Chapter 4: A Few Surprises to Go with Dinner

Once Globby and Felony Carl left Muirahara Beach, they began their long journey back to San Fransokyo. Instead of taking the route they previously took, they kept east on Serpentine Hwy as they proceeded to drive through another section of hills. Their route put them along the side of elevated ground this time instead of below, enabling them to gaze more of the surrounding area's greenery while their own hillside provided intermittent shade.

After making their way northeast for less than 10 minutes, they came across the intersection they took to get to the woods, meaning they'd just have to retrace their journey from there. The traffic had already started to pick up again once they were on the highway, but it wasn't as bad as it was earlier. They quickly made it to Ringito and got themselves back on the main highway heading south. Felony Carl was able to stick to a faster speed and only had to pass a slower semitruck one time. Baia City and Sumahamita came and went on their left in a matter of minutes as they faced no car crashes or traffic jams (much to their relief).

As the Lenore Shimamoto tunnel came into view, both men went "Wooo" as they drove through and clearly marking a new tradition for the former felons. More cars were coming onto the highway now as Torii Gate Bridge appeared before them, with San Fransokyo's skyscrapers looming behind it. The salty air returned as the noise level increased significantly from where the two had been for the last two hours.

Dibs peered upward as they passed under the vermillion structures on their drive over the bay, still amazed every time at how big they were. Can't wait to come back here later, he excitedly told himself.

In no time at all, they were back on the opposite side of the bridge and going through the tunnels they went through earlier. Felony Carl proceeded to get off of the highway as they began driving home; admittedly, staying on the highway would normally have been a faster route, but there had been construction further down it and the biker knew his way around the city pretty well that it didn't warrant a shortcut. Dibs still held onto Carl as he made the necessary turns and stops, gazing around at the businesses they passed and the surrounding features the city had to offer; before too long, the duo was once again on the ever-familiar Ichiba St. and parking in front of their apartment. Dibs finally let go of the motorcyclist as the engine stopped, followed by changing back to his standard Globby form and absorbing his bike helmet back from where it came from. He then needed a good stretch from sitting for such a long time as Felony Carl joined him on the sidewalk.

"Well, that was a fun time. Thanks for driving Carl," Globby said before he went to grab the groceries.

"Providing the chauffeur service was no problem. Let us relax for a little before heading over to Joe's. I still need to prepare the dessert for tonight," Felony Carl informed him.

The gelatinous mutant looked at him and let a warm smile spread across his face. "Awww, you're too good to me. Need any help?"

Felony Carl shook his head and with a sly smile replied, "It will not be much of a surprise if you see it before the appropriate time."

"Okay. But I can't guarantee I won't know what it is before you finish making it. I have keen senses," Globby said with a wink. He put his hand on top of the basket he made and like the helmet, reabsorbed it into himself. "Let's get upstairs so you can get started then."

The pink and purple shapeshifter was essentially banished from the kitchen for the next couple hours as Felony Carl worked on the mystery dessert. He had already checked his phone for any missed messages and when he found none, resorted to deducing the sweet treat. Globby could make out it was something baked as he heard the oven click on and could smell what he thought were strawberries. He also heard the cracking of eggs and the beaters whirring to life as it mixed the batter.

Oh, if only I had paid attention to what was in the pantry, I could probably make a better guess; granted, Carl may have hidden them away so I wouldn't find them anyway. Maybe he's using some of the stuff we bought today, he puzzled as he sat on the couch (although he still believed it to be a sofa). The TV was on but he wasn't paying attention to it. Doubt it's the coffee or grapes and all the bread we got were savory. He did get strawberries and blueberries, so probably a cake, cheesecake or one of those trifle I've heard about, but my money's on cake. He then stopped his train of thought and mentally forehead slapped himself. What am I doing just sitting here? I should be doing some more work on Felony Carl's gift.

