Chapter 5: Scenic Views and Gifts

The duo took a brief walk to a lot that was nice, open and most importantly, free of moving vehicles. Once there, Globby proceeded to move away from Felony Carl until they were about 15 feet apart. After flashing the biker a confident smile, the shapeshifter began turning into his pterodactyl form. His arms turned into giant pink wings, his transparent body stretched into a bigger frame and his head became pointy. Felony Carl had seen Globby transform several times almost every day, but he rarely got to see him on this scale. When the gelatinous mutant was done, he smiled again and rotated to indicate for Carl to hop aboard. As soon as he stepped on his wing, Globby took care of moving him from there.

Doing his best flight attendant voice, the pink and purple man (now dinosaur) proceeded with his mock announcement. "We'd like to thank you for riding with Globby Air today. We know you have a choice when it comes to travel and it matters that you chose the gelatinous one. Please stow away all luggage and valuable items because I will be very apologetic if anything flies off. Exits are located on all sides, but let's not use them until after we reach our destination. If at any time you need something or have any concerns, feel free to shout it out and I will stop as passenger safety is our #1 priority." He then turned his head slightly to wink at his boyfriend and getting a small smirk in response. A moment later, Globby began beating his wings to start taking off and whipping up a cloud of dust in the process. Felony Carl peered over the side and through the pterodactyl's wing to see they were gaining altitude. Once they were above the surrounding buildings, Globby focused on flying forward as well as up.

By the time they started their journey, it was essentially dark now with the final glow of the sun just barely on the horizon; fortunately for them, this meant the street lights were on everywhere and creating a twinkling glow as they gazed at the city from on high. The wind rushed past them as it did early on Carl's motorcycle, but was cooler and more refreshing.

With excitement running through the two former criminals, they continued to gain distance from the lot as Globby started to ease into gliding. Making smooth, agile movements, the shapeshifter began going into wide-arcing spirals in order to give Felony Carl a 360° view. He saw the various skyscrapers and apartment buildings in the area during this current spin, with the lights from below reflected on their window façades; he even saw Torii Gate Bridge in the distance as the evening traffic drove across it.

After a minute or so, Globby broke out of his glide. Okay. Time to make our way to the bridge. The pink and purple pterodactyl proceeded to gain altitude again as they soared over the rooftops, gently weaving side to side to create a more dynamic ride without it being more dangerous. Felony Carl was in awe at the beauty the city offers from seeing it from a different perspective; he did wonder why Globby hadn't tried this with him before, but planned to ask him when they stopped.

Globby made his way further north and got an idea when they were near one of the skyscrapers. As they were closing in on the tower, the gelatinous mutant turned and began spiraling his way up alongside it; the people inside it were obviously surprised to see a transparent dinosaur fly by their window. Since Globby wasn't doing a steep incline, it took several times around to actually reach the top, but when they did, the whole city and bay laid before them. The bright lights patterned in intersecting lines were made all the more striking by the contrasting dark abyss of the water. There were also some dark patches with a few dots of light within the city, indicating where the smaller parks were at.

In one swift movement, Globby returned to gliding as they began the final leg of the journey. For a little added fun, he weaved through some of the floating wind turbines that occupied the sky with them, just like Hiro and Baymax had done first (but with less spinning). With being so high up and the continuous wind, the noise of the traffic and bustling people they were so used to hearing became a faint, almost singular sound. As the gelatinous pterodactyl aimed for the bridge, Felony Carl noticed the direction and knew where they would be landing. He took a brief look to his left as the sun had finally disappeared over the horizon and signaling it officially being night. A minute later, they were over Torii Gate Bridge and could see the various cars leaving and entering the city. Globby then put in a few more beats to carry them up and over the tall, orange structure as he gracefully landed on top. From there, he laid his wing out to allow Felony Carl to safely disembark before shifting back to his standard humanoid shape.

"And that is how I do it. Was the ride okay? Is it too high up or are you cold? I can make a blanket easy," the reformed mutant inquired anxiously as he wanted to make sure Felony Carl was comfortable.

