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"Now remember-" "Don't be a slippery snake, got it." Dani nodded quickly.

Remus snorted and turned to talk to Lily.

Dani hugged her father tightly before jumping onto the train and heading towards the back (it was easier to plan pranks at the back where not many people were).

She slid the compartment door open to find a red-headed boy already sitting there. He looked up as the door opened.

"Hello, can join you?" She asked.

The boy nodded, glancing out the window of the train and over to a small group of redheads.

"Are they your family?" Dani asked.

The boy nodded again before saying, "I just managed to escape."

Dani giggled at that.

She then heaved her trunk up into the luggage rack and then sat down opposite the boy.

"Introductions are in order." Dani said.

"I'm Ron Weasley." The boy told her.

"Black, Dani Black." She stated leaning forward ever so slightly to peer out the train window to see where Harry was.

"Danielle Black? A Black?" The boy asked.

"If you call me that again I'll smother you in your sleep with a pillow." She told Ron, making his ears turn red.

"My cousin should be coming soon." She added watching out the window as Harry stepped up onto the train.

"Who's your cousin?" Ron asked.

"Harry." Dani said, carefully avoiding a last name, "We aren't blood related, well, I guess we are, all wizards except muggleborns are related one way or another."

"Okay." Ron shrugged.

The compartment door opened and Harry entered, "Jeez, Dani, you could've of picked a compartment closer to the doors, you know?"

"This is Harry." Dani nodded over towards the Potter.

"Oh, hi," Harry grinned over at Ron before turning back to Dani, "You realise there are, like a million other compartments near the doors of the train? I had to pull my trunk along the whole train! My back hurts now!"

"Merlin, you sound like Uncle Moony." Dani grumbled.

"Do not!" Harry cried out.

Apparently being called Remus Lupin was an insult.

"Why didn't Aunt Lily or Uncle Prongs put a feather charm on your trunk if it's so heavy?" Dani raised an eyebrow.

"Because I don't need them to, I can do it myself! We're the new Marauder's now; that means we do stuff on our own!"

"What's a marauder?" Ron asked.

"We are, and so are you now, because your our friend." Harry stated, finally entering the compartment and putting his trunk away. He then sat down next to Ron.

"You stupid!" Dani said suddenly, "We need the cloak and map!"

"I'm not stupid! You're stupid!" Harry cried.

"Well, you're a slithering snake." Dani retorted hotly.

"You did not!" Harry cried.

Dani grabbed some parchment and a quill out her trunk before scribbling a letter out;

To Dad,

Harry forgot the cloak and he forgot to remind me to bring the map, so it's all his fault; tell Uncle Prongs that Harry should be grounded for a week next holidays.

We already made a new friend Ron.



Dani then unlocked her owl's cage and tied the letter to his foot. She then picked him up and flung him out the moving train's window.

"Done!" She sat back down and grinned at Harry as if nothing had happened.

"So," Harry started, "How do we make our existence known?"

"You've done a pretty good job of that already." Dani smirked.

Harry shrugged, "I was thinking we get to Hogwarts the way the older years get there."

"Smart." Dani nodded, "You wanna do it with us Ron?"

"I'll pass." Ron leant back in his seat.

It was like they'd all been friends for years.