The gelatinous mutant proceeded to quietly get up and after checking that no one was watching him, went back to their room and pulled out his present. It was a scrapbook with dull metal spikes indented along the entire outside, so it was still textured but was safe to hold. It was glittery (of course), but was varying shades of pink that patterned out to look like pixelated flames; he did this because he knew Felony Carl would enjoy it since being tough and enjoying pretty things weren't mutually exclusive. In light of today's event, Globby opened it up and with a little concentration, made a new page at the end of an already packed book. He was debating about if he needed to add anything else to it when he heard a "Mreow."

Globby looked down to find Jasmine waiting in the doorway staring at him. He raised a gelatinous eyebrow and with a smile, teased, "Oh, you better not be in here spying on me for Carl."


"A likely story," he accused her with faux suspicion. He then decided to put the book back in his pillow case and hoped for the best. He proceeded to shapeshift into Dibs so he could bend down and pick their white feline up without possibly getting her messy. "There. That better?" the disguised mutant said as he began petting her along her body. She purred in response as Dibs carried her back into the front room. Felony Carl was still in the kitchen, so Dibs sat down on the couch again and changed back to his normal self after he placed Jasmine next to him. "Want some more?" he asked as the blue and green-eyed cat just kept staring at him. "I'll take that as a yes." He then turned his right hand into a brush and began moving along her back.

About 5 minutes later, a timer went off as Globby heard some noise come from within the kitchen. "You still good?"

"Affirmative," Felony Carl called out from the other room. Normally, he would have made this yesterday or earlier today, but it would have then been impossible for Globby not to see it. While the dessert was cooling, the husky biker went back into the living room to join his boyfriend in some TV watching.

"So, is it done?" the shapeshifter inquired as he scooted over to make room for him.

"It is not yet complete. I will assemble everything once it is at an ideal temperature and it should take me no longer than 30 minutes from there," Felony Carl answered as he scooped up Jasmine and sat down. There was something else the larger man planned on doing, but neglected to tell Globby so as not to ruin the surprise.

"Alright. Guess we'll go have dinner then once you're done. You up for walking there?"

Felony Carl nodded in agreement as he turned to watch TV. Sweet! Don't want him to drive if he doesn't have to, especially after all he's done today; plus, where I'm taking us afterwards, wheels won't do it, he joked to himself.

"So, anything good on?" the bandana-clad man asked.

"Not sure. I was mainly focused on Jasmine here, but I think there's still a tennis match on," Globby informed him.

"Sounds optimal to me." The two men then got comfortable on the couch as they waited for Felony Carl to eventually leave to finish the dessert. After about 40 minutes, he left and the gelatinous mutant switched the channel to local news. He watched to see if there was anything he missed while they were gone as well as if there were any upcoming events; he was flattered when they briefly mentioned his robbery foiling feat he performed earlier. Roughly 30 minutes later, Felony Carl returned as promised and stated, "I am ready to depart if you are." Globby then nodded, stood up and gestured towards the doorway.

"After you."

Walking to Joe's Diner certainly took longer than driving or swinging there, but made it much easier for talking than the other options. It was late afternoon/early evening now as the skyline was turning shades of oranges and pinks. The traffic both on the sidewalks and street were also starting to pick up as Globby and Felony Carl steadily made their way.

"So, any hints as to what you made for when we get back home?" the shapeshifter inquired with an eager smile.

"Did you perchance have trouble deducing the confectionary treat I fabricated?" the animal-loving motorcyclist countered with a sly smile.

"Well, I have some ideas, but if I can hedge my bets, then I might as well try," Globby replied as he sidestepped to let another pedestrian pass on the sidewalk.

"Sorry to inform you, but I will refrain from giving you any more details on what I baked," Felony Carl cheekily said to him.

"Okay," Globby grumbled, but only slightly since he wasn't too worried about whether he was right or wrong about the cake. They walked for another block in silence before the pink and purple man said, "So…remember this morning when I talked about a request?" Felony Carl simply nodded in response before Globby continued. "I was going to ask, if you're up for it that is, if I could give you a decent view of the city?"

The unibrowed man raised part of said unibrow up in intrigue and after a few seconds of pondering Globby's words, answered yes.

