It's goblin-made!"

"That's news…?" he tried as she shook her head.

"No, you don't understand! It only takes in what makes it stronger!"

"Yea…I'm lost," he mumbled, frowning at her.

Hermione had to restrain the sigh which almost left her mouth, "Harry, in the Chamber of Secrets, you stabbed the Basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor," she said slowly, her smile widening once it dawned over him.

"It only takes in what makes it stronger," he repeated as he clenched his fists.

"Its blade is impregnated with Basilisk venom, which means…" she trailed off, waiting for him to complete her sentence.

"It can destroy horcruxes," he whispered, his eyes rapidly growing. "Hermione you are…" struggling to find the perfect word, he settled on "…brilliant. Truly."

"That's why Dumbledore left it to you in his will!" Hermione squealed. She knew their Headmaster had clues for them. They just needed to find them. Her thoughts wandered to the children's book and she almost frowned.

Keyword- almost; she was too happy to realize the two Slytherins lurking in the shadows. Though, Harry wasn't, his head whipped around- his eyes narrowed, his lips pursed.

"You know you two can come out now," he hissed and she gasped as the two humans made themselves known.

"We were wondering how long it would take you two to notice our presence," Malfoy remarked, his lips twitching to form his trademark-smirk.

However, before Hermione could conjure a witty retort, the lights went out. She frowned as shuffling could be heard and suddenly, Ronald Weasley stood in front of them. The lights returned and she could see a sneer upon the redhead's lips. Her heart sank.

'No,' she chanted, biting her bottom lip nervously. He would never. He couldn't.

His baby blue eyes gazed at every single person, inspecting them slowly before they settled on Harry. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she fidgeted with her fingers- finally deciding to interlock them.

"Yeah," he sneered, "I've been here the whole time," stressing on the last two words. His piercing stare switched to Hermione and she flinched. "I saw you two early," he muttered quietly.

Her worst suspicions were confirmed as she gasped for the second time for the hour, "Ron… Ron that's nothing," she tried, pleading with him.

It didn't work judging by the harsh glance he directed at her.

The next few minutes passed like a blur- one minute Ron was snarling at Harry, and the next, he was shouting at Ron. Apparently, the furious redhead decided it was fine to use physical means. Hermione let out a choked sob and turned her gaze to plead with Malfoy and Nott. They merely arched an eyebrow at her and silently shook their heads. It wasn't their fight.

"No!" Hermione quickly came in between her boys and began to tug Ron away from the latter. He snatched his hand away from her- as if her touch burned him, and shot a nasty look at her.

"Fine then!" Harry screamed, his breathing quickening. "LEAVE!"

Ron didn't spare a glance at his so-called best friend and turned to her. The question in his eyes was crystal clear.

Approaching with a different method, Hermione reached out to him, "Ron, please, remove the locket," struggling to unclasp it, she whispered softly, "You wouldn't be… be saying these things-"

"And you?" he interrupted harshly, taking a step back. "Are you coming or are you staying?"

NO! Hermione couldn't- she couldn't process what he had just uttered to her. Her heart thumped wildly against her ribcage as she whipped her head towards her best friend. She knew her answer- there wasn't a single doubt.

"Okay, I see how it is," Ron hissed, tugging the locket off his neck and throwing it to the ground.

"Weasley-" Nott began but was intersected pretty quickly.

"Don't even utter a word to me, you filthy useless Death Eater!" he boomed, shoving the flaps of the tent and stepping outside.

Casting Nott an apologetic glance, she rushed after the furious Weasley. "Ron wait! Where are you going?!"

He didn't answer, he merely took longer strides as she fought to keep up with him. She could feel the mud and rusted leaves enter her shoes but none, none of it mattered. What mattered was her friend confirming one of her worst nightmares. He was going to leave. Ronald Weasley was going to leave Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

Finally, the redhead stopped, and turned to her, offering her a final glare before twisting on his heel. The sound of whipping air drowned out her cry, "RON, NO!"

Gone. Staring at the spot he was, she turned on her heel and ran with clumsy steps back to the tent. Bursting inside, tears streaked her cheeks and her shoes were filled with mud. She didn't care if Malfoy or Nott saw her like this. Not now. Not considering the circumstances. Meeting Harry's horrified and defeated gaze, she confirmed his worst fears with a choked whisper, "He's gone,"

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