The cat-loving biker didn't answer as he was staring at the lit cluster of buildings, kite turbines and hills that made up San Fransokyo. He stood taking in the view and sharing the feeling of grandness that Globby felt earlier at the forest. "You okay? Was it too much?" Globby asked with concern as he stepped closer to Felony Carl.

The large man put a comforting hand on the shapeshifter's shoulder and with a small smile answered, "I am feeling extraordinary. I merely was admiring the spectacular view that you no doubt were hoping for tonight."

Globby let out a sigh of relief and smiled too as he proceeded to sit down on the edge of the structure, patting the area next to him. Felony Carl took the hint and sat down before the gelatinous mutant leaned on Carl's shoulder to get comfortable. "So, did you enjoy the flight? I didn't want to do anything too crazy since it was your first time and the last thing I'd want is for you to get nervous or scared," Globby questioned again and still anxious for an answer.

Felony Carl let out a deep sigh before responding, "That was truly a delightful experience. You are an impressive flyer who provided me with a uniquely stunning journey that culminated into the gorgeous view we have now. We even have the proverbial heavenly bodies above to dazzle us."

Globby looked up to see that Felony Carl was right. Up and away from the concentrated lights of the city, some of the stars could be seen twinkling in the inky void of space that surrounded their blue marble. They sat for another minute just staring ahead, letting their legs dangle and listening to the cars driving below them before Felony Carl spoke again. "Given that this is your first time performing such a feat with me, if I may inquire, why have you waited until this evening to offer it? Were you worried about my reaction?"

The shapeshifter blinked and remained quiet as he contemplated why he never asked Carl to do this before. Huh. It'd be easy to just chalk it up to I never thought of it, but I've been able to fly for like nine months; that's a long time and it's always been so nice, so I don't think it's just that. Globby let out a deep sigh of his own as he answered, "Well, I'd say it's maybe 12-20% that the idea just took its sweet time to pop into my head. You know how it goes with me," adding in a small laugh to his self-deprecating remark. He then bore a more serious expression as he continued. "But I think the main reason is because I love what we have, and how you never pressured me to use my powers for you or to be anything other than just myself; granted, telling me to give up being a thief was for my own good, but turning into 'Globby' was the result of thievery and that was good, so probably a grey area on that one," Globby admitted with another small laugh at the end. "I guess I didn't feel the need to do anything so undeniably extraordinary as turning into a pterodactyl or making the ice coaster like I did today is because I didn't need to in order to make you happy. The little joys and surprises we do for each other each day brings a smile to both our faces and just makes us want to do it all again the next day."

Globby let out another contented sigh before he finished. "Plus, maybe I worried deep down it'd be seen as just showing off or trying to one up you in the surprise department instead of just wanting to have fun with you; after today though, you sure showed me on how to do surprises right and not needing to worry. So, anytime you feel like having some more fun like we did today, just let me know and I'll do my best to keep it original." He then added a playful wink and making Felony Carl give a small smirk in response.

The biker now rested his head on Globby's as they watched silently for a few moments. Felony Carl then broke the silence with his response. "Those feelings are valid and it is true that you do not have to transform into an extinct creature for me to find you extraordinary. The time we have spent today was beyond pleasant and perhaps it is best we reserve such displays of prowess to special occasions like this. Shifting to a reliance on one person to provide the excitement in a relationship does not bode well for maintaining it long term; besides, I would have a difficult time achieving such top-tier surprises in order to surpass you Globs." Felony Carl winked at Globby with a coy smile to indicated the last part wasn't for real, making the gelatinous mutant now smirk as they resigned to sit there for a little while longer as the world around them moved on by.