The reformed mutant smiled with joy as he hugged Felony Carl with gratitude. "I just know you're going to love it! It's really a shame though I haven't thought of this sooner. We'll have to wait…"


The two turned towards the direction of the sound; it seemed to be from a couple streets over. They then looked at each other with puzzled expressions.


Without a moment's more of delay, Globby shot his arms up to the nearest roof and called down to Carl, "I'll see you at Joe's" before rushing off to the disturbance.

Although Felony Carl now wished he had his motorcycle so he could catch up with Globby, he knew there'd be a chance he'd be in the way; instead, he decided to take this opportunity and head over to Joe's as originally planned and make sure everything was ready. He also figured the kind words he wanted to say to Globby would be just as poignant outside the diner as if they were spoken at the scene of his most current deed.

After Felony Carl was left on the sidewalk, Globby began rapidly searching for whatever made those sounds. From his elevated position, his luminescent eyes spotted something two streets over and four streets up. It appeared to be a white semitruck and trailer speeding down the way as it let out another loud "HOOONNK," clearly in distress and unable to stop. The screeching noise returned as it must have made contact with another car and the metal scraped together.

The shapeshifter quickly dashed over the rooftops to get to the right street, but now the truck was less than three blocks away. He could see the road was slanted on a hill, which unfortunately meant the vehicle needed help to slow down. Of all the places for the brakes to go out. Are the emergency brakes out too or did they even try them yet? Globby internally wondered and worried. He was about to jump into the street, spray some sticky solution and form a wall out of himself when he briefly looked at the road on his left. Below, he saw the evening traffic blocking an intersection as they waited for the light to turn green further up the block.

Nope! That takes priority, he rapidly thought. The gelatinous mutant still swung himself down to street level, except he turned towards the grey-blue van and evergreen colored truck in the middle of the road. The people in their cars caught sight of him out of the corner of their eyes and were initially confused, until they saw the speeding truck and their confusion turned to panic. Globby wasted no time as he dove between the cars, turning himself into a magenta puddle before splitting into two and flowing under both vehicles. He then took hold of them from below and pivoted each out of the way like swinging doors. Less than 10 seconds later, the semitruck came plowing through and narrowly avoided the cars.

Just before the giant truck finished crossing the intersection, Globby slid out from under the automobiles and shot an arm out from each puddle to hitch a ride on the back of the trailer. The two sides quickly converged on top to shape back into his standard form before he attempted to stop the coasting semi. He first tried to stretch his arms to each of the nearby light posts, startling some people that were walking near them. He concentrated hard to keep himself together and attached to the truck, but unfortunately the vehicle's momentum was too much and it was just pulling his limbs ever longer; the street lamps were also starting to lean from the extra strain on them.

Okay, two arms aren't enough. I got to try more before these get ripped right off me, he silently said as he grunted and let go of the poles. His arms audibly snapped backed to him as they whipped through the air, causing him to take a step back from the elastic force. Globby recovered half a second later and proceeded to try again to stop the semi as it barreled past another intersection. This time, the gelatinous mutant melted back down as he spread throughout the back half of the trailer, dripping along the sides and end. Then like a pink squid, he launched tentacles in all directions as they reached to grab whatever they could; trees, light posts, the road, anything.

His tendrils stretched as the semitruck kept pulling him down the street while he tried to keep it in place. Come on! You kept back a tidal wave, so you sure as heck can stop this, he pep-talked himself. The shapeshifter strained as he refused to let his limbs budge another inch. Through his effort, he could feel the truck's momentum start to wane as he held on and the combined adhesion of the pink slime became stronger. As the semi got easier to handle, so did the worry in Globby as he continued to pull it back from crossing another street and keeping it from gaining its speed again. After what seemed like ages, the truck was virtually still, but not completely out of trouble.

The reformed mutant refused to let go until he was sure it wasn't going to move without help. He proceeded to focus an additional tentacle on the underside of the vehicle, where he shot sticky green slime onto the front and back wheels, knowing it would take some effort to dislodge it now. Globby cautiously let his pink vines go one at a time, still gripping the trailer in case he was wrong about his adhesive solution. When the last of his extra appendages made it back to him, he finally relaxed as he dripped onto the ground.

It's days like this that make me wonder if my timing is that good or if crazy is just attracted to me; as long as it has a happy ending though, I guess it doesn't really matter, Globby reflected as he returned to his humanoid shape. The shapeshifter looked up the street and could see he had travelled some distance from where he had hopped on, but certainly seemed better than the alternative. Oh shoot! The driver! He then quickly rushed back to the front of the vehicle and opened the driver's side door.

Inside, he could see a man in his 50s wearing a red and gold striped shirt with black pants in the seat; he quite frankly looked a mix of exhausted and relieved as he still grasped the steering wheel.

"Are you okay?" Globby considerately asked him. The man closed his eyes, let out a deep sigh and nodded his head. He then shakily stepped down onto the ground as he seemed in disbelief that he was alright. "What happened here?" the shapeshifter inquired before the sound of police sirens could be heard. Oh good. They're finally coming.

The middle-aged man now appeared to be in a nervous fit as he rapidly explained, "It was an accident I swear! I was delivering to a shop on Sakura St. and went to take a brief nap before my next long haul; next thing I know, I feel it moving and I'm making a mad dash to stop it, but the dang gear shift wouldn't budge! Then, by the time I thought about the emergency brake, the truck was going too fast and would have caused more harm than good!"

Globby was empathetic and could understand his fear. "Well, I can't guarantee everything will be okay on the police end, but be glad no one got hurt or else there'd really be something to worry about," he informed the still panicking man. The flashing red and blue lights from behind caused them to turn as it alerted them to the police's arrival and that this situation was about to be passed off.

The gelatinous mutant turned back towards the driver and consoled him by saying, "For what it's worth, seeing you clearly in distress behind the wheel tells me you were trying to get it to stop, so I believe you. Need me to stay or do you think you got it?"

The driver's eyes darted between him and the officers walking up to them before shaking his head no. "Thank…for both the save and the offer," he told Globby as he nervously fidgeted his hands.

"You're welcome. I'm just glad I could help," the shapeshifter responded as he briefly scratched the back of his neck, clearly flattered and a little bashful anytime someone told him so.

Two policemen finally made it to them with one being only in his 30s with brown hair and the other being a seasoned veteran in his 50s with salt and pepper hair. "Is this the driver?" the older one asked. Globby nodded as did the other middle-aged man.

"You guys got everything covered, right?" the pink and purple man inquired as he pointed a gelatinous thumb at the semitruck.

The two uniformed men exchanged a brief look and after a shrug, the first policeman answered, "We'll take it from here."

"Perfect. I'll be at Joe's if you think of anything else," Globby said to them before quickly stretching his left arm to the nearest roof and starting his brief journey. Man, to think this time last year, I would have avoided the police like the plague, he silently remarked as he swung building to building.

The sky was officially encroaching on twilight when Globby arrived at the beloved diner, where he found Felony Carl waiting outside. "Hey," the reformed mutant called down as he landed next to the husky biker. "You didn't have to wait outside for me," he stated, feeling a little perplexed.

Felony Carl gave a small smile as he took a step closer to Globby. "It is no inconvenience at my expense to standout here. I was wanting to say a few words prior to entering this establishment anyway," the buff man informed him.

"Okay. Fire away."

Felony Carl proceeded to take one of the shapeshifter's hands as he gave a tender look. "To see you so happy and to know it comes from giving selflessly to others, I am overcome with an immense sense of elation and pride. As I said before, 'You are special,' but not from the possession of powers; you are special because of your ability to try and to do whatever you can to be the best you every day. Your crime fighting exploits are commendable to say the least, but you truly excel when it comes to helping those in need." Felony Carl briefly paused so he could get a breath before continuing. "For these and so many other reasons, that is why I have been so inclined to celebrate today and aspire to see you enjoying everything you have worked towards."

Globby's eyes were rippling and shiny as Felony Carl finished, who still held his hand. A moment later, the gelatinous mutant was hugging him with one arm as he whispered, "Thank you for being there to make it mean so much more." I sure hope this doesn't give away what I got him. Felony Carl returned the one arm hug with a warm smile on his face.