The two former felons had stayed on the top of Torii Gate Bridge for another good 15 minutes before deciding it was time to go. Globby once again turned into a pterodactyl as he flew Felony Carl and himself home. Their journey home was smooth as there were no high winds and the view was gorgeous as heading south offered more lit streets and building tops than their previous flight. They also could see some of the illuminated paths throughout the parks and hillsides they flew over, appearing like massive snakes that twisted along the ground. Before too long (less than 15 minutes), Globby spotted their apartment building and proceeded to land in the parking lot a block over. After whipping up another cloud of debris and letting Felony Carl off, the gelatinous mutant changed back to normal, took his boyfriend's hand and walked back to their place. Once they entered the apartment and turned on the lights, they were greeted with a "mreow" from Jasmine as she rubbed up against the biker's leg, clearly wanting attention.

"I can go feed her while you get the special dessert out," Globby offered. Felony Carl nodded in agreement as they both headed into the kitchen, where one went to get cat food while the other went to setup the table before going to the fridge. A minute later, the two had completed their tasks as Globby waited in anticipation to see what Felony Carl had made for tonight. The reformed bouncer turned around to reveal he'd placed a circular chocolate-frosted cake on the table, with the top decorated with flowers made of sliced strawberries and had written "Happy Transformation Day Globs" in pink gel icing.

"Awww. It looks wonderful Carl and I called it! It's a cake," the shapeshifter remarked sweetly before switching to excitement over being right.

Felony Carl flashed a sly smile and replied, "How about you slice into it and see what type of cake it is since I do not recall you providing a guess to that detail."

"Darn it. You got me there," Globby conceded with a head shake and cheeky grin. He proceeded to change his left hand into a knife and cut a slice of cake. When he pulled the piece out and laid it on the plate Felony Carl got out, he could see it was strawberry cake with a layer of fresh strawberries and cream cheese frosting in the middle. "Ooo," he exclaimed in surprise and delight. "You just keep topping yourself," he told the bigger man as he gave him a peck on the cheek. Globby then sliced a piece for Carl to enjoy before they both sat down opposite of each other at the table. The gelatinous mutant now changed his hand into a fork as he began to sample the dessert. "Mmmm," was really all he had to say until he was halfway done eating. "This is delicious! Now I've got to know, how long have you been planning this?"

The unibrowed man set his fork down and answered, "Thank you for the compliment and pertaining to your question, I have been proactively working on this celebration for the past few weeks; at least in terms of what would be an optimal day of joy."

"Wow. Well, it certainly shows. I guess I'll have to get a jump on it for next year's anniversary. Maybe I can help with the dessert next time," he kindly remarked with a wink, making Felony Carl smile. They then resumed enjoying their cake until their plates were clean, meaning it was finally time to exchange gifts.

After Globby took care of cleaning the dishes and Felony Carl put up the dessert, each went to retrieve their presents to one another. The gelatinous mutant pulled the scrapbook out again and was about to walkout when he quickly remembered it needed a box; with a thought, an opalescent-wrapped box formed around his gift and was finally ready. He proceeded to walk into the living room, where the husky biker was waiting with his present. They then flashed a smile to each other before silently agreeing to sit on the couch together.

"You better open you present first since you've done so much to make today great. Hope you don't mind I just cobbled it together," Globby said with a small nervous laugh.

Felony Carl chuckled and put his arm around the shapeshifter before replying, "I have no doubt it will be perfect and in your case, it literally is the thought that counts." He added a wink in for good measure as he lifted the lid and pulled out the scrapbook. He proceeded to remove his arm from Globby as he began to flip through the pink-studded present. Felony Carl could see it was pictures of him, sometimes from Globby's perspective and other times at a distance with both of them in the frame. There were a lot of pictures of them at Joe's, but also at home, at the park and places throughout the city.

After a minute of just watching and saying nothing, the reformed mutant started to explain. "Well, considering what I said this morning about my whole transformation affecting others, it'd be a mistake not to let you know how you helped me get through it myself. You were the only one that day who treated me the same no matter what I looked like, which quite frankly I found very refreshing." Globby then paused as he bore a tender, grateful look. "You see, these are just a fraction of the times you made me feel good when I was feeling down, or made me feel like I mattered when I couldn't see it myself during this crazy year. I know I fumbled, with keeping on the criminal path for a while, but at the end of the day, I'm glad I had you there for both the good and the bad times." He now put his arm around Felony Carl as he finished his piece. "So, don't ever underestimate how much good you've done for me, both on keeping my sanity when something this undeniable crazy happened to me and for just being the you who's honest, sweet and smart; that's admittedly only some of the reasons I love you anyway," Globby whole-heartedly told him with a coy smile at the end.