"Awwww!" came a voice from inside.

"Huh?" Globby muttered as he let go and searched for the source.

The motorcyclist flashed a sly smile now and said, "It appears as though you have heard your next surprise." He then pushed open the door to Joe's, where Hiro, Fred, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Go Go stood waving and were bracing for an expected hug.

"Guys!" Globby exclaimed as he did not disappoint and collectively hugged them. "I didn't expect to see you here!"

"Clearly," Go Go flatly remarked as they were cleanly released from the embrace.

The shapeshifter turned back to Felony Carl and gave him an appreciative look before asking, "How'd you do it?"

"After your speech this morning on the effect your transformation has had on those close to you, I readjusted my original plan and called the other important people in your life. The intelligent young lady in yellow gave me her number in case there were ever any problems and you couldn't be reached, as well as for if something happened to you and I needed to be kept in the loop," the bandana-clad man casually explained.

Globby proceeded to hug Felony Carl again before telling him, "You know what? With the friends, the dessert and the special trip, you're practically turning this anniversary into a birthday party…and I'm loving it."

The husky biker gave a small laugh and replied, "Birthdays are already an anniversary event, so there was not much that had to be modified. Care to sit down and order?"

"Oh right," he responded a little embarrassed before everyone took their seats with Felony Carl and Globby in their usually booth and the other five superheroes in the adjoining one.

Before their waitress came by, Honey Lemon peered over the booth and excitedly asked, "How's your day been?"

Globby smiled bigly and answered, "It's been amazing! Carl here surprised me with balloons and a present when I woke up as it totally slipped my mind what day it was, much less thinking to celebrate it. We then drove uptown, there was a little trouble, we got ice cream, and we went to the Marianas Market. Ooo, that reminds me. There was a young woman selling specialty hats, so do you think you'd like one that looks like a cat?"

The chemist paused as she pondered the question before replying, "Sure."

"Sweet. Oh and Fred, there was one that looked like an alien. Sound cool?"

Fred stuck his head up upon hearing his name and said, "Uhh…yeah. I'll at least try it on. Mini-Max would probably like it too since he's been going through a phase of trying on my clothes."

"Okay," Globby slowly stated as he raised a gelatinous eyebrow in curiosity. The shapeshifter proceeded to continue with his story. "Anyway, after the market, we took a drive out of town and we go all the way to Muirahara Woods, but we didn't stay long since I remembered what you guys told me," he recalled a little sullenly. Felony Carl nodded as he confirmed that part of the story. "So, instead we went to Muirahara Beach and I thought I'd try that ice bridge stuff you like to do Honey Lemon, except I went full-on roller coaster. Wished we'd taken a picture, but there maybe something online by now. We'll have to check," Globby said and getting a bit off track. "Really not much else happened on the drive back, but Felony Carl here just keeps surprising me and says he's going to bake something for tonight. You clearly put in the maximum effort on this," the reformed mutant remarked as he stared coyly at the other reformed criminal, who shrugged and gave a sly smile.

"Ahh. Too bad we won't get any of it," Fred grumbled and prompting Wasabi to comfort him by patting him on the back.

"Since Baymax's not here," he quickly explained to the others.

A moment later, their server Debbie stopped at Felony Carl and Globby's table as they ordered some iced teas and some burgers. Globby waited to finish his story until after she went over to his friends' table and got them taken care of. "Lastly, we were just walking over here when there was some loud honking in the distance, so I go to investigate and had to deal with an out-of-control semitruck! I stopped it, but that thing really wanted to keep on going," he commented as he gestured with his hand.

"Yeah, we thought we heard something, but Felony Carl said you were already on it and stuff," Hiro informed the gelatinous mutant, who then turned to the aforementioned man and gave him a "Did he now?" look. Felony Carl just shrugged again like it was no big deal.

Globby turned back towards his friends and inquired, "Now, how was your day guys?"

Hiro answered first by saying, "I played some video games at home before spending some time as SFIT to finish up a project."

"That he's been procrastinating on," Go Go added in unnecessarily and making Hiro fluster in embarrassment. Shortly afterwards, their server returned with everyone's drinks before returning to the kitchen. Go Go decided to then speak up with her response. "I did some work on my bike and got in a brief sparring session at headquarters in."

Felony Carl nodded in respect and remarked, "Nice."

Fred excitedly went next. "Ooo ooo. For my day, I did some online shopping and found a rare misprinted comic book of 'Danger Face,' where a civilian called him 'Danger Fake.' I mean, how crazy is that?"

"I mainly spent the morning cleaning my apartment until Honey Lemon and I had our yoga session at one," Wasabi recalled as he unfurled his napkin to place on his lap.

Honey Lemon nodded in agreement and told Globby, "The yoga was nice. Anyway, I was doing some landscape painting at Torii Gate Park this morning, but I managed to work on this before Wasabi and I had our session." She proceeded to reach into her jacket pocket and pulled out a pink card for Globby.

"Awww, you didn't have too. Thanks," the gelatinous mutant said appreciatively with a smile as he took the card and opened it. There was an initial surprise of it making a tiny cloud of glitter when he opened it, but once it cleared, he saw on the inside it was a handmade portrait of Big Hero 6 and him all in a group hug. He then read the little note written on the bottom of it: Thanks for everything Globby. Here's to another year .

The shapeshifter's eyes were shiny again as he passed the card the Felony Carl before geysering over the booth to land next to the chemist, who stood up on cue and welcomed the hug he offered. "You all are too good to me too," he sincerely told them as he closed his eyes during the embrace. After a few seconds, he let her go and returned to his seat, where he was handed the card back by Felony Carl. Globby sighed peacefully as he stared at it again, then looking up at his boyfriend and telling him, "I'll probably need you to hold on to this when we're done here. Afterall, you are the one with pockets."

The five members of Big Hero 6 turned their heads in curiosity to the two of them and making the gelatinous mutant wink before simply stating, "It's a surprise." They all made "Ooh" expressions as they proceeded to turn back towards each other.

Felony Carl looked at Globby and asked, "Is there a miniscule chance you will let me in on what activity is to follow dinner?"

Globby raised a gelatinous eyebrow and cheekily answered, "Not unless you want to let me in on what you made for after my activity. By the way, the guess I have is you made a cake."

The husky biker didn't show any twitch or indication that Globby was right, but instead just quietly sipped his tea. He is good. Definitely why he always wins at poker. A couple of minutes later, Debbie came out with the former felons' burgers and fries, then proceeded to fetch the five other meals.

For the next half hour, everyone spent it enjoying their dinner, making light conversation and laughing at various jokes. When it came time to leave, Globby made sure to give another group hug to his friends before they waved goodbye and started walking back to their homes. Felony Carl stood at his side as he watched them go until they were gone.

"That was a nice time Carl. Thanks for the lovely surprise. I just hope you enjoyed it too," Globby considerately said to Felony Carl.

The motorcyclist nodded and with a smile replied, "They were the definition of conviviality."


"They are fun and friendly people."

"Oh. Yep, they are." The gelatinous mutant then let a sly expression appear on his face as he asked, "Ready?"



I hope you enjoyed the little bit of trouble thrown into the mix as something seems to always be happening in San Fransokyo nowadays. ;) So, now you know what Globby has made for his present to Felony Carl, but not necessarily its contents; there is also still the matter of what Felony Carl got Globby and what he made for dessert, so feel free to speculate until the last chapter. In addition, I thought having most of Big Hero 6 at Joe's Diner would have added an extra layer of sweetness as well as emphasize the importance of Globby's support network. Them being there would also further showcase the point that Globby has had an affect on their lives and vice versa. ^_^

Now, since next week is the day before Halloween, I plan on posting my new BH6 story "Scare to Care," so the last chapter will be posted in two weeks. (I hope you give the new work a try since it has all the heroes helping out a charity haunted house, only for someone to start sabotaging it Halloween night).

The final chapter will have Felony Carl and Globby have their funny activity and get to open presents. ^_^