Felony Carl now appeared to be misty eyed as he returned his arm to wrap around the gelatinous mutant. "Thank you for such a thoughtful gift and I appreciate you informing me of the impact I have had on your life."

"Well, if I don't tell you, how would you know?" the shapeshifter slyly replied.

The husky biker gave a small chuckle before he then let a knowing smile cross his face as he reached over with his free hand and passed Globby his present. "I think you will find the contents quite coincidental if I am being honest."

Globby raised a gelatinous eyebrow up in curiosity as he took the gift, release Felony Carl from his grip and took the lid off. With only the slightest hesitancy, he reached in and pulled out his own scrapbook; this one had diagonal purple and pink stripes with his name in a laminated pocket. When he opened it up to the first page, it was a newspaper clipping dated one year ago and it read: "Unknown Monster Sighted in San Fransokyo." Globby turned another page and saw "Gelatinous Menace Steal Priceless Painting;" another couple page flips revealed "City Saved from Total Catastrophe" as the article title. As he continued through the book, he could see it was a timeline of everything reported on him, the good and the bad. (The book fortunately had more of the former than the latter).

Felony Carl now felt the need to explain himself as the shapeshifter was silent. "I figured it would be appropriate to mark this anniversary with a documented keepsake of your journey as Globby. I know there would be a chance that the nefarious material would make you feel regret, but each event is significant and therefore needed to be included. I hope it is to your liking," he stated as he waited patiently for a response. The husky biker didn't have to wait long as a few seconds later, Globby leaned over to give him a full embrace.

"Of course I love it! You're just so thoughtful and you worked so hard and put so much time into it!" the gelatinous mutant told him with complete sincerity. He continued to hug him a moment longer when his eyes opened wide in realization and he pulled back some. "Hey! You know what makes both our gifts so great?" Globby inquired excitedly.

"Enlighten me," Felony Carl answered.

"We can always keep adding to them," he simply replied with a cheeky grin.

Felony Carl gave a small chuckle and said, "You are most certainly right. As a matter of fact, I will probably need to make some additions to it on account of today's events. Now tell me…" He then pulled his book over as Globby released his grip and turned to one of the middle pages. "This was from the Winter Fair was it not?"

"Yes, it was! That was also the day I discovered I can ice skate now…but only when I'm made of ice," Globby remarked as he laughed in fond memory. He then pointed to the next photo before sweetly adding, "And this was from when you surprised me with dark chocolate truffles after I didn't get that job at Monster Pizza." The cat-loving motorcyclist nodded as he recalled that day.

A moment later, they were both surprised by Jasmine jumping onto the back of the couch as she laid down to get comfortable. While Felony Carl got some scratches in on the white cat's back, Globby sighed contently as he flipped through his own scrapbook. He then turned back to Felony Carl as he proceeded to rest his transparent head on his shoulder. "Thanks for such a great day," he softly said.

Felony Carl reciprocated by saying, "Thank you for mine." The two shared a quick kiss before returning to their reminiscing, with both just happy to be sharing this moment and so many others together; these were definitely the times worth remembering.


I hope you enjoyed this little story and thought it was fun, sweet and had a touch of drama to add a little something extra. ;) I also hope you found the gifts to be apt and extremely thoughtful as Felony Carl and Globby mean a lot to each other and would always find new ways to show it. ^_^ In addition, we never really got to see Globby use his shapeshifting powers in front of Felony Carl beyond the occasional chocolate bar and thought maybe having them do an activity with that as well as explain why he hadn't done this before.

I'll resume the "Cutscenes" stories next week and will show how Orso Knox got turned into a monster. O_O